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Anti-gun activists and the media (BIRM) rejoiced at Walmart’s announcement last week “requesting” that customers not open carry in their store.  Now, the New York Times has a piece detailing how, in Texas at least, Walmart has chosen not to enforce its “request” that customers not open carry firearms.

From The Times:

David Amad, a gun rights activist and the vice president of Open Carry Texas, is not especially bothered by Walmart’s recent announcement that it is “respectfully requesting” that customers not openly carry guns into its stores.

Mr. Amad said many of his group’s 38,000 members had carried their guns openly into Walmart stores since the retailer made the policy public last Tuesday. None have been asked to leave.

“They are ducking the issue,” Mr. Amad said of Walmart. “They are trying to get the gun haters to leave them alone, while at the same time leave us alone when we carry in their stores.”

Walmart’s announcement followed the shooting that killed 22 people at its store in El Paso last month, and it sparked similar actions by Kroger, CVS, Walgreens and the Wegmans grocery chain.

The story was originally posted with another title.

Not only did Open Carry Texas spring into action to test Walmart’s resolve, but they then went public touting their findings. It’s almost as if Open Carry Texas is daring Walmart to take more substantive action to end open carry in their stores, once and for all.

open carry holster gun

The public perception-blind Open Carry Texas failed to use common sense when the reporters came calling.  The New York Times ran their story with this picture at the top of their page.

Reuters photo via NY Times.


Don’t these guys understand that they’re representing all of The People of the Gun when they engage in their activism? Not only do they foolishly double down on carrying long guns openly in public, but here’s a guy with no shirt and his underwear showing.

Nothing like playing to the media’s negative stereotypes instead of dressing professionally, or at least business casual to appear in front of reporters covering a national gun-related story.

It’s almost as if some open carriers are bent on setting back gun rights for all of us, in the name of “muh rights!”

How many legislatures will take up open carry restrictions over the next year, in part thanks to open carry activists like these and the guy in Springfield, Missouri?  How many man-hours of lobbyist and activist time will the good guys need to spend in order to beat back these new regulations instead of passing new pro-gun laws?

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  1. Ok… ever consider the possibility that the New York Slimes used an old stock photo?

    Can we quit attacking our own and focus on dealing with the commies?

      • If you think they couldn’t find some open carry yahoos that look like that you are sorely self-deluded. That’s not to say it is fair to characterize gun owners by such a selection, but what else is new.

        Also apparently TTAG doesn’t like me commenting from Estonia. What’s up with that?

        • If you think the New York Times is honest enough to actually go and find some real open carry activists when they have lots of photos whose entire purpose is to make gun owners look bad, then you are mistaking them for an honest reporter of the facts. They aren’t, and likely haven’t been since the death of Adolph Ochs.

    • we can, but know that OC Texas is run by CJ Grisham, and while much of his negative press is just leftist smear, he does have some dumb/shady stuff from before his OC Texas days and his bombastic personality doesn’t help. Not the best figurehead for a movement.

  2. Not going to be enforced here either. I live in a rural town in Nevada with a ton of Veterans and gun folk.
    One of our county supervisors stepped up to lead the charge and Walmart said they won’t enforce it.

    • I was wondering about that…if that particular Walmart where you live (west of L.V.) will be enforcing next time I’m there later this year. When I there just two months ago, nobody cared about either the (properly holstered) pistol on my hip, or the fact that my I.D. is from CA when I bought ammo.

      But we’ll see. I don’t want to push it and be “that California guy” who screwed it up for the locals. I might ask you for your opinion before my next visit.

      • Believe me, nothing you do could screw things up worse than the locusts that move to NV from CA and vote to turn NV *into* CA. My old stomping grounds are a shitshow because of those idiots.

  3. Honestly knowing now Wal-Marts real position I can’t blame them. They are a business wanting to do just that conduct business for all customers. Quite frankly if Walmart wants to be left alone with this BS and this tactic works it’s their right to do it. As a business they are not obligated to choose sides and shouldn’t be forced to unless it is a vital part of their business which it is not.

      • Their corporate lawyers calculate that such a public alignment will influence the cost/benefit analysis in their favor, and give them a hedge in the event some Bernie supporter goes on a shooting binge.

      • Walmart corporate is and if you have ever worked for them you know there’s a difference. When I was younger I worked for a store. Later I worked for a grocery distribution center plus I’ve hauled Walmart freight. There is a huge difference. I don’t agree with it but there again if we are talking about rights that’s their right. See how that works? People don’t like us because we don’t want to give up our guns but atleast for now they have to allow it. Just like we don’t care for their stance on guns but we allow them their opinion. That’s how rights work. We don’t have to like it but we do have to allow it. Walmart atleast for now is doing just that.

