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  1. There is everything wonderful about this. If there’s anyone that deserves to get ventilated, more than all others, it’s those who would prey on disabled folks.

  2. Interesting that he always shoots one-handed. I’m guessing he is keeping one hand on his wheel-chair in order to stay mobile. He shoots one-handed better than some shoot with both.

  3. Wonderful to see this gentleman shooting. My only thought was that he might try shooting left handed on the let side of the baracades if he can. Watching him reload, he seems to have full use of his left hand. He shoots VERY well, is safe, and I sure hope he is having fun with it.

  4. Excellent!

    If it comes to it, I bet this man could give a BG the surprise of a lifetime. Dear Mr. Wheelchair CCW holder, welcome to TTAG!

  5. Just because we are /\ disabled does not mean we can not shoot well. I dare someone to try and shot 1/100 as well as I do in my body. 🙂 Go ahead and assume the disabled are defenseless and see what happens. 🙂 Good on him.


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