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By Miguel Faria, Jr., MD

The United Nations Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) has failed to materialize because the negotiators have not been capable of reaching a consensus. But as Gun Owners of America stated years ago, “It would be a mistake to believe that it spells the end of the effort to regulate small arms worldwide.”

GOA is correct. Obama administration Secretary of State John Kerry signed the treaty for the U.S. in 2013. But then, Obama’s gun control agenda floundered in his second term, when in 2014 the Republicans gained 13 new U.S. House seats and regained the majority in the U.S. Senate.

President Trump was elected in 2016 and speaking at the National Rifle Association meeting on April 26, 2019, informed announced that he would “un-sign” the treaty. President Trump kept this promise and notified the UN that the U.S. had terminated its legal obligations to the Treaty.

In short, for years the UN has been trying to formalize a global, civilian disarmament measure with the Arms Trade Treaty, circumventing the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. The UN has trampled on and dictated national policy to other sovereign nations in environmental, criminal, and even global tax issues — so why not, the globalist elite ask themselves, try to enforce universal gun control and include America?

The fact of the matter is that the struggle to preserve the right to civilian gun ownership worldwide, including in the U.S., is an ongoing effort, and elitist, globalist organizations are bent on disarming and controlling citizens so as to make their one-world-government dream (and our nightmare) a living reality.

Since the Democrats in 2021 are still pushing for ratification of the Treaty and gun control remains very much on their agenda, Biden will likely re-sign the UN Treaty in the next few months. But the Treaty still requires a two-thirds vote of the Senate for ratification…which the President is very unlikely to get.

Unfortunately, it isn’t only the United Nations’ efforts that citizens of the civilized world have to fear the globalist drive for gun control. The European Union has already joined in the act, and all member nations are targeted. Both the Czech Republic and Poland have expressed concerns and with good historic reasons.

In 1938, Czechoslovakia, mother country of the Czech Republic, was sacrificed and betrayed by its allies, Great Britain and France. Soon after British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, who was deceived by Hitler, returned to England with a piece of paper claiming that he had brought “peace in our time,” Czechoslovakia was invaded and the Nazis ended up took all of Czechoslovakia.

The Czechs could not be protected by the promises of her allies or the military of their own government. Czechoslovakia became a giant armament factory and a fortress for the Nazis.

Poland followed suit in 1939, wiped off the map in the German Blitzkrieg — invaded as it was from the west by the German Army, and from the east by the Russian Soviet army. Thus, Poland was quickly subjugated by her collectivist, totalitarian neighbors — the communist Soviet Union and Nazi Germany, which were allies and co-conspirators via the signed Molotov-Ribbentrop Treaty (aka., Non-Aggression Pact of 1939) that succeeded in crushing and dismantling Poland and the Baltic nations.

After World War II, the masters were no longer the German Nazis but the “liberating” Russian communists, who in the aftermath occupied by force much of Central and all of Eastern Europe using the Soviet Army working in tandem with the KGB. The subjugated peoples were impoverished, disarmed, and enslaved.

With the exception of the Hungarian Uprising in 1956, which was quickly crushed, and the Prague Spring in 1968, which was also almost immediately suppressed, no other major upheaval threatening the Soviet empire occurred until the 1980s with the rise of the Solidarity Movement and the resurgence of the Roman Catholic Church resistance to communism in Poland. Then the sudden tearing down of the Berlin Wall in 1989 took place. The Evil Empire, having rotted to the core, imploded from within and the end of the USSR came in 1991.

So it is easy to comprehend the apprehension the Czechs, Hungary and Poland, former trampled nations and Soviet satellites, feel when contemplating civilian disarmament by mandates of an EU that is still dominated by socialist Western Europe, Scandinavia, France, and Germany. Given their tragic histories, these nations are not easily going along with the EU authoritarian gun control measures.

EU European Union guns

Indeed, the EU, having passed the European Firearms Directive that went into effect on June 13, 2017, has imposed severe restrictions on the civilian ownership of firearms and made it very difficult for EU citizens to obtain a state-issued firearms license. Home and family protection and self-defense are no longer legitimate reasons for civilian gun ownership.

Two months after the Directive was passed, the Czech Republic, which had promised to preserve its citizens’ right to gun ownership upon entering the EU, filed a legal challenge in the European Court of Justice to oppose the onerous gun control measures, demanding that the new gun controls be scrapped, postponed, or that certain countries be given exemptions from the measure.

