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If you didn’t read Elizabeth McGuigan’s takedown of the latest attempt to associate more Americans choosing to legally purchase guns with the recent spike in crime, it’s well worth your time. She does it surgically and eloquently. But let us attack this latest bunch of B.S. more succinctly: over the last generation, America’s violent crime rate has plummeted at the same time the number of firearms Americans own has almost doubled.

In short, the problem ain’t the guns. In fact, you’d be forgiven for correlating the causation for that decades-long drop in violent crime with the very increase in civilian gun ownership the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex disdains so much. We, of course, won’t do that.

Anyway, the galaxy brains behind these latest examples of analytical legerdemain (the left-leaning Brookings Institution and Garen Wintemute’s assiduously anti-gun UC Davis Violence Prevention Research Center) have concluded that “excess gun purchases” are the reason for recent spike in shootings and gun deaths. The Washington Post’s Christopher Ingraham, naturally enough, swallows that argument hook, line and sinker.

Strangely enough, nowhere in his summary of the studies’ findings does Ingraham mention the terms “bail reform,” “prisoner release,” “riots” or “civil unrest” as possible contributing factors to the increase in violent crime and shootings around the country. A CTRL-F search didn’t turn up the term “hunger” either. Imagine that.

In the end, [the researchers] estimated, firearm violence nationally jumped nearly 8 percent from March through May because of excess gun-buying; that’s “776 additional injuries associated with purchasing spikes.” That may be an undercount: The Brookings study indicated gun sales jumped even higher in June, with potentially even greater effects on rates of gun violence.

The authors caution that a study of this nature cannot prove causality, particularly at a time of massive social upheaval in a country dealing with an unprecedented public health crisis as well as a nationwide protest movement.

“The risks of increased firearm availability are likely compounded by the myriad effects of the coronavirus pandemic, including widespread increases in anxiety, fear, grief, economic strain, disruptions to daily routines, and racial and economic inequities,” the authors write.

Still, they note, they accounted for as many confounding factors as possible and contend their finding is in line with a number of previous studies on the consequences of prior gun-buying binges.

– Christopher Ingraham in Spike in violent crime follows rise in gun-buying amid social upheaval

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  1. We need a term like “OK Boomer” to derisively dismiss this sort of stuff without comment. Something short and infuriating.

    OK Patsy?
    OK Shill?
    OK little tyrant?

      • What about…OK Nazi? OK KKK?

        Since Gun Control is Rooted in Racism and Genocide the sleazy Washington Compost is asking gullible readers to join them in what is a Racist and Nazi Based Agenda.

        • Call them what they call themselves now, the demoocratic party. Learn your history folks, the democrat party was ounce the proud KKK.

        • “OKKK”

          That’s actually funny Minor 69er. Dunno about you professor but from what I saw it was a good shooting. One smooth motion walk up, draw, fire, hit your intended target.

    • “We” need dipshites like Casey to realize old guy’s aren’t dismissed by your idiot comment…it ain’t hard to dismiss WayPo. We (still!) rule,pay the bill’s and are dismissive of whiny losers who blame their shortcomings on anyone but themselves…

      • Good one!

        “OK Shannon” also comes to mind, ridiculing the Bloomieberg/Soros-Bought&PaidFor Shannon Twats

    • I *love it* when someone tries “OK Boomer” on me. They get a hilarious confused look on their smug face when I tell ’em I’m *not* a ‘Boomer’… 🙂

    • No we don’t. They already do that and as soon as they do it’s because they have already lost the argument. Just call them by their names. Their full names. Over, and over, and over, until everyone understands how much of a phony (insert full name here) is.

    • The increased violence of the past 80 years correlates with the use of leaded gasoline. The spike of gundeaths correlates with idiots buying more guns. Let me define idiot…todays average american has an average IQ of 82 and less education than 30 years ago. Guncontrol is simple. Let the hick take a IQ test. If he/she cant get above 110…no gun. Why you ask, hillbilly? Because intelligent people rarely shoot each other. 0.2%. These guys can buy all the guns they want. I enjoy my guns. What I dont enjoy is you unsentient sheeple claiming the same right I have while shooting each other up and making this country look like the ass of the world.

      • I don’t know where did you get your data about average intelligence, but there is only about 10% of American population with IQ of 82 and lower. Person with so low IQ is practically useless for any work and that’s why even armed forces, which are always hungry for more warm bodies, will not accept anyone with IQ under 82.

        These 10% are usually not hillbillies, they tend to concentrate in inner cities and vote D.

