nationals game postponed shooting
Fans jump into a camera well after hearing gunfire from outside the stadium, during a baseball game between the San Diego Padres and the Washington Nationals at Nationals Park in Washington on Saturday, July 17, 2021. (John McDonnell/The Washington Post via AP)
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Last night in our nation’s capital, a baseball game between the San Diego Padres and the Washington Nationals was interrupted in the sixth inning when the occupants of two cars began shooting at each other outside the park.

Here’s the Associated Press’s account of what happened . . .

The game between the San Diego Padres and Washington was suspended in the sixth inning Saturday night after a shooting outside Nationals Park that caused echoes of gunfire inside the stadium and prompted fans to scramble for safety in the dugout.

The shooting, an exchange of gunfire between people in two cars, left three people injured, according to Ashan Benedict, the Metropolitan Police Department’s executive assistant police chief. One of the people who was shot was a woman who was attending the game and who was struck while she was outside the stadium, he said. Her injuries weren’t considered life-threatening.

nationals game postponed shooting
Spectators stand in the visiting team dugout during a stoppage in play due to an incident near the ballpark in the sixth inning of a baseball game between the Washington Nationals and the San Diego Padres, Saturday, July 17, 2021, in Washington. (AP Photo/Nick Wass)

Two people who were in one of the cars later walked into a local hospital with gunshot wounds and were being questioned by investigators, Benedict said, and the extent of their injuries wasn’t immediately clear. Investigators were still trying to locate the second vehicle involved in the shooting.

The gunshots caused panic among fans inside the stadium, some of whom ducked for cover, hiding underneath tables and behind seats as announcers warned people to stay inside the park.

“It was just a chaotic scene,” umpire crew chief Mark Carlson told The Associated Press. “We heard what sounded like rapid gunfire. We didn’t know where it was coming from.”

The Padres had just taken the field for the bottom of the sixth when several loud pops were heard from the left field side of the ballpark.

Fans sitting in left field quickly began leaving through the center field gate. A short time later, fans along the first base side began briskly leaving their seats.

Washington D.C. is a violent city. It has been for decades. And changes made in the last year haven’t helped that much. Last night wasn’t even the first time a Nationals game has been called on account of nearby gunfire. It happened back in 2013 due to a shooting at the nearby Washington Navy Yard.

The usual suspects were quick to chime in . . .

But perhaps a comedian’s thoughts (which were tweeted before the shooting) are the most appropriate.

If only.

Washington, D.C. and the surrounding areas in Virginia and Maryland are all governed by people who advocated for, and in many cases succeeded in reducing law enforcement resources in the last year.

Like so many big cities, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser and the city council were only too happy to jump on board the defund-the-police bandwagon. As some of the city’s leading lights said at the time, traditional law enforcement was highly overrated and needed a re-thinking.

Area Neighborhood Commissioner Teresa Edmondson, who represents part of Columbia Heights, said she didn’t think more officers were the answer. 

“You can’t arrest your way out of social ills. It has to be a collective collaborative effort by city leaders that say, ‘OK, this is not working. Let’s try something else. Let’s try solving this from a public-health approach,” she said. 

Black Lives Matter co-organizer April Goggans said the District already knows what works and communities across all eight wards are ready to step up; they just need the financial support. 

“We’ve had answers that have worked and they’ve all been violence intervention and violence prevention,” she said. “… As much money as we spend on police, is it having the benefit of saving lives that we want it to have? That’s the fundamental question.” 

And then there are the prosecutors. Both D.C.’s Karl Racine and neighboring Arlington’s Parisa Dehghani-Tafti are among the far-left “progressives” backed by George Soros who have politicized the criminal justice system and refused to prosecute many “petty” offenses, resulting in increased violent crime rates.

How is all of that working out for the city?

Washington DC homicide data
Source: DC Metro Police

It’s almost as if deemphasizing law enforcement and twisting the criminal justice system to meet the demands of “social justice” have negative impacts on the peace and prosperity of a civil society.

Clearly the problem, then, is the guns. What D.C. really needs is more restrictions on the right to keep and bear them.

