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“I live in New York,” said James Digiuseppi who was visiting downtown Nashville. “In New York, people get searched when they go into a club.” 

Some visiting downtown Saturday said they were glad to see permitless carry become law in Tennessee.  

“I’ll be honest with you, I feel safer when I go into a restaurant or public place and I see open handguns and I know that people in there are carrying,” Springfield resident JK Graves said. “It’s how we grew up and that’s what makes Tennessee so great.” 

But security consultants like JC Shegog say the new law comes with added responsibility for businesses, especially ones with alcohol. 

“They’re going to believe that it’s their right to have it wherever they go and they’re going to try to enter into these facilities,” Shegog said. “Some of these facilities have security and it just depends on the level of security that they have that will make the patrons safe or not.” 

— Nikki McGee in Some say new permitless carry law means greater responsibility for bars and restaurants

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  1. Legal gun owners who aren’t eligible for a Tennessee CCW are still prohibited from carrying in public. Tennessee is NOT a “constitutional carry” state. Just a bunch of corrupt, bigoted hicks, as always.

    • Just curious, what would make a person ineligible for a CCW permit but not bar him from legal possession?

      • In ohio if charged with dv but the charge is reduced to say disorderly conduct you can/will be denied ccw. Total bs. Paying the price for an offense you were not convicted of.

      • Being proud to have been born in Memphis I suggest he change his moniker to red bull sht. The problem with TN or anywhere else is demoCrap.

        In all my travels I have not ran across someone being a bigot in any business, etc. Not saying bigots both Black and White are not out there running around displaying their corncob up the butt attitude but they are far and few between.

        Until the stench of the race based atrocities attributed to the democRat Party are gone the devastating effects of such atrocities are going to linger on. And the stench certainly permeates from those carrying on one of the biggest raced based atrocities ever known called Gun Control.

      • do ya’ll smell that? It is the smell of freedom and Liberty. Haven’t smelled that way in Amerika since the republic was destroyed by the first tyrant president, Abe Lincoln

  2. “Shegog”? So Shelob, the spider monster from “Lord of the Rings”, had a baby with Aragog, the spider monster from “Harry Potter”? WTF does a spider monster know about security?

  3. Can’t happen in Florida with the anti gun supermajority GOP in power. DeSantis couldn’t care less.

    • Bring me up to speed please. I had heard it called the “Gunshine” state. What happened?

      • “the anti gun supermajority GOP in power. DeSantis couldn’t care less”

        It sounds like he’s saying the republican party is functionally opposed to gun rights and has been working actively to over-regulate firearms in Florida.

        • well being from Florida and a CCP holder I think he is full of It the only real anti-gun person in the office is Nicky freed and she got into it with DeSantis when she tried to slow down and take away peoples permits at the start of Covad and he and the courts came down on her and now she is running against DeSantis to become Governor LOL she is going to have a hard time because Fl. is a voter ID state and signator match on mail-in ballots

        • Do I not perfectly fit the definition of troll?

          As well as nicky freed fits the definition of crazy biatch?

          It’s likely because we have so little to offer.

      • From what I’ve read, it’s a few key republicans in the legislature who block all the good gun legislation.

        • Interesting. Thanks, I need to research this. Been considering a move to FL next year. Got to get out of VA. What a hotbed of treason and sedition this former bastion of freedom has become. So infuriating what the communists have done to it.

        • That’s exactly what it is. That’s why we can’t even get an open carry bill to the floor for a vote. Constitutional carry? Forget about it.

          It’s also why you can’t buy a binary trigger now in Florida either. I keep meaning to ship the ones I have to friends out of state but keep forgetting.

        • Yeah. Abbot and Patrick tried that crap in Texas. Their go to guys in the House and Senate fought hard to keep CC from getting out of committee and spent weeks trying to block it by technicality when reconciling the House and Senate versions. Then it sat on his desk for a good long time before he finally had to live up to his public promises. Public pressure works. Always add your part, patriots.

        • The president of the FL senate Wilton Simpson authored Florida’s red flag law that Rick Scott signed. It was supported by Chris Sprowles, now speaker of the house. Just because somebody has an R by there name does not mean they are our ally. Google HB123 to see how republicans respect gun rights—killed in committee-a Republican led committee.

        • No, it’s really not. Bill Gravano our senate president has voted against nearly every pro-gun bill coming to the floor for a full vote. The expanded background checks (and no sales of any firearms to persons under 21 and adding long guns to the 3 day waiting period) we got a few years ago were DIRECTLY because of this worthless RINO. Maybe you don’t keep up with our politics and politicians but I certainly do.

          Not to mention the $500,00 he took from Everytown for Gun Safety. That lousy traitorous prick.

        • Truckman, hate to say this, but you are the problem here in Florida. Please educate yourself.

        • My previous post has a typo. Should have been Bill Galvano, not Gravano.

          He’s a RINO no matter how you spell it.

        • Gravano is ‘Sammy the Bull’ Gravano, a mafia hit-man…

        • @geoff – Well, you know, one gangster or another. Not much difference LOL.

  4. Doesn’t have a dang thing to do with ILLinoyed. Or ever will. Have fun…

  5. It is long past time for low enforcement to be trained on civilian carry (yes, I know, cops are civilians). I am tried of police being trained to shoot anybody with a gun when they arrive late to the scene (especially if armed person they see is black).

    P.S permitless carry is not really constitutional carry till the supreme court follows the Constitution or we get some state amendments.

    • Your ignorant comments on the police that are totally invalidated by actual statistics show your SJW cult affiliations. Also, letting the Supreme Court determine law is equally ignorant. State action like this is exactly what is needed. It’ll be the 9th and 10th Amendment, secession or the (further) fall of America.

