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Everyone loves an exciting story with a happy ending. Today’s gratifying result comes to us from Fort Wayne, Indiana. Earlier this month, at o-dark-thirty, a pair of armed and masked aspiring rocket surgeons tried to kick in the door of a residence. One member of the dynamic duo had his finger on the trigger of his pistol and managed to shoot himself in the thigh with a negligent discharge.

Better yet, Keanu Cook’s lack of trigger and muzzle control were captured by a Ring doorbell camera for posterity.

Unfortunately, music videos don’t teach the golden rules of keeping your trigger finger off the trigger until you’re ready to fire or making sure your muzzle is always pointed in a safe direction. But safety rules, like working a real job, is for suckers, right?

Keanu Cook (Image courtesy Fort Wayne PD)

Mr. Cook turned up at a hospital not long after the failed home invasion attempt where was delivered into the waiting arms of Fort Wayne’s finest. He told the boys in blue that the break-in was meant to finance the bail he’d need when he turned himself in as there was an existing warrant for his arrest on other charges including illegally carrying a handgun.  Go figure.

He told the cops he and his accomplice tried to break in to secure some cash, weed and other “valuable stuff.”

The Journal Gazette has the story . . .

Cook, of the 3500 block of Autumn Lane, was charged Tuesday with burglary with a deadly weapon, carrying a handgun without a license, criminal recklessness committed with a deadly weapon with misdemeanor criminal mischief.

Cook told police he needed money so he could turn himself in on a current arrest warrant. According to court documents, Cook was issued an arrest warrant on Dec. 17 related to a misdemeanor charge for carrying a handgun without a license and resisting law enforcement.

Cook and another man appeared at the residence in the 7900 block of Rocky Glen Place around 1:50 a.m., an incident caught on the homeowner’s Ring doorbell camera. The other man has not been arrested, police said.

In a video widely circulated on social media, the two alleged burglars are seen attempting to kick in the door while holding handguns. Once Cook shoots himself in the leg, the two run away from the camera.

The video shows one of the young men starting to run back to the house. Police found a silver 9 mm shell casing on the front porch sidewalk. Footprints were tracked in the snow as the pair ran east, according to a probable cause affidavit.

Does anyone think that if these two misfits actually made entry on that residence that they would have hesitated to open fire if the occupants had resisted?

Once again, gun rights are civil rights and they are for everyone. And the only thing that stops bad people with evil in their hearts is a good guy with a gun. Or two.


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  1. One o those damn guns goin off by itself, hurt another poor citizen!!! Wish he’d been holding it “high ready”!😈

  2. If everybody had the same as every other body, there would be no need for people to commit crimes. it is the inequality outcomes (and incomes) that drives people to covet what others have. Not only that, the inequality of outcomes is a leading factor in climate change and the spread of Covid disease. It is settled science.

    • It’s coming Sam. I heard that bitch Susan Rice say so. Only they aren’t using the term equality anymore. Equity is the new BS word. Equality is so Obama era. Equity means the demonrats get to choose winners and losers.

    • Don’t worry. The new Democrat regime through their ANTIFA and BLM redistribution agents will make EVERYONE is equally poor, with the exception of allowed elites.

      • “The new Democrat regime through their ANTIFA and BLM redistribution agents will make EVERYONE is equally poor,…”

        That, right there, is some progress.

        • Socialism is not about people pulling themselves up to improve their lives. It is about the system dragging everyone else down to the lowest common denominator.

        • “Socialism is not about people pulling themselves up to improve their lives. It is about the system dragging everyone else down to the lowest common denominator.”

          “Nobody gets more until everybody gots some.”

          Viva Zapata !
          Viva Max !
          Viva Las Vegas !
          Viva la Revolutioskivichstein !
          Workers of the union untie !

    • Equal outcomes should not be promised or delivered. An equal opportunity at the starting line should be, but outcomes are earned not awarded. There is no “right” of prosperity.

      • “There is no “right” of prosperity.”

        Oh yeah? Oh yeah?

        Well a modern, caring, compassionate, sensitive, nurturing, environmentally correct, climate saving, zero-carbon footprint, rich, ultra rich, forward looking, forward thinking, mutually supportive, modern, caring, compassionate, sensitive nation would make prosperity one of the highest natural, civil and human rights.

        You’re so mean you probably gotta sneak up on a glass of water in order to get a drink.

    • If I had been satisfied with living in poverty, I would have dropped out of school and quit any job as soon as management annoyed me. Instead, I struggled through to advanced degree and put up with company bullshit until I could retire with a comfortable income. Remove the financial incentive and it’s no longer worth my effort or patience.

      • “Remove the financial incentive and it’s no longer worth my effort or patience.”

        Ah, but you see….when outcomes are equal, government sees to it that there is no need for effort or patience. You can just relax, enjoy your equal to everyone stuff, and take up baking, or art, or growing cannabis.

        • How will government provide for everyone if no one is willing to work? Government depends on taxes paid only by workers. If no one works, no one pays taxes, government can’t provide anything, and everyone starves.

