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A reader writes:

Aloha Robert! We’d like to see more people view this campaign ad [click on the image above or here to play] and give it a “thumbs down” and possibly even flag it as ‘infringes my rights’ on the youtube site. Hawaiian Senator Schatz repeats the long-debunked (even by the Washington Post) “40% of gun transfers do not undergo background checks”. It so sucks. Shatz is the appointee facing a special election this fall. His primary opposition is another serious gun grabber, Colleen Hanabusa. No one on the 2A side even has a chance. Last Senate election . . .

the two-time former republican governor, Linda Lingle, lost to the Dem, Mazie Hirono, by 61% to 38%. I doubt any other state even comes close to the lopsidedness of the welfare leeches, er, citizens of Hawaii and their “progressive” tendencies. We’ve already got full registration and 14-20 day waiting period and permit for every handgun acquisition, and no “assault pistols” and 10 round mag limit for handguns . . . and they want more! Any mention appreciated. Mahalo! GP.

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  1. Reported as spam/fraud citing all the bogus/misleading statistics, encourage everyone to do the same.

    • Ok took me a while but I reported it.
      Referenced court rulings and complete citations as well as misrepresentation.

    • I did similarly, as well as clicked the “thumbs down” button. Some 100 dislikes, only 2 likes.

    • Schatz is typical of the uninformed liberal thinking they know enough to make an intelligent decision. These people are dangerous.

      While he’s busy dreaming about about all those liberal votes he can muster if he’s able to just hit the right set of politically correct buttons, this moron is sealing his own family’s fate. All they can think about are the short-term, warm and fuzzy solutions; certainly nothing that requires a brain and a set of testicles.

  2. Just clicked the links to see if I guessed right , that comments had been disabled. I did, they are. “Start the conversation”, liberal-style.

  3. I have to shake my head sometimes. My fellow gun owners can be so shortsighted on occasion.

    “Write letters.”
    “Leave negative comments”
    “Civil disobedience”
    Sure, those actions have merit. Yet, this video highlights the real problem: millions of people who believe the lie that guns are a social evil instead of a national and personal asset.

    Those poor souls dont realize that the only gun control laws we need to discuss are how to limit the arms of the government. If we don’t solve this major software problem ASAP , we are condemned to watch the political offices of America fill up with Bloombergs deluded toadies.

    • Yet, this video highlights the real problem: millions of people who believe the lie that guns are a social evil instead of a national and personal asset.

      This triggered a memory.

      “The Office of the Director of Civilian Marksmanship (DCM) was created by the U.S. Congress as part of the 1903 War Department Appropriations Act. The original purpose was to provide civilians an opportunity to learn and practice marksmanship skills so they would be skilled marksmen if later called on to serve in the U.S. military.” [1] So developing shooting skills really is part of our National Security assets.

      And clowns like this have no idea that this is still necessary. In their world, fully trained soldiers appear as if by magic – like sewing dragon’s teeth overnight to sprout warriors in the morning. Treason? Aiding terrorism?


  4. Please dislike and flag this video. Do it for all the servicemembers who are stuck in Hawaii, whose oaths to defend the Constitution are just a joke to this state’s government.

  5. “comments closed. Big surprise there”.

    I’m sure there is a local paper/website someplace in Hawaii where we can leave comments…

  6. At least the weather is nice. It’s like winter here. I wish Hawaiians luck.

    • Yep….the fact there is always a 24/7/365 chance of bikini sightings would probably temper my gun sadness.

      Maybe you can pitch the argument that the Chinese wouldn’t dare attack if there was a gun behind every palm frond.

  7. I assume they’ll disable ratings soon enough.

    FWIW, as of 1826 EDT it’s 2 thumbs up, 52 thumbs down.

    • 2 likes, 85 dislikes as of my time stamp.
      I also flagged it.

      Paradise state, indeed. /sarc/.

    • Because a hundred-some years ago, we sent in the Marines to topple the legal government and claim it for American luxury agriculture.

      Can’t have brown people in charge, y’know; perish the thought!

      • That’s the reason it became a US territory. If it were still a territory, it wouldn’t have US Representatives or US Senators, so any foolishness that went on there at least wouldn’t affect the rest of us.

  8. Lay off the politics, stick to the gun issues. You’ll appeal to a wider audience. Calling people leeches based on their voting habits isn’t nice.

  9. I’m no English major, but isn’t Schatz the past present participle of Shits?

    • Actually its when you fart and crap your pants at the same time. Not unlike a liberal breathing and spewing nonsense from their mouths.

