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Once again Silencer Shop has loaned us the newest suppressor to hit the market so we can put it through its paces for y’all. This time that means testing out SilencerCo‘s new modular, big bore silencer, the Hybrid 46M. It’s ready to rock on nearly every cartridge and firearm firing a .46 caliber or smaller bullet!

I’ll describe the 46M as best as I can in text form below, but perhaps the best way to get a feel for it is to watch the video embedded above (or click HERE to view it on Rumble). We’ve got some new editing, audio, and camera work going on so hopefully that improves the video watching experience!

Included in the box with the Hybrid 46M is the suppressor, of course — main module and front module — a .30 caliber front cap (not pictured), a .46 caliber front cap, a Charlie ASR mount, and tools. Also a carrying case, SilencerCo sticker, and owner’s manual.

For some reason I have the mount ring for a Charlie direct thread mount in the photo above, but that isn’t included with the 46M. It is, however, one of literally dozens of accessories available and compatible with the Hybrid 46M, including muzzle brakes, pistol boosters, and other mounting options plus quite a few different front caps including flash hiders, brakes, blast shields, and more.

The included tools can be used to help remove or install the front module from the main suppressor body and the front cap from whichever module is the business end in your chosen configuration.

In its full length configuration, the Hybrid 46M is 7.72 inches long and tips the scales at 14.9 ounces (both measurements are without a mount).

In its short length configuration, the 46M is 5.78 inches long and weighs 12.2 ounces.

The end user employs this modularity to best fit the suppressor to the host firearm and the intended use. Longer is quieter, but longer is also longer and and heavier. Shorter is shorter and lighter, but it’s also louder.

On some firearms, the short configuration is all that’s needed to provide sufficient or more-than-sufficient noise suppression. For instance, on the 9mm machine gun seen in the video.

On some firearms, such as most anything firing a centerfire rifle cartridge through a barrel shorter than, say, 18 or 20 inches, the 46M’s full length may well be necessary to maintain OSHA-approved hearing safe decibel levels for the shooter. On the other hand, on a hunt where only a single shot is likely to be fired, the user may still choose the shorter, lighter config to make for a handier rifle package.

I took Hybrid 46M serial number 0001 out to the range to put a bunch of different calibers through it. Unfortunately, I ran into one complication that many silencer owners will have dealt with: mount compatibility. I grabbed some mounts for the SilencerCo Bravo system (which has become the “industry standard” 1.375×24 aka 1-3/8×24 mount size), forgetting that the 46M uses the Charlie mounts.

With the Charlie mounts I had on-hand at the range, I was able to put 9mm, .308 Win, 300 Blackout, and .223/5.56 through the new silencer. I do have a couple new mounts on the way, though, so as a follow-up I’m going to shoot some .458 SOCOM through the Hybrid 46M, the SilencerCo Hybrid 46, and my Liberty Goliath to see how they all stack up.

Typically a larger bore diameter means sacrificing performance on smaller calibers; more gas escapes out the muzzle and less is stripped away from around the bullet and directed into the baffles where it’s delayed and cooled.

This is why I was so pleasantly surprised with the Hybrid 46M’s performance. Shooting it back-to-back with the 36M and even with a dedicated 5.56 suppressor that I had out on the same day, it really held its own. I was very impressed with its low tone and its sound suppression prowess compared to the 36M and compared to many .30 caliber suppressors I’ve shot on .308, 300 BLK, etc.

In fact, SilencerCo’s own dB testing numbers show that the 46M is quieter than the 36M on nearly all calibers tested.

Granted, it’s slightly longer (SilencerCo’s stat puts it at a tenth of an inch longer, but when I had them both in my hands it was more like a full inch longer. I’ll have to get them again and measure for myself) and it’s 2.1 ounces heavier (this I did measure myself). I’d say this is a very small price to pay for a suppressor that handles vastly more calibers (375 Raptor, .40 S&W, 10mm, .45 ACP, .450 Bushmaster, .458 SOCOM, .45-70, etc. etc.) and outperforms the 36M on the majority of calibers that both of them accomodate.

When my testing was done, including getting the 46M hot enough on a full-auto M4 for the high-temp Cerakote to start smoking, I was thoroughly impressed with the new SilencerCo Hybrid 46M. It’s quieter than the previous Hybrid 46 (and it’s modular) and it’s more useful and a little quieter than the Omega 36M.

The 46M is built to handle hard use and it’s damn near universal. With pistol boosters, 3-lug mounts, direct thread mounts, ASR mounts, and a generous .46 caliber bore, it’s the rare gun owner indeed who owns a firearm chambered in something that the Hybrid 46M isn’t rated for.

Considering the $200 tax and current ~9-month wait, the SilencerCo Hybrid 46M is extremely high on my list of recommended suppressors for anyone hoping to get the absolute most out of a single silencer.

Specifications: SilencerCo Hybrid 46M

Caliber: all centerfire pistol and rifle calibers including .45 Auto, 10MM, .450 Bushmaster, .458 SOCOM, .45-70, .338 LM and up to .460 Weatherby Magnum.
Full-Auto Rated: Yes
Length: 7.72 inches in full configuration, 5.78 inches in short config
Weight: 14.9 ounces in full configuration, 12.2 ounces in short config
Diameter: 1.57 inches
Materials: titanium, Inconel, and 17-4 stainless steel
Finish: high-temp Cerakote
Mount: SilencerCo Charlie mount system compatible
MSRP: $1,117 (about $950 retail via Silencer Shop)

Ratings (out of five stars):

Overall  * * * * *
SilencerCo knocked it out of the park with the Hybrid 46M. It’s a top choice for a silencer that can properly suppress every single firearm with a threaded barrel in nearly every gun owner’s collection.  (Now that I’ve said that I’m suddenly quite curious! Sound off in the comments if you own something with a threaded barrel that the 46M isn’t rated for)


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  1. No doubt a good can. However until the day comes an unnecessary 4473 includes owning a can I’ll pass on jumping through another hoop like a silly circus animal.

  2. What is the baffle spacing? How big is the blast chamber and distal size, are the baffles clipped? These are all important things and tell a lot on how a silencer will work, and what kind of ammo it’s actually made for. There is no one silencer solution, they are either designed for supersonic or subsonic, pistol or rifle etc. a silencer designed for 300 blk will certainly calm down a 556 AR, but it will be hell on the first couple of baffles and sound reduction less than a 556/supersonic can. You can run a supers cannon subsonic 300 blk but there will be significant first round pop because of the large blast chamber and progressive baffle spacing. Build your own, efile form ones are down to 14 day waits till stamp in hand


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