Mossberg MC1sc 9mm subcompact
courtesy Mossberg
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Mossberg hasn’t offered a handgun to the public in almost a century. But with the announcement of their new MC1sc 9mm striker-fired subcompact single stack pistol, the gun maker best known for their ultra-reliable and eminently affordable shotguns and rifles is back in the concealed carry business in a big way.



The new 6+1 MC1sc (7+1 with the included extended magazine) will be available in models either with or without a reversible crossbolt safety.

Mossberg MC1sc with cross-bolt safety
Mossberg MC1sc model with optional cross-bolt safety (courtesy Mossberg)

Note the optional cross-bolt safety just behind the trigger in the image above.

Mossberg MC1sc subcompact pistol
courtesy Mossberg


courtesy Mossberg

The gun notably features a flat-faced trigger with a blade safety, “Clear Count” see-through magazines and their “Safe Takedown System” that doesn’t require a trigger pull to disassemble the gun.

It’s being offered in four models:

From the Mossberg site:


Trouble is unpredictable. It shows up without warning. It rears its ugly head when and where you least expect it. Trouble has no conscience. No regrets. No remorse. So be prepared. And be protected. Introducing the MC1sc Subcompact 9mm Pistol by Mossberg. Combining optimal shootability with superior ergonomics, the MC1sc features an optimized grip angle for easier targeting, a flat-profile trigger for an improved pull, and our exclusive Safe Takedown System™: a design that does not require the user to pull the trigger during the disassembly process. The MC1sc Subcompact 9mm Pistol. Be ready to strike back.


The MC1sc was built for concealment with its slim, dehorned profile that allows for a snag-free draw. Weighing only 22 ounces fully loaded, its lightweight and durable polymer construction is perfect for everyday carry. And with its grip palm swell, the MC1sc will feel natural and comfortable in your hand. Grip panels are integrated with aggressive texturing for added control. It all adds up to the ultimate concealed carry firearm.

Mossberg MC1sc subcompact 9mm striker fired pistol
courtesy Mossberg


  • Capacity: 6+1 Flush Mag, 7+1 Extended
  • Safety: Integrated trigger blade safety, optional cross-bolt safety
  • Frame: Polymer
  • Overall length: 6.25 in.
  • Barrel Length: 3.4 In.
  • Height: 4.30 in.
  • Width: 1.03 in.
  • Weight: 19 oz. empty, 22 loaded
  • Sights: Dovetailed 3-dot
  • Pull Weight: 5-6 lbs.

MSRP for the base models will be a very affordable $425.



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      • One thing not mentioned here, but confirmed over at TFB is that this thing takes Glock 43 mags. IMO that makes it a very intriguing option.

      • Why , you ask. It’s a striker fired polymer pistol that is why. Glock needs to make one more model, call it the “Highlander” then stop production on all other models.

    • Intriguing, yes.
      Looks like the love child of a Glock 43 and a Ruger SR9c.
      So which was the sire and the dam?

    • Ironically, a nice thing about Mossberg shotgun safeties, is that they’re fully ambidextrous with no mods, unlike Remington’s crossbolt safeties.

      • Ha yes.

        As a leftie I’ve always loved the Mossbergs. Until I discovered Bianchi. Which is a whole different problem. ($$)

  1. Helluva time to post. Shame, Esoteric Inanity was expecting something in at least 20 gauge.

      • Rust, the IRS, bats and BATFE, such things could keep one up at night. While Esoteric Inanity is impressed with Dan Zimmerman’s devotion and vigilance, it is typically this one that wouldn’t post at this time. He is usually on the lookout for phantasmagoric simulacrums.

        However, this song does come to mind:

        Dear God, Esoteric Inanity has just awoken to terror. A report that next to Vermont, Wyoming is the state receiving the highest influx of New Jerseyans. Need to get silver, garlic, holy water and a four leaf horseshoe, something has to ward them off.

        Anyhow, cheers and have a pleasant evening.

        • Block New York, Jersey, and Philly sports games from the airwaves and cable. That should work better than garlic.

        • “Block New York, Jersey, and Philly sports games from the airwaves and cable. That should work better than garlic.“

          The garlic is for Esoteric Inanity, it helps to clear his sinuses.

  2. By comparison the Kel-Tec P-11 can hold up to 12 9mm cartridges or even 13 with a +1 magazine extension. The other specs are very similar except for the fact that the Kel-Tec has a DAO trigger pull similar to a D/A revolver.

