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Dougan Ashley and Carnik Con seem to have gotten their money’s worth from a trip to the Knight’s Armament factory in Florida, home of the world’s best machine gun collection. In this video he runs through some of the best light machine guns, blowing stuff up and maybe learning just a little bit along the way. Also making a special appearance are Trey Knight (making good use of his daddy’s tank collection) and hisĀ hetero life partner Kevin Brittingham. Gotta admit, it’s pretty entertaining.

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  1. That made my day… Please please please reopen the rolls for new machine guns! This middle class guy just wants to shoot stuff real fast.

  2. That video was awesome!! The ultimax had barely any recoil. Never heard of a lot of these. If only I won a lottery jackpot I’d have many of these!

    • For MGs the can is more for flash suppresion than sound suppression. This is because MG gunners often get killed because they are easily seen. I mean, it is hard to ignore the muzzle flash and the dust that gets kicked up by MGs.

  3. This video is like the movie “Airplane”.
    I caught stuff the second time I didn’t notice the first time.
    Watch the chopper pilots hair…

  4. When he opened up with the CETME I was in the middle of laughing when I instantly stopped and my jaw dropped. Man that was neat.

  5. I can fix that floppy main gun. No way it should be doing that. Dangerous for the driver, his head’s exactly underneath.

  6. This guy wins the Internet today. I vote the CETME for the crazy rate of fire. Or the PKM for its raw ability to f*** s*** up with corrosive surplus ammo. And recoil.


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