        What other constitutionally protected human rights do you want to refuse to people with IQ lower than 110?

        • I’ m guessing the <82ers don't vote D. They get voted as D. Vote early, vote often, don't let being dead or under 82 IQ hinder you. That's what our Community Organizers are here for.

  2. Got any proof to back that up, or do you just expect us to take your word for it?
    And they wonder why they get called fake news. No truth, just narrative.

    • Wait, how could I forget this little hilarious nugget of a tag line;
      “Democracy dies in the Darkness”,
      From a one-sided propaganda rag. That’s rich.

    • Yes, since all these new guns recently sold are responsible it shouldn’t be hard to find a sample of homicide weapons serial numbers.

      Then find a sample or homicide serial numbers from a year ago.
      Sort them into two categories, serial numbers purchased 4 months or less before date of homicide, and serial numbers purchased at least 4 months prior.

      If they can’t show an 8% increase, then saying new firearm sales is the factor leading to increased homicide, they’re probably talking out their @$$, which I strongly suspect to be the case.

      Anecdotally, new firearms aren’t typically used in crimes. It takes time for the gun to be stolen and move through the system. Same deal with waiting periods. Very few people are going to buy a gun and commit a crime of passion immediately. Career criminals (who don’t use waiting periods) will not be dissuaded from robbing the liquor store even if they did have to wait.

      • “If they can’t show an 8% increase”

        There absolutely has been an increase in DGUs and they are included in homicides. The left absolutely abhors DGUs excepting that they help pad the stats. Anyone defending themselves from an attacker or attackers is certainly a potential mass murderer.

  3. It probably has more to do with fewer good guys with guns (cops) on the streets.
    This is how marxists deal with inconvenient truths. The lie…

    • Yes, but remember that the Lie, spoken often enough to the weak minded, becomes the Truth. If this seems too cliché, note that a sizeable portion of our country not only votes Democrat, but vociferously supported Occupy, Antifa, and now BLM. Because “all wealthy people are evil” and “America is based upon systemic racism”.

      This country may or may not come to a hot civil war, but it’s certainly already neck deep in a social war that is beginning to schism.

      • “it’s certainly already neck deep in a social war”

        Know your enemy. They aren’t even hiding anymore. They’ve been so successful at indoctrinating people, you can show them actual data and they will refuse to believe it.

        29 YEARS AGO, Soviet defector and KGB operative Yuri Bezmenov, specializing in the fields of Marxist-Leninist propaganda and ideological subversion; warned us about the silent war being waged against America as part of a long term plan to take over and destroy the American system and way of life.

        • We may have won the economic part of the cold war, but we lost hard in the propaganda war…and we’re still losing.

        • The Weather Underground is still active. Sometimes our system of justice is too lenient because many of the hardcore terrorists of the 60’s, ’70’s, and 80’s are still allowed to live openly.

  4. Excess gun buying, so, like the a person had 10 guns, but never harmed anyone, then he bought 5 more legal guns, and said “hey, I got all these guns now…I should go start killing some folks on the streets…” This would be if guns are evil by nature, then more guns equals more bad. Regardless of who owns them or how they acquired them. I think the guns must sneak out of the safes at night, kill, and then go back before dawn.

    I don’t think the majority of those committing the recent violence are the same ones buying up all the available guns and ammo from they local FFL, but it doesn’t sound like they are exploring the who in drawing their conclusions.

    • Under Clinton they were proposing requiring people to have an ‘Arsenal License’ if you own more than a certain amount of guns or ammo. I don’t remember the number of guns, but 1,000 rounds of ammo was the limit.

      Obviously this would have no effect on crime, but was aimed at punishing gun owners.

      • I remember when the “news” was shilling for that by calling referring to any guy that got arrested and had five plus guns and at least a few hundred rounds of ammo as “having an arsenal”. They did it again about six years ago, probably as a run up to another attempt when they expected to have another one of their Satanist cannibals in the White House. I didn’t trust the media before, but that was when I realized it was all lies all the time, and they all took orders from the same source.

        • Anytime some a-hole accuses us of “having an arsenal” we need to reply “it’s a collection, you dumbass”

          I also throw them off by asking if they ever played golf. 99% of the time the reply is yes. Then I tell them they have a golf club arsenal and should have only one club and one golf ball. The ones who are not totally brainwashed by the enemedia will have a dim bulb come on over their heads and then you can have an actual rational discussion where you can ‘splain things to them.

