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VCDL virginia sanctuary county map
Courtesy VCDL

…[T]hese resolutions have limited legal effect; local governments are basically subordinate to state governments. But defiance like this can put political pressure on moderate Democrats — and, failing that, can force the state government to either (A) take drastic action to stamp out resistance or (B) give up and let these places refuse to enforce new gun laws, possibly ramping up state-police activity there as a replacement.

On the politics, it’s worth noting that the state Democrats have already caved on confiscating “assault weapons,” modifying a bill so that it would still ban sales going forward but would require current owners to register their guns rather than turning them in.

Robert Verbruggen in Virginia’s Second Amendment Sanctuaries: An Update

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    • Totally agree!! None of the gun proposals should be accepted. Red Flag laws are a violation of the Fourth Amendment and will get innocent people hurt. A magazine is not a firearm and should not have limitations.

        • The Democratic party just caused itself to lose the next presidential election with this one. What they’ve done is egregious and taken it from a debate to a confrontational issue. They just threw their career in politics away..

      • The national reciprocity bill wanted to redefine a magazine as a firearm. Yet gun owners were very happy and pushed to get that done. Luckily Trump is anti gun and had no will to appease the Republican voters [he doesn’t have to].

        • Chief censor is just another resident leftist troll here, who is probably another persona of Vlad who can type better. I thought they may be different trolls until recently. If you pay attention to the majority of his posts it shines right through. Like Vlad, he:

          1. He’s usually an anti cop troll, until it comes time to talk about confiscations. Then like Vlad, all the sudden he’s mr “you are helpless and the invincible liberal statist police will put their boots on your neck.”

          2. Hrs ussually an anti military troll, until like vlad, it’s time to talk confiscations.

          3. He just LOVES the cartel and sees them as heroic.

          4. He hates jews, like arc, another liberal troll here.

          5. He praises Antifa on numerous occasions.

          6. Chief is probably the same person as Miner 49er, arc, and adventures with Vlad.

        • Haha! Here’s a lityle unfavorable math for this beef whistle…
          VA National guard total approximately 7500 souls, most of which will DENY the order to physically antagonize the agitated citizenry any further.
          Add to that number roughly 2600-2700 state police, many ALSO of whom will refuse the order. Why?
          Because there are approximately 2 MILLION gun owners in the state of VA, and that number? Just counts FORMAL gun owners. It DOES NOT INCLUDE family members that can ALSO handle firearms!
          The math is HORRIBLY UNFAVORABLE to democrats here. And i don’t care what kinds of new tech and fancy toys the state govt can bring to bear… You simply DO NOT PREVAIL against odds like that.

        • There will be Patriots from neighboring states that will join in the defense of the 2nd A too.
          That 2 mil number will only rise if the anti-gunners get froggy and jump.

    • I agree not one more inch and all your illegal gun control laws need be voided as all are against our Federal Constitution rights and State Constitution rights so no more period

    • indeed but im happy to see almost all of the state is against this bullshit push for tyranny we may again be a pivotal state in americas history but i’d rather not be

        • We all have day jobs, would you trade your rights, for your bills? You can always get caught up on bills, once your rights are gone you cant get them back. If you cant get off your ass to be Involved to protect your rights when there being threatened. Why would we think you would get off your ass to fight an insurgency. Your job is not as important as the bill of rights.

  1. Banning sales going forward but graciously allowing those who have them to keep them, is not “caving.”

    The term of art is, I believe, “throwing a bone.”

    No thanks.

    • Registration is confiscation, so not much of a bone there. Now is the time for Virginians to do some organizing. Hey, maybe that Obama feller has some tips on community organizing!

      • Obama was the best thing that happened to “conservatives.” Before that America got the Patriot Act and militarized police.

        Now under Trump there has been a lot more state level gun control with his push to take the guns first and stronger punishments for those that violate gun control laws.

        Something about black people makes white people get off their butts and do something. Maybe America needs a brown president from now on to excite Americans to fix the broken parts.

        • Haha! In case it escaped you, the largest growing demographics of gun owners coming into the fold, along with CC licenses? Are African Americans and WOMEN!
          I could give a rat’s ass what color or gender they are… They have the SAME rights to self defense from govt and criminals that the rest of us have! I welcome the growth and the initiative to join tbe pro gun movement.
          And before you go pulling the race card, i’m biracial…

      • Yes, it’s the appearance of throwing a bone (and getting around legal issues with seizure of property for now). Probably what they wanted in the first place.