In the summer of 2021, the Czech government moved to amend the country’s Constitution with a liberty amendment that simply states, “the right to defend one’s life or the life of others, even with the use of weapons, is guaranteed.”

On July 21, 2021, the Czech Senate passed the measure with 54 of 74 senators approving it. The lower House had already approved the amendment on June 28, with 139 out of 148 legislators.

Since the Amendment can be overruled by the EU restrictions, it will be difficult for the Czechs to exercise their natural right to self- and collective defense. The idea is that the people can be trained in the use of arms and form a militia in collaboration with the country’s national armed forces, as an internal measure to combat terrorism and assist police in controlling crime.

I hope Poland, Hungary, and other awakening nations follow suit, and that the U.S., which the Biden administration is trying to take in the other direction, does not limit or discard Second Amendment rights and freedoms. The Czech example is a good first step towards establishing the God-given natural right to armed self-defense, countering the impingement of the globalist EU.


Miguel A. Faria, Jr, MD is a retired professor of Neurosurgery and  Medical History at Mercer University School of Medicine. He founded Hacienda Publishing and is Associate Editor in Chief in Neuropsychiatry and World Affairs of Surgical Neurology International. He served on the CDC’s Injury Research Grant Review Committee. His latest book is America, Guns, and Freedom: A Journey Into Politics and the Public Health & Gun Control Movements (2019).

This article was originally published at DRGO.us and is reprinted here with permission. 

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  1. I hope the Czechs and the Poles tell the EU what they can do with their gun control. The world is in a rough spot right now and the right to self defense is going to be exceedingly important in the future.

  2. What was started as a “Free Trading Zone”, ie the Common Market, has been transformed into a proto United States of Europe, which is not democratic at all and simply seeks to expand the power and wealth of the Elites and to control and impoverish the common people.

    The people of Europe have one last chance to regain their freedom from these totalitarians and reclaim their nations, their birth rights as free men and women, before they are replaced by people from other less developed countries.

    The EU is an Evil organization and must be defeated

    • “Home and family protection and self-defense are no longer legitimate reasons for civilian gun ownership.”

      That tells you everything you need to know about the EU and any government that follows the same path. Denying effective means of self-defense to peaceful people is absolutely and always evil.

    • Rule of Eurp by the French spending productive wealth of Germany.

      I’m pretty sure if the EU dimwits override, by regulation, dictate, or _____ , your CONSITUTION then you are no longer a country.

    • I hope you’re not saying that you didn’t see today’s EU coming. I may not have seen it the first time I heard “free trade zone”, but it sure didn’t take long. It was a done deal when everyone ditched their pounds and lira and marks, and agreed to use Euros for legal tender. He who prints the money decides a lot of things – just like here in the US.

      • The pound was never ditched.

        Britain dipped their toe in the water, and then left. The wise move not to destroy their economy and attempt to match the Mark for the Euro conversion made the exit that much easier.

  3. Solution to the problem, these three countries should follow Britain’s example and leave the EU. They can then form an economic group if their own and invite like minded countries to join them.

    • On point.

      To the article itself, it’s good to see remembrance or knowledge of the screwing of the people when they tried their best to cast off the Commie’s during the darkest periods of the Cold War. And how they were betrayed by the so-called freedom loving countries who promised them aid & support repeatedly. Then slinked away without doing a damned thing they promised while Khrushchev rolled tanks through the gates.

      The 2nd historical big hint that you truly were on your own, and your gov would do nothing to save you. You are your own 1st responder.

  4. And in the past few days we read about 100,000 Russian troops with armor and artillery massing on the Ukrainian border. And China threatening annihilation of anyone coming to the aid of Taiwan.

    The world is going down a very dangerous road right now.

    • gunnygene, That doesn’t mean that we should not stand up for the Ukraine or Nationalist China. Where does the expansion stop?

    • That is in response to the corrupt US backed government in the Ukraine attempting to retake that former part of Ukraine that has always been Russian but somehow got tacked onto Ukraine after the Scond german War. Can’t remember the name of the new contry, but they’ve been Russian for more than a century. They separated fromUkraine a coulle years back, and Ukraine, likley at the pestering of our US string-pullers, wants to take it back,agaisnt the clear will of the people who live there. russia hasmoved to protect their own, not to aggress agsint theUkraine.
      China and Taiwan have gone back at least a century now, Taiwan are bad news for RedCina,as that naitoin is peaceful prosperous, and wants to remain that way. Chia want to rule the entire planet but they can’t even maintain their own huge nationi. Its all about appearance, “face” for them.

