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We’ve posted about Vitaly Kryuchin‘s absolutely amazing point shooting skills before, but apparently he has some musical chops as well. Witness him make sweet music with a handful of .22 LR-converted GLOCKs, a live band, and what I’d have to call (quite correctly and not sarcastically, mind you) a giant GLOCKenspiel, in the video above.

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  1. I’ve got decades of service, a noteworthy career, and a beautiful family.
    And then I see this and realise what an absolute waste my life has been.

  2. Canto 34@Five Finger Death Punch, Absolute Zero @ Stone Sour, Clockwork Angels tour with Rush, Weather Report w Pastorius on bass.

  3. I have always said and was taught that sights on a pistol are utterly useless for self defense. Point and shoot. No time to aim. This musician marksman solidly drives that point home. His style of making music is exactly how I practice shooting.

    Good show.

  4. A true master of his craft indeed. I want to see him do this for Christmas songs. Nothing says Christmas time like the sound of bells and the smell of gun smoke!

  5. Who can translate the Russian Jeff Cooper quotation? Also, is there a significance to the Russian film clip? I take it “Murku” is a Russian folk song.

    Altogether quite a virtuoso performance! Anyone count the rounds to determine if there was editing?

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