  2. I wonder when the realization that they stuck it in carzy will set in. Also great to see the map.

      • Most of the patriots in the American revolution lost a lot of money, sometimes their farms and often their families or a lot of family members to fight back in earnest. Anyone resisting a Leftist policy must be willing to lose something to maintain their free rights. A lot of people do not realize that yet, but the response from Virginians is very encouraging. There are a lot of strict constitutionalists in VA, which is where a good degree of backbone to resist Leftists comes from.

        • @Gerry behind leftist enemy lines: You are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT about the impact and cost of the Revolutionary War on its veterans. If this issues “crosses the Rubicon,” there’s no turning back. A person who is fighting for something as important as this, must be willing to accept loss. Whether its their job, family, freedom, or even their life. Hopefully, that arrogant asshole governor will wake up and smell the coffee, because once the bullets start flying, all bets are off and everything will change.

        • And many of those sacrifices? Will not come directly, but peripherally.
          Been saying this from the beginning and i hope folks in the movement take heed…
          If this goes full nut-blow, it will affect EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING.
          Everything from water delivery to trash collection, grocery store delivery and restocking, to gasoline availability. Social services to internet access. Auto parts access to farming supplies, medical care continuity to medical care AVAILABILITY. Pet food availability to Hostess snack cake availability. Toilet paper availability to feminine hygeine product availability. Home repair products to septic tank products… It will affect EVERYTHING….
          Beyond that? It could also put the nation’s economy into a tailspin. If a revolution breaks out on American soil, especially RIGHT ON DC’S DOORSTEP, you better believe the markets will react. Hard… And very negatively. Rhis one faxtor ALONE could invite federal intervention when the big boy’s pockets begin getting crushed.
          A Physical contest on American soil? An outright physical mass rebellion? Could potentially bust the WHOLE bag of biscuits wide open here…
          Now, don’t get me wrong… I will jump into this with BOTH FEET because sometimes, something may be too far gone to save, and will require a clean reset. Folks just need to think this through as it pertains to the effects on your immediate family, and the things you need to do NOW… to mitigate the privation that may result.
          Completely worth it to me! It must be done. This is the penalty we pay for going to sleep and letting these dickweeds covertly destroy our culture and institutions.
          One more thing to keep in mind… When a full blown rebellion manifests, we are going to get blamed HARDCORE by many across the country for the resulting collapse of the economy, lifestyles and money losses to citizens that result from this. The good life is going to get fubared for many that are not even INVOLVED in the rebellion. There WILL be some fat blowback for this.
          Folks simply need to do some soul searching and think this THROUGH to prepare their families for some dark days ahead.
          Regardless, i’m all in!

          • @AK Johnny 1: Well said. There are vast implications at play here, and there WILL BE negative consequences if things go too far, but as long as the trigger fingers are kept restrained things can be worked out. BUT…if that asshole governor wants to play chicken, I’ll put my money on the rural VA folk along with their WV brothers/sisters who will also come to their aid.

      • In Virginia, many cities are their own county in terms of jurisdiction. Once you get outside of the city limits, you step into the surrounding county. This is much different from much of the rest of the states where the state is broken up into counties and the cities just within those counties. It works almost like the old city-states did back in the Roman empire.

      • White areas have not voted to be Second Amendment Sanctuaries as of when the map was drawn. The red areas have voted to be Democratic controlled none Second Amendment Sanctuaries, leftist socialist communist strong holds. In Illinois, the Second Amendment sanctuary county movement, which began in Effingham County, IL now includes 64 of the state’s 102 counties as of April 2019. No county really has passed a law defining themselves as a fully Second Amendment Sanctuary county that states they do not and will not comply with state laws enforcing firearms in Illinois. Illinois Democrats have proposed legislation HB3553 to make it illegal for counties to declare themselves as Second Amendment Sanctuaries and Virginia Democrats have borrowed this also for their legislation. Here is the link for the proposed legislation in Illinois so you can get ready to see it in Virginia as similar bill.

        • They do not have the balls or the funds to start a war with rural Illinois. They do not have it in VA either. Let them set up a confrontation and then watch what happens when the Leftist “authorities” try to enforce it. Be sure to publicize where the confrontation will be so patriots know where to aim.

