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In the course of discussing Obamacare’s [alleged] provision of a double secret “officer corps,” Texas Rep. Louie Gomert wonders (darkly) about Uncle Sam’s decision to stockpile ammo, including hollow points. And then he asserts “most ranges don’t let you use hollow-points; they’re too destructive of the target.” Gomert goes on to assert—rightly—that America’s “not supposed to have a secret security force.” (*cough* NSA *cough*) Or any of the hidden activities of any of the fed’s alphabet soup of law enforcement agencies. (*cough* Fast and Furious *cough*) Of course, none of that is as worrying as, say, New York’s SAFE Act. That’s the thing about conspiracy theories: it’s the conspiracy right in front of you that you need to worry about. Still, extremism in defense of liberty is no vice. Right? [h/t DrVino]

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  1. Hollow-points are not destructive of targets!

    What in the flying fuck is the fixation with the political class and their mouth-breathing troglodyte presstitutes in the lamestream media on hollow-points?

    The ammunition types that ranges ban most are bi-metal jacketed (steel-cased essentially) and armor-piercing/incendiary bullets, because those damage bullet traps and (allegedly) bi-metal jackets somehow pose a fire hazard (which I have a hard time believing).

  2. “History is replete with conspiracy theories and the cemetaries are full of people who did not believe in them.” – Cliff Heseltine

    • I get the vibe that all of these things are being done with a lot of strategy and VERY little transparency, and the information regarding these things is being compartmentalized so that very few people are able to connect the dots between them. They’re telling one group of workers to stockpile concrete and rebar for housing developments, and telling another group to work on zoning legislation and blueprints for a large secure facility, but very few people in either group (and even fewer people outside those groups) are aware that one day those two events are going to lead to the building of a very large, pants-shittingly scary prison for those who don’t march in lockstep mit ze government. It’s a brilliant (and terrifying) way to effect massive change without drawing too much attention. All parties involved get something they think they want/need, and are too busy playing with their new toys to realize that they’re just cogs in a machine.

      • Because it is laughably stupid and deserves no response other than contempt?

        The fact that he actually did acknolwledge the Birthers and provide them the proof they sought without also calling them mouth-breathing simpletons whose irrational fears drive them to dystopian hellscapes feared by the sane is a stain on his presidency.

        • are you kidding? I thought it was one of his few politically astute moves, because it made it very easy to paint them as the bulwark of his vocal opposition.

  3. We KNOW that Obamacare is a conspiracy
    The last 6 years are replete with conspiracies
    So where is the argument against the conspiracy?
    That can be found in the Media defense of the current Regime

  4. Here is the problem, think of the germin SS. There are things going on inside our government that are A: Not constitutional, and B: Very bad for the American public. Just look at the militarization of the police so often pointed out here. Unless the population and a large majority of it says enough is enough, whatever is being planed will happen.

  5. Hollowpoints are too destructive to the target? WTF?

    Shoulder thingy that goes up, anyone?

    There are enough real issues regarding police militarization, erosion of rights, etc. to discuss without giving mr. Uberdestructive Hollowpoints a forum.

    Sorry, this guys is “Moms Say Do Stuff” with a different agenda. He’s “pro gun” because it helps with the voters.

    • I think the guy is mixing information about target shooting using ARROWS, with target shooting using guns. Many arrow shooting ranges will not let you use “broad points”, because they are too destructive of their targets.

      It still is a pretty stupid thing to say. It shows that he doesn’t know much about guns, probably because he is too hoplophobic to spend that much time thinking about guns.

      Doesn’t make much sense to elect someone with an irrational fear of guns, to make national decisions about gun control, does it?

      • Actually he’s right. I used hollow points on a target once and it punched a hole clear through the paper, in the front and straight out the back. I wound up having to hang up a new target before it was all over.

  6. Seriously people. This nothing new. Bush did the exact same thing. He pushed legislation that were so secret that members of congress were not allowed to see but voted yes on. This was rarely covered and hushed quickly. So do not act so surprised. Clinton was not allowed to area 51 because the AEC said no. So, stop with the anti obama crap. It is just the government being the government.

    • But…but… murricuh!

      (It wouldn’t be so bad if Obama’s administration hadn’t preached about being transparent. Bush’s administration was secretive too but they didn’t claim otherwise)

  7. Now for the rest of the quote…

    “And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue!”

    We are in times that could very easily swing to a situation that is something out of 100 past stories of chaos and demonic leaders. I say, you go get em Louie….

    • In the meantime we need to be working out the weaknesses of those MRAPs and other equipment so that if the time comes we are ready to stop them in their tracks.

      They are “Mine Resistant”, not mine proof. If you make them stop eventually the troops have to come out from behind the armor. This is scary shit and I hope it never comes to pass, but planning for something (zombies) that never happen is a whole lot less of a problem than dealing with zombies (Obamacrats) when they are standing on your doorstep and an MRAP is on your lawn.

      • The Taliban doesn’t have any problem with them. (MRAPs)

        “Learned a thing or two from Haji, doncha know…” – thank you Steve Earle

  8. NSA is a snoopy peeping Tom gang. Not a Security Force. Not covert ops Not etc. At least in Theory. Obviously with this bunch of twits (and largely the last bunch) running things there have been no adults controling the kids. Who knows what they have been doing with the mountains of unaudited/unaccounted for cash throw at them. Stuff of great “action novels”. OBVIOUSLY the NSA has to have a large “protective” force to guard the front gate (and whatever) so likely that including anything and everything Uncle Sugar has in the inventory.

    Liberty? What are somekind of radical subversive. What is this Constituition you speak of? Been reading Heinlein again have you?

  9. I know there are many great things about Texas, sadly Rep. Gomert is not one of them. There are real things in the world to worry about, I beg you not to climb on any of Mr. Gomerts bandwagons. If you have to pass a test to get out of high school, you really should have to pass a test to serve in congress. He is an embarrassment to both the right and the left.

  10. I am equally certain that the hollow point stock pile is not being used to attack people the USA as I am that it is a cover up for something else that has not leaked yet like sending that ammo to Mexico or Libya under the cover of DHS

  11. I would not refer to Mr. Gomert as “conspiracy” guy. I doubt that a huge percentage of those on Capital Hill know a lot about guns. That does not make them bad.
    Gomert is correct in wondering about the agenda of a government agency that would hoard that much ammo. Between MRAPS, ammo etc, even the most blind must question what the end game is. We keep yelling about Iran obtaining a nuke and how bad it will be for the Mideast if they gear up. Why is it not reasonable to question this when an unConstitutional agency does the same thing?

  12. My parents live down the street from him and I have the unfortunate burden of seeing him at social gatherings. He really is as big of an imbecile as he sounds. Truely an embarrassment upon East Texas, his only purpose should be to vote and shut up. Can you even believe he used to be a judge!


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