    • Walmart is a charter (founding) member of Everytown for Gun Safety’s Responsible Firearms Retailer Partnership program. This goes back to at least 2008.

      The situation is not quite as you represented it.

    • “Quite frankly if Walmart wants to be left alone with this BS and this tactic works it’s their right to do it. As a business they are not obligated to choose sides and shouldn’t be forced to unless it is a vital part of their business which it is not.”

      They chose sides way earlier. They aren’t some innocent corporation caught in the middle. They are actively seeking to disarm the American public.

      • I really wish people would stop being dramatic until it is actually time to be dramatic. Yes there are idiots that think no one should have guns except government. Yes they are stupid but there’s no law against stupidity. Until something actually happens ie guns are taken by force, magazine or gun bans, and so on by the action of a federal law the over dramatization is no better than the libtards democrats. That the same exact thing they do, blow everything out of proportion. Individuals or businesses have the same rights we do. If they want to band together and protest our owning guns? That’s right it’s their right under the first amendment. This back and forth about rights is bullshit if one side thinks their rights are somehow more important than the other. Yes I understand that’s what the left does. Since when does two wrongs make a right? That’s the biggest majority of what I read and hear lately. My rights and the way I view them are the most important and if everyone else doesn’t see it that way they are wrong. What has just been done is that person has alienated everyone else’s rights and how they see them. That’s not freedom, that’s a dictatorship.

        • “So did I like it or not.”

          What a come-back. You gonna tell Mom that I’m in your seat next? ROTFLMFAO, junior.

          “They chose sides way earlier.” – FACT
          “They aren’t some innocent corporation caught in the middle.” – FACT
          “They are actively seeking to disarm the American public.” – FACT

          “I really wish people would stop being dramatic until it is actually time to be dramatic.” – OPINION
          “Yes there are idiots that think no one should have guns except government.” – FACT
          “Yes they are stupid but there’s no law against stupidity.” – FACT
          “Until something actually happens ie guns are taken by force, magazine or gun bans, and so on by the action of a federal law the over dramatization is no better than the libtards democrats.” – OPINION
          “That the same exact thing they do, blow everything out of proportion.” – OPINION
          “Individuals or businesses have the same rights we do.” – FACT and a LIE (Only individuals have rights.)
          “If they want to band together and protest our owning guns? That’s right it’s their right under the first amendment.” – FACT and LIE (see above)
          “This back and forth about rights is bullshit if one side thinks their rights are somehow more important than the other.” – OPINION with some sniveling mantie bunching
          “Yes I understand that’s what the left does.” – OPINION
          “Since when does two wrongs make a right?” – OPINION
          “That’s the biggest majority of what I read and hear lately.” – OPINION
          “My rights and the way I view them are the most important and if everyone else doesn’t see it that way they are wrong.” – OPINION
          “What has just been done is that person has alienated everyone else’s rights and how they see them.” – OPINION
          “That’s not freedom, that’s a dictatorship.” – OPINION

          • Sounds like more opinion to me. Like you calling me junior- opinion because you don’t know me from Adam. Here’s an opinion–childish antics because you want it your way and if it’s not your way nothing else will do, oh wait no that’s fact. Don’t dictate to me dictator. If you are soooo concerned than literally buy into the buying frenzy like everyone did during the 8 years that idiot Obama was president. Then bitch because there’s nothing on the shelves to buy. Eight years of a desert market because of that bullshit and I still have all of my big bad guns and supposed high capacity magazines. More sky is falling bullshit. Put on your tin foil hat and prepare for war if that’s what makes you feel good. That’s your right after all. Not everyone has to agree with you – fact.

        • More of the same nonsense, junior? Bless your little heart.

          You read so much more into what I posted than was actually there. YOU got your own manties in a wad. You deal with it yourself.

          • Yeah more of the same bullshit won’t change my mind geriatric. Keep token on that glass dick though, you can’t fry your brain anymore than it already is. You better be careful though. One of the nurses or aides might catch you.

          • You can stop replying at anytime. That’s what I figured, geriatric that has to have the last word. I’m retired so I don’t have anything overly important going today. I think I’ll just keep responding to every reply. Don’t go whining to the nurse that you can’t have the last word though. They might take your internet privileges away. I anxiously await your reply.