But wait. Washington, D.C. already has some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation. So does Maryland and since Michael Bloomberg bought the Virginia legislature, Governor Coonman has signed every gun control bill into law that’s reached his desk. So that’s not the problem.

Not that any of that matters much. None of those inconvenient facts will sway the narrative or the opinions of those who are so heavily invested in furthering it. As far as the coverage of last night’s postponement goes, the guns will naturally be pegged as the culprit. If we can just do something about reasonable about them — you know, reform our laws — everything will be fine.

All the same people will spew all the same talking points.

The shooting apparently happened after they’d put Grampy Joe to bed last night, but you can be sure he’ll use the incident as further proof that Americans’ gun rights need trimming and David Chipman is just the man to help him do it.

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  1. You would have thought the shooters could have waited for the 7th inning stretch, so that all the fans wouldn’t pull muscles trying to get out of the way. You would think that pro sports fans lives matter – but nooooo!

  2. Shannon Whats? – Other countries – as well as our own, in some instances – just wait until the game is over and then the rioting, looting, and general carnage is on.

  3. Notice how empty that stands already are. Pro-sports has proven itself to not only be anti-gun but anti-American too. It’s already difficult enough for me to get into sports but this whole thing has made impossible.

    I guess this will result in the White House getting more troops around it.

    How traumatized does this make AOC?

    DC has such strict gun laws that I wonder how things like this could possibly happen in the first place.

  4. I am looking forward to returning to DC after the mid-terms and Pelosi and the DemmoCommies are no longer using the Capitol Police their private Stasi army.

  5. Leftists attacking leftists outside a leftist event attended by leftists in a leftist city.

    May as well have happened in Havana. Not America’s problem.

    • Give the recent pro freedom riots in Cuba and the waving of American flags by the Cuban rioters, Havana may be more American at this point than DC.

      • Crimson,

        Sadly….but likely true. That’s why Cuban refugees are being turned away by anyone can cross illegally from Mexico.

  6. This should help them in their quest for a name for the Washington “Football Team.”
    If the Washington Foreskins doesn’t fly, how about the Washington Hoodrats, Washington Gangbangers, Washington Gangstas?

    Anything better?

    • “Washington Don’t name a city after me and then turn it into everything I fought to kill” would be the most literally correct, but doesn’t quite roll off the tongue.

    • I wrote in a suggestion for the “Washington screamin’, murderin’, scalpin’, white women rapin’ red savages” but I haven’t heard back from them yet.

    • Since MLB has gone full woke, why not:

      Washington WokeTards?
      Capitol Commies?
      DC Defects?

  7. Cops: “There is gunfire outside the stadium!”

    Bowser: “Is there any gunfire inside the stadium?”

    Cops: “No.”

    Bowser: “Then move everybody outside the stadium!”

  8. Yawn, another black on black crime in a Democrat run city. My surprise is palatable.

    I’m so happy MLB will protect me and my family, with their weapons ban and metal detectors crewed by people more astute than the TSA.

    All the sheep running with no intelligence, they don’t know what is happening, don’t understand evil, and couldn’t protect themselves if they tried. What if this was a active shooter just waiting for people to exit. This is the fate of our country with no common sense.

  9. “Black Lives Matter co-organizer April Goggans said the District already knows what works and communities across all eight wards are ready to step up; they just need the financial support.”

    The plan is always the same. “We can solve this problem. We just need more of your money because we have a history of solving problems by throwing money at it.”

    “The national pastime interrupted by the national epidemic of gun violence.”

    No, you fool. It was interrupted by an epidemic of immorality. If those people didn’t have guns, would that automatically make them good citizens that would be out contributing to society?

    • I really doubt they do this in Chiraq. Especially the Southside team. They may make it to the world series…at least they wear black😏

  10. It amazes me that these imbeciles responded to the threat of gun fire outside the stadium by evacuating the stadium. Did it not occur to them that concrete walls are effective armor against bullets from not just handguns but AT-15 rodent rifles? Of course given the fact that many of DC’s political elites were attending the game, the city’s problems could have been allieviated by the detonation of a neutron bomb inside the stadium.

