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Since the pandemic began, we have continually seen month-over-month increases in the number of first-time gun owners, particularly among women. Violence stemming from the George Floyd riots along with defunded police departments and prisoner release policies fueled the increase.

On Monday, actress Sherri Shepherd explained her reasoning for becoming a first-time gun owner. And her primary rationale had to do with the riots.

“During the quarantine, I felt really helpless, Joy, and we’re talking about depression, I felt [my son] Jeffrey would look at me like he was so scared,” she explained. “I get these little alerts in my neighborhood app about there’s gonna be a march through the neighborhood, and I thought ‘how am I supposed to protect my son if something happens?'”

Shepherd said she gathered a group of actresses together and went to one of two black-owned gun stores in California.

“We went and I felt very empowered. When I bought the gun I took lessons, I took the test, I go to the range with my girlfriends like every other week – and it just makes me feel like at least if something happens, I can protect my child,” the actress explained.

Instead of using the opportunity to understand why so many women feel the need to arm themselves, fellow talking heads Sunny Hostin and Joy Behar tried to refute Shepherd’s claims. They dutifully regurgitated a few of the gun control industry’s favorite bogus talking points.

More and more women are deciding to take up arms for the first time because they know guns are the great equalizer. They know that firearms are their best chance of survival, especially when attacked by a person who is hellbent on causing harm.

I appreciate that a Hollywood celebrity was unapologetic about wanting to be able to protect herself and her child with a firearm. Shepherd explained how so many of us feel. We just want to have the ability to fight back should someone try to harm us or our loved ones.

You’re not alone, Sherri. There are millions of us… just like you. We welcome you to our big, diverse, freedom-loving family. You’re in good company.

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  1. That is awesome, good for her. I am no fan of today’s pop culture and I’ve never watched a View episode in my life. But it is simply reality to acknowledge that such things have a big influence. More need to speak up like this.

    Her colleagues are idiots.

    • ” I’ve never watched a View episode in my life ”

      I guess you don’t spend much time in waiting rooms at the doctor’s office. Seems like every time I go I get bombarded with either Rachel Ray or the View.

  2. Does anyone really think some liberal c— on The View explaining why she bought a gun for the first time, helps 2nd amendment rights or causes? She will still vote for and champion every liberal cause that hurts gun rights at the drop of a hat.

      • I don’t know why we’d want the word back. It would be like getting your car stolen when your 18 and 40 years later getting it back after it’s been thoroughly trashed and the engine has blown up. Liberal has meant brain dead leftist in this country for 90 years. If we take the word back we’re going to have to put it in rehab for a generation or two.

    • Tom,

      My initial reaction totally echos your comment.

      The fact that she finally rejected the most significant aspect of the Progressive civilian disarmament narrative demonstrates that she is actually capable of rejecting other aspects of the Progressive platform as well. Thus, a part of me wonders if she will “see the light” in a year or two and start voting appropriately.

      There is another potential positive here. Notice that she gathered several additional actresses and convinced them to become firearm owners. Of course she openly discussed on national television (to a mostly female audience) the simple utility of firearms, the empowerment which comes with owning a firearm and being capable/proficient with it, and the joy of range time with friends. I can virtually guarantee you that thousands of women will likely go out and purchase their first firearms now as a direct result of her commentary. That is a good thing because some of those women will start voting appropriately.

      I like winning, even when it is small.

    • Hey Tom,

      Sherri Shepherd is far from a “liberal c**t”, as you put it. After making some poor decisions in her 20s, she became a Christian (her father was a Deacon in his church, so she had the benefit of that upbringing). She appeared on The View for several years as the conservative member of the bunch, and got into several arguments with Whoopi due to her statements that she doesn’t believe in evolution, abortion, etc. If you look at her recent filmography, she’s been taking increasingly conservative acting roles. And now she’s a gun owner.

      Quite the opposite of what you assumed in your statement.

      I, for one, welcome her to the POTG.

      • Listen to and respect the words of the incomparable ‘IHAQ’. Even though he mocks those of us who proudly call flyover country home, and avoids Freedom Rallies due to ‘COVID’ (i.e. cowardice), he’s still better than the rest of us!

        As it was, is and ever shall be.

        All Hail.

        • “…he’s still better than the rest of us!”

          He’s better than a gutless P.O.S. like you, little boy.

          (A very *little* boy, I bet! 😉 )…

      • I Haz a Question,

        Awwe. Look, your pet troll came out to regale us with his/her commentary.

        On a more serious note, the regularity of your pet troll’s comments leads me to wonder if someone wrote software which automatically monitors this website and automatically generates replies to your comments.

        • She’s like a yipping chihuahua. An oddity in the natural order of things that makes you laugh for a few minutes, then quickly becomes annoying, but eventually fades into white noise that you end up ignoring.

          …but every once in a while it reminds you it’s still there as you walk outside, and you quietly enjoy kicking it out of your way…

  3. “…just like you.” that’s even more adorable italicized. was this excerpted from the weekly reader?
    all gals should be armed. all gals with kids should have a man around.
    oh, i judge.

  4. There is another detail to this story which they omitted for unknown reasons. Around 2013 Sherri Shepherd’s home security system sounded-off in the middle of the night indicating a home invasion. She waited for seven terrifying minutes for police to arrive. Fortunately, it turned out to be a false alarm.

