WA State AG Ferguson: Ghost Guns Are A Real Invisible Threat
courtesy WNYC
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Next up in Washington State: going after those scary “ghost guns”…

Now, AG [Bob] Ferguson is looking to ban ghost guns entirely come 2019.

“This is common sense,” he told KIRO Radio.”Ghost guns are a real threat — because they’re made out of plastic, they can go through security at your Seahawks game or at your airport.” …

This would only apply to guns that “cannot be reliably detected by a metal detector,” and would not extend to legal, detectable firearms.

“I don’t think we should wait until we have a problem at a football game or on an airplane,” said Ferguson. “I think it’s important to make sure our laws keep up with the changes in technology that are occurring.”

 – mynorthwest.com, Washington AG targets ban on ghost guns in 2019

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  1. That’s common nonsense!

    The man is an ignorant twit. No such thing as a gun that cannot be detected by modern scanning technology, or even most of the old stuff. Simply too much of it has to be metal. Not the least of which is the ammunition, without which all you have is a paperweight.

    • This is just like the USAToday article about AR-15 attachments. Technically you CAN mount a chainsaw bayonet. They know it’s not a real problem and they’re hoping that ridiculous statements with an element of truth will generate conversations.

      A polymer lower can pass a metal detector so long as it’s by itself. And since that’s the serialized part that technically counts as a firearm, he’s not wrong. But a lower by itself is as big a problem in our nation as chainsaw bayonets. He’s ridiculous and misleading and he knows it. Hoping to influence the ignorant with scary terms

      • Wrong, See link below.

        TSA scans for non metallic weapons already.

        So chock this bull crap right up there with the idea that any child can obtain a nuke and kill us all in our sleep.

        • I’m pretty sure that neither I nor any of the AG’s quotes listed here said “TSA scans”. We both said “metal detectors”.

          I think you know that a metal detector won’t pick up polymer. Which is why you have to act like I said things I didn’t say. So blinded by your hatred and vitriol that you entirely missed the point of me saying this AG is intentionally misleading people.


      • this communist idiot will stand before god and try to bullshit him . he has absolutely no idea how stupid he sounds..BUTone can not hold the truth to a pickle-munching demon-rat with a agenda like his..

      • This is not like the USA Today article. USA Today *might* have some integrity, they will print opposing views to their editorials. AG “Gun Grabbin” Bob Ferguson, on the other hand, is a ferret sent to do a weasel’s job. This is the same idiot that helped get the travel ban overturned in the courts here. The one that was basically identical to the one used in BO’s administration.

        The Puget Sound area is infested by moronic progressive politicians and voters. I feel like Indiana Jones since I moved here – “liberals, it had to be liberals”. Ask about our socialist Seattle council woman (really just a commie) that likes to rabble rouse and stir up shit.

    • No. He’s not. He’s exploiting the ignorance of the general population to gain tacit moral support for his agenda.

      • I live in Washington, and am genuinely unsure if he’s deliberately lying or if he really thinks what he’s saying is true.

        Why anyone thought he’d make a good AG is beyond my comprehension.

        • WA AG is one of the biggest jackasses in the country. He isn’t very bright, I’ve seen enough of him to know that.

        • May not be bright, but he’s still dangerous.

          Ferguson speaks for a LOT of people who hold the same nonsense beliefs. Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.

        • Plastic undetectable guns, huh?

          A complete ploy lower without LPK would likely pass through a METAL detector. NOT a density detector. A striped aluminum lower would not pass. Right. Safe!

          My guess…metal detection is likely a red herring to hide line number 34,573,485 in the bill, which will include the requirement for a serial number and thus a 4473. Under I-1639, if I read it right, pretty much includes keeping future records on sales.

