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  1. and in other news . . . . TTAG uncovers recently discovered and never before seen pictures of Shannon Watts’ grandparents . . . .

  2. People forget how popular Bonnie and Clyde were back in the day. Regular folk heroes. Role models, really.

  3. So I was on the Central Bank and I had just told the manager to open the safe when I heard this voice cry out ‘Nobody move!’ I turn around, saw her holding that revolver and I knew she was the one.

  4. The first generation Farago’s arrive in America and publicly promise each other that their forbearers will respect and defend the Constitution of this great land.

  5. From right to left:
    “We’re getting married buddy!”
    “But I don’t want to get married!”
    “You’re tellin’ me…”

  6. Couple on the right:
        Man: She burned the bacon and and called me a feminized-wuss.

        Woman: He peed in my Cheerios and called my momma a fat hoa.

    Couple on the left:
        How did we get dragged into this. Neither one of us volunteered to be their seconds.

  7. ” At the same awkward moment, Edie and Charles both realized that they should have read farther than Chapter Two in Paladin Press’ “Kidnapping Neighbors for Fun and Profit”.

  8. Mr. Jenkins, before we make a final decision about hiring you as a staff marriage counselor, we just have a few questions about your Facebook cover photo.

  9. When the argument over which sibling was going to take their special-needs brother and his date to the dance hit a stalemate, Dad suggested they draw for it. Guess he should have mentioned “straws” explicitly.

  10. Mark Kelly and wife Gabbie Giffords pose with outdated weapons to “prove” they support the Second Amendment. Gun safety, not so much.

    • That was cold!

      I was thinking Mark and Gabby, but someone beat me to it. How about-

      Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, and their hubby’s share some gun fun in the early years.

  11. “Maude and Albert take the old ‘Colt vs. S&W’ rivalry to an entirely new level, while Theodore and Emma look on in astonishment.”

  12. Honey, are you sure these Bonnie & Clyde Halloween costumes are a good idea? I don’t want people to get the wrong picture.

  13. Oddly, the concept of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) did not come from his military experience, but was inspired by his parents.


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