      • My “ignorant comments” are based on interviews with Missouri police officers and police chiefs.
        We agree on more than you think – 9th, 10th and succession unless we stop letting the supreme court make law.
        P.S. I had to look that TLA up. F SJ bs!

  6. Mr. Wolf, I fear it is you that sound like a bigot making a blanket statement about the entire population of a state.

  7. Looks Like Louisiana is next. They should vote to override Edward’s veto. Hope so.

  8. Lookin’ for an IWB holster for my P365 so I can carry on Sept. first without a permission slip from the office.

    • Diamond D Custom Leather. The best you’ll find. I have a couple of their holsters. Not cheap tho -$120, and it will take a couple months to get it.

      • White Tiger Leatherworks also makes a great holster. Similar pricing. I have 3 of his, Perfect, I mean PERFECT, fit for the models I had him build for. Springfield XDm, Kimber Custom Shop, CDPII, he made two of them for that one. I love them. He is a one man shop so it will take a while. In the meantime a basic DeSantis from Cabelas will work.

        • Hmm. I may have to take a look. I’ve migrated over to mostly kydex, but I’d like to have a nice custom leather model for one of my favorite gats.

        • Took a look. Very fancy stuff and appears well made, but you pay the price for the “art” stuff. Didn’t see any IWB holsters (what Ed is looking for), and exotic leather & artwork isn’t needed for one.

      • I started buying all my holsters from El Paso Saddlery a couple of years ago and I love them. IWB holsters are all $100 or less. They do beautiful tooling for fancy holsters at a very reasonable price too.

        • Kirkpatrick Leather are nicer for about the same price as El Paso. High Noon has some decent IWB holsters in leather, Kydex or hybrid at very reasonable prices.

    • I use leather for my nice guns, like my 1911s and custom CZs, but for the cheaper ones, I just use a kydex holster from Comp-Tac. I like the Infidel.

    • I made a holstein out of a sock, that way if I ever need to use my gunm I can really sock it to them.

  9. All this fear mongering in TN over permitless carry will evaporate within a year or 2. Been down this road, got the T-Shirt.

  10. I Haz, I had a couple of the Kydex but they are in my junk box now. Never cared for them but then again I’m a walnut stock and blued steel rifle guy. So there’s that.

    • I have a split personality. I love the AR/Glock/Kydex setup, as well as the classic Winchester lever rifle/1911/leather setup. Kinda like how you like your office job, but get out and ride motorcycles or surf the waves on the weekends. Both are good, but different, and variety is good.

      BTW, I would trade some of my guns for a .44 Mag rifle/pistol combo with custom leather finery. Yessir, I would.

      • You can shoot .44 out of a .410, I’ll put a leather glove on my sock holstein and scratch some groves in the shotgunm barrel. What yah got for trade?

  11. There is this completely absurd idea that people are only safe in places that don’t allow guns. As if those rules, laws, and demands ever meant anything to criminals.

    • The gun grabbers are not concerned about criminals. They are concerned you, and all the other “deplorables” will suddenly snap and start shooting everyone in sight. Gun grabbers generally think evil in the inner city will never cross the invisible barrier into “good” land, so that is not a worry.

  12. You aren’t allowed to carry while drinking alcohol in TN.

    Edit: How did the above comment trigger awaiting moderation?

    • Well that is a puzzler. I’ve dissected your comment and cant see the trip wire. Carry while drinking alcohol? TN instead of Tennessee . ?
      Maybe its TTAG’s way of telling us the Feds are watching.

  13. It would be nice if all 50 had Constitutional carry.
    26 would give us a little leverage for more.
    When Ks. went constitutional carry I thought I’d see a lot more people shooting it out over minor injustices, I thought wrong. Theres no more blood in the streets then there was before.

    • “It would be nice if all 50 had Constitutional carry.”

      We do. The ruling class refuses to accept it.

      • Yup, it’s one of my big bitches, elected officials who do not keep their promise to uphold the constitution.

        • “Yup, it’s one of my big bitches, elected officials who do not keep their promise to uphold the constitution.”

          Constitutional Carry is merely legislation. Legislation is easily overcome when political power shifts. Indeed, legislation can be used to bypass the requirement for an amendment to the Constitution. And a longstanding violation of the Constitution is deemed to be valid (tradition and history).

  14. Guns should be like lawyers, if you can’t afford one- one shall be appointed to you.

  15. “If you did get one appointed to you it probably wouldn’t work very well and be nowhere to be found when you needed it.”

    Congress has a constitutional mandate to arm the militia. If the government provided firearms to the public, the best would be circa 1801 muskets and flintlock pistols. think of what that would do to the supply of lead ammunition.

    • Watched a guy scrounge 20lbs worth of fishing sinkers out of the river before it went flood stage. I asked him what he does with them, ” I’ve got a mold for my 50 cal.”..
      Years ago, shooting black powder, I had a friend who’d get lead from hospitals, we used to call the bullets “glow in the darks”.
      I am concerned We dont have a lead smelting plant in the U.S.,… cant buy bullets from China, but we can still buy their lead , huh.

      • Mining lead ore and smelting the metal is a pretty bad pollutant that poisons the land, air and water significantly.

        We actually get most of our lead from recycling and there’s no supply problem. Actually, as a lead acid batteries are phased out in favor of more efficient technology such as lithium, etc. we’ll see a glut of lead on the recycle market.

        If the Chinese want to poison their air, land and water leading to increased injury and death to their people, let them, we are smarter than that.

  16. We don’t have the facility to process lead ore anymore, but we still do have the ability to process recycled lead.

  17. “In New York, people get searched when they go into a club.”

    I guess I wouldn’t be doing much clubbing if I lived in New York, then. I’m not about to let some goon frisk me just for the privilege to buy overpriced drinks and dance to techno music.

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