  10. The writer states…No one on the 2A side even has a chance….and I say yes you do ..march them up the side of one of those active volcanoes you have out there and make a sacrifice to the Gods…end of story

  11. I clicked the thumbs down, but on the third hoop in the infringement thing, I quit because it really doesn’t. Even idiots, even raving Communists, have the right to Freedom of Speech. That’s one of the many things that the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is there to secure. The Bill of Rights aren’t numbered 2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2.

    • That’s true, but Liberals and idiots need to learn that there are consequences that arise from their exercise of Free Speech. “Dislike” and report them. That’s you exercising YOUR right to Free Speech.

      • The point is, they’ve done nothing to “report” them for, unless you want to take on the tactics of the Bloomies and Shannons and snivel that they’ve hurt your widdle feelings.

        If our position is so weak that we can’t stand there and let their BS simply bounce off, then we’re missing something.

  12. Im just glad that I don’t live in that state anymore. Lived there for nine years. After graduating from high school, have not gone back since when I left…28 years ago.

  13. 3 likes and 181 dislikes as of this time stamp.

    They have, naturally, already disabled comments on the video as well as on the channel page. No matter. I gave it another thumbs-down and another flag as scams/fraud, and included all of the appropriate proof.

    Yes, they have the right to claim whatever they want. But that doesn’t absolve them of being incontrovertibly wrong, and deliberately misleading and fraudulent information must be addressed in the most aggressive manner possible within the bounds of the law.

  14. This is why I left my home state. It constantly goes backwards in almost of all the major elections for the past 35 years.

  15. I live in the Aloha State as well. The author forgot to mention that all NFA items are banned here. Ironic given the amount of heavy ordinance present in the islands at the many military installations on island ( the Stryker Brigade calls Hawaii home, as well as the F22 squadron). When I show my friends at the range what a real gun store looks like (from my home state of NH), with walls full of BARs, M60s, P90s, Ak47s, M16A1s, they cry and realize how much we are being denied our Constitutional Rights.

    • I ought to have mentioned that in the past 15 years (at least) perhaps only one single CCW license has been issued in the entire state. They call it “shall issue”. It’s a cynical mockery of the right to bear arms for self-defense. The Hawaii state constitution has the exact same wording as the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, and yet only one person in recent record keeping has met the standard of “exceptional case” and received a CCW license. How is that possible? The police chiefs don’t care about the citizens and their ability to exercise their right to self-defense outside their homes.
      We’re hoping Baker/Peruta may change things… but these tyrants will never change things until forced by the courts. I’m guessing we’re many years out from CCW. I hope I’m wrong.

      • My bad… I was daydreaming… should have been: “they call it “may issue””… if only… though I’m pretty sure that if things ever do get to “shall issue” (by court order) that the Hawaii bureaucrats and legislators (over 90% Democrats) will make sure it’s no picnic to acquire that mandate license.

    • To purchase a handgun you have to go to the police station three times, all during their business hours of Monday through Friday 9 AM to 3 PM. If you live or work 50 miles from the nearest station, well, too bad for you.

  16. @10:30PM EST it’s now 3 to 338 likes to dislikes. Reported this video as fraudulent with links to the various sources.

    Looks like another anti has tried the ‘viral’ route only to find out that the vast majority of people disagree with them stringently and totally. I wonder what that does to ones sense of self and world view? I hope it’s crushing and leads to a change of heart.

    Just kidding, I know it wont change anything but I hope it is crushing none the less.

  17. I pulled up the video without realizing my phone volume was muted, but I found that guy sounds a lot smarter that way.

  18. From someone born, raised, and currently living in Hawaii, i’ll fill in some details here.

    A) everyone in politics is going to be anti gun if they matter.
    B) this is one of the most blindly democrat states in the country. we’ll never get Republican congress men. especially when the best they have to offer is Lingle, who was a total Joke.
    C) the registration laws are absolutely ridiculous, and are especially bad in Hawaii.

    its absolutely hilarious how Schatz is doing this for “his children’s safety”. we’ve had single digit murders with firearms a year for forever. we’re one of the top five states in terms of lack of gun violence. all while gun ownership continues to go up. his children couldnt be any safer from gun violence here unless he shipped them off to a secret bunker. firearms violence (and to an extent, lethal violence) just isnt a part of the local culture here.

  19. I don’t have to watch this video to know I disagree with it, but the whole flagging thing is ridiculous. I’m not going to demand a video be taken down just because I disagree with it and/or it’s a lie.

      • Totally agree there (though I guess it isn’t strictly a 1A issue since it’s a website we’re talking about).

  20. “I doubt any other state even comes close to the lopsidedness of the welfare leeches, er, citizens of Hawaii and their ‘progressive’ tendencies.”

    Quite a broad statement…

  21. Comments and votes are now disabled, lol, didn’t see THAT comin didja?

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