        • I would say it could be either.
          Yes, lying is commonplace. Stupidity is commonplace.
          I think that the most obviously false statements like this come from lack of incentive to be correct. He’s doing this for workplace-productivity/attention/reputation. In other words, he’s trying to “get something done” or at least have people think he is. He reads that a plastic gun can be produced at home, untraceable, and pursues political/public action without thoroughly (or remotely) analyzing what he’s really saying. For him, it’s a win if people recognize him and praise him for this, and/or he gets a better job, and/or gets to stay in his current position, and/or he goes home and feels like he’s intelligent or changing the world for the better, or whatever.

    • A single shot 3d pistol with a lucite or acrylic barrel, muzzle load black powder and a lucite projectile. The only metal needs to be the firing cap and the sharp end of the firing pin.

      A recipe for mass murder!

    • I really hope this jackass is a lying scumbag, since it really hurts to think there might actually be someone that stupid.

    • Sadly it is. The left has become a regressive party of communists and nitwits. It doesn’t help that the GOP has no spine.

      • Nope, no commies or socialists in their party. Even the idiots that use the term “Socialist” aren’t socialists. They are stupidly using a term that means something vastly different from what they are thinking. Causing lots o fpeople to think about Marxist, Leninist and other varieties of centralized planning and control leading to the evils of a Party driven totalitarian state.

        Which makes them nitwits, absolutely.

        Luckily, they have many nitwits to play with in the other party, so loads of room for fun and games in Congress.

  2. Isn’t there already a federal prohibition on the manufacture of undetectable firearms? An AG that doesn’t know the law. Imagine that.

    • Yes but it’s 30 years old so I guess it’s time to…well, I don’t know. I suppose time to grandstand and pretend like you’re doing something even though it was already done a third of a century ago.

    • Criminals aren’t afraid of the federal laws since you can buy undetectable ghost guns on any street corner. I carry 2 or 3 with me when I fly in case my flight doesn’t have a marshall.
      Obviously, state and local laws are needed to put the fear of God into criminals.

  3. As one of the other big gun grabbers in history said “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed”… Oh wait, that was Hitler.

    • Hitler did not ban private firearms ownership for most German citizens. He only banned firearms ownership for Jews and subversives.

      In fact the communists and socialists had loosened gun restrictions before Hitler came to power after the treaty of Versailles.

      “The strict gun laws lasted until 1928 when the National Socialists and Communists enacted the Law on Firearms and Ammunition which relaxed gun restrictions and began using a firearm licensing scheme that allowed Germans to possess firearms.

      In 1938 Hitler passed the German Weapons Act, which only applied to the new qualified “citizen”. Under this law, which applied to all guns and ammunition, it was specifically prohibited for Jews to hold, manufacture, or deal in firearms or ammunition, while making it easier for those in the Nazi regime to acquire and transfer rifles, shotguns, and ammunition. This law exempted holders of annual hunting permits, government workers, Nazi regime members, officials of the central government, states, and employees of the German railway from gun ownership restrictions.

      On November 11, 1938, the Minister of the Interior (Wilhelm Frick) promulgated the Regulations Against Jews’ Possession of Weapons which effectively deprived all Jews living in those locations of the right to own a firearm or any other weapon.”

      • The Left likes the idea of only certain, qualified, certified and known to them people being armed.
        The rest of the Great Unwashed are not to be trusted. They must be managed.

      • A, Ryan was talking about Hitler’s use of telling lies often enough they will eventually be believed

        B, Even if he was talking about Hitler taking guns from people…. your statement didn’t refute that. Hitler took guns from the Jews so they would be less able to fight back when he rounded them up and threw them into gas chambers. This is the way of dictators whether they do it to their entire population, or just the elements they want defenseless.

        • The point of my post is that the communists and socialists loosened restrictions on private firearms ownership and when Hitler came into power he disarmed the Jews and other “subversives” so that he could continue his reign of terror. The point is that the communists and socialists were on the right side of history in Germany by loosening restrictions on firearms and it wasn’t until Christian Hitler came into power that the Jews lost their rights.