        • ““But golf clubs don’t kill people.” Every time, without fail.”

          I’m sure a golf club was used at least once to commit murder, and I bet a few have died from a sledge-hammer tee-shot clocking them in the head on a fairway…

      • One gun, one bullet, can kill. Unless you are dealing or arming your neighborhood, having more guns doesn’t particularly make you more dangerous. Carrying more than two or three guns at a time is difficult, and likely pointless. Otherwise I would expect our soldiers would be carrying ten guns and 10,000 rounds of ammo in their person while they fight, if doing so was both possible and helpful.

        I think most, if not all gun laws could be ditched in favor of “don’t murder or threaten to murder people, or rob them.” Possession related laws are particularly pointless and silly, as are what type of gun, how many, how long is the barrel or how many imported parts are in it? How many guns per month, or mag size, all of these are based on wishes, hopes, and pseudo science.

        • I have asked many proponents of gun control laws to name for me one thing a person can do with a gun that harms another person, other than justified self-defense, that is not already illegal. I never have gotten a meaningful answer.

          I then ask how the next law they propose is going to reduce the harm done by people who are already doing something illegal. Also, never have gotten a meaningful answer.

        • Isn’t there already that whole “Thou shalt not murder” (the correct translation, according to a rabbi I listen to)?

  5. I like how a sudden dramatic rise in violent crime couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the literal states of anarchy that now exist in America’s cities.

  6. Excess legal voting behind spike in political corruption!

    Silly plebs cannot be allowed to use their constitutional rights willy-nilly. These filthy commoners must be reined in!

  7. Yes.
    The urban shitholes are on fire because some guy in the burbs went out and bought a Biden Special 12 guage.

    When is all this self-imposed liberal guilt bullshit going to turn into anger for constantly being scapegoated?
    Want a message of positivity? This shit isn’t your fault. These places have been run this way for generations now. None of this is your fault. Stop punishing yourself for the bad actions of others.

    • That which you’ve described has actually turned some liberals I’ve known the last decade or so. I know a few people that voted for Obama in 08’ but by 16’ they were lining up to vote for Trump. They seemed to just finally get fed up with the leftist crap at some point. Too bad it won’t happen for a majority of lefties.

    • “When is all this self-imposed liberal guilt bullshit going to turn into anger for constantly being scapegoated?”

      It’s starting now, but has a ways to go yet before the real push-back starts. I’ve recently come across people I know who I consider pretty mild-mannered people express to me that they are sick and tired of being labeled as being ‘racist’.

      The Leftists show *zero* signs of letting up, so there will be a point, but I doubt it will be a dam-break of anger. Probably lots of small events will start to make the news.

      And I doubt it will happen before the election. I wish it would, but I doubt it will. And if they win, look out below. The mitts will be off…

  8. Well of course, LameStream ‘news’ Media is all to eager to help Destroy our U.S. Constitutional-Bill of Rights…Along with the 2nd Amendment…THEY need to whine in the dystopian New World 🌎 Order…Where Violent SJW ANTIFA/BLM leftist mobs become the norm…And the NWO, and its allies eliminate Liberty 🗽 and Freedom…Along with the Right to Keep and Bare arms….And the concept of Self Defense from the general public…

  9. …Or DOESN’T anyone notice the direction the U.K. went in…Can’t even carry a pocket knife, or a defense spray….Its the elimination of the the tools and the concept 💡 of self defense…And an over eager Law Enforcement community that has trouble make logic, fair, and constitutionally correct enforcement..But instead infringes with impunity all our constitutional rights…Or shall we look at what has happened in Seattle or other states to see this…So, some police reform would be welcome for the Pro2@ community…..

  10. I believe that this country is suffering from an “excess” of media which could easily be cured with liable and tort “reform” laws.

    • Hardly. They’re all just heads of the same hydra. You have to go for the body or it’ll just spew money out until it grows two new ones. Then those heads go right back to spouting the party line….

      Of course, that would be a bit more trouble if they didn’t have literal infinite money, but that’s what happens when you give the power to create fiat currency to a private bank. They buy everything and then come for the government that empowered them in the first place. You want to fix the media, eliminate the infinite money fountain its owners have set up for themselves.

  11. Two questions:
    (1) Are these people really that stupid? And, if not …
    (2) Do they think we’re that stupid?

    I think it’s #1. Ideology dictates everything they think and say.

    • ” Ideology dictates everything they think and say.”

      They suck it up with Mother’s Milk, or with the soy replacement that mothers give their babies nowadays.