      NONE of this has anything to do with the EU wanting a disarmed peonage. I hope the people of the former part of Ukraine arearmed and well supported by Russia. They want to either remain part of Russia or perhaps form their own nation. Pretty wobbly for now, so probably should remian part of Russia.

      • Tionico, The US Government is not “corrupt in wanting the restoration of Ukrainian territory to The Ukraine. IT has been that way for some 50+ years. You might also note that the Ukraine was a part of the former Soviet Union. The separatists tried to ‘secede’ from The Ukraine in an effort to be annexed by Russia. Clearly you are a Russian apologist.

        • I agree with Tionico’s view of Crimea. The Cock brothers invested 14 billion dollars into creating a fascist government in Ukraine, so they could make more money. The fascists immediately started harassing the mostly Russian population of Crimea, making life as impossible as possible. Crimeans told the fascist neonazis to kiss their collective asses, and went back to Russia, taking their property with them.

          The Cock brothers are criminals, and so are almost all members of Ukraine’s government.

        • Paul, you can agree with any old-body you want. Your source happens to be LEFT WING media, which are hardly a reliable source. And it Koch brothers, not Cock. Nice try and thanks for playing, Lefty. To you guys anyone right of Stalin is a “fascist”.
          Let me clue you in about “fascism”. Ever hear of a guy by the name of Giovani Gentile? Google his name. You will find that he was a prominent Socialist who wrote Mussolini’s Manifesto and was a favorite of Adolf. FACT: Fascism is a bed fellow of Socialism. FACTS are funny things. The only reason that Leftists claim that fascists are “right wing”, is because Hitler betrayed your buddy Joe Stalin and invaded. That is when the hatred between Leftists and Fascists began. Pure unadulterated PROPAGANDA.

        • Walter – I’m no lefty. True, I’m not a Republican, I’m registered Independent, but I’m certainly no lefty.

          My news sources don’t include leftist US mainstream media. They do include sources around the world. Ukraine’s government are a bunch of fascists, and they were funded by the Cock brothers. I don’t care how you choose to spell it, but to me, they are just giant dicks.

          Cock money was used to overthrow a corrupt but legitimate government, so that an even more corrupt and fascist government could be installed.

          Propaganda? If you say so. But, you’ll admit that the US is the propaganda master in this world, and have openly admitted so since the end of WW2, when all the propaganda experts went to Wall Street for jobs in the advertising industry.

          I invite you to scrutinize the actions of the Cock brothers, and the government in Ukraine, bearing in mind that most US media is unreliable.

        • Paul, You are not an “independent”. That is pure unadulterated horse pucky. There is no such thing except in the minds of people who have a political belief that they want to hide.
          You don’t use US Leftist sources? No, you use world-wide Leftist-Socialist sources. You are going to tell me that Russian news sources are reliable? You are going to tell me the BBC is not Socialist?
          To me people who use a body part to describe a person are vile themselves. Apparently you consider a corrupt government to be legit? That is a paradox if there ever was one.
          You throw that word “fascist” around like it is a valid description. Clearly, you have supported the Russian claim to Ukrainian territory. Clearly you have no evidence that the current Ukrainian government is “fascist” in your and the opinion of your fellow Leftist-Socialists. I pointed out to you that fascism is actually a facet of socialism. I invite you to come back to American values and shuck your Leftist-Socialist views.

      • I see what you did there, “con” in place of “conn.” Well done. He fooled probably 7/8 of the some 47,000 real live actual voters who intentionally voted for him. They really thought he would be a moderate, the saps.

  5. “the end of the USSR came in 1991”

    The USSR didn’t fall. It merely moved its HQ from Moscow to San Francisco.

  6. “Those who forget history are condemned to repeat it”, the USSR collapsed so Europeans figured they would try a lighter version and created the EU.

    • Imoslty just laugh at it. WHO spent the o=money tomake that abomination? Talk abut a monument that needs to be taken down!!! Melt the metal and use it to make bullets!!! Then pass them out to citizens……..

      We SHOULD kick the UN out of New Yawk, and tell them to take their silly statue with them.

      • “ We SHOULD kick the UN out of New Yawk..”

        Great idea, but they’ll never leave. Just like our local communists, they rail against our freedoms while taking full advantage of the same.

  7. The Senate can go ahead and sign that treaty because in the good old USA Presidents, the DOJ, and the entire national security apparatus just ignore the laws they are bound to observe. And you can lie about anything and everything and nobody cares. Except the public.

