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  1. Cool…I have a picture that might even be better. My great nephew( who’s 2 ) is holding a rifle. I would need to get permission from the niece.

  2. As a young boy, my weekends were spent baking cookies with grandma, and honing my skills as a rifleman. I tell ya nothing better than her chocolate chip cookies and a 1 inch group at 100yrds.

  3. “It’s good that you’ve got your rifle, Anthony, – it’s real good. And tomorrow – tomorrow’s going to be a real good day!”

  4. I bought this for little Timmy in the Toy Department at Wal-Mart. Merry Christmas from Grandmother Watts. My daughter Shannon will be so excited.

  5. Once little Shannon realized her brother was Grandma’s favorite, she decided dedicate her life to ruining it for everyone else…


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