        • I’m thinking it will be much like CA, CT, NY, CO, ect. The collectivist authoritarians will get the laws on the books, there will be mass non-compliance, and the State government will do nothing about it. For now.

  3. Having elections outcomes hinged on the subject of Gunms . is a little disconcertingl

    • I think it’s kinda refreshing – It brings out up front just where everyone stands on the issue.

      Not sure why it may bother Possums, there’s not a lot of room in their nasty burrows down in the ditch by the side of the road for a gun safe… 😉

  4. C’mon, California Sheriffs. There are 58 counties here…which of you are going to be the first to stand up for the Constitution and tell Sacramento you will not comply? You already have a built-in base of millions of supporters here.

    One of you has to have the stones to stand up…Bueller?…Bueller?

    • Needles, CA has already taken steps to become a sanctuary city back in July. Idk how that’s going for them though.

      • True, but a city council resolution isn’t the same as an entire county/township’s Sheriff saying “I will not enforce this unconstitutional law”.

        • Except in states that have abolished counties/parishes the sheriff is an elected constitutional officer possessing posse comitatus (power of the county), the county counterpart of the state militia (not National Guard, which is at all times part of the Armed Forces of the United States).

  5. Better yet; try too recall these assholes if they can, before bullets fly; War is no fun! Start a push ban the Democrats as terrorist!

    • There’s an online petition for a recall of Gov. Coonman at! Don’t miss your chance to sign it…. Last time I looked there were over 26,000 signatures.

  6. You still can’t feel too comfortable in those counties since the state police could get you on something. How much discretion are police allowed? I’ve had cops let me get out of speeding tickets before. The state police that work in those counties live there too. If the majority of the county feels this way, I imagine the state troopers do as well.

    • Dude,

      If Virginia State Police officers begin enforcing civilian disarmament laws (or unrelated laws as obvious retribution for anyone who fails to obey civilian disarmament laws), they will succeed initially. And then Virginians will begin leveling calamities on said Virginia State Police officers. After enough VSP officers experience retribution for their betrayal of their fellow citizens and for violating their oath to support and defend the United States and Virginia Constitutions, they will stop.

      Thus, it is a big game of “Chicken” to see who dares act first and how far they can go before the other side responds in-kind.

      • Some of the very rural counties in Virginia only have 3 or 4 State Troopers in the entire county due to the low population and the county law enforcement is the main law enforcement agency. The State Police in my neighboring county does not have a 3rd shift but the few troopers are on call for late night emergencies. They have no desire to go against their friends and neighbors in any gun control legislation.

        • “They have no desire to go against their friends and neighbors in any gun control legislation.”

          I agree. Even if they arrest people, it would be up to the District Attorney to prosecute, correct? He’s elected to his office. Democrats have been all for District Attorneys declining to prosecute criminals lately, so I guess they’re on board with this strategy. 😉

        • Not so here in L.A., where we have (per their own numbers) 10K LAPD officers and 18K LASD deputies. There are *always* LE vehicles within sight everywhere and at all hours. The officers report to the Police Chief, who in turn is employed by uber-Leftist Mayor Garcetti. The deputies report to Sheriff Villanueva, who publicly declared that L.A. County with sanctuary status within days of his election to office. So any chance of these 28K+ LEOs not enforcing a gun grab will rely entirely on an internal rebellion within their ranks.

        • I haz a question –

          I strongly recommend you move out of LA (Sodom) county. Stay in S. Cal. if you must, but at least change counties. Hard times appear to be on the way, and LA county (along with NYC) is one of the worst places to to be. Too crowded, too many violent people, too much potential for disease epidemic, riots, looting, food and water shortage, etc.

          Man is not meant to live under such conditions.

        • @Art,

          I live on the outskirts, where my local area *should* remain semi-rural for perhaps another several years before the encroaching suburbia reaches us. We can still get away with the occasional .22LR shot without the po-po running up your tailpipe within minutes.

        • To put myself in their shoes for a moment…the choice between losing your job and pension and turning your neighbors against you is a hell of a choice to have to make.

      • This is a huge game of chicken happening right now. I can’t believe the stuff Northram is saying either. It’s actually so…….honest. I find it refreshing that the tyrant is saying tyrannical things instead of “don’t you worry, we’re not coming for your stuff.”

        I mean the Internet speculation on VA is insane right now. There’s been more than a few “will VA be the start of the boogaloo” videos floating around.

        • VA is where Matt Bracken sets the beginning of boogaloo in his book series “Enemies foreign and domestic”. Good book series by the way.

