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[h/t DrVino – clicking on image will take you to the NSFW source]

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  1. Ya know , its just not funny. Hope it wasn’t here in America. No I pray to dear god that it wasn’t here in America.

  2. We are serious! If you kids don’t stop making gun shaped objects out of your food we will have to bring in hizzonors mrs and mrs Watt-Blumberg to BS you to death with made up stats. Who said “Unconstitutional”!!!!????????

  3. “Right, which one of you little bastards has that copy of the Constitution? We know there is one, our informants are everywhere. You know Tyrant Obama banned it. Now give it up.”

  4. and in other weekend news, students at the newly renamed Senator Barbara Boxer High School in Sunnyvale, CA lined up for their pre-recess pat downs as part of the new security measures the good senator sponsored. . . . .

  5. Yeah, don’t bother clicking on that image. Source is not only NSFW, it’s also not safe for basic porn enjoyment.

    What are you guys doing looking for images on a trashy, two-bit, Russian site like that?

    • I think it was from google images, and instead of using the volitile google copy, they used the one from the host site.

  6. During the 70’s I remember getting under my desk and tucking my head between my legs kissing my ass good bye in case of nuclear attack, at least that was some what voluntary and non invasive
    Photo – I don’t see a problem, the children appear to be complying and not crying like little kids with the up against the wall motherfuckers command with Darth Vader standing by
    Good kids
    During cavity search there may be some crying
    I would suggest that the criers are sent to the back of the line and searched again for a 2nd chance to suck it up
    Fail #2, searches will continue until the morale improves
    Must really suck being a kid in North Korea

  7. Michelle Obamas “let’s move” police encouraging our schools to help kids to eat better, and get healthy.

    Put your hands on the wall kids, lunch inspections will commence in one minute!

  8. “CONTACT”
    Transmissions from another planet has arrived. This transmitted photo shows incredibly different yet similar physiology and culture. they have oppressive enforcement officials like us but their people appear as smal like our children.

  9. Little would foolish American’s know, but behind this wall lies a great evil, and these childeren were all that was holding it back!!

  10. … and you will stay in this position until we safely remove all the images of Idaho from every last map in this building!

  11. After the spitball incident, the children were lined up searched and drug tested. Those who failed to have the mandated Prozac and Ritalin in their system will have new parents that will comply with Obama care.

  12. Listen children, we’re doing this for the children. Wait we’re doing this for you, well some of you anyway. Or a few of you. Ok a couple of you kids on the end. Wait, f$&k it, which one of your mom and dads have guns at the house? Just answer and you can all go to recess!!!

  13. It’s an image from Russia though a fitting symbolic image of America’s fast evolving present and its future. The word “homeland” as used by the USG is similar (imo) and with the same weird association as “motherland” (USSR) and “fatherland” (Nazi Germany).

  14. Remember children! Is training film to AMERIkan Children to know to “ASSUME THE POSITION!” whenever Party Memb- I say GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL orders it. All must be smiling now!

  15. Kindergarten Cop, Mother Russia Style

    I have a few questions, and I want to have them answered immediately…

    Who is your Daddy, and where is his gun?

  16. Take your dad to work day was going great, until little Johnnys dad offered a demonstration of what the TSA does


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