          The day may come when robots perform all the work necessary to provide humans with food, clothing, shelter and medical care. Then, the Garden of Eden Sam proposes will be feasible. However, even then, there will be people dissatisfied with their ration and willing to manufacture goods and perform services for which other people are willing to pay. In the absence of a government backed currency, somebody will invent one (e.g. Bitcoin). If all that happens, I’m sure there will be SJWs whining about the inequality between those satisfied with their ration and those willing to work to get more.

        • “How will government provide for everyone if no one is willing to work? Government depends on taxes paid only by workers. If no one works, no one pays taxes, government can’t provide anything, and everyone starves.”

          Seems to be working fairly well, so far: $28 trillion in national debt (tax deficit), about 50% of workers pay no federal income tax. Our foreign debt has not been repudiated by other nations.

          Government can quite nicely just make everything free for everyone…that is a government list of items everyone should have, but no more. Adding to the federal debt seems to have no consequences.

          BTW, you missed the underlying message of the original comment.

      • “I just bet that your one of those “precious democrats” aren’t you?”

        I just bet you should read a bit more carefully; the clues are there.

  3. In this particular situation, that fancy smart gun and glove combo wouldn’t have helped. It’s almost as if you’re better off with a smart brain…

    Also, was that door reinforced? Doors aren’t difficult for a grown man to kick in.

    • Dude,

      I cannot determine from the video whether the door was reinforced — it is hard to say if their kicks were hard enough or in the right location of the door.

      When I was in high school, a friend of mine locked himself out of his home while his family was away for a week. We were able to kick-in his garage service door to his house. It took several kicks though — and I was particularly well suited for that task since I was a soccer player and routinely practiced kicking field goals with a football.

      As it turns out, we ended up splitting the door frame rather than breaking the door itself. We were able to fix it quickly and easily — merging the split wood back together with several 3-inch long screws.

      Anyhow, kicking through a door is harder than you might think.

      • I’ve done it before as well. It was a modern, nice house, and it took one try. I was shocked at how easy it was. I always thought they exaggerated that in the movies when they easily kick in the door. Soccer player as well and TKD. Maybe that helped.

        That dude had a security cam, so maybe he reinforced the door as well. Or maybe those failed criminals couldn’t even do that part right.

        • Dude,

          “Soccer player as well and TKD. Maybe that helped.”

          In my defense I only weighed about 145 pounds in high school which is a bit on the light side for kicking in doors. And that was before my time in Tae Kwon Do training as well. I tend to think that regular practice and good technique with front kicks probably would defeat most doors with one kick.

          Speaking of Tae Kwon Do more recently, we had large padded bags (similar to old-school punching bags but not quite as heavy) on top of water filled bases for kicking and punching practice. I always train hard and punch/kick hard. On one particularly hard training session, I landed a round-house kick (which was a bit low and only would have landed about kidney height on an average height person but that also increased how much force I was able to generate) into the target so hard that I knocked the bag portion out of the large water-filled base. I had never done that before. Neither had anyone else. Or since. (One of the black-belts who saw that happen wasn’t quite sure whether to be impressed or slightly scared!)

        • I had 30-35 pounds and a few years on you. I tried to kick in a door on an old garage/shed when I was 13 and my friend was 15. We tried for a good bit and couldn’t do it. We didn’t have a good reason to be doing that other than just being mischievous.

        • Girlfriend’s mom locked herself out of her new house. Since she wanted to change the locks anyhow, I took a channel lock I had in my tool box and twisted the knob enough to open it up. No deadbolt though.

          I’ve reinforced my outside doors with metal screwed into studs where the deadbolt passes. I’m pretty sure it can still be breached pretty easy if you don’t care, but they are going to actually have to kick the door apart enough to make the deadbolt lock get to angle it will slide past.

          I’ve kind of always wanted to see what a blow of a splitting maul would do to a knob or a deadbolt but I’ve spent too much time repairing doors to break one.

        • I’ve spent half of my life in construction. You pretty much get what you pay for. I’ve installed doors that wanted to fall apart, without any help from a B&E artist. I’ve also installed doors that no one is going to walk up and kick open – they’re going to need some serious tools. Best security are metal door frames installed into concrete walls, then filled with grout before hanging the metal door. Block or brick walls are good, if the builder spends the time to fill it all in with grout. Those will break shoulders and/or feet of intruders! Of course, these secure doors aren’t especially pretty, and won’t appeal to the lady of the house. Besides which – why build a secure door, when you probably have easily broken windows in the house?

    • Yes, everyone should reinforce their door frames.

      Not hard to do and it might give you some seconds of advantage.

      Lots of DIY sites for security.

      • I lived in a studio apartment for a while and did this. It can be done, well enough at least, to provide you extra time. I never had a problem with landlords or anything, then again, they never found out. The one place I lived in CA while I was caretaking for my father before his passing, I put metal bars on windows and a metal screen door on. The screen itself was not the most secure, but good luck getting through it, then a reinforced door without me hearing your attempts. Same for the windows. Also, it’s a deterrent to bigger criminals – like alphabet bois. Usually, they are smart enough to bring quieter tools too though, but that’s where surveillance and motion detectors come in handy 😉

        Also, loudspeakers that play Fortunate Son when certain devices are tripped.

