Ultradyne C2 sights
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We’ve been fans of Ultradyne’s beautifully machined sights since we first saw them. And their aperture aiming option improves accuracy when accuracy counts. Now Ultradyne has just announced their latest additions, the C2 line of flip-up iron and offset sights that give you a lot of the same benefits of their excellent C4 Precision Sights at a more affordable price point.

Here’s Ultradyne’s press release:

With high quality machined sights as the goal, Ultradyne has set out to build a sight like no other! Introducing Ultradyne’s new C2 Folding Iron Sights, they are loaded with awesome features and just what today’s shooters have been looking for.

Ultradyne C2 sights

The new C2 Folding Sights from Ultradyne pack high performance features into a lightweight, compact sight system. Like their big brother- Ultradyne C4 sights, the C2 sights are fully machined from 416 stainless steel and aircraft aluminum to maximize the strength in a lightweight, compact, and foldable package. The C2 system is loaded with features such as:

  • Windage adjustment in the front sight. This allows the windage of the rear sight to remain
    centered for further adjustments if needed
  • Interchangeable rear sight apertures, standard with a .070 aperture/ghost ring and the
    option for a .050 aperture. These can be stored in the side of the windage knob
  • Front sight options include either a 12 MOA aperture or a unique blade style post that
    can be rotated for a medium or thin blade option
  • Hard Anodize and Nitride finish give the C2 a durable coating that protects against the
  • Ergonomic adjustment knobs
  • Right handed 45° offset base option

These sights are game changers to the shooting industry, offering so many unique features.
For more Information, visit www.ultradyneusa.com.

Folding Front – Standard/Offset: $84.00
Folding Rear – Standard/Offset: $94.00
Combo – Standard/Offset: $159.00

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  1. Like many, I’m accustomed to the usual Magpul MBUSs as my primaries or backups, but I really like the way these Ultradynes look, and I’d like to upgrade at least one AR to steel. Clean lines and simple design, especially the offsets in the photo above. Might have to consider getting a set.

    • I understand that $200 is not bad for a $2000 AR with a trijicon on it. But if you have a $400 AR, you aren’t going to drop $200 down just for the sights. And in those circumstances, I would recommend offset (non flipping) sights. They are 45 degree offset, are based on the original ar15 sights and are very reliable and cheap – as they can be had for $40 a pair.

      • Or do what I do and get a $15 pair of offset pic rails then buy the Magpuls when there’s a sale or discount. Or take a chance with a cheap Amazon set of flip sights.

        • UTG. I’d rather go cheap with something metal than anything polymer when it comes to sights.

        • I have these:

          “ozark armament 45 degree offset backup iron sights for railed rifles picatinny mount”

          They are ugly, but they are cheap and very reliable.

          I have tried the UTG flip sights long ago, and was not impressed. The roll pin fell out, and then the entire sight fell apart. Wasn’t excited about it. The fixed irons based on the original AR15 sights, is a proven design.

  2. I wish they’d included the adjustment increment information in the article. For those wondering:

    According to their website it looks like the front sight has a typical 1.25 MOA elevation adjustment per click (or 5 MOA per revolution) along with .5 MOA windage adjustment increments. Rear sight has .5 MOA windage adjustment increments with 50 yard increment BDC elevation adjustments.

    • That is not how any of this works. Unlike self contained units, iron sights don’t have a specific adjustment across all sight radii.

      I believe as the sights are further apart, the adjustment increment are less.

  3. The HK style front sight with the rounded ears are king. I have no idea why anybody makes / sells / buys BUIS with straight or outwardly splayed ears.

  4. How did you know I am in the market? lol.

    As long as they are not polymer. I also prefer the traditional m4 look of sights. Not these widespread AK style ones. I always use a fixed front sight too (unless it’s a ranges weapon with zoomy optics). Cowitness.

  5. Or take a good 3 day carbine class and learn how to point shoot an AR out to 25+ yards and just leave them off.

    Honestly, in 90% of the cases I see ARs there is no need for them.

    Your home defense AR – absolutely unnecessary.

    Your 4th ar that you use at the range and for 3 gun comps – absolutely unnecessary.

    Your boogaloo AR – Yes. Necessary.

    But psst. They’re not just a fashion accessory. You still need to Zero them at 50 or 100 yards once you put them on.

    I’d guess that 75% of BUIS equipped ARs have not been zero’d at more than 25 yards. And at 25 yards, you don’t really need sights.

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