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Speaking at a White House Press conference, the President fielded a question asking what actions he might take to further his gun control – sorry, “gun safety” – agenda. “The main thing I’m going to do is talk about it,” the Commander-in-Chief revealed. There was a bunch of other stuff – complimenting the NRA’s organizational abilities, suggesting that there’s no way to sort out which angry young men might commit acts of violence, laughing off suggestions that he would seek to hold power “forever,” etc. But President Obama returned to the talking point talking point to bracket his remarks. So no Executive Orders then. From my lips to God’s ear. Know what I mean?

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  1. Obama isn’t going to do anything to affect Dem chances in the 2016 elections. Once the election is wrapped up I would expect the wraps to come off of many things that he will shoehorn into his last couple of months in office to try to restrict our rights further.

    • Sounds about right. A lame duck president and an opposition Congress, though, means he’s stuck with executive orders, which can be reversed on Jan. 20th. He may not even try that much, depending on who wins the WH in 2016.

      The last thing he wants is to poke a hornets nest of gun rights advocates who will then demand that President Cruz not only reverse the E.O.s, but expend fresh political capital codifying the reversals and expansions of freedoms in new legislation.

      • The republicans haven’t done much opposing since we handed them a majority last year. Boehner leaving may help – or not, McCarthy is a squish who may be even less effective (if that is possible). You can’t count on the Republicans to defend your rights. They care about getting reelected and making money, just like the Dems. They don’t care about your rights. You’re gonna have to do that yourself.

        • I agree, both parties have sold the American People down the proverbial river. I might be throwing my vote away but I vote a Libertarian ticket these days.

    • He got the smack down from Putin so the focus must be shifted to something else, to take it off of his lack of marbles.

  2. The irony is that by even holding the press conference, he is encouraging the next spree killer. Best way to stop these guys is to stop giving them the attention they are craving.

    • That’s exactly what they want, that’s why these events have been more publicized than ever. Are these events new or are they happening more often than prior years or decades? No. Can we learn from this and stop this from happening? No. Is the administration interested in making any of this better? No.

      I’ve been listening to the radio, NPR and the BBC, and I’m surprised to hear most commentors say they expect nothing will change and that none of the changes proposed would even help. The minority that shout “something has to be done” use old stats and total “gun deaths” without examining the numbers, and blame the “gun lobby”. I’m happy to hear the logical responses and angered by those that use misdirection, incorrect stats, and downright lies. The most common lie I’m hearing is that we need universal background checks and that will solve this.

      • Yeah… because “universal background checks” = registration. First step to confiscation.

        They are a smart bunch, in a way…

      • Pay close attention to how they use the statistics. 10 years deaths sounds a lot more scary than one year. They list homicides, not murders. The difference is that murders are typically not justified but homicides might be. A homicide may also be a suicide. My bet is that 60% of the deaths they are talking about are suicides. They also don’t talk about how many are gang related. Those are deaths that would likely not be affected by any new gun laws. Homicides also include deaths by cop and deaths ruled justified. As in someone breaking into your house or threatening you or your loved ones with a weapon. After subtracting all of those, how many are left? Then compare those that are left with other deaths from drowning, falling down stairs, car accidents, etc.. That puts them into perspective. The politicians never do that. They act like only deaths from guns matter. Most of this rhetoric we are hearing from Obama and the Anti-Gun groups is political posturing and propaganda.

      • Memo to all incipient psychos:
        Murder at least 9 people in one go, and the president of the United States will spend ALL DAY talking about you. The bar has been set.

        Added bonus:
        The president (if a Democrat) will do his best to make it even easier for the next guy in your homicidal club to meet the murder/fame threshold.

    • Saw a blurb on TV during the OR sheriff’s conference. Said the sheriff said that naming the killer only encourages more killers to play copy cat.

      So, if the sheriff isn’t releasing any information on the killer, that would explain why we haven’t found out what his favorite breakfast cereal is by now- like we have with most other mass killers. Seriously, how long after the killing at sandy hook did we know every little detail of the killer’s life up to that point? No info = no name = no manifesto to read = no fame = one less reason for copy cats to try this again.

      Then again, with the killer targeting Christians(CNN had the gall to say they didn’t know of any motive, even after interviews of the people there saying he was specifically killing Christians), that might explain why he hasn’t said anything. He’s probably proud someone is killing Christians specifically now.
      I am not a religious person by any means, but even I am getting tired of seeing the crap Obama has put Christians through

      • Another problem is whenever an attack like this is thwarted it barely makes the local news. When that happens why isn’t there a discussion on how people should protect themselves and their communities or even about the Constitutional and Citizenship responsibility to own and be proficient with firearms? The media loves to put the spotlight on terrible things and shuns real heroes that espouse responsibility.

        You have to go to France and save the day to get any National attention, and even then it fades in a day or two.

        • Already watched it before. I Tell people at work the same thing when this crap happens and they treat the killer as the next Jesus(or Allah, in Barry’s case)

  3. Democrats have tried renaming gun control many times.
    Every time its always been revealed to be the same old tricks.

    Be cautious.

    • ““A lie repeated enough times””

      Yes. They will relentlessly beat that drum until it works.

      What we *must* do is demand congress draft a law allowing any vetted and trained school administrator or teacher authorizing concealed carrying in a retention holster.

      There will be some teachers willing to do that, especially if they have children.

      I suspect there is a large number of school employees who would take that responsibility, but don’t dare let their true feelings known lest their Progressive bosses ruin or destroy their careers.

      Drop that bill on Obama’s desk and dare him to refuse to sign it.