        • “There’s been more than a few “will VA be the start of the boogaloo” videos floating around.”

          The Democrats have to be outright stupid or flat-the-fuck-out crazy to let that happen. First, they don’t actually have the ability but… assume for a moment that they push it AND everyone else lets them do it.

          Just the base numbers suggest that the one’s who’ve been running their mouths are just… talking. You can tell it’s the height of irresponsible chatter that happens to be in public… which might be the most dangerous type of talk there is.

          For example: The whole “We’ll use the National Guard!” thing.

          Ignore the rest of the problems with this idea and just consider the numbers involved.

          VA National Guard is ~7200 soldiers with about 400 civilians attached. LE on the other hand has over 28,000 sworn officers in the state (excluding feds). Virginia has a population of about 8.1 million people spread over nearly 48,000 square miles. 28,000 cops still don’t really “have a handle on crime” (whatever that actually means).

          Consider: Some Democrats say that they figure if the cops go home then the whole state can be held and policed by a little more than half the troop presence that was thrown at the second battle of Fallujah.

          That’s insane. Completely insane. Even if somehow the feds allowed the state to use the National Guard for this purpose, and it wasn’t a violation of the oath of enlistment/commission how many of those 7200 people are actually gonna show up considering the actual situation? Like, what, the four with the lowest ASVAB scores?

      • Leveling calamities, retribution? I don’t think shooting a Cop is not a very good idea .

        • The idea that cops will back off if someone murders some is insane. Nothing motivates cops more than going after someone that killed one of their own.

        • “Nothing motivates cops more than going after someone that killed one of their own.”

          That only works *to a point*. Cops aren’t stupid. Once it becomes clear to them the sheer scale of what they will be up against, the light bulb of wisdom will illuminate over their heads, and they will reassess where their loyalties lie… 🙂

        • Possum,

          First of all, I did not define any specific calamities. That would be up to Virginians.

          Second of all, what should good people do to police who ruin their lives for simply having effective self-defense firearms without any malicious intent? Note that, when I say, “ruin their lives,” that is not hyperbole. Busting someone for possessing a semi-auto rifle under Virginia’s proposed new laws would cost that person 10s of thousands of dollar of savings, cost them their jobs and quite possibly make them forever unemployable, and cost them several years of their life behind bars.

          Third of all, police who force people to comply enable violent criminals to beat, rape, and murder those compliant people. That makes police an accessory to those violent criminals.

          Those last two consequences of enforcement are HORRIFIC. Whenever police facilitate HORRIFIC outcomes on good people who had no intention of harming/attacking anyone, those police cease being our allies and become our mortal enemies — and deserving of punishment. The only real question is what punishment is righteous? I don’t have an answer for that. That will be up to the good people of Virginia.

    • I’m not recommending violence but, the state police might do well to consider how many good-old-boys live in their county.

    • Depends on the department. By law, there are very few crimes on which the police are obligated to make an arrest on probable cause (domestic violence being one in many jurisdictions). The department can mandate by orders that the police arrest or not on a particular crime, but most probably don’t in the case of something like this.

  7. I clicked on the picture in this article which took me to a full article on the Virginia Citizens Defense League website.

    They included multiple photos of gatherings at county hearings or meetings on passing Second Amendment sanctuary status. Meeting after meeting had over 1,000 people attending to demand their rights.

    As I stated a few days ago on this topic: my intuition tells me that Virginians have a fierce independent streak and will promptly muster several thousand armed and committed citizens to neutralize any attempt of Virginia’s governor to enforce en masse any new civilian disarmament laws. I believe those photos prove my point.

        • And this is why you should only complain about the result if you actually voted.

          While you might not win you can give an indication of a vote swing against them.

        • Perhaps this is a first attempt by the Democrats to “take back” their party from the extremists?
          We will see.

  8. My prediction is that non-compliance will be the obvious outcome here, and only people dumb enough to get caught (by the state patrol) driving drunk with their unregistered weapons in the vehicle will run the risk of prosecution. It’s not like the state (or local) police are going to do random searches or SWAT raids on suspected gun owners. Dems are likely to lose in 2020 anyway and regardless, not one of them cares about solving anything, they just want to be seen ‘doing something’ so as to virtue signal to their pajama boy base that they hate those icky rednecks as much as they do. Political theater is all they’re good for.