    17.1 oz (480 g)
    5.6 in (14 cm)
    Barrel length
    3.1 in (7.9 cm)
    1 in (2.5 cm)
    4.3 in (11 cm)
    Short Recoil, DAO
    Feed system
    10 or 12-round magazine

      • I bet you never owned a Kel Tec. I have 3 P11 Kel Tec pistols. They live in our vehicles. They are loaded with 12 rounds of 147gr hollow points. I have never had any malfunction of any kind. They all have the pocket clips which make them easy to carry if you left your every day carry at home. I can rapid fire them at 5 yards and hit center mass with every round. My only complaint would be a heavy trigger pull but that is probably a good thing because you won’t accidentally shoot it.

        • My P11 was a POS. Had to go back to KelTec and still wasn’t fixed. When it worked, I hated shooting the damned thing. Felt like getting hit with a hammer in the web of my hand and I’m not sure why. My .40 Shield is only a couple ounces heavier, has more energy, but is much more pleasant to shoot.

        • Just bought a keltec P32. I got one magazine out of it then the takedown pin started coming out. I’ve got the parts from the company to fix it but still….
          The MOSS will be a wait and see just like the remingtons or sigs. I’ll let then fan club find the issues first because my money is valuable.

      • I have a Kel-Tec P3AT .380. Never a problem with it.

        But will be watching this new Mossberg pistol, see how it does and where the retail price settles. Because I like my Mossbergs, simple as that.

        • Same here. It’s not a target pistol nor a bear stopper but I’ve never had a problem with it. The P3AT gets a bad rap but I’ve known several people who own the .32 and .380 versions who put several boxes of different ammo through it. They didn’t send it in for polishing or mods. I just clean and lub it after a session and it works.

      • I’ve had a P-3AT .380. I fill it with Buffalo Bore 380 Auto +P Ammo – 100 gr. Hardcast F.N. (1150fps/ M.E. 294 ft. lbs.)

        It’s never failed, but shooting it is kind of like being bitten by a snapping turtle.

      • Keltec PF9. I sometimes wish it would break. Something is wrong with the design of that little gun. More snappy than my XDS45. Running like a top for many hundreds of rounds. Very low weight DAO trigger (that needs overtravel reduced by right about 5mm).

  3. I won’t be the first to buy one, but I’ll pick one up after they’ve been out a while.
    Hopefully street prices will be $300ish.
    I like the looks and numbers.

    • First street price I heard was $349, which is $79 higher than the Shield at Buds. That’s going to be a tough sell, I mean they will sell some I’m sure – but if you HAD to buy one TODAY, there’s no way I’m paying $79 more for something completely unproven. Especially with some of the issues that new firearms have had over the last decade.

      • Yet people pay + $100 more for a G43 over the Shield. I see the Mossberg MC1 as viable alternative to G43/Shield/LC9sPro, and Mossberg already has many options for sights and holsters on their web site. I think they may be a serious contender as long as reliability is similar to G43/Shield/LC9sPro

    • They will $220 at CDNN in about 9 months.

      The only way they will play in the single stack 9 market.

  4. NICE!
    Can i test it? And pay less for the used piece after?

    Be something im interested in. That and the Gock 21..

  5. Looks like it has all the bits to potentially be a solid option. That flat trigger could be promising as long as it doesn’t break like fiberglass.

  6. So the G43 and Shield have a new competitor. Good luck to the folks at Mossberg. I hope your entry into the 9mm carry gun market goes more smoothly than it did for Remington and Honor Defense.

    • Yeah… This is another G43, hopefully with good sights. It isn’t a shield or P365 killer.

      I’m just not seeing this impacting the LCP, LC9s, G42/43/43x, P365/P238/P938, or shield.

      Is Kahr and Taurus the target market?

      • Well, being a Shield owner x2, a Glock 43 owner, and an LC9s owner, I CAN see this making an impact………if it is durable, reliable, and accurate for it’s size. I am already tempted…but I shall wait awhile.

  7. Ive been waiting a long time for a subcompact 9mm with a crossbolt safety. Now I can buy my dream gun

  8. What the world needs — another single stack plastic carry gun. Probably would have been a winner a few years back but it will not even make also ran in today’s crowded market.

  9. Mossberg’s a bit late to the party but I’ll be watching for reviews and and real selling prices.

  10. I think it will compete with the Taurus G2C (12+1) and the G2S (7+1) that sell at a little over $200. Even though there are Taurus bashers, they are excellent guns (I have the PT-111 G2- I paid $199.99 for) that have proven to be reliable and an excellent value.

    • Paid the same for the PT111 G2. If there’s a better semi-auto for $200, I haven’t found it yet.
      FYI, Kel-tecs & SCCY’s are not sensible options in my book.

  11. I was almost going to call this pistol an also-ran, until I saw the cross-bolt safety option. That at least makes it stand out a little. I do like the lines, though, and will for sure try to handle one at the soonest opportunity.

