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Just in time for Jesus’ birthday celebrations, Quinnipiac University pollsters asked their survey sample if the “Merry Christmas” vs. “Happy Holidays” debate was a real issue or “made up for political purposes.” Seventy-six percent consider the Xmas salutation kerfuffle B.S. So now you know. And then they turned to guns, obviously . . .

Quinnipiac poll on mass shootings 2017

If you were wondering why Democrats kick their civilian disarmament agenda into high gear whenever there’s a headline-grabbing firearms-related spree killing or terrorist attack, there’s your answer.

Dems are more worried about mass shootings than Republicans by a margin of 48 to 28 percent.

The gender gap is pretty clear here, too. Women are more worried about mass shootings than men by a margin of 45 to 29 percent. Which would make Mayor Bloomberg’s purchase of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America a smart move, strategy-wise.

That said, the gun control demanding Moms are just as lily white as NRA members. And the Quinnipiac poll shows that Hispanics and Blacks are far and away the group most worried about mass shootings. We’re talking 59 and 58 percent, vs. 30 percent of self-identifying caucasians.

Maybe these mostly urban-dwelling groups consider drive-bys and other gangland exchanges of gunfire “mass shootings.” Or maybe the race-motivated Charleston church massacre had a significant impact on the black and perhaps hispanic community. Your thoughts?

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    • The 10000 or so deaths by gunshot (not including suicides) mostly occur in black and hispanic neighborhoods as gangs fight over territory. A drive-by, where some idiots unload on a crowd to get one guy counts as a mass shooting. I can understand why a majority of blacks and hispanics are worried about mass shootings.

  1. See also, “People that watch and believe everything in the main stream news”. I’m convinced more than ever that a lot of Americans are dumber than a sack of hammers. A direct result of the Libtard run educational system.

    • America is losing its IQ advantage along with the West in general, thanks in no small part to unchecked immigration.

      • But whites are the immigrants to this land. Mexicans for example are indigenous and have been here ages before the white man and will be here long after. I know I’m doing my best to brown America. 🙂

        • “Mexican” is a political identification, meaning a citizen of the country of Mexico. It’s also a cultural and historical designation, though not generally as applied to a person. What is definitely is not, is a genetic, racial, or ethnic category. Hispanic is, but that’s something different.

          What passes as “Mexican”, if you do choose to apply it as an ethnic qualifier, are the present day people of Mexico, whose ancestors were native Americans who mixed with Europeans, primarily white Spaniards.

          Anybody running around America who can trace their family history back to Mexico, but who is either a natural born or naturalized citizen of the U.S., and calls themselves a “Mexican”, is ignorant. You’re not “Mexican” unless you’re a citizen of Mexico. Again, there is a the cultural angle to the word, but that generally doesn’t apply to people as it does to things or concepts.

      • My comments on race are mostly jokes because I have a sense of humor. That said Farago and the ttag team don’t have any issues with flat out racism on the blog probably because they share the same sentiments.

        • Being of mixed lineage (Chicano/Mestizo and Anglo parents or “mixed race” if you like) and having read this site for several years, I’ve never detected any sense of racism editorially expressed. Please cite and link three (3) articles supporting your assertion.

  2. I’d be worried too if I lived on the South/Westside of Chiraq. I’ve been in all those hoods. Over 700 reported carjackings. A noticeable trend is the local lamestream media is positively reporting on defensive gun use. Yeah in CHICAGO…

  3. Dems take advantage of the typically less educated minority communities. They know those people deal with hardships and that they are easy to manipulate by using tactics like painting them as victims. However, I don’t think drivebys are any better than “mass shootings”. It’s still an act of terror on a community and it carries an omnipresent threat in those poor urban communities. I think in those communities, people are right to be afraid. You’d have to be dumb not to fear getting shot in a bad neighborhood like Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, etc. But the left uses that specific scenario and attempts to expand and extrapolate it to other locales where it makes no sense, and this is where they pull the “gotcha!” on those minority groups.

    • Chris T. and I had an exchange about this the other day… I recited the theory regarding the cultural differences between the white and black demographic cultures; whites generally say “I was raised with a gun owner and he was nice”, whereas black generally say “I was raised with a gun owner and he’s now in jail”. The opinions of both demographics are shaped by their earliest experiences regarding guns and gun owners.
      It is NOT, however, a function of race or genetics – as evidenced by examples of blacks living and raised in rural settings who also generally see guns and gun owners in a positive light. The reverse is also true – how many of our loudest civil rights opponents are white urban dwellers?
      So the answer seems to be geographic rather than genetic: urban dwellers hate guns and gun owners due to a lack of positive role models who use guns for the young urban dweller to look up to.

  4. Anyone who worries about a statistically insignificant event is announcing to the world they are totally ignorant or mentally ill.

    If you want to worry worry about heart disease, long term care costs and motor vehicle accidents.

    • And medical mistakes…they rank right up there, too.
      That’s if you are not one of the 600,000+ abortions each year and make it to birth at all.
      Just sayin’…

  5. It logically follows that if you live in the highest crime rate areas, that you would be the most worried about shootings, mass or “stray bullets intended for a rival gang member”. Simple solution, police your own first, if you live in those hoods, HELP the police eradicate the gangs/crime and your community will naturally become safer.

  6. The fact that the percentages are as high as they are for all groups is an indication that the hype in the media is overblowing the actual risk mass shootings present. Statistically speaking, I will say to everyone in the country, “In the coming year, you will not be the victim of a mass shooting”. A year from now, I will have been right more than 320,000,000 times and wrong a couple of hundred times. That’s one hell of a batting average.

    I’m not at all worried about a mass shooting harming me. I’m not terribly worried about being involved in most crimes (that whole avoid stupid places, people, times, thing). I worry a little about being robbed or carjacked or having my home invaded, but not much. I carry to deal with those eventualities.

  7. Most mass shootings are committed by black people against black people.

    Yes, it’s true. Most people are conditioned to think of a “mass shooting” as somebody entering a building and shooting 20 people or so. But in reality anything more than two people is a “mass shooting”,and that happens in black communities all the time.

    Drive bys, etc.

  8. I found it interesting that liberals accuse conservatives of being paranoid for carrying firearms. Yet, by their own admission, liberals (and closeted liberals, aka, “independents”) are the ones who worry about being the victim of extremely rare events like mass shootings. Curious, that.

    So the real issue isn’t so much that conservatives are paranoid; it’s that they’re prepared. Nor is it that liberals are well adjusted. It turns out that liberals are the ones who are paranoid; their fear-induced freeze prevents them from doing anything to prepare for danger.

  9. I would suggest that minorities in cities are more worried about mass shootings because many can’t afford the cost of a gun with which to defend themselves.

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