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From the CCRKBA

A report in the Wall Street Journal showing that nearly half of all new gun buyers since January 2019 are women is not surprising, considering efforts to defund police agencies, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said today.

The WSJ report on the 2021 National Firearms Survey notes approximately 3.5 million women and 4 million men bought guns for the first time between 2019 and April of this year. Overall, the draft report suggests more than 81.4 million Americans over the age of 18 own firearms, translating to 31.9 percent of the adult population.

“We’ve known that women are the fastest-growing segment of the gun-buying public,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “We’re delighted to see so many women joining the firearms community, learning new skills, making new friends and taking more responsibility for their safety and the safety of their families.

“In the process,” he continued, “these new gun owners are learning more about their rights and responsibilities. We have always encouraged new gun owners to seek good safety instruction through local gun ranges or gun clubs so they can become both competent and confident.

“As a result,” he added, “we’re seeing more women joining our organization. They’re willing to fight to protect their newly-exercised gun rights, and we’re proud to have them on board.”

Gottlieb said nobody should be surprised by the rising interest in gun ownership, especially during a time when many law enforcement agencies are losing officers due to political posturing by politicians who seem more interested in headlines than public safety. Crime rates are increasing as a result, and law-abiding citizens are realizing they must take more responsibility for their personal safety.

“Millions of Americans appreciate now, more than ever, the fact that our Second Amendment protects their right to own a gun,” Gottlieb observed. “This should send a message to anti-gun politicians and the gun prohibition lobby that increasing numbers of American citizens aren’t buying the nonsense they’re selling. Instead, these good-sense citizens are buying firearms, learning to use them properly and making it clear they will not surrender their safety, and that of their neighborhoods, to an emboldened criminal element.

“Too many proponents of public disarmament live in gated communities, enjoy private security and all the perks of elitism,” he stated. “Average citizens enjoy no such luxuries. They don’t live in a bubble, and they’re not going to live in fear.”


With more than 650,000 members and supporters nationwide, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms ( is one of the nation’s premier gun rights organizations. As a non-profit organization, the Citizens Committee is dedicated to preserving firearms freedoms through active lobbying of elected officials and facilitating grass-roots organization of gun rights activists in local communities throughout the United States.

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  1. Of course women are afraid. You have Fascist Incels like dacian looting and burning family and minority owned businesses.

    It’s only a matter of time before they start widespread destruction.

    • “It’s only a matter of time before they start widespread destruction.”

      Two separate men in two different conversations (retired military and active LEO) spoke with me about this just this past week alone, and the frequency of such discussions has been increasing lately. There’s a palpable apprehension to the nation’s atmosphere today…a sense that society is sliding sideways as never before into Clown World, where the Leftists are gaining ground and acting with a belief of impunity for their tyranny. It’s not a matter of “if”, as the saying goes, but “when”. And if a certain incident becomes the fabled spark to erupt into a larger movement, we could very well be facing a dark time resulting in clampdowns, lockdowns, National Guard checkpoints, looting and burglary run amok, etc.

      At least three women I took to the range (for their first time) since the Anti/BLM riots started have now all acquired their own first guns, and in fact my wife and I are taking one of them to the range again soon.

      • The antifa/SS incels are making the same historic mistake as the first men that wore the black uniforms and jack boots. They haven’t won the war but they feel secure enough to commit atrocities anyway.

        Remember Nuremberg.

        • Were the Nazi SS the first to wear black uniforms with silver lightning insignia? Huh – idiot Google – the first fifty hits I got to that query are the Tampa Bay Lightning. The 2nd Commando from Belgium favored a similar look, with a beret. French 13th Regiment of Dragons looks similar. I could find more, I’m sure, if I keep looking.

        • {Those other than Nazis wearing black uniforms}

          Free Clue, ‘paul’ :

          Look at the videos of the (mostly peaceful) recent riots, and you will see among them people wearing a black uniform, with faces covered.

          Those are the anarchists of the “Black Bloc” (Google the term) who dress that way so they can’t be individually-identified in a police lineup. ‘Antifa’ dresses like that.

