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    • Yup. My Grandfather had old revolvers in various places in the house. As kids staying with “Grama and Grandpa” for the weekend, it was just part of growing up, Sadly the ratio of families that were brought up what would be considered “hard” today, has made a disappointing couple of generations since.

      Yes, there are always exceptions. Thankfully, my son is one.

      Cool pic. A simpler time, and honest living. Sad times have changed,

  1. This is a group of people who did not win the See All Open Sight but really wanted it.

    They are all named Jake.

    Look at this baby.

  2. Don’t even think about posting this on Twitter or Facebook, you understand???

  3. The photographer didn’t take Little Jimmy’s threat of “you take the shot and I’ll take a shot” seriously.

  4. ‘i ain’t harborin’ nobody named alfred e. anythin’. that’s my sister’.

    • “My brother is so quick on the draw, I have to keep mine at the ready. Don’t let him fool ya!”

    • Seriously, first I saw the gun because I figured that there had to be one, but then I couldn’t look away from whatever was going on with her.

  5. Mr. Weatherbee hoped his boys would be professional referees, but they misused their guns,
    and ended up with shirts striped the other way.

  6. The little girl on the left will grow up and get a staring role in the movie, “Throw Mama from the Train”

  7. Whaddja say about mah sister? Take it back or I’m pluggin’ ya. I’m already wearin’ stripes and not afraid to keep ’em for a bit longer…

  8. Wow that girls face, what’s wrong…anaphylactic shock from a bee sting or something.

    …and the littlest boy is tired of hearing his retarded sister whine.

    • Clicking on the pic takes you to the source at AFF. The photo was posted by that little girl all these years later. She says she had a raging case of poison sumac. Yikes.

  9. Mister, you can say what you like about mah shirt bein’ striped, but I’m gonna hafta ask you not to talk about mah sister that way.

  10. MDA wants something in this picture banned. and it ain’t the ugly chick.

  11. George completely misinterpreted the photographers countdown, unfortunately for the late Mr. Dewey.

  12. “People should shoot cameras, not guns.”
    — unknown source

    “People should shoot cameras and guns.


  13. When Ma suggested that he learn to shoot a camera, li’l Tommy got the notion a tidge skewed.

  14. “That there sure is one funny lookin’ scope, an’ ah don’ see no gun a-tall, but yer’d best plug’m anyhow.”

  15. Mister, some punk named Sumac hurt my sis. Do you know where I can find him?

  16. When Mom had that fling with the traveling salesman, at the time she had no idea where he was from. When Jenny was born, though, it was pretty darn plain that Pop wasn’t the father.

    He wasn’t alone, either; in 1949 there were at least 18 other families in Squeedunk Wisconsin who’d also been “visited” by Marvin the Martian. Seems our womenfolk just couldn’t help fallin’ all over those big eyes and two dollar words.

    Once we were grown enough Pete and me always keptweb eye out for that sucker, but I guess he had the sense to travel somewhere else after that.

  17. “Oh no, don’t do that. If you shoot Mongo, it’ll just make him mad.”

  18. “When I was your age, we were so poor, even my gun was a hand-me-down.”

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