        • So…. you think that Communists and Socialists have the way of things and are morally superior because in one instance they loosened gun restrictions. Because of this, Hitler being a Socialist had nothing to do with his persecution of Jews. Good so far? However many good Christians out there though, you want to paint Hitler’s religion as being a defining factor in his persecution of Jews. Nice double standard there.

          And you’re so desperate to push this agenda that it doesn’t matter if someone is talking about Socialists or Communists, you’re just gonna throw out those double standards anyway?

        • Hitler did not take the Jews firearms because Hitler was a socialist, Hitler took the juice bar arms because he was an anti-semetic Christian.

          The first treaty Hitler signed when he came into power was with the Catholic Church, as did Mussolini. Remember, as Hitler himself said “God is with us “ Gott mit uns.

          The point is, socialists aren’t necessarily always your enemy and Christians aren’t necessarily always your friend.

        • Gotcha, so I was spot on then. Hitler was a Socialist and a Christian and many other things. But you’ve taken the places where you agree with Hitler, like Socialism, and come up with reasons to dismiss them as negatives. And you’ve taken the things you disagree with Hitler on, like religion, and decided that’s the reason he gassed Jews. Because… what? You can read his mind and are the expert on his thought processes?!?

          Hitler was a terrible person. The point of the comment you responded to was that terrible dictators take guns away from people they want to persecute. Nothing you’ve said changes that and your ridiculous double standards aren’t going to turn anyone here into Communists or cause anyone to change their religion. Promise

        • Every dictator claims they’re on the side of God. The Egyptian Pharaohs, Hitler, Muhammed, even Genghis Khan. This thought that the Christian ones are proof of how bad Christianity is a garbage argument from a garbage human being.

        • Sorry, German anti-Semitism predates Hitler and socialism by many years and the origins are based in the Christian faith’s rejection of the Jews.

          “The term “antisemitism” was coined by the German agitator and publicist, Wilhelm Marr in 1879. In that year, Marr founded the Antisemites League and published a book called Victory of Jewry over Germandom.[123] The late 1870s saw the growth of antisemitic political parties in Germany. These included the Christian Social Party, founded in 1878 by Adolf Stoecker, the Lutheran chaplain to Kaiser Wilhelm I, as well as the German Social Antisemitic Party and the Antisemitic People’s Party. ”

          You may note above the involvement of Kaiser Wilhelm’s Lutheran chaplain in the anti-Semitic movement, I can assure you that Kaiser Wilhelm was not a socialist.

          After World War II the Catholic Church did not Excommunicate any Nazis, even the death camp oven operators were not excommunicated by the Catholic Church.

          The problem is nationalism wrapped in the flag of religion led by an authoritarian. Kind of like what we have now in the US.

          It is interesting that I state historical facts, and the replies call me a garbage human being. A clear indication of the intellectually bankrupt who resort to personal attacks when they cannot refute the facts.

        • As a non-religious person I find this argument about religion and nationalism wanting. The original author is also ignorant of history.

          A huge, and in this case completely overlooked, part of Nazi thought was the pseudoscience of eugenics. The Germans did some seriously fucked up shit in Africa in the late 1800’s. They justified breaking a treaty and wiping out one tribe while breaking another treaty and enslaving the population by saying that blacks were subhuman and inferior because science. Therefore it was A-OK to kill blacks or work them to death.

          This kind of thinking pervaded the Nazi party decades later. It was also championed by the Fabian Socialists in Britain and Progressives in the US as late as the early 1940’s. In fact, Planned Parenthood was created by Margaret Sanger expressly for the purpose of taking advantage of “stupid blacks” so that they would abort their race into oblivion.

          At no time did religion play a major role in any of this. It was wrapped in the flag of science and was meant to get rid of people the socialists and progressives didn’t like, especially “…those who consume more than they produce…” which was code for “Jews” because Jews tended to have a lot of money but be engaged in “non productive” parts of the economy such as banking or business. It also played into already prevalent feelings of racism, anti-Semitism and other forms of bigotry.

