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NOTE: Well that’s odd. Colion Noir removed the version of his video that I posted above. I called the man. “I put it on private,” he revealed. “I’ll take it off private at some point.” Despite some gentle interrogation, Noir remained elusive on the reason for his decision – although he insisted the NRA had nought to do with it. “I don’t quite want to discuss it,” he demurred. OK then. “Not” it is. Here’s what I saw . . .

In his latest video the gun guru and firearms fashionista appears in handcuffs in front of an ancient computer that doubles as some kind of police interrogator. His crime? Possessing an “assault rifle.” There’s also some great clips [sic] of anti-gunners attacking firearms freedom in the mainstream media. After that encounter, Noir has a sit down with a virtually uninterruptable anti-gunner.

Colion forgets to point out that the right to keep and bear arms is a natural, civil and Constitutionally protected one. As such it’s not subject to arguments of social utility. Nor is it subject to the democratic process. In other words, arguing with antis is like herding cats. Dead cats. Shooting fully automatic firearms? That’s just a lot of fun. And should be fully legal. Obviously.

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    • It was almost like a sequel to this episode, but it had a really compelling intro. He continues his conversation with his liberal friend who doesn’t understand why people “NEED” ar15s or any gun for self-defense.

    • Actually all we really need are “smart bombs” from the old video game (was it Asteroids?). When your spaceship was battling many enemy vessels that were just too much, you hit your “smart bomb” button and all the bad guys on the screen attacking you were destroyed. So we don’t need “high capacity magazines”, we need “smart bombs”! If it were only so simple….

    • That would be the time to offer it.

      The lefts’ focus on the gun and the rights’ it’s about the criminal is irrelevant. The real horror is bureaucracies (government or private) imposing a value that removes the individual right to lawful self protection.

      An imposed ideology that in the name of safety gets its victims killed or wounded.

  1. It was a great episode…this season has started out really well. I think the show is finally reaching an appealing status for a broad range of viewers. I wonder why he pulled the episode, I don’t recall anything that might be disrespectful to the shooting victims.

  2. I watched it yesterday and thought it was really well done and showed just how obstinate and anti person can be, while Colion did a great job of getting points across for why we don’t have to have a reason to own guns as it is a right. Did not see anything in it that would cause me pause unless it was because of the shooting though that makes no sense.

  3. Could this be PC sensitivity to the image of a black man in handcuffs? Not only that, being questioned by, what is almost certain to be perceived as, “The Man”? In this case, doesn’t it mean that “The Man” ….is white? Optics?

  4. The Anti-Gun crowd is totally insensitive to the victims of shooting like the one at UCC. They use these incidents to push for more anti-gun laws. Obama jumps to his Bully Pulpit right away as does his Press Agent. Notice how he quotes the number of deaths from “gun violence” in the last 10 years but does not mention that 60% or more are suicides and many of the others are from gang violence. Very few are from mass shootings. Then CNN comes on the air and reinforces whatever Obama says. But again, without the details. If we don’t offer alternatives they will gain more and more influence when these things happen. This is exactly the right time to offer alternatives and let people know that Gun Free Zones DO NOT WORK and are at least part of the problem. I know there is some controversy about UCC being a true GFZ. But from my research it appears that for all practical purposes it was and is. Even if guns are allowed on campus they were not allowed in many of the buildings so it is not practical to carry and risk being expelled for most students and facility. The fact that their guard was not even armed reveals how against self defense their policies really are. This is also an ideal time to tear Obama’s statistics apart to show the details of the death figures that he cites and put them in the proper perspective. Basically show how he is using these figures as propaganda so the Public can see what is going on behind the statistics and political rants.

    • BTW the 10 year figures sound a lot more impressive then 1 year figures, don’t they? Do you suppose that is why they use them ? Probably the same reason they don’t break those figures down into suicides, gang killings, justified homicides in self defense or police shootings in pursuit of criminals. It is all about scare tactics and propaganda with Obama and the Gun Control Freaks.

  5. “In other words, arguing with antis is like herding cats. Dead cats.”

    Dead cats are easy to herd.

    All you need is a shovel.

    Now, herding long-tailed cats in a room full of rocking-chairs on the other hand…


  6. Wait, he pulled his S04E02 video? I just watched the whole thing a couple days ago, it was awesome. What gives, Colion??

  7. I watched it also. The image of a black man being interrogated about his civil rights and handcuffed by a video screen was just too much for some people to take. It was great imagery. I hope he puts it back up.
    I think sometimes the country can take only small doses of reality at a time.

  8. The 1 minute promo is still live and gives a good summary of the opening sketch:

    (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); = id; js.src = “//”; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);}(document, ‘script’, ‘facebook-jssdk’));

    NOIR Season 4 | Ep.2: "Freedom Requires No Justification"Click The Link To Watch the Full Episode of NOIR Season 4 | Ep.2: "Freedom Requires No Justification" —> by Mr. Colion Noir (@MrColionNoir) on Tuesday, September 29, 2015

  9. Fargo, you kind of missed the point. This pre-crime schtick is exactly where the gun ban lobby is heading at the urging of Bloomer et al. They don’t care about The Constitution nor inalienable rights. Rights come from The Man in their world.

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