  12. Having printed this shit, the WP obviously has an excess of ink. Their freedom of the press has caused violence and harm

    -They should be required to provide proof of need before purchasing ink.
    -Approval should be required by their police chief.
    -They should have to register all ink
    -The should not be able to buy ink containers that hold more than 10 gallons.
    -Their presses should all be hand fed, not fully semi-automatic assault presses.

    • Semi-automatic? Dude, those assault presses have been fully automatic for a long, long time. Pull the trigger, and they get a quarter million copies at the other end, refill the ink, pull the trigger, and BANG! Another quarter million! There are no firearms that are so fully automatic.

  13. +
    Over the last decade, people have consumed a lot more organic foods. At the same time, the number of cases of autism has dramatically increased. Therefore, consumption of organic foods causes autism. Or does increased autism increase the demand for organic food?

  14. Three million new guns is an increase of less than 1% on top of the already existing supply of guns in public hands.

    If guns cause humans to be violent the 393,000,000 (2018 est.) guns owned by Americans would have had the bodies stacked up on street corners awaiting pickup by dump trucks. The country would be depopulating itself daily.

    The math just does not add up. Over the last thirty years guns in private hands have increased by double to triple what they had been. All while violence has fallen steeply.

    People cause “Human Violence”. Not inanimate objects.

    • enuf…Any ignorant gun talking slanderous libelous pos who calls the POTUS “excrement” is a vote for Jim Crow Gun Control Joe Biden and that pos gets a huge round of applause from the Washington Compost et al.
      Spinning to say you’ll find a Republican to vote for adds to your self serving stupidity.

      Why don’t you man up and tell the forum how you boasted about buying hundreds of rounds of ammo off the backs of those pulling the wagon to defend gun rights?
      Had it been left up to your sorry self serving lowlife behind hilliary clintoon would have been POTUS and you wouldn’t be buying squat. Had it been left up to you hilliary and her ilk would have gotten away with the most diabolical scheme in US History to overthrow a duly elected POTUS.
      If you want to see what real excrement is look in a mirror.

    • You didn’t get the memo? Both math and logic have been determined to be racist. I’m not even making this up (I wish I was). So I guess that makes you a white supremacist. Oh, and you’re also mansplaining. That makes you sexist. I’m sure I could come up with plenty more ists to label you with. That’ll do for now.

  15. They are doing their best to outlaw self defense for sure. There is an article in the new Firearms news magazine that has info on ANTIFA. One of the interesting photos shows a building in Germany with the one side having communist hammer and sycle flags and around the corner they are flying the ANTIFA flat. The same Antifa flag now being used. In this article you can find lots of parallels to whats going on now. Different time, same play book.

    • Washington Dc precluded self defense for 35 years. Nothing was permitted to be carried that could be used as a weapon. If you used a common item like a pencil to defend yourself and cause harm to another you were committing an assault. The UK listened to the same social science bullshit about crime being all about objects people have available.

  16. Meanwhile, cities let leftist creeps destroy things and assault or kill people, and a couple in St. Louis is going to be prosecuted for defending themselves, without firing a shot, against a hundred or so rioters.

  17. Heard Shelia Jackson Lee on the radio yesterday, she was asked about the uptick in shootings in black neighborhoods and the causes. The glimmering stupidity was immediately apparent, the lack of critical thinking and basic ability to assemble a coherent thought. She just fell back on GUNS and REPUBLICANS, DA POH-LICE, and the NRA. Like the NRA was going around shooting babies.
    ZERO accountability for the savage, ruthless behavior and lack of character, morals, and value for a human life. Basically, NRA and Whitey’s Guns killed the babies.
    I would be ashamed to have such a low IQ moron representing me. Who votes for such a creature? How does such a moron ascend to any level of national politics and become a factor in ANY important discussion? She lacks any creativity, self-awareness, compassion, accountability, reason, critical thinking, and ethics. She doesn’t even TRY to help the people she represents. Just blame the NRA and “gimme money for PROGRAMS.” No wonder they struggle, with leaders such as this.

    • There are websites chronicling her stupidity and entitlement attitude. Read about her JPL comments on mars , a friends brother was in the room at the time and actually heard her ask if they found the flag Neil Armstrong g left there.

    • Its all those 50 caliber ar-15s that weigh as much 10 moving boxes that are responsible. I nominate Texas’ 18th congressional district as the dumbest group of voters in America based on the fact that they’ve voted for this woman for 15 years.

