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  1. How do I get to the gun rights rally in Hartford Connecticut next Saturday? It’s a long walk and I have to get going before my Mom calls me home.

  2. “Our Gang’s” Spanky out to defend the 2A against that milk toast Alfalfa looking to impress anti-gun Darla.

    Btw, Miss Crabtree carried a snubby .32 in her handbag.

    • “No, son, we enforce the laws of society. The only laws you’ve broken are the laws of nature. Those ain’t in our jurisdiction.”

  3. With the success of the Monitor in battle, Jefferson Davis ordered development of personal armor to combat the Union numerical superiority.

  4. Seen here, Private Jenkins took over testing duties from Corporal Rhiner, who was the victim of papier machê prototype armor.

  5. The height of low-speed high-drag operator fashion in the post-civil war era.

    The range I go to has strict safety rules – in addition to eyes and ears, head and chest protection is also required.

    After the civil war re-enanctment, I’m going to a renaissance fair.


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