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  1. This is the last known photo taken of the dog known as “Dog Meat”, in the capital wasteland. Him and his owner, the boy from vault 101, were off to chart unexplored lands west of the Appellations….

  2. “A well ventilated feline, being necessary to the security of a free canine, the right of dogs to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”

    Time to play Kitty Kitty Bang Bang, Mr. Tinkles…

  3. During the Battle of the Bulge, American machine gun teams would mount their weapons on almost any suitable platform, including rocks, tree branches, and even animals [citation needed].

    • He doesn’t have to bite. People cut off their own arms and legs and voluntarily feed him

  4. Well… Looks like we know why the E-Form system was messed up. The NFA branch was trying to file their person to canine form 4s.

  5. The experiment into so-called ‘pack served weapons’ ended when the pack misunderstood ‘spade’ (grip) as ‘spayed’ and refused to have anything to do with it. Despite the confusion, the dogs served bravely in the infantry even without suppressing fire, and their legacy lives on in the terms ‘dogface, dog tags’ and ‘pup tent.’

  6. “I don’t get it. One day she follows voice commands perfectly. The next day it’s like she’s not even listening!”

  7. “Haha, I got a squirrel. I chased out up a tree and then shot it and got to eat squirrel bits AND leaves.”


    “I finally got that bee”

  8. Pvt. Willard: Big Joe, do I gotta carry all this equipment, and this satchel charge, and this .30-caliber machine gun too?

    Big Joe: Nah, give the .30-caliber to the hustler. He wants to be a hero.

    [Willard and Cowboy share a chuckle before Willard brings the machine gun to Crapgame]

    Pvt. Willard: Here ya are, ol’ buddy.
    [walks away laughing]

    Crapgame: Thanks! Get yourself a bucket of grits!

    • I suffered through alla that to get to the bits with Oddball, a tanker’s tanker. Woofwoof baby. The depressing part is that the tanks used in the movie were likely destroyed during the fighting after Yugoslavia’s breakup. Yes, Yugoslavia had M4 Shermans on active duty in ’69-’72 when they were loaned to the movie folk. And there are pics on the interwebz of destroyed M10/36 TD’s, T34’s and Shermans littering the former Yugoslavia. Battlefield cleanup apparently isn’t their forte.

  9. the Damned Mail Men, They put one of ours in the kennel, We put one of theirs in the Morgue. That is the Chicago Dog way.

  10. Awright you f”n jackwagon, I gave YOU the machine gun, not the mutt! Now go get it back and get yer fourth point of contact in gear or I will help you accelerate with the toe of my boot!

  11. The latest in North Korean winter combat equipment. The hardest part is keeping the soldiers from eating the transportation system.

  12. Come on you pussies! Do you want to live forever? Let’s take this hill and then go find some bitches!

  13. I’m just out enjoying the dog park exercising my RKBA. Am I being detained?! Am I being detained?! Am I being detained?!

  14. During WWII , Animals that failed out of the working dog program were made useful in other areas

  15. His territory markings can be seen from space.
    He made Mayor Bloomberg his bitch.
    He invented “Doggie Style.”
    He is: the Most Interesting Dog in the World.
    “I don’t always carry a machine gun, but when I do, I prefer a Browning M1919.”

  16. Bowser, get those mines deployed forward! Spot, get me some wire up along that rise to funnel them! Patch, get on the radio and pre-plot us some indirect fires over that intersection. I need Mugs and and Shep to get that mortar emplaced and dialed in. Fido, give me a hand, we’ve got to get this machine gun to higher ground. That mail man won’t know what hit him!

  17. Bo the bear dog was tired of getting beat up every time he treed a bear. He decided to remedy the problem….

  18. Democracy is Barak, Michelle and a dog voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed dog contesting the vote.

  19. Nobody is gonna register my guns! And they’re not gonna register my dog’s guns either!

  20. Newly trained assistance dog for those soldiers stuck carrying the machine gun in their squad.

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