  4. Exactly how is the average Walmart employee or manager going to practically enforce an open carry ban in their stores? The average Wally world employee isn’t getting paid nearly enough to deal with such a task, and the police are going to get tired of responding.

    • Some Walmart stores will simply call the police. It already happened in Lexington Kentucky.

      Those who print while concealing will be next on the agenda at some point.

      • Saw part of that video, I do not understand why he gave his information to the chicken shit Walmart employee, or why he didn’t say to the cop, “since they want me to leave why don’t you and I head on out, that way I am not committing trespass.” This helps out the cops who likely don’t like being used like that anyway. Screw the cowardly Walmart employee who just wants to put you on the corporate shoplifter list out of spite. You might even want to hint to the cop that is likely what want if they demand your name or try to follow the two of you out of the store.

        If Walmart doesn’t want people carrying in their stores they need to clearly post signs to that effect. There are no signs on the Walmarts here in Georgia, and an employee must actually ask you to leave, if that is what they want even with a sign.

  5. There is no such thing as a “People of the Gun”. It is a concept that needs to die a quick and painful death. It makes as much sense as “People of the Pocket Knife” or “People of the Cell Phone”. A gun is a tool you carry and at times use.

  6. Do not shop there if you disagree with their position.

    I have not stepped foot into a Dick’s store since they changed their business practice and there is one store next to my place of work.

    I rather take a 1/2 hour drive to an gun-friendly store to shop.

  7. I wonder if the visible underwear would have come under attack if the wearer had been a black dude instead of a white guy? Probably not since then the writer might be called racist which we know is the 2nd most evil thing in the world.

  8. “Walmart Generally Not Enforcing Their New Open Carry Ban”

    It’s NOT a “ban” it was a request, the same as Starbucks, Target and others had done previously…

    Which is exactly what they said from the very beginning…they had adopted a “non-confrontational” approach…

    Org’s like OCT are going to screw everyone, and this isn’t the first time they’ve decided to play martyr…

  9. If you search YouTube there are many videos of people doing Second Amendment Audits and Open Carry events. Some of them are embarassing, a politically incompetent disaster. Such as the idiot showing us his underpants.

    Clean up.
    Get a hair cut.
    Neaten up that facial hair.
    Best to go as families, kids, grandparents too.
    Present the best possible appearance.

    This is POLITICS.

    Appearance is essential in POLITICS.

  10. I disagree, I think the time to play nice is over. We should be talking about, ok, in light of all these companies coming out against open carry, or carry at all, what is our response? Do we just conceal, or leave guns locked up at home or in the car? Hand over those semi auto rifles, mags, apologize for being bad, never talk about guns in public as they aren’t for polite company?

    The progressives have realized they haven’t made a ton of legislative victories, or at least split, so they are doing everything to win the culture war against us. We still have theoretical gun rights support in the presidency, Senate, and Supreme Court, yet we are on the defensive, fearing our rights will be taken away, cowering in shame at the relentless attacks on our liberty.

    I am not sure what the answer is, but I don’t think we should back down and be nice; our adversaries are not doing so. We can’t accept sitting in the back of the bus anymore, we need to be loud and proud, we need to fight like Hong Kong for freedom. Or, you know, like a Patriot.

    We need to show the culture the Walmart, Starbucks, Apple, CVS, etc are blaming the wrong people, there is a difference between attacking a store and lawful open or concealed carry while shopping.

    Maybe that means civil/cultural disobedience and we do open carry. Maybe we should openly conceal carry (closed/decoy holsters, gun cases, open carry a mag?). Thoughts?

    • We don’t have to “play nice”, but if we’re going to push back, at least put a damn shirt on. When 98% of the media is against you, it’s just idiotic to freely shovel embarrassing crap like this into their lap.

      We have to change the culture first if we want to change the politics. I’m no expert, but I don’t think you change the culture by (figuratively) bashing people over the head until they see things your way. You nudge it, bit by bit, over and over, for years and years. With all the forces against us (hollywood, media, etc.) we’re at a distinct disadvantage. We can’t afford to give the opposing team free points all the time.

