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Oregon shooting (courtesy

Taking their cue from the President of the United States, the Washington Post isn’t waiting for salient facts to emerge from the Oregon Community College shooting to lobby for increased gun control. “We don’t have to wait to know that one factor in the tragedy that unfolded on this college campus is the all-too-easy availability of guns in this country,” Another infuriating, but unsurprising, gun tragedy they assert. “And we shouldn’t have to wait for Congress to enact laws to combat what is clearly a crisis of gun violence.” Uh-oh . . .

Sorry, but the Post isn’t forthcoming about how “we” can enact gun control laws outside of the usual legislative process. I’m thinking they’re thinking that either the states should pass their own gun laws – in contravention of the Constitution’s prohibition against infringement of citizens’ right to keep and bear arms – or the President should issue some kind of anti-gun Executive Order. Because that would be something new and different.

The first option is the current “fall-back strategy” deployed by the civilian disarmament industrial complex (e.g., Everytown for Gun Safety and The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence). The latter is the doomsday scenario that’s been predicted by gun rights advocates since federal gun control legislation – the “Universal Background Check” bill – failed in the final furlong. If the Prez chooses column B, all hell may well break loose.

Meanwhile, more venting from the Potomac prevaricators . . .

But Congress — in its cowardly obeisance to the National Rifle Association — refuses to enact sensible gun control laws, including ones backed by a vast majority of Americans, such as bringing gun-show and Internet gun sales into some reasonable regulatory framework.

Again, the Post is playing coy. And their conclusion is a damp squib: “How sad it is, and how infuriatingly unneccessary, that such tragedy begins to feel so unsurprising.” If it turns out that the Oregon shooter bought his guns at a gun show, expect them to leave cover and concealment for a frontal assault on Americans’ gun rights.

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  1. Wait, are you implying that oregon’s newly voted upon UBC’s didn’t stop this from happening?! I’m so surprised! /sarc

    • That’s the first thing I thought of when Obama was speaking yesterday – Oregon just went full bore infringement and it of course did absolutely nothing to stop a violent crime. Won’t be seeing that on CNN.

        This needs to be the cry from everyone and everyplace , we who support the 2nd A and oppose more gun control , need to voice loudly , the only logical opinion that will stop these shootings . ARM OUR CHILDREN .

        • I know your being facetious, but these weren’t children. Unless you are pro-gun control, then everyone under 27 is a child for statistical purposes.

        • Truth is , I wouldn’t be totally opposed to arming children in a different time but todays children , no . I actually meant our college age children 18 and up , well I guess it would have to be 21 and up and that is a separate argument . If a student at a university can legally purchase and carry a firearm , they should be permitted to do so and had even one of those ( young adults ) have had a gun on their possession and been willing to defend themselves and others with it , the out come would have been somewhat or completely different .

        • Children and guns are simply a bad idea. Your average firearm is too unwieldy for a typical child to operate in a safe and effective manner.

          Children are much better suited to crew served weapons. The semi stationary characteristics of a mortar or heavy machine gun relies less on the child’s physical strength and stamina and also builds teamwork.

        • My 12 year old son takes great exception to that opinion, Mark. At 10, he could outshoot the average adult with the 10/22. He gets board shooting out the bullseye at 50m and shoots out the numbers. Two weeks ago he outshoot a friend using my friends own XDM 9mm. My son was shooting that firearm for the first time.

          And before you brush off those as small rounds, he was also shooting a Mosin-Nagant without difficulty and with better accuracy than most adults.

      • This morning, on MSNBC of all places, Willie Geist specifically noted Oregon’s UBC and the college’s gun free zone status as impediments for those who would like to use this incident to seek more gun control laws. I almost fell out of my chair.

  2. I keep hearing about is gun show loophole but when I go to a gun show to buy a gun, I have to go through a standard background check, just like if I went to Gander Mountain to buy a gun. And if I buy a gun online, it needs to be sent to an FFL who has to do the usual checks.

    • Right- but if you bought a rifle from your (non FFL) neighbor no such nonsense is required (Federally). That really chaps the hide of statists that want to intervene in your business. Of course it’s not a ‘loophole’ at all, it’s obeying the law or absence of a law in the this case. Just as selling your blender to someone without a license doesn’t constitute a ‘loop-hole’.

