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“To be human is to be at the mercy of anger, our own and that of those around us. Keeping guns out of the hands of those who can’t harness their demons will keep Americans safer in their homes, safer around their children and safer as a nation.” – There Is Common Ground on Guns [via]


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  1. Oh look. More projection from the unhinged left. I suppose if all of my friends, family and neighbors were hysterical, purple haired, developmentally stunted imbeciles shouting at the sky and tipping over mailboxes I’d be in favor of keeping them restricted in any way possible too.

  2. Keeping guns out of the hands of those who can’t harness their demons will keep Americans safer in their homes, safer around their children and safer as a nation.

    It is also impossible. People who are determined to commit evil acts are neither compelled nor constrained by laws intended to keep firearms out of their hands.

    At the same time, it is nice of gun control proponents to admit that evil exists in the world. Sad that they will never admit that it is immoral to use the power of the state to burden the ability of the innocent law-abiding to provide for their own defense against such evil.

  3. If you are an unhinged lunatic who can’t be trusted with a gun, you can’t be trusted in civil society. These idiots are so busy projecting that they basically forget that more people are beaten to death with hands and feet than die by rifle fire or every kind. An unarmed society just means that your unhinged lunatic who is 6’4 and two hundred pounds of muscle wins every time.

  4. Apparently the NYT has no idea that domestic abuse is already illegal and that even a misdemeanor domestic abuse conviction lands you on the no-bang-bang list.

  5. I thought to work at the Times you weren’t allowed to believe in deities and their assorted pantheons, excepting Muslims since they are a liberal acknowledged protected class.

  6. In other words: everyone is a ticking time bomb — a seething cauldron of rage that will explode at the slightest provocation — and we should therefore ban firearms.

    If that is true, then:
    (1) Why do we allow adults to raise children since the adults could “explode” at any moment and promptly kill their helpless children?
    (2) Why do we allow adults to care for disabled elderly people since the adults could “explode” at any moment and promptly kill the helpless elderly people in their care?
    (3) Why do we allow adults to have cars since the adults could “explode” at any moment and drive their car into a crowd?
    (4) Why do we allow adults to have gasoline and matches since the adults could “explode” at any moment and set buildings or someone on fire?
    (5) Why do we allow adults to have chainsaws since adults could “explode” at any moment and chop someone to pieces?

    I have a better idea: stop trying to prohibit access to one of many items that evil people can use to harm others; instead simply remove evil people that attack others from society.

  7. Let the NYT purge its own demons, then go F itself with something sharp and heavy for a century, then let it come back and whine about ~ whatever, at which time our great grandkids can tell it to go F itself with something sharp and heavy, for a century.

    Evil POS (D) NYT satanist MFs are pro-killing-out-of-the-womb-babies, demons like that don’t get to define what a demon is or say who the demons are.

  8. Heard a story on the news this morning that some guy in Australia drove an SUV through a crowd of people, but that doesn’t count as violence in the eyes of the Progs because it wasn’t commit with a firearm.

  9. In the comments section for this editorial, “Steve” in NYC (obviously) opines thusly:
    “The NRA claims that we gun control advocates want to take away gun owner rights and confiscate weapons. And gentle, peaceful people are afraid to acknowledge that this is precisely what they want. I’m not afraid. That’s precisely what I want. To make gun ownership rare, highly controlled, and gradually confiscate the arsenal that threatens our national well-being.”

    Make no mistake, this is what the endgame of the NYT’s “Common Ground” and all “commonsense” gun laws looks like. We can’t afford to budge One. Single. Millimeter.

  10. If we roughly 100,000,000 gun owners are such ticking time bombs, how come roughly 100,000,000 of us don’t commit a criminal act with a gun each year?

  11. More Propaganda from the Rise of the EU-NWO/Globalism /One-World Global Governance. “No more rights for you Mr., and Mrs. American !!! You have to many freedoms, Liberties, and Rights!!! And You can’t be trusted with them…Because all bushwa American capitalist pigs are prone to be criminals , Insurrectionist, Rebels and Terrorists !!! Give up your Guns, and all YOUR WEAPONS American !!! For the greater good!!! ” **I believe that’s what *Their* trying to say…**

  12. My Demons are harnessed and well trained. They do however tend to dislike SJW types, liberals of any ilk and the occasional Libertarian

    I’d hate to have to let them of the chain.