          Hitler, had he won the war, would have screwed Haj Amin and the Palestinians as well. Not because they were Muslim but because in Hilter’s ranking system of the races the Arab was actually a lower form of life than the Jew.

        • Facts? So you know that all dictators use the claim that they’re doing God’s work regardless of religion… right? I see you lacked the mental capacity to address that earlier. That’s that double standard stuff. You know of bad Socialists, bad Muslims, bad Christians, bad Communists, dictators of every religion, did you know there were even bad Jews? But you ignore and excuse everything except Christianity. You are biased and filled with double standards. You are a garbage person. That’s not because of any facts you produce about specific individuals who were bad people. It’s that you use bad apples in an attempt to denigrate vast swaths of people.

        • Yo, there are bad Christians, too! Even priests! Bishops!! FUCKING CARDINALS!!!! WTF does that have to do with anything? You’re trying to get an argument going about nothing.

        • “while breaking another treaty and enslaving the population by saying that blacks were subhuman and inferior because science.”

          Excellent description of one of the many reasons the American southern states justified slavery in the 1800s. And like the Germans, they preached directly from the Bible’s Endorsement of slavery to justify the practice.

          “But you ignore and excuse everything except Christianity.”

          Nope, the Israelis actions from 1947 to the present day in Palestine are inexcusable, as I have stated on this very forum.
          And the wahabi Muslims present probably the greatest religious danger on the planet today.

          But America is not based on any religion, we are a secular nation and therein lies the greatest freedom.

          As a great American once said: “in every age it has been the tyrant, who has wrapped himself in the cloak of patriotism, or religion, or both. “

        • Actually, the Jews have been persecuted for religious reasons in Europe for 1000 years.

          Again, I can assure you there was no socialism or scientific method in Europe in 1096 to inform the anti-Jewish hatred, it was based directly upon Christian beliefs. And as you’ll read below the Nazis co-opted many of these religious hatreds in order to justify their anti-Jewish final solution.

          “In 1096, however, knights of the First Crusade unleashed a wave of anti-Semitic violence in France and the Holy Roman Empire, including massacres in Worms, Trier (both now in Germany), and Metz (now in France). Unfounded accusations of ritual murder and of host desecration and the blood libel—allegations of Jews’ sacrifice of Christian children at Passover to obtain blood for unleavened bread—appeared in the 12th century. The most famous example of these accusations, that of the murder of William of Norwich, occurred in England, but these accusations were revived sporadically in eastern and central Europe throughout the medieval and modern periods. In the 1930s the blood libel became part of Nazi propaganda. ”

          And this hatred of the Jews continues even today in America, does the attack on the synagogue in Pittsburgh help or hinder the efforts to protect the second amendment? Do religious-based hatreds like demonstrated in Pittsburgh help secure our liberties?

        • “Excellent description of one of the many reasons the American southern states justified slavery in the 1800s. And like the Germans, they preached directly from the Bible’s Endorsement of slavery to justify the practice.”

          The Bible doesn’t have an “endorsement” of slavery in it. It has rules for the treatment, acquisition and trade of slaves. Even as an agnostic I know this because I actually bothered to read the book in question. Also, Abolitionists used the Bible just as frequently to support their position for the end of slavery.

          “Again, I can assure you there was no socialism or scientific method in Europe in 1096 to inform the anti-Jewish hatred…”

          Once again, a complete lack of historical context. Jews in Medieval Europe were hated generally due to socio-economic disparity. The Jews could lend money with an interest rate whereas Christians could not because the Catholic Church considered any interest rate to be “usury” which is forbidden in the Bible. Those who would profit from money-lending would, under Church law, had to become part of what we would call a “joint venture” and assume the risks of the business the same as the person taking the “loan”. As such, Jews became bankers and became wealthy by making loans to Christians who were religiously forbidden from entering the same trade. If you read the philosophy of St. Augustine or Thomas Aquinas you will find this topic discussed at length as early as the late 4th Century (Acquinas obviously discussing it later than the 4th Century since he wasn’t born until the 13th Century). The Church didn’t change, er, well relax it’s view on usury until hundreds of years later.