      • My makarov has the same provisions for said (loop hole). Funny thing is I got it at a gun show and yes I had to fill out the papers and get checked out. Haha wapost just haha. How dumb can they get?

    • Just like I keep hearing about internet gun sales, but every time I’ve ever paid for a gun over the internet, I had to go to a local gun shop to do a background check and pick it up. Funny ain’t it?

      • This is misdirection on their part. They include backpage and other local online resources in their game plan as ‘buying on the internet’.

        Yes, you did go to the internet to find a gun (on backpage let us say), but you made the transaction in person (which in many states does not require a background check. Nor should it.)

        • No fact checking on any information on any issue the Barry Bunch throws out there . If this administration came out and reported that this guy that did this was a tea party racist homophobe and was targeting liberal kids for their support of planned parenthood , MSNBC , ABC , CBS , NBC , CNN , Huffpo AOL . Yahoo , etc. would report it as unquestionable fact . RT , Aljazeera , BBC and fox might report the opposing story . If Barry says it , you know it’s fact .

  3. And if it turns into~he passed a background check………the argument shall be….but still more background checks.

    • Exactly. In Virginia, the disgruntled reporter who shot his colleagues passed both the federal and state background check at an FFL. Yet McAuliffe is asking for universal background checks.

      I don’t believe in conspiracies, but if all these shootings were some sort of set-up, they would want the killers to all pass background checks. The better to leapfrog straight to a total ban.

      • McAuliffe can ask all he want’s, he isn’t going to get it. Northern VA and the VA Beach area may be blue, but the rest of the state is red, they won’t allow it.

  4. I need to ask an anti this:

    If gun availability is the problem, why don’t we have MORE gun violence? We have a metric ton of guns in this country. Literally millions. It is simultaneously too difficult and too easy to get guns. Heck if access to guns is the only problem why is gun control the answer? There’s twice as many illegal guns as legal guns in France. Australia has tons of home made guns of surprising quality and efficacy. Why then isn’t this a daily occurance everywhere?

    The guns aren’t the problem. Crime is falling in this nation regardless of what gun control measures are passed or repealed. The sky is in fact NOT falling.

  5. “But Congress — in its cowardly obeisance to the Constitution — refuses to enact onerous gun control laws that has no popular support and benefits no one.”

  6. Interesting how this shooting hasn’t blown up like the Charleston shooting. Shooter was mixed race, picking out victims based on their religion while doing it all in a gun-free zone. Mind you the anti-rights zombies are still crying out, but there’s no flag to blame, no historical slights to dredge up, no “white blame”. Hell, the Wa Post is even trying to run an article attempting to humanize this monster.

    • Well, there IS the reported anti-Christian aspect of who the shooter chose to target, but that is largely a non-issue in today’s politically correct mainstream media world.

      • Had it been a Christian targeting Muslims , HEADLNE all day long . We all know this is true so why do we put up with it . Stop watching or using these biased news organizations .

  7. I am all for common sense gun laws, and since over half of the gun laws on the books make no sense at all, we can start deleting all the BS ones. I nominate the entire NFA ’34 as a really good place to start.

  8. C’mon, Robert.

    That was all grandstanding to mobilize the Dem voter base.

    It had nothing to do with the actual issue at hand, or any facts. Their narrative, which has been the law and religion of this land for my entire lifetime, is collapsing like a warm flan under a hot rhino.

    This is due largely to the past century of scientific findings in population genetics, psychometrics, and neurobiology…and the fact that the internet is making it impossible to tell people not to notice what they notice.

    The Great Society where people of coherent, orderly, hard working, future-oriented genome would be yoked to the impossible dream of rewriting the Blank Slate of everyone–it’s on life support, man.

    All those degreed and certified social workers and education and Studies Studies people? The ones dreaming of a lifetime sinecure as Big Mother’s apparatchiks? What are they going to do in an era where focus is on individual responsibility, effort, ability to act like an adult rather than a peevish princess, and entrepreneurism?

    It’s not just the Dems of course. The UniParty itself is running on fumes. I don’t look at MSM much, but I noted yesterday afternoon and evening that I didn’t see a lot of honking from the GOP. I figured they’re relieved to have open borders Third World immigration (and Trump) knocked out of the headlines. Never let a crisis go to waste.

