Weekend Photo Caption Contest

Who says snail mail’s dying?


  1. avatar Redfish says:

    1). Mailman: “Gee, I wonder who get’s the Cheaper-Than-Dirt catalog.”

    2). Yet another meaning for “going postal”.

    3). Sure a Glock is reliable, but it looks like a brick.

  2. avatar Van says:

    I guess the flag is the chamber loaded indicator.

  3. avatar Mr. Lion says:

    No. @#$%ing. Junk. Mail.

  4. avatar Jason says:

    Now that is going postal.

    Crap, I was beaten to it — I just saw the comment above.

  5. avatar Nemesis says:

    Now all I gotta do is add that Picatinny rail so I can get that tacticool newspaper box.. or , Oddly, it’s the same weight of a HK USP….

  6. avatar Ralph says:

    Glock makes a muzzle-loader? Who knew.

  7. avatar Joe says:

    I’ll shoot that memo over to you right away.

  8. avatar Bob H says:

    Mailbox baseball? I don’t think so.

  9. avatar BLK SBR says:

    This is a 302 – the largest handgun made. Did I fire 14 or 15 rounds? Go ahead PUNK-make my day!

  10. avatar Travis M says:

    We don’t mail 911.

  11. avatar Brad Kozak says:

    In order to cement their reputation as manufacturers of the world’s largest production semi-auto, the new owners of Desert Eagle have released pre-production photos of a slightly larger, high-capacity model for this year’s SHOT Show.

  12. avatar Terry4strokes says:

    Bang, you got mail!

  13. avatar Javier E says:

    Need we point out that we don’t want junk mail.

    The dog?

    I’ld hate to see were the paper has to go.

  14. avatar Silver says:

    What, no rail for a halogen flashlight?

  15. avatar jbyrne27 says:

    Go ahead, leave me some junk mail.

  16. avatar Sam Wright says:

    Voted #1 in hardest to conceal in summer wear category.

  17. avatar SteveOfTheNorth says:

    302 Ford St. because we didn’t have a 1911 Colt Rd.

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