  11. The problem of gun violence in the U.S. is far more complex than either the Left or the Right realize or are willing to admit. Guns are not the cause of societal problems but a manifestation of many problems that corrupt politicians refuse to fix because they get elected only to fill their own greedy pockets with gold. They always chose the cheapest and most ineffective temporary way out of problems that is often most politically expedient while doing nothing long term to solve problems.

    The insatiable desire to consume drugs in the U.S. stems from a variety of problems which include the breakdown of family life, low paying jobs, and the refusal to treat drugs as an illness and decriminalize them as most other civilized countries have long ago done. Let’s us face facts when one can get free drugs along with treatment drug dealers soon go out of business.

    The corrupt U.S. government who shipped many high paying manufacturing jobs overseas contributed to the stagnation of wages over the last 50 years while the super-rich increased their wealth by over 350 percent. Rather than spend the money to retrain people they simply dumped the financial burden on the people and many of course did not have the income or time to return to get retraining.

    In Germany both private industry along with government subsidies did not let this happen to their people. Germany is one of the richest countries in Europe and pays its people more per hour even not including the tremendous governmental benefits they receive with their cradle to grave security and again they do not have the gun violence either because Germany has sane gun laws as well.

    Finland who at one time was one of the poorest countries in Europe is now one of the richest because the Socialist Government increased spending money on education both at the elementary level all the way up to the re-training of adults. Finnish people now speak 4 languages including Mandarin and they sell information which often includes advanced computer programs that help industry and businesses world wide. Finland correspondingly does not have the drug and gun violence problem the U.S. has and their people do not die in the streets like dogs because they cannot afford life saving drugs or medical care. Their gun vetting system and laws also have proved highly effective as compared to the ineffective and mostly half baked attempts by the U.S. government. Finland treats people for drug addition in their country.

    The breakdown of family life due to a high divorce rate which was caused by the tremendous pressure put on marriages due to low paying part time jobs has also created behavior problems in their children as well as drug addiction to both the children and their parents. Children are now know as “latch key” children who come home to an empty house without any adult supervisor. Is it any wonder why their grades are not as high as they should be when there is no one at home to help them with their homework or make sure they do it?

    Nixon’s 3 strikes and you are out proved to be an absolute disaster as it resulted in the incarceration of thousands of people because of non-violent crimes such as selling few ounces of marijuana which resulted in skyrocketing taxes to employ new armies of largely untrained jack-booted thug police who shoot first and ask questions later followed by the few survivors being incarcerated for as long as 20 years costing the taxpayers millions because of the incarceration and the cost of keeping an army of thug police. Many people having once been released after serving 20 plus years had never even seen a computer let alone used one to try and find a job , most of which they were not trained to do and so they went right back to a life of crime to survive.

    In conclusion it’s far cheaper and today unfortunately for gun owners it is more popular to just blame gun owners and guns for the out of control violence in our streets but even by banning most guns in the long run even slave societies eventually revolt and end up destroying their own country. Cuba and Haiti today may be on the verge of such a disintegration. Banning guns there did indeed solve the gun problem temporarily for the last 62 years but you can only enslave a population just so long if you do not cure the problems of society and this the greedy, stingy, corrupt and often religious fanatic Republicans have refused to do as they are only interested in filling their pockets with gold and pandering to their most fanatical and largely ignorant supporters who tend to be for the most part uneducated, heavily armed and still mentally influenced by bronze age mysticism complete with prayer, ritual, incantations and painting their bodies blue while dancing naked by the light of the moon.

    • Dacian, I have to agree with about 90% of what you’re saying. You go off the rails just a bit due to your bias, but you’re otherwise spot on.

      You can have open borders or you can have a welfare state, but you can’t have both.

      Worth a read…

      “There is a rough one-to-one fiscal balance between low-skill immigrant families and upper-middle-class families. It takes the entire net tax payments (taxes paid minus benefits received) of one college-educated family to pay for the net benefits received by one low-skill immigrant family.”

