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The Louisiana legislature will convene a veto override session on Tuesday for the first time in history. On the agenda is Governor John Bel Edwards’ veto of a bill that would make Louisiana the 22nd constitutional carry state in the nation.

As Edwards said when he nixed the bill . . .

“I have a history as a legislator of voting against bills that would do away with the permit that is now necessary in order to have a concealed weapon,” Edwards said previously. “I think it strikes the right balance to make sure that individuals go through that background check, that they have training on safety and on marksmanship.”

The legislature disagreed, and in large numbers. The constitutional carry bill passed both chambers with huge majorities, enough to override the veto if everyone votes the same way this week (73-26 in the House and 27-9 in the Senate).

With the increased focus on the historic override session, though, the pressure applied on all of the legislators will be ratcheted up. Some of those who voted for the bill could change their minds.

To let legislators know how much support constitutional carry has in the Crawfish and Gumbo State, a rally will be held Monday evening in Baton Rouge at the capitol from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. If you’re in the area and can attend, a big crowd showing their support for permitless carry certainly wouldn’t hurt the chances of a successful override.

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  1. May they actually support their oaths. You know, the one that they took to support and defend the Constitution of the United States and Louisiana, all of them.

  2. I wonder if ‘A True Patriot’ will be there or will he just be wasting his time stalking ‘I Haz a Question’?

  3. There are times I have been disillusioned. But if I was in LA I would take time off from work. And go and use my 1st amendment rights to petition my representatives for redress of grievances.
    You pot heads can just stay home and continue to sh!t and piss in public while you smoke dope. Or am I wrong about you???

    “Why It’s OK Not To Vote – Katherine Mangu-Ward” video 1 hr long

      • Yes, New Orleans is pretty disgusting these days. Tents under the interstates. Public urination and defecation is not just during Mardi Gras these days.

        • I was in New Orleans 3 years before Katrina. It was looking pretty bad back then.

          FYI to anyone.
          Go research the Libertarians who support the repeal of laws against urinating in public. I use to listen to their BS not that long ago. Back then they were upset that fans who were leaving the concert venues, mostly outdoor events, were being arrested or given tickets for pissing or defecating in public.

  4. Size matters…Crowd size that is:) If you cannot attend send an e-mail to override the pompous gov. who enjoys 24/7 armed security that stays with him where ever he goes. That’s all while you are not permitted to wear a coat that covers a firearm and you are forced to leave your firearm in your vehicle where it does you no good and can be stolen, etc.

    His excuse for not signing is as lame as lame can get. You pass a NCIC your firearm is concealed in a box from the counter to your vehicle where it is concealed again under a car seat, etc. Then it is concealed in your home where TV ads advise you to conceal it on the behalf of rugrats and other unauthorized personnel. And then you can sleep with a firearm concealed under your pillow where you can grab it and shoot the tiny balls off a pervert, etc.

    It is time to end the extra special permission and approved special status BS surrounding Concealed Carry. Like you really need so called special training to wear a coat over a firearm that you can already legally carry open in LA? What you need is a crystal ball to tell you what to expect because until you get there you do not know what to expect so all training is on the job so to speak.

    It’s all about the pompous self serving gov. and his democRat Party Gun Control ilk giving up ground to law abiding citizens. Law abiding citizens who get up and risk their lives going to and from work everyday to pay the bills and the democRat gov. salary and the salaries of his 24/7 armed security.

  5. I hope Louisianans show up in large numbers. Don’t be surprised if Antifa shows up so be ready.

  6. Spent a week in Louisianna. My wife and I took a swamp tour, a boardwalk through a state park swamp. About 2 miles. We were pushing a stroller in which our 12 month was riding. At about the 1 mile mark, there was a sign warning about alligators. Since the boardwalk was only about a foot above the water, I thought “Are you kidding me? You put the warning sign at the halfway mark?” So, we skedaddled on high alert. If it was a joke, a way to unnerve tourists, I am reporting that it worked.

    • “At about the 1 mile mark, there was a sign warning about alligators.”

      It rarely happens, but when it does, it happens *fast*.

      I guess that’s a ‘good news – bad news’ kinda thing.

      The gator gets a dog or a kid for a snack, but at least it’s over quick… 🙁

    • Florida is no better. I stayed the long weekend in Tampa, then had to be back in Jax Beach on Monday. Decided to go across Alligator Alley, without a thought for the weather. Water was over the road in many places, and there I was motoring along on a Kawasaki, with my feet just inches out of the water. Yes, I saw gators, snakes, big cats, wild hogs, and more.

      Would I do it again? Hmmm . . . not sure.

    • I kayak regularly out on several lakes an reservoir’s that have gators, its generally not a big concern. If you keep your distance and don’t try to encroach on them or get close to their egg clutches you’re generally pretty safe. Gators, unlike a lot of other crocodilians like Nile Crocs and various caiman species, can become *relatively* safe to be around by extended human exposure because they become less aggressive towards us and generally don’t view humans as a food source after awhile. Anyway, the biggest danger is being on the waters edge or a beach with gators in the water because they are ambush predators that hunt their terrestrial game by waiting at the shores edge and striking, something they can’t do with the way the swamp boardwalks are made with fenced rails.

      That said, alligators are only one of the type of “gators” you need to worry about in the swamp. The alligator gar and alligator snapping turtles are easily as much a concern to me when I’m out there.

      • A person in a Louisiana swamp acting surprise to see an alligator is not being aware of their surrounding geography. You are in a Louisiana swamp, what do you expect to see! Show respect for nature’s creatures, keep your distance and they’ll stay away from you.

  7. Anyone got a report from the Rally? Haven’t seen anything on the news or here yet.

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