Vz. 58 for Dummies

nzherald.co.nz reports: “Patrick Phipps, 44, a technology support engineer at the Royal New Zealand Police College in Porirua, was found guilty of two charges of illegal possession of a Finnish Velmet semi-automatic and a Czechoslovakian VZ58 automatic rifle following his trial in Wellington District Court today. The guns were found inside the torso and legs of hollow, uniformed mannequins in a locked room at his Johnsonville home. A third mannequin had gun parts hidden in it . . . Phipps told the court yesterday he had never seen the guns before and had no idea they were there. He will be sentenced on Friday.”


  1. avatar Ralph says:

    OMG, I just checked my AR and found a uniformed mannequin hidden inside.

    Is it only water that swirls down the drain backwards in New Zealand?

  2. avatar TTACer says:

    Were they assault rifles or (50 year old) modern sporting rifles?

  3. avatar Ronnie Chow says:

    He has still got illegal weapons buried in plastic duct pipes in his garden.

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