    • The triggering is approaching Harambe levels with this one. It’s pretty cool, actually. I’ve never actually seen someone go full Harambe in real time.

      • It would not surprise me if it’s some Blumberg paid troll, or a MDA hag.
        There was a full blown assault on my posts IMMEDIATELY after making a comment about the Moms Demand Action skanks and their leader “ban big sodas because I’m too small to finish one Blumturd” needing to be arrested and charged with blocking gun owners from partaking in a constitutionally protected activity.
        Common sense arrests toward protecting US citizen rights.

  9. Yeah I’d really like to see the Democrats think they can subdue literally the entire state. If they think that LE siding with us can be countered with NG then they’ve chosen poorly. The NG is by no means some big liberal living organization. Where do you think NG recruits from? Those counties. The Democrat is out numbered, out gunned, and out classed. People like to compare current issues to previous revolutions or civil wars, but what I see in the a Democrat looks a lot more like the last days of Nazi Germany, being lead by panicking, mindless, drug fueled leadership resorting to desperate and stupid strategies.

    • You must be very young to not know what happened at Charlottesville. The Democrats outnumbered and beat up everyone on the other side of the line while the cops stood there laughing and other cops pushing the “right” into the Democrats. Even gunfire didn’t make the cops budge because they were ordered not to help the “right” and to restrict the human rights of those people. Only when the Democrats were attacked with a car did they run to help and shut things down. They charged a bunch of the people on the “right” with crimes and convicted them.

      So, no. Virginia is heavily Democrat leaning. Very much like Texas. Only old white guys believe they are the majority. You can’t be the majority when the women, youth and brown people are not standing along side you.

      The optics of old white men complaining about their guns be taken from them strengthens the leftist’s argument for disarming America and hiring more police. As time goes on most Americans will be mixed race and will not identify as white nor consider America a white nation. They will not stand with the old white guys complaining about brown Democrats ruining their lives and country. It’s already at the tipping point with those under 35.

      • You’re a retarded leftist troll who also goes by the name of Miner, Vlad, or Arc. I’m not gonna bother reading all that word vomit because it’s all bullshit. I’ve seen enough of your leftist, cartel worshipping, America hating ass to know you’re full of shit. You’re a sad, leftist troll who has nothing better to do then jerk off your worthless opinion on blogs.

      • Hahahaha, I just added #7 to the Merle O list of predictable crap you post, and here you are doing JUST that a few posts below.
        Play that race BS monkey!

  10. How on earth did this state end up in this position of electing a uber liberal Democrat when clearly much of the state is still conservative? At a minimum I would have thought their elected state legislature would have been a check on this governor.

      • Voter turnout is low in the midterms. Then there’s the Charlottesville’s fiasco, and the dishonest reporting that Trump said Nazi’s were fine people when he actually specifically condemned them. Then there’s all of the money Bloomberg pumped in to help mobilize democratic voters.

    • Those liberal counties are literally that slam packed full of liberal drones, and the vast majority are from other states.

    • They were holding the gov in check until the last state election turned blue. Blackface Northam has something to prove and wants a distraction, so he’s all in on the disarmament agenda. I think this will ultimately cause more republican voter turnout in 2020. VA voter turnout in presidential elections was around 80% from 1976-1992. From 1996 on, it’s been around 70%. Imagine 200,000 more people showing up, voting republican in 2020.

    • Add in all the Yankees that have migrated to northern Virginia and southeastern Virginia over the last 20 years, gerrymandering, low voter turn out on conservatives part, the Trump mess that is turning swing voters to Democrats, massive influx of money from Comrade Bloomberg. You end up with a perfect storm.

      One country will flip soon. Hopefully Virginia Beach, the most populous city in the state will declare sanctuary. I do know the mayor is all for it. If that happens, that may be a big slap in the face to the commie regime in Richmond. Hopefully next election cycle, moderates and conservatives have been awaken by this tyranny and show up to vote these Marxist out of office. I also hope that the rest of the gun owners around the country are paying attention and get off their butts and get to the polls.

      • Don’t blame the damned Yankees. There are plenty of leftist traitors who were born and bred south of the Mason-Dixon line. This is a whole new war. Stop fighting the last one.

        • The federal government is full of yellow dog Democrats from the South. These idiot vote often in Northern VA which has ruined the state. One of my favorite co-workers was so far Left that he should have driven for NASCAR. We disagreed on a lot of things but never held it against each other. He was the only Democrat like that. The others simply hated Conservatives and would purposely interfere with your career. They have NO RIGHT to interfere with the 2nd Amendment.