    This is all about 2016 and the billions in dollars that will flow to the media parasites. Otherwise the coverage could be left to the local media, which we could all queue up and read on the interwebs.

    • But weak gun laws of other states… Or psychiatric exams… Or some other crap they will try to claim was the cause. They are chomping at the bit to wave the bloody shirts fit their agenda and the victims aren’t even buried and mourned for yet. Sickening how they have no respect for life. And I mean the anti’s, not the shooters.

  9. As the gun control advocates would say quote We don’t need no stinking facts In quote We’ve got plenty of fiction to go along way! What kind of crap Is that Where they are explicitly Telling people that their entire campaign is b******* Bs Fake made up Lies, what ever happened to having to speak the truth And to be factually correct in this country it is permeated its way all the way into our education system where kids aren’t even being taught the true constitution of America! What a friggin travesty. Our government Especially the progressive liberal Democrats Really have a mental issue And it needs to be dealt with your freaking retarded!Could you imagine if we went about our everyday lives like that Like the Sun comes up in the morning no it doesn’t It comes up in the evening How factually incorrect can a person be before they are just completely discredited and disgraced these people shouldn’t even be on TV and in front of the media They should be laughed at and off stage!

  10. Libs and their provocateurs in the media will NEVER admit that the policies don’t work. They got their UBC in Oregon; they got their “gun free” utopia schools yet these horrific acts keep happening. Their solution is more laws and restrictions. What they really want is confiscation. Although they tried that with alcohol a century ago and the current war on drugs and we know how that worked. What they won’t admit is that these nut jobs want notoriety and the media continues to give it to them.

    • The ONLY thing here that is truly “a crises” in this country is the decibel level of what is at this point the false, politically motivated propaganda perpetuated by the leftist progressive, collectivist Democrat party and the similarly aligned lap-dog legacy media.

  11. Like the Virginia shooting this one will be turned into an abstraction because he was biracial and anti-Christian. Progressives have no problem with someone killing Jews or Christians but that won’t stop them from using this incident for their own purposes.
    Someone ought to ask Obama about why he thinks Christians were targeted in this attack.

    • Adolf Hitler had the brown shirts, and the SS. Barack Obama Has the ATF, and the IRS See the connection. Both fascist tyrannous! Remember the November Voting And pick a winner Donald Trump For president 2016!

        • A big whatever does a comment Who would you like to see put in office? I don’t see you doing anything but picking on people that are making comments instead of making constructive ones!

  12. All I can say is, imagine the media uproar if a guy went in to a school targeting muslim’s.

  13. These are unsettling times for those of who still cling to the belief that the Constitution defines what our country is about. SCOTUS is writing law. An unconstitutional act but lower courts have been doing it for decades. Not necessarily in script but by ignoring laws or making judgements that align with their personal or political agenda rather than the law. This is not the process of a republic it is simply might makes right. Our law makers have taken no action stop this.
    Hillary Clinton just stated that the Supreme Court decision that individuals may own firearms is wrong yet agrees that the Constitutioni provides the right to health care. Personally I support national healthcare since the options are to be lucky, wealthy or be in the servitude of the wealthy but to state that firarm owneship iis not protected tells me another clever lawyer plans to position herself so might can make right.
    So what the Constitution says means nothing. It is only whar the mighty rule that matters. Hang on to your dreams. Hang on to your guns.

  14. What is most troubling is how quick the Gun Grabber in Chief was to jump on this situation, before any facts were out-
    “dont let any crisis go to waste ~ Raum Emmanuel, former Obama chief of staff”

    and even sadder, how quickly the ReliablePartyOrgans jumped to his command.

    Thankfully, the number of informed citizens who don’t trust the main stream media is growing, and pushing back.

  15. Once again, if “sensible” is the standard to which we aspire then we should be talking about repealing a bunch of existing gun control laws that make no sense at all….

  16. And here it is:

    “Six weapons were found at the college, where the shooter died Thursday after a gun battle with police, she said. Seven weapons were found at his residence.

    “She [Celinez Nunez of the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms, Tobacco and Explosives] said all weapons were legally obtained through a federal firearms dealer during the last three years by the shooter or family members.”

  17. the Washington Post has forgot one fact, “shall not infringe”. I am just guessing here but they must be STUPID!!!!
    No double standards put the DC politicians on Obamacare and SS.Thanks for your support and vote.Pass the word.

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