    • Biggest mistake was for the league of useless nations induct a caliphate after losing WWI. The only acceptable Turkey is the bird. Keep the ottotards and the Muslim brotherhood of heresy out.

  13. It’s not exactly “news” that most folks who cannot control their “demons” are liberal Democrats. 90% of the problem with the gun-control debate is that those folks can’t comprehend that they are anomalies, and are convinced that everyone else is just as sick and twisted as they are.

  14. “To be human is to be at the mercy of anger…”

    Isn’t the truth the exact opposite? Animals respond out of instinct. It is one of the hallmarks of humanity that we can employ our intellect and reason to override what might otherwise be our instinctive response. Why do we sometimes call particularly brutal, violent criminals “animals” after all?

    • The reason and intellect left the blue pills after the alinsky indoctrination began. Come to think of it the demotards had no sense after the democratic-republican party split in the civil war. So demotards always have been irrational cretins.

  15. Ok, I’ll bite.

    Guns are illegal for everybody, now everyone is safe.

    well, except people who get and use them illegally….

    ok, ok, to be fair then, since we’re treating everyone equal. I will still carry a gun to combat the illegal guns that are out there, but since I am not using it for criminal intent, I cannot be charged with illegal use.

    Does that work?


    You want everyone unarmed except people you cant control?

    well….. let me tell you where you can shove that idea….

    • The libbys love Star Trek comparisons, here is one we now have peaceful socialism now melt all the weapons because they were only in the way, oh shit there creatures out there who want to kill us, we must maintain acceptable losses until we produce weapons.

  16. As I often say to my leftist friends…

    “if guns are so unsafe, why do we give them to 18 year old kids in the army, not to mention the police!”

    they then get mad at me and tell me i’m an idiot….

    ….they’re probably right.

    • The government required me to be proficient with a full auto m16 at the age of 17. And a pistol 2 years later. Neither of which I could legally but at that age.

  17. You know it’s a freaking miracle that we have not had more bombings in this nation compared to the mass shootings. In the states that have the most problems with shootings make it harder to buy a gun than just building a bomb.

    Hell, when I was living in Mississippi I got talked into clearing some kudzu infested land to build a large garden. I personally had to buy several truck loads of ammonia nitrate fertilizer from the local Coop. I paid cash and no one batted an eye at it.

  18. If I’m at the mercy of an unknown, unpredictable, angry mass of people, then you can bet I’m going to make sure I have guns. How else am I going to protect myself against the demons when they break out?

  19. “Keeping guns out of the hands of those who can’t harness their demons…”

    Would be a fine thing IF:

    1) You could actually ID those people
    2) If keeping guns from them actually prevented them from accessing the ability to hurt others
    …cars, fire, knives, sticks, fists n feet, etc.
    3) If you have an accurate list of these supposedly dangerous people why aren’t they in a cell or hole somewhere so us good, just, moral people can stop having our rights trampled for no benefit.

  20. “To be human is to be at the mercy of anger, our own and that of those around us. Keeping guns out of the hands of those who can’t harness their demons will keep Americans safer in their homes, safer around their children and safer as a nation.”

    #narrativefail – So, it’s not the evil, killing machines possessed by demons?

    #narrativefail – Bad people do bad things sometimes. Maybe the rest of us should be prepared for that, like for example to stop a mass shooter wanna-be?

    #narrativefail – Most people, it turns out, aren’t possessed by demons.

    #narrativefail – Humanity as a whole isn’t perfect, or perfectible?

    Funny how when you start dealing with reality, you end up supporting the gunny folks’ position on armed citizens on utilitarian grounds.

  21. I still don’t get why people think gun murder is worse than normal murder. If you break down the numbers, there’s about 7500 to 8000 murders with guns annually in the US, about 6000 of which are gang related. But there are between 17000 and 18000 total murders per year. So more murders are committed without guns than with guns in the US. Same holds true for suicides. So why are guns so much worse than anything else? No gun control law has ever been demonstrated to reduce homicides, so the whole point is moot.


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