    • COLD CALLS RARELY WORK. That’s why Jehovah’s Witness isn’t the largest religion in America, why Kirby sweepers aren’t in every house, and why people don’t go on and on about the wonderful time share presentation they went to on their last vacation. Open carry is pretty much a really crappy version of a cold call. At least with the things I mentioned above there was an individual that tried to communicate with you. With open carry you will get three reactions. The normal person who could care less- you didn’t change their mind. The person who is offended but they were also offended because a coworker said they had red hair when they clearly have autumn sunset rose hair color- you didn’t change their mind. Or the hot headed thug that sees you and thinks “I need to get one of those, that way I will have it when someone cuts me off in traffic again”-okay you really didn’t change his mind just strengthened his decision and he will go on to create another data point for antigunners. Fact of the matter is Walmart “asked” not to open carry. Just like your local church “asked” you not to swear inside. Both are bill of right topics, both are private (non-governmental) entities. It is hard to tell kids you are the role model when you openly say “that rule doesn’t apply to me”.

      Now to your question of what we do. Go get you a Call Of Duty game and see what guns are on there. They have semi auto versions of almost all of them. Some of them even cheap 22LR look alike and you buy as many as you can and you go get your kids, your nieces/nephews, cousins, whoever, and you take them out to shoot. Uncle theunspoken do you care if I bring a couple friends with me next time? You sure can! Because targeted marketing does work. That’s why you google “what’s a Kirby sweeper?” You will see pop up ads for sweepers for the next 10 days.

      Teach them it is the person behind the gun, NOT the gun. Reminding them that voting and educating others is very important. Kids aren’t stupid and remember that someone who is 13 years old today is a voter in the 2024 election

  11. Has anyone even cosidered that “poking the bear” is a stupid fucking idea? Open carry whenever, wherever and whatever your little heart desires, but DON’T GLOAT over that lack of confrontation, all Walmart needs to do is issue a simple statement declaring itself a GUN FREE ZONE and you will have fucked the thousands of gun owners that enjoy the right to carry just as much as you do. It’s been suggested we quit attacking our own but when “our own” are the ones putting us ALL in jeopardy who do YOU blame…. Everyone should be thankful that all Walmart did was REQUEST no OPEN carry and if they choose not to confront someone exercising their open carry rights then cool go on about your day to day and forget about it, but a bunch of childish individuals have to pull a you can’t tell ME what to do and then push it back in Walmarts face when they don’t get a response is not a highly intelligent move….. I guess you really showed them, hopefully they didn’t notice, but I doubt it and the N.Y. Times WILL make it an issue….

    • Which is why we should lobby for a federal statute banning “no gun” signs or any other ban on firearms in any space open to the public.

      They want to play hardball? Let’s play hardball.

      • Oh, so you think violating the Constitution is the way to defend against constitutional violations?


        Your plan runs afoul of speech and property rights.

        And you think that’s cool?


        • If you open your property to the public your property rights have to be weighed against the rights of your would-be customer. Or do you not have a problem with “Whites Only” signs… Typical libertardian. “muh’ private business” bullshit.

        • Barry, are you sure? Can a property owner of a space open to the public prohibit speech? Yeah, yeah, yeah, of course disruptive, loud speech that interferes with the operation or enjoyment of the property, but, can that owner tell you not to discuss religion while on that property? Or circus clowns? Or dinosaurs? So, why would it be a violation of property rights to tell that same business owner that guns cannot be prohibited?

          I am not sufficiently versed in constitutional law to know the actual answer, but, when it comes to law, that guy Occam seems to have gotten it all wrong.

      • Dang, this one just sent chills up my spine. Federal statute banning a “sign” on private property. Change the word “sign” to “gun” and that is the precise thing you are mad about. I am pretty sure that is the definition of “libertardian”. There should be NO federal laws that disregard any portion of the Bill of Rights. To ask for such is dangerous because like I said one word change and you are on the other side. I would be supportive of a law that allows financial compensation for inadequate security on a public entities part but I would probably just prefer to shop elsewhere. Hell more and more stores have car side delivery. Not only could I open carry a pistol I also have a shotgun and ar close by.

        Remember the 2nd is to protect the 1st. Throw the 1st in the trash then there is no need to protect it.

      • Hear, hear!

        I was lukewarm to the idea a few years ago but if these giant corporations are going to meddle with legislation and try to fuck us then they need to get some of it right back. Perhaps, if it’s corporate owned and invites the public in, it cannot post.

  12. Last time I checked, Wally World does not have a store in New York City for folks to shop in or to open carry.
    Maybe now that the New York Times is concerned about Wally World, they will get to open a store in NYC.

  13. Like Trump, you have to watch what they do and don’t get hysterical about what they say, most of it is PR so they can say they have a policy and can enforce it at any time. They certain don’t want to drive off 1/3 of their customers ( well in Texas anyway.)

  14. these stores as far as I know legally, HAVE to comply with state law….no option. if they do not they can have their butts sued. also a great app to download is LEGAL HEAT.