    Looks like it will be made alongside the Maverick, going by “Eagle Pass, TX” being stamped on the frame.

    • All of the Patriot rifles and now this pistol are made at the Eagle Pass, TX factory. Maybe Mossberg should move their whole company to TX.

  12. I’m very happy to see this because competition is a Mighty Good Thing (sm) for consumers. I hope it does extremely well because Mossberg is an excellent company.

    I do think it’s an interesting market to enter. The single-stack, sub-compact 9mm market is arguably the most over-saturated and hardest to penetrate. We will see if it breaks into the “top-tier” (i.e., Smith, Glock), or ends up in the “other” category (i.e., Honor Defense, Taurus, etc.). When I say top-tier versus other, I’m talking about popularity, not necessarily quality.

  13. As other commenters hinted above, there are a metric crap-ton of choices in polymer framed single-stack sub-compact handguns chambered in 9mm Luger. Off the top of my head, manufacturers (some with multiple platforms) include:
    — Glock
    — Smith and Wesson
    — Ruger
    — Taurus
    — Walther
    — Kel-Tec
    — Springfield Armory
    — Diamondback
    And I am sure there are more that did not come to my mind.

    I would love to see Mossberg’s business model on this new handgun. Let us say that design, development, validation, tooling, and establishing distribution/sales channels cost a paltry $1 million. And further let us suppose that Mossberg stands to make a profit of $50 per handgun. That means Mossberg would have to sell 20,000 handguns just to recover their initial investment. And I have a hunch that their initial investment was probably quite a bit higher than $1 million.

    Thus the fun question: is it realistic that Mossberg will sell something like 50,000 of these pistols to recover their investment and show a modest profit? I have no idea. I certainly have my doubts.

    • They also get the MOSSBERG display logo into the front glass display cases at the main gun counter in most of the gun stores in the US. The advertising alone would help offset their development costs. 4 models equate to probably a minimum of 2 feet of display shelf space. Almost all of their long guns are displayed upright back behind the counter and sometimes you can see the logo tag and sometimes you cant. As long as the pistol isn’t total crap and reviews well it will sell and it may very well simultaneously boost shotgun and rifle sales. They were late into the patrol rifle market but their Mossberg Patrol rifle in bolt action is a pretty good alternative if someone doesn’t want an AR platform.

    • Just a guess but I imagine they have more plans in the pistol market than just this one gun. This is probably just their entry into the market. I would like to see their full size offering within a year or so. If they release multiple models with any level of success then this will be a profitable entry into a previously untapped market.

  14. Wow.

    Another gun company builds a slavish copy of a Glock, but adds some frills to make it seem just enough different to snag a few buyers, while gun writers swoon and claim that it is the Greatest Innovation in Firearms Since Fixed Ammunition.

    Meanwhile, in Topeka, a hound-dog passes gas and goes back to sleep.

    • So there are to be no new entries or products introduced unless they are so evolutionary as to be unlike anything every invented.

      Got it.

    • Hmmmm….HK fanboys are probably thinking Gaston copied a couple of different to produce his pistol.

      The only big patent was the trigger safety thingy as Smith and Wesson found out with SW9. Just because Glockmhas a polymer frame doesn’t mean they own that material.

      And striker fired pistols are well over 100 years old.

      Glocks are great, reliable pistols….but there are plenty of other great designs out there.

    • Glock fanboys always think every gun on the market is a copy of glock. Dont flatter yourself. Just keep paying $600 for a “new” gun that came out in the 90s.

  15. At that price point, if it is reliable and not a horrible gun, it should be successful. Would be a good alternative for people needing a gun for protection but are on a budget.

    • Exactly. Mossberg wants a piece of the “concealed carry market” pie, and it’s a big pie.

      • SoCalJack,

        Is the concealed carry market really that big of a pie at this point? I have my doubts. (And hopefully I am wrong!)

        It seems like the concealed carry market would have been huge about 15 years ago as several states had just approved concealed carry or would soon approve concealed carry. The last major development that I can recall was Illinois finally approving shall-issue concealed carry and that was over five years ago.

        This late in the game I am having a hard time picturing much more than a million concealed carry handgun sales a year. And when you spread those sales across multiple calibers and sizes (e.g. subcompacts, compacts, and full-size handguns), I would be stunned if Mossberg can sell more than about 10,000 a year. Again, I hope that I am wrong!

  16. Seems like a solid offering.
    I especially like the takedown that doesn’t require a trigger pull. My wife’s Ruger DOES require a trigger pull and no matter how many times I check, and re-check the chamber to ensure it’s empty, I cringe every time I have to take it down for cleaning. It’s a completely assinign design.

