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[h/t JaxD]

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  1. What you don’t see is the boat Captain saying to himself; “Those ass holes don’t know we are in only four feet of water, and its high tide. In a few hours this place will be an island, and I’ll be back out here picking up all this stuff!”

  2. “Aren’t you worried criminals will just do the same thing?”

    “…you know, you’re right! It would be a lot easier if we just bought them at a parking lot, no questions asked, and then melted them down into ugly modern art!”

    And the “buy-back” was born…

  3. “I guess with all the Mayors new gun laws, we won’t be needing these anymore.”


    Eric Holder’s, lesser known, “Fast and the Fishiest”

  4. “After numerous police involved shootings of innocent civilians, the NYPD Firearm Training Division overhauled their curriculum. Freshly trained staff of the NYPD Maritime Patrol demonstrate the improved tactics.”

  5. Here we see officers of the Nassau County Police working in conjunction with the EPA to construct the first ever surplus handgun artificial reef. Every little bit helps boys.

  6. The original “unfortunate boating accident.”
    Gun control means hitting the lake you threw your gun at.

  7. Nassau County Police Captain Michael Finnerty, here seen pushing Officer Raymond O’Toole overboard for failure to meet his parking ticket quota for the month of May.

  8. The ammo shortage results in police departments nation wide using guns the only way left to them.

  9. Members of an ultra secret wing of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), disguised as Nassau County Police officers, here seen arming fish in an attempt to even the odds against evil fisherman.

  10. North Korean sailors, here disguised as Nassau County Police Officers, preparing to unleash armed dolphins on an unsuspecting US populace.

  11. No quote here, just an observation – the 2nd officer from the right appears to be wearing a bit of fresh “guano” on his hat & the suit next to him looks like he’s trying to ward off the splash…

    Oh, and one more thing; the photographer was probably sitting in an adjacent boat and ready for the ‘Catch of the Day”.

    That is all.

  12. The Nassau County Police chum the ocean waters off New York City in hopes of attracting a school of ravenous Assault Weapons.

  13. Oh shit they’re arming Jaws & yall are just sitting here making jokes!?!?!? Egads!!! Think of the children!! Think of the carnage!!!

  14. “Come, sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip,
    That started from this Nassau port aboard this tiny ship.
    The cops were out to get rid of guns, and this they’d do for sure,
    Five policemen set sail that day with condemned guns de jure, get rid of crime for sure.
    The landlubbers were getting sick, and more than guns were tossed,
    ‘Fore long uniforms and illegal gats with vomit were embossed.
    Such stupid stunts have never served to prevent a single crime,
    But politicians, and sheeple too, a billionaire, and their sort, Demanding Moms, Lib professors and Uncle Sam,
    Still think crooks will report!

  15. If a small fish works as bait for a large fish, then we should be reeling in new AR-15’s any minute now.

  16. Developmentally-arrested government employees playing like they are doing something about crime.

  17. “Now that we have banned guns and disarmed the citizens, we don’t need THESE anymore!”

  18. This archive photo taken even before DNA sequenceing was invented, supports the theory that there something genetic involved with NY state law enforcements strong reaction to the presence of guns. Not unlike the reaction most humans have to snakes and spiders.

  19. Seen here is an early example of why the superior intellect and training of law enforcement qualifies them to carry firearms. Working on a tip from a confidential mob informant that Vinnie the Greek was last seen “sleeping with the fishes”, the Nassau Police proceed with chumming local waters in an attempt to draw the fugitive in.

  20. On hearing that some sea mammals can be bullies, Nassau County Police Chief ordered his water patrol unit to arm the victims for self-defense. One officer commented – ” We located the area where the helpless fish were and threw the guns overboard. All of the guns were sunk on porpoise.”


    [Bows to the audience]

  21. Deputy Bob: Do I throw this one on my hip overboard?

    Chief: No, you moron! We’re the ones who are allowed to keep our guns!

  22. “So who’s guns did we get at that buyback last week, Cap?” “Not sure, they spoke Italian and seemed really happy to be rid of them, even laughed as they left with the twenty bucks each we gave them. Joke’s on them, boys!”

  23. Leave it to police, they can’t go anywhere in a boat without having a “tragic boating accident.”

  24. The first documented case of firearms being deposited on Earth by aliens from Zeta Reticuli !

  25. I have two:
    1. ‘Al Capone was such an inspiration to the police chief that he decided that he would deal with incriminating evidence against his men in the same way he did.’
    2. ‘When the Navy SEALS dropped in, the police were only to happy to arm them.’

  26. A 1950s NYPD tradition, any officer that was found to be unable to shoot accurately was relieved of his firearm in ceremonies such as this one. Sadly, many innocent bystanders have lost their lives since the this tradition ended, sometime in the 1990s.

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