    • Misinterpretation of rights.

      Walmart (and anyone else) has a right to BAN guns from their property. If they don’t use 30.07 signs, they can still do effectively the same thing by trespassing anyone that open carries on their premises.

  15. Coworker of mine went into the local Walmart about 4 weeks ago. He saw someone stick something under their shirt and head for the door as he was getting done at the register. He followed the kid and as soon as the kid got to the door the theft alert device went off. The Walmart employee just walked over and shut the buzzer off. My coworker followed the kid and got the plate number and returned it to the Walmart employee so they could call the police. They said “oh, no, we don’t follow them.” Without even knowing what the kid stole they said it “isn’t worth the hassle”. If they aren’t going to stand up to some pimple faced teenager when they have him on camera and a plate number you can bet your rollback price dollar that they aren’t going to address the 30-40 year old that has iron strapped. Doesn’t make it right but puts it in context.

    My problem is you are going to have some concealed carry mall ninja in Walmart sometime and see some tone deaf open carrier strolling up to the door and try to justify the resulting homicide as fearing for his life because “he wasn’t supposed to be open carrying in here which means he was up to no good. And since he had a gun I feared for my life”. And god knows who else the open carrier will hit when they try to return fire because if they can’t figure out how to sweep a garment and pull the gun then I don’t have high hopes for their marksmanship skills after taking fire first. So you will have at least one dead, one concealed carrier arrested and giving all concealed carriers a bad name, a couple injured (minimum, someone will hyperventilate and need to be transported and someone will need stitches for being cut on broken glass), and little Mikey Bloomberg will get even more data that he wants because two “progun” guys thought they were advancing the cause.

    • Hmmm. Earlier this year, I walked into my local Walmart just in time to see one of the managers physically restraining a shoplifter. Not a Full Nelson type wrestling move, but a simple arm/wrist restraint used by trained LEOs or security. Turned out the guy was caught stealing, and was stopped by the paid staff.

      I almost forgot where I was for a moment. Walmart laying hands on a shoplifter as he was exiting the store with stolen merchandise? I witnessed what was probably the only brave and gritty WM employee I’ll ever see again in my lifetime.

      • Where are you located at? I’m central Indiana. My coworker was thrown off because he used to be a trooper before he retired and started working with us. He went ahead and called the police and told them he handed over the license plate info.

        • SoCal. There are two Walmarts within a few miles of me, in opposite directions, and both a little over 20 years old since they were built. One is in the “nicer” side of town, where this incident happened. Both the employee and the shoplifter were Caucasian. The other WM has been taken over by non-citizens and trashed, if you catch my drift. In every Walmart I’ve ever visited over the past two years, I’ve politely declined the “receipt verification” done as you exit, and the employees always smile and tell me to have a nice day. This is because that procedure is entirely voluntary (once you pay, the merchandise becomes your property and they cannot stop you without probable cause). But the “bad” WM here is very forceful and tries to check everyone because – as one manager told me – the theft percentage there is very high.

  16. IIRC, unless Walmart posts the 30.07 signs at the entrance, they legally can’t stop you from carrying in the store, at least in Texas. They can ask politely not to do it, but if you refuse they don’t have a leg to stand on and they have to let you go about your business.

    • The 30.06/ 30.07 sign only adds the force of law, any business can insist you leave, but ignoring a 30.06/30.07 sign is at least a Class C misdemeanor, which is punishable by a fine of up to $200 but it could be as much as a Class A misdemeanor depending. The possessed a firearm in an establishment which displayed a written notice banning guns, you could face a Class C misdemeanor. If, however, if approached by staff and asked to leave and do not, you could face a Class A misdemeanor offense . Class A misdemeanors are substantially more severe. The offense could carry a punishment of up to a year in a county jail, and a fine of up to $4,000.

  17. Any private property owner can place restrictions on who may enter. However, they cannot do so if it violates a Civil Right.

    What we need is the effort to establish the means of self defense as a Civil Right. No less or different from bans against a race or a religion entering a business.

    On the other hand if Wal-Mart was to ban entry to people displaying their underpants, without regard to any other factor, that’a legal. Those people could be “Trespasses” off the property no problem.

    Of course, being Wal-Mart they’d lose money keeping droopy drawers morons out.

    • “What we need is the effort to establish the means of self defense as a Civil Right. No less or different from bans against a race or a religion entering a business.”

      I agree.