      “There is also a political dimension to the transfer state. Elections in modern societies are, to a considerable degree, referenda on the magnitude of future income redistribution. An immigration policy which grants citizenship to vast numbers of low-skill, low-income immigrants not only creates new beneficiaries for government transfers, but new voters likely to support even greater transfers in the future.”

      “Sen. Ted Kennedy understands that a steady stream of low-skill immigrants will help him build a much larger, tax-fueled government. It is a pity that so many foes of big government fail to appreciate this point.”

      • quote—————-“There is also a political dimension to the transfer state. Elections in modern societies are, to a considerable degree, referenda on the magnitude of future income redistribution. An immigration policy which grants citizenship to vast numbers of low-skill, low-income immigrants not only creates new beneficiaries for government transfers, but new voters likely to support even greater transfers in the future.”—————-quote

        And you neglected to mention that the “transfer” is money taken from the Capitalvanian criminals who share none of the profits of a business with the workers but pay their C.E.O.’s millions in wages and perks while giving nothing to the workers. The criminals who control Amazon made 2 billion in profits in 2020 and shared not one penny with the workers.

        History has proven you 100 per cent wrong. It was the son of a Syrian immigrant (the very group of people Trump totally banned from immigration) that invented the cell phone that brought millions of jobs and profit to the U.S. There are other examples far to numerous to mention. A study on immigrants not just in this country but in other countries as well proves beyond all doubt that immigrants are far more likely to start a business and far more likely to be successful at it bringing the jealously and wrath of the largely indolent indigenous population. It was immigrants that built the U.S. and it was immigrants that made it great and continue to make it great not a moron in a red tie yelling Nazi racism.

        And remember immigrants cannot run businesses alone they need to hire people to help them run the business which again invigorates the economy and strengthens it by giving people jobs. The Far Right scream that immigrants all go on welfare from one side of their mouth and then scream out the other side of their mouth that immigrants take jobs from them. Even a moron knows you cannot have it both ways.

        As far as illegals are concerned, they lower your food bill at the grocery store because they are now enslaved by the Capitalvanians who pay them less than minimum wage. The Capitalvanian Republican criminal businessmen are the real villains who bring in illegals to be used as slave labor. The illegals cannot retire so their social security money and other taxes they pay goes to you which lowers your tax bills as well as your taxes to local and state governments. Illegals do jobs that U.S workers refuse to do they do not take jobs from Americans.

        History repeats itself. It was graft and blind greed that brought down the Roman Empire and when they had economic troubles rather than blame the criminals in the government they attacked immigrants who were the life blood of the Roman economy. They ceased to give immigrants Roman citizenship and when the immigrants quite coming or just left it only hastened the fall of Rome. We seem to be going down the same path today by scapegoating immigrants to hide our own failings as a society just as Hitler blamed the Jews for Germanys economic problems and Herr Drumpf the modern day Hitler blamed the Latino immigrants for everything including warts (sarcasm)

        I might add some of the greatest actors and directors that made many of Hollywood’s greatest movies were all immigrants from Europe proving again that immigrants are always an asset to a country not a detriment.

        Benjamin Franklin totally lost his mind when millions of Germans immigrated here after the Revolutionary war. Franklin screamed “The damned Germans will change America forever”. They did, for the better. And it was the Irish that were hated when they came to America and took the back breaking jobs of building the Erie Canal that helped America prosper. It was the American Chinese immigrants that built the Trans-Pacific Rail system. It was a freed former black slave George Washington Carver that invented over 150 ways to use peanuts that not only helped black farmers but white farmers as well to prosper.

        I could give you pages more but the point being made is your 100 per cent wrong about immigrants as we now need many more not less. The ideas that immigrants bring from their home countries mixed with what they learn here brings new innovation, new inventions, new ways of doing things and often completely new businesses. History has proven it many times over.

        And if your tired of working for minimum part time wages, tired of going bankrupt over health care, tired of seeing people die like dogs in the street because they have no money for even old fashioned life saving drugs like insulin , tired of seeing students go bankrupt over educational expenses, tired of seeing drug gangs shoot it out on the streets then vote out the gangster criminal Republican scum bags who are your enslavers.

