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The social media folks in Smyrna apparently thought better about this jab at their New Hampshire-based competitors and took the above Instagram post down. All may be fair in love and war, but as a brand maneuvering in today’s social media mine field, there are some lines you probably don’t want to cross. Did GLOCK go too far too soon?

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  1. Considering their losing the US Armed Forces contract to HK, supposedly b/c the New Kid on the Block being “Better”, I can understand a little “Neener-Neener” on Glock’s part.

  2. Actually I read that as a challenge from Glock to video accidental discharges from dropping their guns.
    Ok Internet, looks like you can take it from here.

  3. Not at all. Sig continues to play up “must pull trigger to disassemble,” even while they try to deal with their own drop test failures. So, Sig was throwing stones long before those Glock posts (on Glock’s Facebook and Instagram).

    Remember what they say about karma.

    • I remember something Glock has apparently forgotten.


      “This was the end of the Generation one with the introduction of the Glock “upgrade kit”. The upgrade kit included 6 parts.
      Spring-loaded bearing
      Firing pin safety and spring
      Firing Pin
      Trigger Bar

      This was billed by Glock as an “upgrade” to their perfect gun. In fact the Glock had been deemed so unsafe by a DEA test known as the “Frisbee Test” it risked losing all of its government contracts. It was the first “recall” on a firearm of this scale effecting somewhere between 385,000 to 500,000 Glock Handguns, no knives were recalled. The recall number reflects 100% of the guns made until that point and it took until 1998 to have even Glock itself declare that they got them all.”

      Sound familiar yet?

  4. Glock Inc. should point out that other companies have problems. Too soon implies some huge number of people died. This was discovered before that could happen.

  5. Did Glock go too far?

    Seriously? It’s a joke…just like Sig pistols.

    I didn’t know TTAG was shilling for both FN and Sig.

      • The fact that Glock is objectively better than Sig should not leave him branded a fanboy. Glock has carved out a pretty worthy legacy and should have won the us military contract. That the government failed to appropriately vet the Sig after spending MILLIONS to do just that even though the market had already vetted the Glock to a higher standard is beyond the pale, and the fact that you think WE are the crazy ones just goes to show how unassailable the shape shifting lizard theory has become. The world is in danger, and we need good, drop safe Glocks to stop the aliens.

        • The “fact” that the Glock is objectively better than Sig does not make Glock a modular handgun which is suitable to compete in a Modular Handgun System competition. If we are going to call Glocks modular we should just go back to the 1911 which is way more modular than a Glock. Don’t get me wrong, Glock would make for a great standard issue non-modular pistol.

          • What’s so modular about the 320? It’s a fucking handgun. Not a pair of hand made Italian dress shoes.
            If you have a hand, you can shoot a one size fits all handgun.
            So you can change the Color of the frame. BFD.
            Modularity is overrated in a handgun. In other words, it doesn’t matter.

        • Michael in GA, modularity was a key issue to the military for some pretty good reasons, and reasons they got from working with Glocks as well as the current M9.
          Grip sizes were important, as a grip that is too large was the biggest complaint from soldiers. Many female soldiers, and others with small hands, had a difficult time with the 92FS/M9. But people like me found it very comfortable. The army wanted the user to be able to change grip sizes.
          The ability to change from 9mm to 40 cal was wanted, as current SF units sometimes shoot the 9, and sometimes the 40, and the army was looking forward in the future to give individual teams that option in the same pistol, as well as knowing that they might pick a different round other than the 9mm NATO, maybe the 357SIG, in the future (fat chance of that, in my rarely humble opinion.)
          The ability to easily swap the slide length or frame size was important, as SOCOM sometimes asks for a compact weapon, usually a G19 for non-uniformed duty, but the rest of the time to use a full size duty pistol.

          All of that said, I still think sticking with the M9, but turning it into the G model, would have been the right choice.

    • THe P320 maybe, but my 226 and 227 are awesome. Not too many metal frame double stack pistols on the market these days. Too many went to polymer and never looked back.

        • Dig the 2022 in both .40 S&W and 9MM. Lot like the Sig 2340, I have had problems with the (similar to both) frame’s wire retention of the “Slide Catch Lever” and it tends to walk out to the left while firing at any moderate speed.

    • “Glock leg” is user error. Failing a drop test is just bad engineering, something ive come to expect from sig over the past 15 years. As long as cohen remains in charge, ill never buy another one of their products.