          On top of this by the time we get to 1096 we’re well past the Umayyad Caliphate (~660-750AD) which had captured parts of Europe. We’re also well past the adoption of the Constitution of Medina (622AD) which effectively shielding Jews within the Muslim world from ill treatment. This led to a situation where Jews were common throughout the Muslim world, including those lands captured from Christians such as modern day Spain, Portugal and Southern France. Their unpopularity with Christians was demonstrably exacerbated by thier relatively protected status within the various Caliphates that preceded the Almohad Caliphate. Jews paid a price for the protection they got under the Constitution of Medina. A pretty heavy one too since in they were still salty enough to complain about their forcible ejection from those areas (1492 following the withdrawal of the Almohad Caliphate in 1491) at a Palestinian-Israeli peace conference held in Madrid in 1991.

          We also have a problem that anti-semitism shows up in the Iberian Penninsula BEFORE the Reconquista and is perpetrated by Muslims who ignore the Constitution of Medina under the previously mentioned Almohad Caliphate which is much more hostile to non-Muslims than it’s predecessors. So it’s not “just Christians” engaged in this behavior.

          Further, anti-semetic themes and overt anti-Jew hostility can be traced back via Roman works to Greek writings and finally to those of the Egyptian priesthood who were openly hostile to Jews from before the birth of Christ. Numerous examples of attacks on Jews during the Hellenistic Period in Greece are well known and documented as early as 300 BC. Such problems existed, on and off, in the Roman Republic and later the Roman Empire as well. Many of the documented Roman cases also occurred before the birth of Christ.

          It’s certainly true that many Christian sects have taken anti-semetic stances. Some have done so for a long, long time. However it’s simply incorrect to ascribe anti-semitism, including in Nazi Germany, to the sole cause of Christianity. Hitler’s use of religion as an excuse for his actions is far more plausible and is in fact demonstrable. Hitler pretty much had a world-view that could be summed up as “If it ain’t white it ain’t right” and could be more finely tuned to state that if people were not specifically Aryan then they were a class of sub-human. After all, it’s not like Hitler had a problem with the mass murder of Christians of Slavic decent who also were white and Christian.

          I mean, if Hitler was a such a Christian nutbag why did he send Franz von Papen to cozy up to the Turks during WWII? Hitler would certainly of known, in fact pretty much could not have not known, that the Ottoman Empire 20 years before had massacred as many as 1.5 million Armenian Christians. Maybe it’s because Hitler was driven by things other than some deep Christian convictions, mmm? It’s pretty obvious that Hitler, like pre-Darwin Southern slave-holders, was driven by other things like attaining and holding power combined with outright racism. Applying a “Christian facade” to his ideas falls squarely under what we might call “advertising”.

        • S9, thank you for the excellent summary of history, a clear illustration of religious persecution. Yes, religion was just a façade behind which lies greed. and a lust for power.

          No, Hitler probably wasn’t all that religious nor motivated by religion. But most if not all of his followers were indeed motivated by their faith and a sense of entitlement, kind of like America’s Monroe doctrine. The savages are not worthy of their land and besides that they are not Christian so we can take their stuff once we’ve killed them.

          A clear illustration of the dangers represented by the fantasy religions of sky daddy directing invasion and killing.

        • “But most if not all of his followers were indeed motivated by their faith and a sense of entitlement…”

          Entitlement perhaps, faith, doubtful. The punitive nature of the Treaty of Versailles and the subsequent, and intended, destruction of the German economy played a massive role in this.

          Sure, some of the high ranking Party leadership under Hitler were religious fanatics. That is beyond dispute but there is little evidence that this same statement can be applied to more than a small sliver of Germany’s overall population.