        Socialism civilizes society while the Republican Capitalvanians bring only poverty and slavery to the American working people who are denied a slice of the American wealth because the Republicans crushed strong unions which brought high paying jobs and prosperity to the working class.

        When the Unions busted the Capitalvanian’s asses in places like the West Virginia Coal mines of the early 1900’s it taught the people that their Capitalvanian enslavers could be beaten so they could share in the country’s wealth and get a decent wage for a days work and not remain a slave but today too many people are slaves at Walmart or Amazon who treat them as troglodyte worker slaves.

        • “The criminals who control Amazon made 2 billion in profits in 2020 and shared not one penny with the workers.”

          It’s called a pay check. Just where do you think that money comes from? That’s not to mention 401k matches, bonuses, overtime pay, paid vacations, paid sick days, etc.

          “It was immigrants that built the U.S. and it was immigrants that made it great and continue to make it great not a moron in a red tie yelling Nazi racism.”

          It was a level of cooperation between people that were actually willing to work for the pay that the rich were willing to give….all for getting things done.

        • Dacian, you’re conflating controlled legal immigration with unlimited illegal immigration. That’s what the open border crowd does. You’re on the same side of the argument as those mega corporations you’re always complaining about. And no, the transfer of wealth doesn’t come from them. Open borders makes them wealthier. The transfer of wealth comes from people like me that work their ass off every week and never take handouts from the government.

          I had a long conversation about this with Miner a year or so ago. Look that up so I don’t have to repeat myself.

      • The bulk of our taxes do not go to needy people rather it goes to Corporate welfare. 38 billion in subsidies are given to the oil companies. 2.1 trillion is stashed in foreign countries by the Fortune 500 companies to avoid paying taxes to run the U.S. 153 billion a year we spend so that Walmart and McDonalds can pay substandard wages because their workers then qualify for welfare.

        • “The bulk of our taxes do not go to needy people…”

          It was never meant to. The only reason for taxes is to keep government running so it can actually do what the constitution mandates.

        • I’m for ending 100% of all corporate subsidies including state tax subsidies. Let the states compete for business based on existing taxes that are the same for everyone.

    • “The problem of gun violence in the U.S. is far more complex than either the Left or the Right realize or are willing to admit.”

      Maybe….but the thing your calling ‘gun violence’ will only stop when you people stop being violent. With or without guns.

      “Guns are not the cause of societal problems but a manifestation of many problems that corrupt politicians refuse to fix because they get elected only to fill their own greedy pockets with gold.”

      If guns are a ‘manifestation’ of anything it’s of humans dealing with their environment by way of technology using machinery. Including ways of dealing with direct personal threats and aggression toward groups, community, and country.

      The root of politicians being poli-tics is basically many blood sucking creatures.


      I see no reason to look to Germany as any kind of roll model for much of anything. They do make a few good products like guns, beer, and maybe shaving razors though.

      I completely agree that the breakdown of the nuclear family has lead to all kinds of problems. This is something Democrats purposely do and your religious republicans tried to rail against. One of the things that feeds into this is the need for people (especially blacks) to look to government for the answers. This is not the American way. Germany might be like that but you can’t advance human civilization that way. All that will produce is misery, human waste, and ultimately death.

    • “Germany is one of the richest countries in Europe and pays its people more per hour even not including the tremendous governmental benefits they receive with their cradle to grave security…”

      Debunked, time and time again.

      The crippling *taxes* for that ‘security’ gives them next to nothing in their take home pay. Gasoline costs 4 times what it does here.

      Take your ‘Socialist Utopia’ and shove it up your ass… 🙂

      • You make me laugh. Get out of podunk junction and take a trip to Western Europe some time and you will see opulence far beyond your imagination.

        I watched a shooting event in Germany and the weapons they were using cost far more than the average American Hillbilly could ever afford. And ditto for some of their hunting firearms as well. They do not hunt with Walmart Mossberg’s as you would be laughed right out of the hunting club.