    • Oh, I don’t know. If it takes you a few freight trains to move your stash, that might be excessive. Anything less, is not enough. :p

      • You have a stash of leftists? Anyhow, I agree. If you can fill a line of train cars with them, then you should — and send them far, far away, because you’ve got too many.

        • On a slow journey. After a few weeks in transit the problem should have solved itself.

  18. OH…But what about all the other yrs that, well, let’s say chicago led the country and set records for murders…??? And that wasn’t just one yr, that has been many yrs running…just one example that liberals conveniently leave out of their “synopsis”…

  19. The authors caution that a study of this nature cannot prove causality, particularly at a time of massive social upheaval in a country dealing with an unprecedented public health crisis as well as a nationwide protest movement.”

    But a fishwrap like this study can sway small minds into supporting disarmament in the face of violence and de-policing.

    3 million new gun owners decided to shoot people suddenly?

  20. Sounds like something Chief Censor, Miner, and Brokeback Actual would say, being the good little fascists that they are.

  21. The impossible things you’ll need to believe before breakfast for this to make sense: 1) Places where gun sales are shooting up, like everywhere except NYC, affect the skyrocketing murder rate in NYC. 2) There’s a magic tipping point where adding <1% new guns cause doubling and tripling of murder rates. 3) Buying guns in March-June has an effect on January when New York crime was up 17% y-o-y, which couldn't be a result of bail changes that were passed earlier.

    What I could believe: 776 more injuries. Given the source, I'm not sure I could trust the value, but it's at least possible. 3M sales, 40% are new owners = 1.2M people who never, or not recently, even touched a gun. With gun ranges and classes closed down, they were on their own to learn to safely handle their new purchases. 776/1.2M=0.065% or 65 per 100000. Going to the whole population of 330M= 0.23 per 100000 additional, compared to 0.14 per 100000 baseline in a normal year.

  22. Rising gun violence due to rising government forced unemployment…
    Rising gun violence due to rising positive COVID tests…
    Rising gun violence due to rising government forces business closures…
    Rising gun violence due to idiots voting in democratic leaders…
    See, anyone can spin and write a headline.

  23. Typical democrat progressive BS. Violence is out of control in the inner city paradise ghettos created by democrat decades and decades of “great society” failed policies that destroy families and create reliance being a slave to government handouts while also having prosecutors who believe in “hug a thug” leniency and politicians who want to defund their police departments and tell police to stand down to progressive rioters burning down the cities.

    Then they love to use that violence they created for their Mad Max like waste lands to blame the Second Amendment, NRA, and law abiding gun owners for their failed policies. Truth is if you take the top 20 cesspool inner city ghetto counties out of the equation for measuring violent crime for USA, the other several thousand counties are among the safest places to live in anywhere in the world.

  24. Let me help the WaPo out here. “Most of those guns have been purchased by people in the burbs where crime isn’t up. You don’t needs those guns and more of a danger to you than protection.”

    Just remember your first guess is your best guess. You might be wrong but you look normally stupid instead of especially stupid.

    Hope that helps.

  25. It is patently obvious to any reasonable intellect that, when anxious White people in the suburbs purchase firearms to protect themselves from ravening hordes of inner-city yutes and ‘teens,’ there will be a rapid increase in the number of inner-city yutes and ‘teens’ shooting children because. . . guns.

    It is also factually proven, by numerous professional studies which are SO obviously correct and accurate that they need not be cited here, that possession of semi-automatic rifles by the general public in any quantity whatsoever automatically leads to an increase in the use of handguns by inner-city yutes and ‘teens’ to shoot children because. . . guns.

    These same unassailable academic and scientific studies tell us that the ownership of a defensive handgun by a woman in Fargo, ND will instantly lead to mass shootings with fully semi-automatic assault weapons at kindergartens, grade schools, concerts, petting zoos, and children’s hospitals, causing the death of innumerable puppies, babies, and ‘teens.’ Why? Because. . . guns.

    I therefore have NO difficulty understanding the direct correlation and causation between suburban people buying excess handguns and the recent spike in shootings and killings in the inner cities–you know, where they keep the yutes and ‘teens.’

    Because. . . guns.

    • Downunder there was an interview with a gun control expert who was stating that people owning longarms was contributing to crime committed with handguns. Even the radio interviewer was sceptical enough to ask “How?” The expert, not used to being questioned, mumbled something incoherently and then blurted “It helps!”

  26. It’s blacks doing all the shootings. I’ll leave the obvious implications up to the gun control advocates to figure out.