  18. Yes, some of us look ‘unfinished’. (I hear that a lot from my daughter and wife.) And, maybe, some of our unfinished brethren will be photographed, videoed, and even interviewed. OK. That is how some of us look; that is how some of us talk; that is how some of us think. But that is our motley family; we are not monolithic. We do not have a dress code and we do not have rules of political correctness. We are free and we respect each other’s freedom and protect each other’s freedoms.

    That being said, pants are required at my house. Shirts, also. And shoes with socks. And deodorant. But you don’t have to comb your hair.

  19. Are you really trying to assign a dress code to the 2nd amendment? Besides appearances, you are bordering on tyranny for the sake of looking “socially acceptable” whatever that means. You are worried about looking presentable in front of a tyrant? How about not having a tyrant at all. That’s the goal.

    There is something to be said about lax gun safety or holding one’s firearm “at the ready” that can be scrutinized but neither scenario seems to be the case in the photo. I couldn’t care less about how anyone is dressed unless the manner of dress carried with it obvious red flags like:

    Wearing a mask
    Wearing gang colors
    Not carrying safely (ie. no holster for your pistol and tucked in pants)
    Threatening behavior
    Committing a crime

  20. I have lately noticed a few businesses that removed their no-gun signs, but still have a written policy on their website that’s anti-gun. A mall, a movie theater, a big box store. I figure they are trying to stay on the quiet side of things and keep the policy as a way to boot out specific people for cause.

    • Yeah, that’s what my local mall did. Built back in the early ’90s, taken over by a national conglomerate several years ago, and now small signs (with very small text, no visual icons) state that no weapons are allowed. No fanfare, no announcement, no enforcement, just a teeny weeny sign at the side of every entrance all around the mall. My wife never even noticed it until I pointed it out to her, so I doubt if more than 0.1% of everyone else has.

      Besides, “weapon” is rather broad, unless we fall back on the CA State Penal Code’s definitions. If so, then my pocket flip-open knife is fine.

      • Oh, forgot to mention, the movies theaters, too. Last year a security guard (who was temporarily hired for only a few weeks after a mass shooting that made the national news) told me I couldn’t enter with the same folding knife I’ve always carried in that place since it was built(!), and I asked him where the No Weapons sign was. He brought me INSIDE the building and showed me the plaque mounted on the manager’s office door! The “No Guns” icon was only 2″ x 2″, and located about 50 feet inside the main entry doors, so nobody could ever see it. I looked at him and laughed, then kept my blade and continued on to my movie.

        • Waffle House does the same type of thing. Their “no guns” sign is a placard way up on the side of the building. There are a bunch of other rules written on the sign. I can barely read it from ground level. I’ve seen the sign obscured by trees at different locations.

  21. It’s almost as if these huge corporations don’t give a shit either way and just want the path of least resistance and liability.

    Funny how that works.

  22. I don’t know how shirtless dude up there didn’t get noticed, which makes me think that that photo isn’t even related to the story (not too shocking considering the source).

    Like it or not, your appearance matters. Don’t go around looking like a meth-head and odds are you won’t have any problems.

    • “Like it or not, your appearance matters.”

      Wait, you mean that if I don’t go out in public looking like a mall ninja commando dressed for war I will most likely not get negative attention, is that what you’re saying? This could possibly be a novelty idea to some but sounds like it has merit to me. Oh wait, I forgot I don’t dress like that anyway. Maybe that’s why I don’t get attention I don’t want. Interesting concept though.

  23. I never thought they would. Who’s going to bother them, someone who hates their job and being paid minimum wage with zero benefits or overtime? An employee with nothing to gain, bothering a customer who’s armed? I don’t think so. You only create loyalty amongst employees when you pay them well. Walmart doesn’t care about that.

  24. Several years ago, in Peoria, AZ our version of OC Texas staged an open carry “event” in stores and restaurants near a large mall. The result? A BUNCH of new NO GUNS signs, which have the force of law in AZ. I understand the ideological basis for promoting open carry, but in practice, it just seems to make life more difficult and inconvenient for the rest of us. The *best* NO GUNS sign I’ve seen read as follows: “NO FIREARMS ALLOWED” followed by “Except as Allowed by A.R.S. 13-3112”. 13-3112 is the CCW statue. If a business owner believes he/she must post a sign to appease hoplophobic customers, at least this one also made room for lawfully carried, concealed firearms. Not a perfect solution, but we don’t live in a gun friendly society.

    • @OldProf49. Basically the equivalent of Texas 30.06/30.07 ( no CCW / no OCW ) These laws protect gun carriers and the rights of property owners. About the best compromise available to a civilized society.

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