      • Yep. The easiest and most helpful thing you can do to increase your door’s security is to replace the screws in the deadbolt plate and/or latch plate with 3 inch grabber screws.

        This will anchor them into a wall stud, and they’ll probably last longer under assault than the door panel itself. And not even the most persnickety landlord is going to notice the change.

  4. Guy isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed

    Hasn’t anyone told him? If you’re gonna be a criminal you need to be either smart or rich.

    Lose the glock and get a hedge fund.

    • If you’re gonna be a criminal you need to be either smart or rich.

      I would also add attorneys and politicians to that mix.

    • Definitely not a prospective rocket scientist, nuclear physicist, or brain surgeon. A true example of the modern education system and positive role models.

  5. That door and how it was set up is the real story to me. After watching two TTAG videos of doorway break-ins (one successful, one not), an article on doors and set up would be appreciated almost as much as any other self-defense feature. Thanks.

    • Datahut,

      Like any other aspect of a security system, you want multiple layers which take time to defeat and attract attention in the process.

      The first layer of your front door security should be a second door — a storm door. They are inexpensive, easy to install, and perhaps most importantly, banging on them is really loud. Also an unexpected benefit of a storm door: they are flimsy and open out. Thus you cannot simply kick a storm door in. Instead, you have to whale on it and dismantle it which is loud and takes a while. On top of that, pieces and parts of your storm door will likely remain in tact and will tend to get in the way of your home invaders — and slow them down as they try to defeat your primary security door.

      The second layer of your front door security is a long (like four feet long) and thick steel strike plate screwed with several long (three inch) screws into your doorway’s framing members (e.g. 2x4s of your doorway’s rough opening). That makes it nearly impossible to kick down/open your door.

      With those two simple measures, the only way that home invaders can somewhat quickly/quietly defeat your front entry is if they bring a small-ish flat prybar to quickly defeat your storm door’s latch as well as a battery powered drill (with sharp hardened steel drill bit) to drill out your doorknob and deadbolt locks. The overwhelming majority of criminals do not think that far ahead and typically do not have the money (or are too lazy) to buy the flat prybar and battery powered drill.

      If all of that seems like more work/money than you are able to justify, then you can just go really old school and install a single heavy-duty anchor point on your floor which prevents your door from swinging open into your home when the anchor is in place. (Of course you would remove the anchor when you want to open your door.) The only down side to this solution: it requires one or two substantial holes in your floor close to your door and you have to bend down every time you want to install your anchor into those holes to secure your door.

      • If you can justify drilling holes in the floor for anchor points, just put four metal loops on the door itself, to slide the anchor pins through. Make the pins about 36″ long, lift and spin to lock them in the upright position, spin them back to drop them in the holes. You can even get brass, bronze, or faux gold steel pins that would look nice enough. That bending over will get really old, really fast! For added points, you can put similar locking pins on the top of your door frame too!

    • Tons of easy methods. From the simple stuff like screw size to steel plates and a thicker door. Youtube is not your friend, but they are still semi friendly…

    • A determined intruder cannot be prevented from gaining entrance. The use of deadly force by the resident(s) must be a carefully considered response. An armed homeowner has only a second or two to make a decision that has long reaching and irreversible consequences. We provide an innumerable number of programs for criminals. Why can’t we provide some for those who choose to take responsibility for their own safety?

  6. Da right bad guy got Da right bad dude . think dude be safer from him self in Da jail .
    Jail ~ Da gun free zone for Da bad dude . Some one help me . Da Dude Yelled .

  7. Likely a stolen pistol, no carry permit either. Go to jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200. Entertain the other inmates.

  8. They were certainly ready to have gunms drawn the minute the door was breached.
    Quite disturbing that some humans are willing to kill for weed and what valuables can be found.

  9. Keanu is the victim here. If only IN had no cash bail, like IL, he wouldn’t have needed to stage a robbery to get bail money. He was just trying to avoid catching Covid in prison.

  10. “existing warrant for his arrest on other charges including illegally carrying a handgun”

    If he had been white, illegally carrying a handgun, his will and a list of congressmen, he would’ve been let out on his own recognizance and not need bail money.

  11. The victim didn’t understand why his house was targeted. It’s because they wanted your stuff, dude. And they were willing to kill you for it. That’s it.

  12. If That was Me, Those guys would have got Lead Poisoning Very Fast! And they would not have left the scene.
    Of Course, the perps would be Inside My House when the Cops got there.
    It appears they were there for a reason though. Like they knew something was there that they wanted?
    That doesn’t justify it at all though.

  13. He was just trying to do the right thing. He was turning himself into the police and needed bail money to pay the racist system that forces you to pay money in order to ensure you don’t run away. He’s an upstanding youth just trying to do the right thing and then that racist gun just jumped out and shot him! That gun is the criminal here, not this poor young man who was just trying to do the right thing. That evil, racist, white supremacist, terrorist gun attacked him for no reason. Now he will be late to work, get fired and never be able to go to college where he dreamed of becoming an ATF agent. Heartbreaking….


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