    • We in the Industry prefer the word ‘teen,’ thank you very much, never ‘Black.’ You may use ‘youth’ in place of ‘teen’ if the subject is slightly older (or younger) than a ‘teen,’ bearing in mind that ‘teen’ and ”youth’ may continue until age 26 is reached, when the subject becomes ‘aspiring rapper’ or ‘community organizer.’

      Also, remember that anyone upset with anything at all to any extent is ‘outraged,’ that all searches are ‘frantic,’ and that anyone shot while committing a felony is still a ‘gun violence victim.’

      These simple hints will make understanding of MSM reportage considerably easier.

    • This is exactly why I keep all my black rifles and black pistols in a complete different safe. You know how violent black rifles could be. Or is that racist?

  27. “The research suggests that at least some of the spike in gun purchases is driven by racist beliefs and attitudes among white Americans.

    And while many new gun buyers are motivated by wanting to secure their safety, the research also suggests that every gun purchased is a step toward a more violent society.”

    Way to go Whitey!! You keep ruining everything! It’s all your fault! /s

  28. I think Alexandra Occasional-Cortex might be on to something with her bread thing. This nation is hangry. Just give everyone a sandwich and some Sunny D, and it’ll all be okay.

    • Unfortunately the left seized control of the colleges and universities back in the 1960s. Then they infiltrated the secondary and junior schools.

  29. None of this hyperbolic BS stops a human natural right to self defense!

    What property i buy to fulfill my Human Natural rights from GOD is not for Commies to decide! We can start a hanging party if they want to play that game!

  30. Yo Wa po you don’t know shit about guns and ninety five percent of the people own them. Why don’t you write about the libtards mayors of the big cities

  31. Along with banning guns let’s ban cars that go over the speed limit too. Both are dangerous in the hands of thugs and idiots. Remember “gun control doesn’t make you safe from criminals. Gun control makes criminals safe from you.” -Colion Noir

  32. They actually believe there are people out here who believe that bulls**t!? Yeah I know, regrettably there are!

  33. They’re just trying to work around the fact that people who follow the law aren’t the problem.

    Responsible people follow even ridiculous gun laws. Responsible people don’t run around shooting things up. So, they need to invent some stats to put behind their forever agenda of more stupid restrictions on people who aren’t the problem.

  34. Similar to carry = brandishing, and that couple in front of their home. No, you can’t have the prerogative or agency to look out for yourself; preparation n precautions being double-plus-ungood.

  35. Has The Washington Post ever been able to resist providing the Anti Gun set with more fodder? The answer is NO, obviously so and respecting their latest, what are they saying that they haven’t said, oh so many times before. By the way, repetition does not produce truth from falsehood.

  36. The rise in crime is not based on one thing only. That’s childish to think that way. Clearly there are many new reasons for crime to start to return to previous level and surpass them. Wait until the economy hits bottom from the government lock down on free market capitalism.

  37. Buy a gun, learn how to use it! 2A all the way!!!%

  38. Yes, I’m sure the gangbangers and felons that make up 90% of murder suspects all went and bought a gun at the local sporting goods store in the last 3 months.

  39. Good ol’ WaPo, twisting facts again. How about the rise in shooting is from the revolving door justice in all those cities? Arrested and released with no bail, back on the street in 24 hours to commit more crimes. Reduction in Police Departments, suspending patrols and not even writing traffic citations now.

  40. Remember that WaPo actually endorsed racial segregation in higher education.

    At AU, African American and other students demanded a “sanctuary space” be established for minority students at a campus cafeteria

    Eager to ease tensions, administrators granted those demands

    That’s a smart, proactive agenda, one that might serve as a blueprint for other universities facing similar problems.

  41. Because it’s never the humans fault. That is the liberal view of everything bad that happens. It’s not the human that got it in his mind to just kill someone. No, it’s the gun that made him do it. Yeah, right.

  42. The claim is total bullshit. There is not one mention that a single firearm sold legally during the recent surge in sales was used in any of the recent surge of firearm violence. There is absolutely no documented connectivity, therefore the conclusion is clearly unfounded and in error.

    • @Will

      You just don’t understand. There are more guns therefore there must be a correlation. All guns are, by nature, violent and evil. If left unattended they will surely wipe out all life on the planet. Just the other day a Glock jumped out and tried to shoot the front of my car when I was driving down the road minding my own business. Lucky for me he only had a 10 round mag in him or I’d ‘ve been dead for sure!

      You just can’t trust ’em, any of ’em!


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