          Rioters, in a uniform, are how Leftist Scum show up to riot…

      • The crazy lefties want to be able to look at ANY bank account for any reason at any time. What adult has a bank account with less than $600 in monthly gross transactions? This isn’t to make sure that rich people aren’t avoiding taxes. This is to continue their prosecution of political enemies. You’ll obey or else!

  2. Women, my wife and daughter included are far less likely to listen to the legacy media telling them not to believe their lying eyes when they see all the “mostly” peaceful protests.

  3. I wonder what the number of new ” non – buyers ” is, such as my daughter in law. She borrowed my 4″ 686 and 250 rounds of 38+p last summer during the mostly peaceful protests in St. Paul and hasnt had an opportunity to get her own revolver since. It seems there are all sorts of semis available, but still a dearth of wheelguns. I hope they start production back up soon, or I might never see my favorite Snith again.

    • After the covid lock downs and the antifa/ss incels started acting the fool I gifted a number of firearms and ammo to folks I care about that did not have their own.

      • I believe you mean well, but you are getting up there and out of touch. You live in Cali, right? Go down to your nearest major city, let’s say L.A. and start dating the 20 somethings there. Lets us know how it goes.

        • I live in the bay area. All of the adults in my circle, a variety of ages, have long term relationships. It’s true that I’m an old fart. Married, no less. But even I have opportunities sent in front of me.

          Every generation complains about how tough it is. How out of touch their elders are. It’s just whining.

        • Hannibal, I’m a lifelong Californian, right here in Los Angeles County. So I’m pretty much an expert on what goes on here. What’s your point?

  4. Easily written off as either racist women (who aren’t part of MDA) or abused victims of an out of control right wing media brainwashing apparatus reinforced by the racist MAGA men in their families.

    ’cause if real feminist icons on the left have taught me anything it’s that women can’t have opinions, beliefs and ideals of their own.

  5. What is with calling everyone we don’t like “incels”? Did the TV tell you to use that word?

    Our crazy upside-down world of unrestrained sexuality is leaving millions on men involuntarily celibate. Yes you idiots, watching too much globalist TV, taking prayer out of public schools, and birth control/abortion means there is a very high likelihood someone reading this blog or their child can’t find a girlfriend.

    STOP IT NOW. The assault on guns is an assault on white male culture. It’s cool (I guess) if women/minorities want to own guns, but it’s not a justification for it.

    If we can’t identify the threat, we can’t fight against it.

  6. What is with calling everyone we don’t like “incels”? Did the TV tell you to use that word?

    Our crazy upside-down world of unrestrained sexuality is leaving millions on men involuntarily celibate. Yes you idiots, watching too much globalist TV, taking prayer out of public schools, and birth control/abortion means there is a very high likelihood someone reading this blog or their child can’t find a girlfriend.

    STOP IT NOW. The assault on guns is an assault on white male culture. It’s cool (I guess) if women/minorities want to own guns, but it’s not a justification for it.

    If we can’t identify the threat, we can’t fight against it.

    • ant7. None of the males in my circle has trouble finding long term committed relationships with females.

      An incel is a person that is so repulsive they couldn’t get laid in a whorehouse with hundred dollar bills hanging out of their pockets. You know, like dacian.

      If you’ve raised a kid like that don’t blame the culture.

    • WTF does ” white male culture” mean? Being an inbred hillbilly who drinks beer and hangs out with only white folks?!? Flying the stars& bars on his pickup truck?I agree with jwm. You not so much…

      • “Our crazy upside-down world of unrestrained sexuality”

        “If we can’t identify the threat, we can’t fight against it.”

        Those are things you disagree with?

        Oh right, you got triggered because he said “white male” and that wads your panties right up.

    • “What is with calling everyone we don’t like “incels”?”


      If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck…

    • “taking prayer out of public schools, and birth control/abortion means there is a very high likelihood someone reading this blog or their child can’t find a girlfriend“

      It seems unlikely that ‘taking prayer out of schools’ (which didn’t happen) has anything to do with your inability to find a date.

  7. Which brings up the question, ‘what was wrong with those 4 million men who didn’t own a gun until the last year?’ I suppose a few of them just turned 18.