    The thing I DON’T understand though is the 6rd capacity. The biggest advantage to a semi auto is the capacity. Though I don’t feel the need to carry 17+ rounds, I want more than 6(+1). I’ll just carry a nice, simple, utterly reliable revolver before I go for a 6rd plastic gun (not that I have any problems with plastic guns).

    • If you cringe when pulling the trigger after checking for an empty chamber, I’m guessing you don’t get much dry fire practice. If you want to be paranoid, fill a 5 gallon bucket full of sand and aim down the center.

  17. Wow 2019 and Mossberg brings out a little 9(too fat?).Excited about a safety?!? I’ll keep my lowly Taurus 709. Top finisher in Guns & Ammo 9mm shootout. I do like my Maverick88 as a cheap reliable shotgun & choice is good…

  18. Didn’t see this coming, but I guess if you like their shotguns you might grab their pistol to match? I kinda like different companies playing to their strengths, get a bcm/lwrc/dd/lmt or homemade AR, Mossberg shotgun, b&t or CZ subgun, s&w revolver, HK/Sig/Walther/Glock duty pistol, Ruger LCP, etc, but I guess nothing wrong with some competition.

    In other exciting shot news, announcing the new Glock engraved overunder shotgun, with fancy wood furniture! Also, expect the new Holland and Holland line of ARs, bringing the worlds of high end sporting and modern sporting rifles…together, at last!

    It seems some of you are excited about the cross bolt safety, I guess I haven’t had that on my list of critical features. They could make this a shotgun trainer for when you can’t fire 12 gauge at the range.

  19. What percentage of gun owner DON’T own a Mossberg shotgun? maybe 50% but what percentage of Mossberg shotgun owner also own a pistol? maybe 95%… That’s the market that Mossberg , who makes great shotguns, wants. I was just considering a G42-G43 or a Shield,, but dismissed the P365 as too unreliable at this time. If Mossberg can sell this gun and not see Sig P320/P365 issues, I will be a customer.

    • I only own two Mossbergs, a 500 and a 590A1.

      Will think about adding their pistol.

      As a spare, just in case one of their shotguns gets a flat tire.

    • Well Mossberg’s market dominance is due to Remington’s murder by Cerberus, leaving them with a defacto monopoly on US made shotguns that work.

      • I think you summed it up in your last two words “That Work” Mossberg would have been gone long ago if their products were not good, and since both the Army and Navy use Mossbergs, I think they are good enough for most everyone. Benelli has the quality, Remington has the name, and Mossberg has 1/2 of the market. You are right Cerberus took Remington, that produced first rate products and turned it in an “also ran”

  20. Well it does make me think of an SR9c when I look at it.

    They should have dusted off the Brownie name. The Auto Brownie.

    Variety is good. We will see where the price settles and if it goes bang all the time. The crossbolt safety is funny. Mossberg gotta shotgun.

      • Not my Maverick….but you’re right …I wasnt thinking of the 500.

        I was thinking of shotguns in general.

      • And the more I look at it the more I am intrigued .

        I am eager to see it in the wild.

        Maybe one of my friends will be a beta tester for it.

  21. Good for mossberg! With the popularity of concealed carry and AR15s on the rise, I can only guess shotgun sales were dropping. This gun doesn’t seem to offer anything new but options on the market are always great. Now please just don’t have a Sig P320/365 nightmare of an introduction.

  22. Puts Mossberg is a good position in case the democrats take another run at an assault rifle/magazine ban. Now they’ll have a gun that won’t be targeted by mag limits in a popular caliber that caters a lucrative market. Smart diversification. Now I’ll just have to wait and see if Savage enters the fray.

  23. ” Trouble is unpredictable, it shows up without warning.” NOT-ask any critter in the woods, anything walking on two legs is trouble that’s all the warning a possum needs.

  24. I don’t know about this. Looks like a Taurus frame. Glock magazines with Sig sights. As much as I love my Mossberg 590. I think I will pass on this

    • Actually you need to look more closely, It comes very close to the Glock in appearance. In fact, this gun is direct competition with Glock and actually looks like a better product at this point.

  25. Only question that can boost their sale and not answered, “What’s the slide spring weight?”
    Shield was 18 lbs, great for recoil bad for slippery hands, thus the Shield 380 EZ, but that’s only .380 ACP

    Cross-bolt safety is a bad bad idea for a gun with very little space for grip.

  26. Looks like a solid entry, Mossberg has a lot of happy owners and I know a lot of people with 2 or more CC firearms. It should do well.

  27. I am interested because of the Mossberg name. I have a couple of Keltec P3ATs and they have been flawless since I polished the bullet slide. However, I am looking for a little longer barrel and my wife has a Bersa Thunder 380 which is a dream to shoot especially with the ARX ammo.

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