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Lola (watching this video from the sofa while playing Pocket God): “I don’t get it!” Me: “If you don’t get it it’s not for you.”

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  1. I like your site. The only problem I’ve seen (just my problem) is that everything is IF or WHAT IF this happened; that happened or happened with a full moon; and what grip would I use and how would I think about it and how would I handle it and what would happen then, ad infinitum.

    There are folks out here who have ‘been there and done that’, but the boys in charge don’t seem to want real experiences. They’d rather ‘whatifit’ to death and shoot paint balls on the weekends. Like a DGU is really just something you read in the paper, analyze over coffee, and talk about and second quess on a blog.

    Your video just proves the point.

  2. First of all, that is Japan. No guns for them, unless they are a hunter and go through a lot of stuff to get a shotgun. In other words, no guns for them. So they are not some “wannabes”. They are can’t B’s. Not even their military is allowed to start wars when they feel like it, unlike USA.

    Second, it is their hobby — to go out and do some FOF. They will not be sitting at a flat range, shooting from a comfy bench, at paper boogie men.

    Third, Americans will, sooner then later, end up like them (no guns for you). Just look at California, everything except (smaller than .50 caliber) bolt guns is illegal. They can’t even take their guns outside with them. Worse than Canada… Hooray for America!

    And about that music. If you are a calm, non aggressive (didn’t join the military to kill and break stuff, which for them isn’t really an option) business man, that does not speak English, it makes sense.

  3. Sometime you guys take yourselves way too seriously. Do you guys look at beer league hockey or baseball and say “what a bunch of wannabees”. Its a game; Airsofters know this and its time many of you accept that as well. Like Robert said in his post; if you don’t get it, it isn’t for you.


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