          The Jews had long been disliked, as previously noted, for their banking skills and resulting high socio-economic status. This made them an easy scapegoat for the Nazi Party to blame for the economic problems in Germany following the end of WWI. Jews were, also as previously noted, considered people who “consumed more than they produced” by Socialists world-wide from about 1880 onward. As such, they, along with the other “unproductive and undesirable” elements of society were as easy target to blame for Germany’s economic woes. Doing so fit nicely with already accepted views on the Jews as “freeloaders” taking advantage of the poor and desperate that were held by the general population and fit perfectly into the Socialists scheme of how to “reorder” the economy. They also happened to fit perfectly into Hitlers ideas of a “pure Aryan race”.

          Hitler essentially offered the German people a deal that he was dishonest about. He would gain power by assigning blame for Germany’s position, rebuild the strength of Germany’s military, thereby breaking the Treaty of Versailles, finance the whole thing by looting other countries while getting his “breathing room” and at the same time get to murder all the people he didn’t like. Hitler’s actions to the East of Germany before the outbreak of actual war were not just land grabs, they were blatant robbery of those countries to refill Germany’s coffers.

    • I just researched this. It looks like Adolph Hitler first stated the general concept and his Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels issued the specific statement that you quoted.

      Bravo sir.

  4. If anti-gun Democrats were prevented from saying anything they know to be untrue, they would be unable to speak a word.

  5. Let him proceed, since the net result would be banning nothing. He should also ban Unicorn Daggers. They are completely invisible and undetectable.

    Do you have to prove you are more stupid than a flat river rock to get elected to Public Office in the State of Washington? I know that is the case in California these days.

        • “or in the case of Donald Trump, you only have to get 46% of voters to vote you in,”

          Or, in the case of Slick Willie, you only need 43%, thanks to H. Ross Perot and he Electoral College.

        • Well, in the case of Trump, he only needed to be smarter than Hillary’s election campaign, a ridiculously low bar.
          He understood how the Electoral College works, she didn’t. It really is that simple.

        • The Electoral College is one of the best things this nation has going for it right now. Always has been, actually.

          It was specifically crafted to make sure that hordes of morons in states like California can’t overwhelm the voters in smaller states in presidential elections, and it mostly works.

      • Somehow I cannot apply the word “smart” in any form to any of this. I would have to say you have to count on 51% of the Voters to be even more stupid than you are…{which does not appear to be too risky a bet these days}

        ING is correct, if we were to lose the Electoral College, it’s the Death Knell for the U.S. Constitutional Republic.

        • “I would have to say you have to count on 51% of the Voters to be even more stupid than you are…{which does not appear to be too risky a bet these days}”

          Not 51%

          Slick Willie was elected by a plurality of the popular vote. Pluralities are normal in many elections, at various levels of government. Beware of these phrases, “Members voting” ; “Members present”, when it comes to the outcome of votes.

        • Yeah, so 50.00001% would do it {might even be 50.000000001%}…depends on how you count the “Voting Dead” and the number of “Voters” in the particular contest {living and dead}…the News Media will round their report to the whole number and a tenth because the Newsies regard their viewers as too stupid to deal with a more complicated fraction. But you’re right it only takes a mere plurality, or the simplest of simple majorities in local and regional elections. In the EC, you can win the popular vote and lose the Electoral College, which is why Democrats love the National Popular Vote movement.


    • Don’t underestimate this guy.

      The next step is claiming that you and I are in possession of said Unicorn Daggers — and the “unicorn daggers” will turn out to be some very real, very ordinary things we own.

      There are a LOT of people who believe him and are perfectly willing to vote your rights and theirs away — and have the government take our rights and property at gunpoint, or our lives if we put up too much fuss — just to be safe from imaginary ghosts.

      • Maybe *YOU* own those things, but I sure don’t. In fact, I am so sure of that that I don’t even need to check and recheck what the rules are, if there is a change you can advise me. Of course, I don’t answer the phone, don’t read texts, throw away junk mail, so I guess you have to come to my door. A *VERY* bad idea.