    • “‘what was wrong with those 4 million men who didn’t own a gun until the last year?’”

      Most likely, they thought they would never need a gun, living in their peaceful place.

      Then the looting and burning and killing started happening a little to close to home for their liking, and they decided to tool up.

      As long as they got there, I’m OK with that…

      • After hurricane Katrina, my liberal Dem voting sister saw that when the power is out, 911 does not work, sometimes you have to be responsible for your own safety and security.
        She flew down for a long weekend, took her out to the local public range and we shot dang near everything I owned. Rifles, shotguns, handguns.
        She then went back home, bought a revolver, and got her CCW.
        Ya could of bowled me over with a feather.
        Sometimes it takes something like that for people to open their eyes.
        Good on them, all the new gun owners.

  8. I don’t care if women are buying guns because when it comes time to stand for 2A, most women will just sit. Guns or no guns, the majority will vote for the guy with the best coiffure or the woman with the bad attitude about men. That’s just the way it is.

    • Agreed.

      And the latest example;

      “Both whites and Latinos saw a large gender gap, with Latina women more likely to side with Newsom by 19 percentage points and white women more likely to back the governor by 16 points.”

      Conservatives just don’t get women are fueling the Democrats.

      It’s easier calling men incels, then telling women to stop voting for Communists and Marxist.

        • I however don’t hide.

          And will gladly tell you where I stand…. I’m very proud I am still untouched and pure, biblically speaking.

        • Oh look, “untouched” Miner The Marxist got triggered now.

          Mention voting for “Communists and Marxist” and he Beetle’Juices on the scene.

          Or was it mentioning “Incel”? Hmmm?

  9. 1/2 are sold to women. 1/2 of what remains may well have been bought for women, by concerned fathers, spouses, brothers, or boyfriends. And, no, a genuine gift should never be labeled as a strawman purchase.

  10. Yup weman owning gunms is a problem for the gunm takers.
    Most weman I know get all pissy when you try and take something away from them. Specially if they used their money to buy it.

    • Had a cousin killed by a pissy woman. He wanted to rape her and she didn’t want it to happen. 6 shots from a .38 got the point across.

      He tried to take some p*ssy away from her. She wasn’t having it.

  11. I find that when training women in regards to gun safety are far more receptive to instructions than first time gun owners who are men. Men who are long time gun owners are a lost cause, their arrogance and stupidity is what often gets them accidentally shot and crippled or killed.

    I have convinced women never to consider buying a Glock or copy cat type weapon if it does not have a manual safety and a safe take down procedure which rules out the majority of the plasticky striker fired weapons. Most of these designs would never have been allowed on the market if guns fell under the jurisdiction of the Consumer Safety Council. It has resulted in thousands of people being killed and crippled for life.

    When I demonstrate a revolver with the hammer cocked back and show the women that the Glock is just as dangerous when cocked with a round in the chamber most go pale in the face. They seem to understand instantly when I tell them “what people do not see they often do not fear” and since the Glock does not have visible hammer many think its safe to carry until they are shown a revolver with the hammer cocked back and how easy it is to accidentally snag the trigger when handling it or holstering it. I might add the Morons who never got covid shots fall under the same level of pure stupidity “I cannot see germs so I do not fear them and of course it will never happen to me”

    I have little trouble convincing women of the dangers of carrying a loaded firearm with children or how dangerous it is to let a loaded gun lay around with kids in the house. I often give them real life horror stories of mothers shot by their own children accidentally while shopping or driving a car and children shooting other children especially when other children come over to play.

    I also warn women that you are far more likely to be shot by some one you know like a spouse than you are in a rare break in or even being out on the street. As a matter of fact being armed out on the street actually make most people less safe as studies have shown. Below is an excerpt from a study conducted on this.

    Packing heat may backfire. People who carry guns are far likelier to get shot – and killed – than those who are unarmed, a study of shooting victims in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has found.

    It would be impractical – not to say unethical – to randomly assign volunteers to carry a gun or not and see what happens. So Charles Branas‘s team at the University of Pennsylvania analysed 677 shootings over two-and-a-half years to discover whether victims were carrying at the time, and compared them to other Philly residents of similar age, sex and ethnicity. The team also accounted for other potentially confounding differences, such as the socioeconomic status of their neighborhood.