  8. First off no foreign power can impact our right to carry a firearm even with Crazy Joe at the helm because it is a Constitutional Right and I doubt seriously if the Supreme Court would allow a treaty that violates those rights to be legal. Can you imagine them agreeing to a treaty that would do away with first amendment rights and the Supreme Court upholding such a treaty? I think not. In addition who exactly is going to collect our firearms even in this Country. Certainly not the people who make the laws and rules because they are a bunch of uninformed cowards and would be carried out in black plastic bags with a zipper if they even so much as showed up at a gun owners house to try doing something like that.
    Additionally with over 150 million gun owners and over 300 million firearms in circulation and only 3 million law enforcement and military in the Country (most of whom they have antagonized and most of whom are not even trained to go door to door collecting firearms) how long do you think that will go on when they start getting shot by people who are not going to have their Constitutional Rights infringed. If they want to see a violent insurrection just start trying to take people’s firearms. In the blue states of NY, CT, and NJ where they tried to either have people register AR15’s or turn in large capacity magazines it was a total failure. It is estimated that in CT, 85% did not, NY 95% did not and in NJ almost 100% did not. So the end result was that the State Police Supt. in each state told their Governor that they would only enforce those rules if they found a violation during the commission of another potential illegal act. So any law enforcement agent who is assigned that task ought to ask one of the rule makers to accompany them and be the first one to knock on the door. If they did that I believe the rules would be reversed.

  9. When a foreign country wants to disarm me that’s all the more reason to be armed.
    I’m still furious over the fact Bill Clinton accepted gifts and a petition from Japan to disarm American citizens.
    He should have been impeached for that.

    • Republicans aren’t much smarter than Democrats. There were good reasons to impeach Clinton, but getting a blowjob, and even lying about it, just weren’t good reasons. Now, giving away military tech to a belligerent foreign power could have worked – but Rs and Ds alike are invested in the Military Industrial Complex.

      • Paul, sorry but Clinton was impeached because he committed the crime of PERJURY. You claim that it was because of what? Sex? It doesn’t matter what the man lied about, the fact remains he committed PERJURY. You claim there were other reasons to impeach? OK, what are they? You have been snookered by your Left Wing Media who want you to believe their demonization of the Republicans and anything that is Conservative.
        That “Military Industrial Complex” nonsense was the figment of Eisenhower’s imagination.

        • When the Libertarians Liberals and the Left complain about government corruption, and those same people were against impeaching Clinton??? That is one reason why I say the three L’s are full of sh!t.

          Regular people go to prison for ANY TYPE of perjury crime.

  10. The governments of Czech/Poland/Hungary should provide a rifle to every person of age 18-50 and provide them free ammo at shooting ranges for target practice. Federal tax discounts for folks able to achieve marksman status.

    Also have a program in their military that would identify thousands of vetted soldiers to be trained in guerilla warfare that would have at the ready emergency access to distributed stashes of claymores and remote detonators.

    Of coarse you’d have to exclude the Islamofascists from the distribution plan.

    • You’re not silly, but you’re leaning in that direction. Each of those nations should do like Switzerland. Mandate universal military service. Everyone serves 6 years in the reserves, and takes their weapons home when not drilling. All former military are elevated to reserve status, and they take weapons home as well. Anyone not mandated already, gets a reward for joining an 18 month reserve duty, and they get to keep their guns as well.

      That way EVERYONE is trained, and well trained, in pretty short order.

      But, Mr. Ambassador, our citizens aren’t armed! Where did you get that idea? Only our military and our veterans have weapons!”

  11. This fear mongering nonsense keeps popping up.

    No, the treaty has ZERO to do with private gun ownership in the USA. That’s been made clear over and over again in various drafts of the treaty. The point of the treaty is about all the small wars and ethnic fighting in places around the world that civilized folks would not care to live in.

    More than that, how little faith some people have in the US Constitution!

    No treat can negate the Constitution. First a Treaty must be ratified in the Senate. That’s a long and bumpy road. Then, if ratified, enabling legislation must be presented in Congress, typically in the House. If a Bill survives that mine field of politicking, it goes to the President as any other Bill would for signing or veto.

    If signed, it will always be challenged. There is already ample precedent that there is not the willingness or desire within the Senate, the House or the Supreme Court for any of that to survive the tumult it would cause.

    The UN Small Arms Treaty, so far as our Second Amendment is concerned, is a red herring.

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