        • “Of course, I don’t answer the phone, don’t read texts, throw away junk mail, so I guess you have to come to my door. A *VERY* bad idea.”

          Now, THAT is funny !

      • Agreed. Don’t forget that where the Democrats are concerned “Unicorn Daggers” magically become whatever a Democrat SAYS they are. Unfortunately, this mental process is infectious, spreading to the sitting POTUS and the NRA, as in the recent case of Bump Fire Stocks. This is why the U.S. Constitution is now regarded as an irrelevant anachronism, illegal immigrants have legal rights in the U.S. once they set foot on U.S. soil, boys will be girls whenever they want to be [and vice versa], boxes of Ballots favoring Democrats “appear” in Airport Storage Areas two or three days after Election Vote Tallies show Not-Democrats have won an Election, Christmas is no longer primarily a celebration of the birth of Jesus the Christ and you can add your favorite Magical Unicorn Dagger Transmogrification to the list…

  6. Shades of the old Mario Biaggi scam on Glocks when they were new. And Biaggi, an ex-cop who ended up going to jail later, knew better all the time.

  7. Ferguson isn’t an idiot. He’s a politician saying what he needs to say to appeal to the increasingly left Seattle area.

    Governor Inslee has all but declared he’s running for president. AG Ferguson is likely positioning for a run for governor.

    • Bingo – Fergie and Inslee are all busy fluffing up each other’s feathers for a nice run for higher office. And Ferguson has to be delighted that whatever anti-gun legislation that he requests that DOESN’T pass, will remain undead and reemerge as a billionaire-funded ballot initiative that likely WILL pass.

      Only 15 years ago or so, Washington was a decent state to live in. I’ve been here since 1979, but the trend is clear that nobody with conservative values will be able to tolerate the idiocy being foisted off as public policy for much longer.

  8. It’s because of morons like this AG. I’m glad I’m on the downside of my years. I don’t have to deal with morons much longer. Makes me sad for anyone much younger then myself.

  9. The only thing he has going for him is that he’s slightly less dumb than those who support/elected him….Professional politicians, they rate somewhere below whale feces and slightly above pedophiles….Slightly..

  10. I live in WA and there are no words to express my absolute hatred for this man. Before I retire every night I pray that he gets metastatic pancreatic cancer and dies an agonizing death as revenge for his attacks our second amendment rights here in WA. He’s behind everything, and this session coming up is going to transform us to CA.

    • Who needs 2A rights when you can go get all the heroin you want. Ferguson would rather prosecute a law abiding gun owner than a doped up heroin junky.

    • Right there with you, Mark. He must stay awake at night trying to figure out new ways to screw us over. May he soon go the way of Paul Allen. Maybe Nick Hanauer will invite him for a yacht ride and they can share a tragic boating accident.

        • Unless you are stupid superstitious, you have to realize that what you “wish”, or “hope”, doesn’t change a thing in the real world, I hope for some really horrendous things to happen! And don’t feel a bit guilty.

        • Oh, shoot, I forgot “pray”! Praying for something makes absolutely no difference in the real world, either. Knock yourself out.

  11. Let’s all stay under the covers and never, never get out of bed.
    But wait, is it security under here or the walls of hell…..

  12. every person in washington state needs to watch for a big shooting incident ..this communist ass-wipe has no love for any part of the constitution that he can’t turn into a hit on freedom or a hit on trump. i wouldn’t put it past him to engineer a “shooting” just to prove a point..

  13. He needs to get his terminology straight, because he’s opening himself to a yuuuge trademark infringement lawsuit. The originators of “Ghost Gun” designated it for reference to unserialized and therefore untraceable firearms, specifically those privately manufactured for private use by individuals without a manufacturing FFL. This politician is mis-applying the term to undetectable (not untraceable) firearms.

    They’re totally different scourges.