    Despite the US having the highest rate of firearms-related homicide in the industrialized world, the relationship between gun culture and violence is poorly understood. A recent study found that treating violence like an infectious disease led to a dramatic fall in shootings and killings.

    Overall, Branas’s study found that people who carried guns were 4.5 times as likely to be shot and 4.2 times as likely to get killed compared with unarmed citizens. When the team looked at shootings in which victims had a chance to defend themselves, their odds of getting shot were even higher.

    While it may be that the type of people who carry firearms are simply more likely to get shot, it may be that guns give a sense of empowerment that causes carriers to overreact in tense situations, or encourages them to visit neighborhoods they probably shouldn’t, Branas speculates. Supporters of the Second Amendment shouldn’t worry that the right to bear arms is under threat, however. “We don’t have an answer as to whether guns are protective or perilous,” Branas says. “This study is a beginning.”

    Daniel Webster, co-director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research in Baltimore, Maryland, thinks it is near-sighted to consider only the safety of gun owners and not their communities. “It affects others a heck of a lot more,” he says.

    Read more:

    I also might add that when cops suddenly find out a person is armed they go into hyper overdrive and often shoot people when they should not as in the Philando Castile case who was legally able to carry a weapon. If he had been unarmed that day he would still be alive. I could name dozens of other cases just like the Castile case where a panicked cop shot an innocent concealed carry owner. In another case a clerk in a store saw a man armed when he bent over and called the police. When the man existed the store the cops were waiting on him and just blasted him off his feet.

    I also warn women that any shooting even if the person you shoot is not killed you most likely will be sued and even in some cases when it is justified cops often will charge the shooter with a crime and it is then up to the shooter to get a good lawyer and spend thousands of dollars defending himself in court and many sit in jail until they go to court. Twenty years ago it cost the average gun owner well over $50,000 in lawyer fees to be defended in court.

    Cops hate guns on people because it is a challenge to their absolute authority over them and do not think they will be sympathetic to you even if you just shot a 3 time convicted felon and child molester.

    In my concealed carry class I raised quite a few eyebrows when the people at the class were faced with the seriousness of being armed and one Doctor in the class then decided it was not worth the risk of carrying a deadly weapon. Another man arrogantly said “I do not have the money the doctor has so they cannot take what I do not have”. Wrong, I told him, they would attach your wages for life and if you have a home would put a lean on it so your equity in it would be zero for life. That shut him up very quickly. He suddenly realized he could not shoot someone just because his neighbors dog pissed on his lawn.

    • Little d is cut and paste all you know how to do. Good thing its not real paper you would hurt yourself or someone else with the pointy things and eat all the paste.

      • If you were not such an ignorant hillbilly you would already be aware of the fact that John Hopkins University is a respected research center. But then again what would an ignorant high school drop out like yourself know about research especially when it does not fit your level of ignorance or your preconceived notions. Go have a beer and pizza its more your level of comprehension.

        • John Hopkins is a premier medical research and teaching facility. Among the best for their medical advancements and studies. Their work with fMRI is probably years ahead of many places. I enjoy projects there for work because of the information I gain from talking with researchers. Helps me with my job to better anticipate what capabilities they may need later for their medical shielding.

          However, firearms are not a medical science, nor are they something to be studied beyond wound repair from shootings. The research and grant money for their firearm research comes from organizations not friendly to firearms and that leads to bias to keep the money coming. Had the NRA donated 5 times the money and the research made positive comments on firearm ownership I am sure you would tear all of what John Hopkins does. You get what you pay for when you fund social issue studies.

        • To the Paratrooper wannabe

          You conveniently ignored the University of Pennsylvania study which was one of the main points of the post and 677 case studies certainly adds a lot of weight to their study.

          You also completely ignore human nature in general. Let me extrapolate on this. Two truck drivers on CB radio’s got into an argument. They agreed to meet under a bridge and shot it out and succeeded in killing each other.

          Road rage incidents are another glaring factor that often points to the fact that when people carry guns they often use them in a rage. They act first and suffer the consequences later.