      We are continuously proving GFZs do nothing to stop mass murderers.

      Time to re-work the GFZ law.

  4. Obama complimenting the NRA, that is breaking news. Sandy Hook ended the lives of 20 six year old kids, with more anti-gun democrats being in power than there is now. If it didn’t change then it is not going to change now. If he could have done it by EO he would have done it by now.
    If he really wants a chance to make a change he is going to have to turn to the NRA or GOA to come up with the ideas and we know how likely it would be for that to happen.

    • “I watched part of the conference, he looks and sounds, rattled.”

      I watched it.

      He didn’t look rattled to me in the least. That was just another example of his ‘act’.

      I honestly expected him to start crying…

  5. At this point I’d rather listing to the sociopath killer’s ideas more than Obama’s BS. Hey at least what’s his name wasn’t trying hide his own sickness under a veil of concern for people’s safety.

  6. Yes, let’s talk about it. It is very important after all.
    Oh but you don’t mean a conversation do you?
    You just want to spout vitriol from your bully pulpit.

  7. I find it ironic that Obama, and the Democrats/Progressives in general encourage grassroots movements, hashtag slacktivism, and so forth for their own agendas, but they have an apoplectic fit when the NRA, gun owners, or any conservative or libertarian movement uses the same tactics to drum up support for their causes.

  8. Yep Barry looks positively addled. Climate change-that’s how the Kenyan prince is fooking up the world. Keep your powder dry-perilous times are here…

  9. What would be nice is for someone in the press to grow a pair and actually ask him a question about how any of the proposals that he and Democrats have asked for would have done anything to affect the outcome…. because the reality is that magazine cap limits, AWB, universal background check, closing the non-existent “gunshow loophole”, mandatory registration…. none of that would have stopped this. The only thing that ultimately stopped this was another person with a gun shot the psycho and killed him.

    • “[T]he burden of proof rests on the proponents of the more guns equal more death and fewer guns equal less death mantra, especially since they argue public policy ought to be based on that mantra. To bear that burden would at the very least require showing that a large number of nations with more guns have more death and that nations that have imposed stringent gun controls have achieved substantial reductions in criminal violence (or suicide). But those correlations are not observed when a large number of nations are compared across the world.”
      –Gary Mauser, Ph.D. and Don B. Kates, Jr. J.D.; “Would Banning Firearms Reduce Murder and Suicide?”, Harvard’s ‘Journal of Public Law and Policy’

  10. FBHO. That pork chop loving Muslim took the oath to follow the constitution not to cherry pick which one he wants to use. In the case drag in the mud.

  11. Its sad when something like happens but fact is guns are about and there always going to be about thats why ill tech my kids on gun safty how to use clean fire and protect them self with using a gun id sleep better at night

  12. Hit them with this logic:

    The nearest fire station is 20 miles away.

    If the school has a fire, don’t you think it would be a good idea to have a fire station nearby?

  13. Was I the only one that let out a partial shreik when captain asshole said we need to be more like the UK and Australia? He goes on and on about gun control but unless I am mistaken, that is the first time he mentioned those two specifically. That is straight up confiscation and mandatory gun turn ins. His desperation is showing.

  14. Many missed an important moment in Obammy’s hastily-held press conference yesterday evening, unless you saw it “live” it was overlooked and it wasn’t included in the text version later released to media outlets and the public.

    At one point early in his rant the visibly irritated (must be the hemmoroids from all the anal play with his “wife” Michael) Barack Hussien began to say “….groups (no doubt meaning NRA/GOA)… that pur…… (he was going to say “purport”)….” and immediately stopped himself mid-sentence. He was going to go full bore and attack organizations that advocate for our 2nd Amendment Rights but chickened out at the last minute likely fearing he would alienate gun-owning Democrats that Biden is going to desperately need in the 2016 election.

  15. I wish he would go outright usurp the constitution on the pretense of declaring the some Emergency Powers so we, the people, can just go an arrest him.

  16. Barry’s new strategy: stamping his feet and crying like a petulant schoolgirl. Oh, wait. That’s his old strategy.

  17. I heard some of his address and…

    Mr. Obama, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this nation is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  18. I wonder what would happen if the opposition party, or the folks who have a different take on citizen gun ownership submitted some carefully-crafted legislation, you know, in the face of this president’s, his party’s and his gun-control constituency’s inability to do anything other than talk.

    That’s what he said. So let’ s do some legislating. This is too important to let slide – as we’ve been told.

    Surely the folks hereabouts can come up with a number of specific, on-point, limited adjustments to federal legislation that could help with murders and specifically gun homicides.

    The press conference would go something like this:

    “Well, since the President has decided he can only *talk* about spree killings and mass murders, we’ve stepped up to govern, with appropriate legislation at the federal level.

    “We have in ‘fast track’ development legislation that builds on the steady decline in murders, and gun-related deaths over the last 30 years, eschewing what doesn’t seem to work. (For example, the “assault weapons’ ban” which actually negatively correlated with reductions in homicides, and gun-related deaths. So, let’s skip that. It’s noise.)

    For convenience, and transparency we are crafting a dozen stand-alone bills, in conference between the house and senate, via the appropriate committees (AKA “regular order” or how legislation gets done), each narrowly-focused and tightly-worded to address a single issue, with effective change, within the scope of established federal authority. These are specific things we can do know that have been shown to work.

    We appreciate this opportunity to assist the president on improving American’s safety in their daily lives and especially schools. Since all he can do is talk, we picked up the ball and did some legislation, which will be forwarded for his signature in about two weeks.”


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