  14. I wonder how anyone can come up with a system for enforcing such a law.
    If the gun is “undetectable,” it can’t be seen. Therefore how would any LEO know when he was presented with one?
    The possibilities for a really fun time at a “buyback” come to mind…
    “Hey, there’s a “buyback” for undetectable guns. Let’s go.”
    “Sure, I have one. They are giving a $200 card for each one turned in.”

    “Here’s my undetectable gun, may I have my card?”
    “Where is the gun?”
    “Right there on the table.”
    “I don’t see it.”
    “Well, duh. It’s undetectable.”
    “Well, if I can’t see the gun, you don’t get a card.”

    • In 2010 a guy allegedly sold an air guitar on E-Bay that had been played at a Bon Jovi concert. It sold for about $5.00. I asssume delivery was by e-mail. Or perhaps fax.

      • “In 2010 a guy allegedly sold an air guitar on E-Bay that had been played at a Bon Jovi concert. It sold for about $5.00. I asssume delivery was by e-mail. Or perhaps fax.”

        I actually saw that transaction. The air guitar was delivered via Twitter.

  15. WA State AG Ferguson is eyeing a presidential run. Emboldened by the success of I-1639, which actually failed in the large majority of Washington Counties, but passed in population saturated King county, is shaking out the anti-gun rug. On his list is standard capacity magazines and modern sporting rifles.

    This is becoming tiresome and the plans for the new state of Liberty are well on their way and I thought it was just a pipe dream. It’s not.

    • Unfortunately, it is not a pipe dream. Now that I-1639 redefined “assault rifles” as ALL semiautomatic rifles (regardless of features and caliber). Even semiautomatic .22 rimfire with fixed tubular magazines of any capacity are now “assault rifles” in WA. The AG submitted 3 initiatives, the first initiative will BAN ALL semiautomatic rifles (since that they are all now “assault rifles”) capable of accepting a detachable magazine (and/or) ALL semiautomatics with fixed magazines with one of any feature (pistol grip, muzzle device, threaded barrel, folding stock, bayonet lug, etc.). The second initiative will BAN all magazines holding more than 10 rounds of ammo. The third initiative will ban 80% lowers and other parts (such as assembled uppers) that can be built into a homemade firearm. If these initiatives don’t pass in the legislature closing in April 2019, they will be introduced as direct to ballot initiatives for a vote by the people, at which time they will pass by 60% in WA.

      • That’s the problem we have on the East Side of the state. It doesn’t matter what we vote for. The majority of the state can vote against something but as long as money is thrown around in the Seattle area, it passes.
        I personally don’t give a flying bat sh– what passes. It won’t change what I own or what I do. If I get too bent out of shape, I can easily sell my place and buy a nice place 20 miles east of me in Idaho and won’t have to deal with that POS.

  16. Don’t tell anyone but I printed a gun out on my 3D printer made out of 100% plastic. I made some plastic bullets and cases and primers also. Not a lick of metal in any of it.

  17. Wa AG Bob Ferguson Has gone full retard on guns. However the eastside of the state is actually a gun sanctuary. L.E. on the eastside of the state will not enforce these new gun laws because every officer and deputy I have spoken with acknowledges that it is unconstitutional no matter what Bobby Ferguson thinks.

    • Gun shops will have to tow the line. There’s no getting around that. Having to get training to buy XX##, that’s just the way it is. Now if they ban stuff and gun owners thumb their noses, not much is going to happen in the majority of Washington counties counties. Let’s just hope Ferguson moves on.

  18. Bob Ferguson is one of the absolute worst weasels in WA state. That little fucker is a straight up liar…(many other things too)

    • Actually, he is the worst. Enemy number one for sure. Inslee is second and then there are various Communist senators that are tied for third: Frockt, Pederson, Dhingra among others. They all deserve to be mauled by a grizzly bear.

  19. all you have to do is look at seattle pot-lickens,queer mayor,communist city council,dog-shit stupid congresswoman,more lickety-splitters AND PICKLE-MUNCHERS than sanfranshitsco, with an over-load of illegals,welfare bums and just plain old undesirables..then you know just what we have to look forward to..


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