          Another down to earth point. Why do you think most bars outlaw the carrying of guns in their establishments? Because when young men get all dunked up (a hallmark of the far right) they invariably shoot it out over fights over women or just plain excess testosterone i.e. my dick is bigger than yours. Another point that civilized societies took under consideration when they outlawed carrying guns for self protection.

          This is why most civilized countries prohibit carrying guns for self defense because in the majority of cases they never are used in self defense rather they are most often instead used in offensive deadly attacks that otherwise never would have occurred.

          In an Irish pub you might end up in a fist fight. In Japan you might be insulted. in Europe you might get a chair bashed over your head and in Capitalvania you get drilled 16 times with a Glock 9mm automatic. Now tell me which society is more civilized.

          Capitalvania reminds me of the drunken brawl Alexander the Great had with Black Cleitus and then regretted killing his best lieutenant. My how little things have changes over the last 1687 years ago. Capitalvania carries on the tradition of cruelty and barbarity. The ancients Greeks and Romans hand nothing over us in regards to mass murder every day.

          Husbands shoot their wives every day in this country and wives in turn shoot their husbands proving beyond all doubt that despite the extreme sick paranoia of the far right nut cases this proves that you are astronomically more likely to be killed at home by a relative than out on the street.

          And I might add Paratrooper referencing the criminals of the NRA as being more fair in gun studies than accredited university studies is akin to claiming the devil is someone you should trust more than your own mother.

          One thing that is as certain as death and taxes is the paranoia, barbarity and cruelty and pure stupidity of the far right and you can take that to the bank.

        • Dacian. Any study funded by someone with a financial interest in the results has to be met with speculation.

          The rest of of your word salad post is compost.

        • Dacian you are the reason that states have red flag laws so the “In my concealed carry class” line is classic.

          In my state you have to sign away your HIPAA rights for a permit, I guarantee with the DSM-5 diagnoses plus the multitude of psych drugs that you are on dacian that NO place in the USA allows you to carry or own a firearm.

          “f. Have you ever been adjudicated as a mental defective OR have you ever been committed to a mental institution?”

          Have you read some of the things you have written? There is NO WAY you honestly answer NO to that question on a 4473. Some poor FFLs computer is going to start smoking after you come back DENIED.

        • Daniel September 18, 2021 At 07:56
          quote———————-Dacian you are the reason that states have red flag laws so the “In my concealed carry class” line is classic.——————-quote

          Without realizing it you gave me a compliment because people like me have been supporting red flag laws for decades.

          And to further point out your extreme ignorance Far Right people were practicing their own form of red flag laws back in the 50’s in our small town. One incident comes to mind and that was when a person in the neighborhood called his brother-in-law and told him he was going to kill his wife. The Brother-in-law told him to lay out all his guns on the porch and he would come over and get them. The man who was about to kill his wife realized he was better off without his guns and never reclaimed them and he never killed his wife either. Today we are only making red flag rules the law rather than leave it up to the hot heads to decide whether or not they should keep their guns. They should not of course.


          dacian only you would think what Daniel said about you was a compliment!!

          Who realized you have been doing a comedy act?

    • “I find that when training…”
      This is where we knew that everything following was crap.
      I find it tragically amusing that this “dacian” person may think that what zhe posts gets any regard.

    • Wife loved the Glock 43 didn’t have any trouble figuring out the safety and basic handling. TLDR to the rest good lord man get some wit and figure it out with the brevity already.

  12. Does not matter how many new gun owners there are if they still vote for democrats who hate gun ownership, want to ban all gun ownership and want to deploy the United States military to go door to door to confiscate them by force and execute them without trial whether you give them up or not.

    To the people they vote for the only good gun owners is dead gun owner and the best thing every single gun owner dead along with everyone that is not a gun owner but opposes that dead.

  13. Sunday Night 9-19-2021 at 9PM EST CNN presents a special on the rising tide gun violence in America and the role of the NRA. Of course the Far Right will not watch it because they only watch heavily censored Far Right jackbooted propaganda news media outlets like Foxy News which is a one sided news media which rules out discussing controversial issues enabling both sides to present their views.



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