        I visited homes that had far more expensive furnishings than the average American has. Strange they could afford all this opulence with no take home pay (sarcasm)

        • What difference does the original price tag have to do with anything? A 9mm bullet can kill just as dead wether the box was $20 or $200.

          Guns don’t need to be high priced to be used effectively either.

          Why should it matter to me if someone on the other side of the pond has more money than brains? All I need to be concerned with is myself and those closest to me.

          For that matter….why should it matter to me where in the world you have been or where you lived?

        • SA-Mann dacian. You’ve never been to Germany. You’re a Kent state drop out that lives in Ohio and survives off the charity of his family.


        • If you think companies in the USA don’t pay enough, why don’t you take all of YOUR money and risk it all by starting a business and then paying your employees with YOUR money the kind of wage that you think others should be paying??
          It’s always so easy for stinking liberals to condemn entrepreneurs for not doing this or doing that, after those same people have invested and risked oftentimes everything they have and worked their asses off to get where they are.
          You’re no better than the stinking Commie Bernie Sanders, who by the way, honeymooned in the SOVIET UNION.
          Who the hell in their right mind does that??

          If you think it is so wonderful in Europe, why aren’t you there?

        • First of all, we need to do a better job of getting the word out that Germany is a much better place to go live than America because America is the number one destination for immigrants by far.

          If you want to buy nicer weapons, then have you considered working harder? How about changing professions? Go back to school and become a lawyer or doctor. I hear they make pretty good money. Don’t tell anyone, but they make more in America than Germany.

      • And by the way dear Genius Geoff in international living the French unskilled workers at the equivalent of Home Depot make $33.00 an hour on Sundays. In the distant past some American workers used to make triple time on Sundays before the Great Satan Reagan and the Republicans made it legal for American companies to deliberately work people only part time so they never have to pay overtime wages or any benefits. Hey Geoff do you still believe the U.S. is not the shit hole of the industrialized world?

        • SA-Mann dacian. America is only a shithole to lazy, willfully ignorant folks like yourself.

          Just remember. That low paying menial job that is all you can qualify for will be done by a sub minimum wage illegal if you have open borders.

          Then where will you be? Even your mother is eventually going to tire of supporting you.

        • And who was it that killed tens of thousands of high paying union jobs with the stroke of a pen when he killed the Keystone?
          Could it be none other than the current Commie in the White House?
          I can’t call him president, because he really isn’t.

        • You strike me as someone who will argue China is actually a Capitalist country. You’re crazy as a stepped on roach.

  12. i assume that since this story already appears to have fallen out of the news cycle that it was traditional urban violence that just happened to occur near the ballgame?

  13. Gun fire is normal in areas where drugs have been legalized. Or the police have been told to ignore the law.

  14. Sounds like a normal Commiecratic run city like Chicago to me. D.C. was a lot worse in the mid-1990s when I lived in northern Virginia. You just knew where not to go in the D.C. area. Seems like the need better security for the Nationals stadium. Just remember the commiecrats still want to make D.C. a state to pack the courts and take away our 2nd Amendment rights.

    • Wow dacian, 786 lines of tripe, average of 17 letters per line, let’s say Soros pays you one cent per letter, hmm- carry the 1 …. that’s $133.62 or so that you got paid ( or whatever you get paid in whatever European socialist paradise you reside in) , and I didn’t read ONE WORD of it . Hmm, let Georgie know next meetup you two have that he got hosed on that deal. Oh, and go brush your teeth.

  15. Hey, when dacian comes back with a $20 response, will someone let him know that I’ve joined the rest of you that choose ( choice…weird concept, right little d ?) to not read his regurgitated word salad ? Thank you in advance for your assistance in this matter – Pb

  16. Remember that time you payed to have your rights stripped away to support an organization that hates you then something bad happened and you realized you’d messed up but are probably so stupid you’ll do it again

  17. If gunfire outside the stadium is a reason to cancel a game, then how is it that sports teams exist in Chicago?


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