    Of course Sherri Shepherd did not know it was a false alarm while she waited for those seven agonizing minutes. I remember her saying in an interview after the fact that she looked around her room for an improvised weapon to defender herself and all she could see was a trash basket. That event made it instantly obvious that she was extremely vulnerable if a violent attacker ever comes calling. And her next-to-immediate revelation was that a firearm would have been far more effective than a trash basket for self-defense.

    Nevertheless she decided not to purchase a firearm after that event because this interview indicates that the isolation of COVID-19 lockdowns and widespread mostly peaceful demonstrations riots finally pushed her over the edge to purchase her first firearm for self-defense.

    To that I say, “Good on her!”. Better late than never.

    P.S. Sherri Shepherd was married at the time of that false-alarm home-invasion in 2013. I imagine she figured that she could count on her husband to fend off any attackers (probably with a baseball bat) and decided not to purchase a firearm. Now that she is single (divorced in 2015), she probably realized that she cannot count on anyone else to protect her until police arrive. And if she has to protect herself, she likely recounted that false-alarm home invasion which made her realize that you just cannot beat a firearm for self-defense.

  5. Why be bothered by the rioting? Didn’t anyone tell her they were rioting, looting and torching city centers so she could have a better life in this systemically racist country?

    • Ha ha.

      Just like you said yesterday (or the day before) about the horrific conditions in downtown Seattle: all Progressives in these situations should open their doors wide and let the wonderfulness wash over them.

  6. The problem with Joy Behar isn’t that she’s an idiot. She knows it too. The problem is that she thinks everybody else is as stupid as she is.

  7. Considering this is the view and literally everything and anything is construed on that show on the basis of race (and this was no different), I’m surprised they didn’t say the physical guns themselves were white supremacist.

  8. LOL at the Leftist c*** that said that the greatest threat to black people are white supremacists. The other 4 cows didn’t offer up even the hint of a challenge.

    • The leftist is a former prosecutor. In her argument that gun owners are more likely to misuse them than use them properly, she lumps in road ragers, drunks who start bar fights, wife beaters, drug addicts committing crimes to pay for their next fix, etc. None of that applies to people like Sherry which makes the comparison disingenuous at best and, most likely, a deliberate lie to promote her anti-gun agenda.

  9. A black woman should not have to limit herself to black owned gun shops to receive good treatment. It’s sad she thinks it’s necessary. Personally, I think most white owned shops would be overjoyed to have a new customer from a previously underrepresented demographic and would do their best for her.

    • Of course they would. It’s sad that she feels that way. Imagine a white woman on a popular show saying she went out of her way to find a white owned store. She’d be cancelled for that. I blame the Left’s obsession with skin color that makes some people think that it matters in your day to day life.

  10. Joy is such a phony c–t. I NEVER watch that show unless there was something good like….Whoopi being made fun of because of her big fat a–

  11. Always happy to see someone realize that in an emergency, when seconds count, help is just minutes away. Have an emergency situation? By all means, call 911, get the appropriate help started. Police, fire, medical, whoever. But, understand, it takes time, minutes, if your lucky, for someone to get out too you. Even when I still lived in town, I kept a full field medics kit in the house and a pretty comprehensive trauma bag in the car. Along with fire extinguishers around the house and in each vehicle. Have carried the same side arm for may years. No, not because I’m paranoid, but, because if I can render aid, slow a fire, or stop some violent act, it gives the professionals time to get to the scene.

    Along with her classes on firearms usage and basic care and safety, I hope Ms. Shepherd also gets some basic first aid classes, and has someone show her how to use a fire extinguisher. Who knows, perhaps in time she will come to realize government is seldom the answer to life’s problems, and is frequently the cause.

  12. Who in this world that actually has a life, would watch these dumb bitches. Live your life and don’t pay attenntion to ridiculous morons who, other than talk cant even change a trailer tire. Pick your priorities. love your life. Don’t waste time with idiots. Because that is exactly what they are.

  13. Dont know this woman, have never watched the veiw.
    I guess it’s about some weman talking about things?
    At any rate I think any time a tv person talks good about gunms that’s a plus.

    • Okay, I watched that clip. Now I know why wont watch the view.
      The Rifleman is on a different channel at the same time anyway.

    • my fil, rip, always said veemin. illegal alien, paid taxes for forty years.
      every meeting started with, “do you have anything spiritual?” and ended with, “ok, i go now.”
      orphan, deserter, stowaway. now they own property on the bosphorous.
      i don’t think she’s coming back.

  14. Exactly the type of person who does not help us, only hurts us. Gun ownership – especially in terms of “new” guns sold or first time (registered) buyers in numbers means fuck all, why is this so hard to understand?

    • Because. If only a small percentage of these new gun owners start to see the light then it is a victory for us. And it’s harder to push an anti gun narrative when nearly every house hold in America has a gun in it. The new numbers and demographics of gun owners puts the lie to that false claim that only a few old white guys own the guns.

      We are at near universal saturation levels of firearms in this country. Very few homes in America don’t own at least one gun. That cannot be bad for us.

  15. I’ve always told hoplophobic women that I am grateful nothings ever happened to them and hope and pray it never does to show them the error in there way, not being capable of it sure but to downright dismiss it. At least get a big dog and good locks


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