      • What’s worse is that they must have known about it for some time. How else do you explain Sig issuing a solution basically a day or two after the problem became too big to ignore? They had a nice PR stunt lined up as well, including this website.

        Remember when Springfield had an issue with grip safeties on their XDs models? That took a while to solve. What about Caracal? But Sig just happens to have a solution two days after people make a big stink about it? Riiiiight.

  6. Stop being such overly sensitive pansies – there’s no such thing as too soon when it comes to poking fun.

  7. Hahahahaha!!! And I own 3 P320’s and have sold all 4 Glocks I had over the years. Bravo, Glock! That’s funny!

    • Had a Glock, my third one over the years. Sold it and got a P320. Am now shooting far better since I can actually get my finger inside the trigger guard, unlike the munchkin sized guard on the Glock. Love my P320 and will not be “upgrading” since I don’t consider it broken. All firearms require care and attention.

      Now, having said that, I am very curious about how SIG has an upgrade so quickly after this story broke and if they had it all along, when were they planning on telling their customers if the story had not come out?

      • From what I read, they’re using the M17 MHS trigger in the P320. There were minor differences. The weight or mass of the P320 trigger was what was causing the issue, and the M17 MHS trigger is “skeletonize” so there’s not enough inertia to release the striker on that version when it’s dropped.

        • Is the lower weight of the M17 trigger coincidental or intentional for the purpose of making the pistol more drop safe? If it was intentional, SIG has known about this issue for a very long time. Do military handguns need to be more drop safe than civilian handguns?

          Again, I am still satisfied that what I have is safe for my purposes.

  8. I own Glocks, I own Sigs, I own other brands. That said, I think it was funny. Just like the Walmart picture. People have to lighten up. Laugh, it won’t kill you.

  9. Nah, they could leave it up. The fanboys can be offended and kick off another caliber wars-esque debate. That said, be careful what you say you never know when you’ll be next!

  10. I think it is great! As I said the other day, if your ego is so wrapped up in a brand it makes up part of your identity, you need to seek help. Glocks aren’t perfection, but I like mine (as well as my smiths, rugers, Taurus, berettas, and colts).

  11. I think it’s funny, the asshurt coming from non-Glock people. Their only argument is “Glock leg” or “how many ND’s have glocks had” etc. This goes back to the “the gun didn’t shoot someone, a person shot someone”, yet when it comes to Glock, it’s always the guns fault. It’s either people or it’s not. Man up. Stop pulling the trigger.

    Just because you can site someone shooting themselves, doesn’t mean the gun sucks.

    Side note to TTAG: please fix the comments. It’s irritating having to put in info every time.

    • It’s only their argument if they don’t remember Glock’s “voluntary upgrade” of all of their 500,000 Gen 1 pistols, which took them something like 7 years to complete after failing drop tests and slam fires. That’s not even considering the 40 cal exploding barrels.

  12. LOL..who cares? Except Sig lovers. All over FB. Although a lot of GLOCKboys get their panties bunched when you talk about ND’s and GLOCK’s blowing up(never the gun-always the ammo)😄😄😄😄

  13. LOVE Glock!
    LOVE Sig Sauer
    Both have had their UPS and downs when releasing new models. I personally own G19s and P320s. Both have had problems that were/are being fixed.
    I think the memes and jabs at each other are hilarious personally.

  14. Too soon? More like someone reminded them of their rather lengthy list of goofs and QA fails, both past and recent. Careful now Glock, that house in Smyrna has a lot of glass walls.

    The Glock 17M with Glock’s exclusive Slide Shedding Weight Reduction Technology. Patent Pending.

  15. Considering that Sig poked fun at Glock with their advertising about perfection …. Completely fair. And it was hilarious.

  16. Marketing is about distinguishing yourself from the competition. It was funny, true (ish), and doesn’t dance on anybody’s grave…therefore I declare it to be fair play.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll get back to cleaning my CZs….

  17. When I get a GLOCK, I install a number of upgrades. If you want a better trigger, sights, handling, etc., then you’ll have to upgrade most polymer handguns. Guess I’d have to do the same with a 320.

  18. Glock should absolutely get to capitalize on another company’s mistakes. I don’t like Glocks personally so it won’t change my mind. Lots of new pistols stumble and Sig stumbled over this one. Sig ripped Glock when they dropped the ball, the reverse is completely fair.

  19. If only Glocks looked more like firearms. The baby Glocks are tolerable though, being babies and all.

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