      • My daughter and I were at the Dec. 3 VAB Council meeting, but sanctuary was not on the agenda. Hopefully in January.

        Actually, I was in the overflow crowd of nearly 1000 who were unable to get inside. Ralph Northam, take a bow: you turned my daughter from a Democrat into an ironside Republican.

        • “Ralph Northam, take a bow: you turned my daughter from a Democrat into an ironside Republican.”

          He’s not the only one, and that is happening in more places besides VA. The question is, will it be critical mass?

    • Most of the liberal voters, of which there are many thanks to DC, cloister in a few counties. The other counties are much more rural and less populated.

    • Cities. Cities are full of government dependents, both employees and those on the dole, who can be counted on to vote for “more free cheese.” Then there’s the absentee (cemetery) vote.
      In the end, who votes and how many votes are cast is not important. What’s important is who counts the votes.

  11. I still want to know if these are “true” sanctuaries. Can I open carry an unregistered full-auto suppressed SBR without a license without being detained, caged, or killed by agents of the state?

    Not criticizing. Honestly curious.

    • I think you already know the answer to that. If them’s the criteria, there hasn’t been a sanctuary in this country since 1938.

    • They can do absolutely nothing to stop the state police, who hold jurisdiction over the entire Commonwealth. They can also do absolutely nothing to stop federal agents from arresting you. This was decided thanks to a little conflict in the 1800s.

  12. This might turn out to be a great case for the SCOTUS. Refusing to enforce an unconstitutional law should become the sharp stick in the eye of gun-grabbing politicians nationwide. Enough is enough, we won’t budge.

    • SCOTUS is already dealing with this issue with New York. They were just smart enough to change to law before the case was heard because the knew it was BS. Now we have to see if SCOTUS will hear it or if they deem it a moot point

      • There was some reporting that SCOTUS would have declared it moot by now, if they were going to. I am hoping that with each passing day and no word from them, that they are giving the case serious consideration. I have no illusions though. The three worthless broads and the neutered male will undoubtedly try to overwhelm the patriots in the court.

        • Honestly I wonder if it’s a matter of waiting till it’s too cold to riot in most cities before making any further announcements…….. which would likely support your assessment. This is just a wild ass guess on my part.

        • “There was some reporting that SCOTUS would have declared it moot by now, if they were going to.”

          That this is happening *right now* is the best thing possible for us. With the extensive coverage in the DC newspapers every day, Clarence Thomas & ‘Friends’ are getting daily reminders of the insults to an enumerated civil right are getting.

          And they have the ‘muscle’ to do something about it… 🙂

    • What gun owners consider a supreme court victory turned into a legal argument for the socialists. They quote the “conservative” saying that particular gun control is fine. They rather the opinion not state that the 2nd Amendment is an individual right, but they will run with the other part saying they can pass gun control “lawfully.”

  13. Is it worth mentioning that the state po-leece have families & easily found addresses?!? And Dumbocrat politicians? He!! the leftards are screaming at and assaulting Trump supporters,FOX news folks and Republican pols. Happy to see the defiance…coming to ILLinois.

    • “assaulting Trump supporters”

      This is the most widespread bigotry I’ve witnessed in my life. Unfortunately, the legacy media ignores this story. They prefer to puff up the hate crimes that feed the narrative, then move on when it turns out to be fake or perpetrated by people / groups that the left is sympathetic to.

      • I am too old and disabled to be attacked as I have seen on TV recently. I am afraid that if I were attacked in that way, I would be in fear for my life. That is a hint.

        • No worries Larry, your safe in Texas.
          Those little black mask wearing bitches don’t pull that BS in Shall Issue States like Texas
          Signed, Another Texan.

  14. Considering there are Sheriff’s willing to deputize people en mass, and the sanctuary counties, this does not bode well for the politicians.
    Sheriff’s are elected and while the state controls their budgets, they hold no duty to the politicians.
    The populous needs to continue to ramp up the pressure.
    Could it go sideways? Yup…
    Would it mean that the politicians will be out of jobs, and possibly forcibly removed from office? Yup…
    It is high time the politicians learn once again they work for the people, not the other way around.

  15. Support the NRA!

    Keep Muslims out of the US! No more 9/11s.

    NoVa is basically a caliphate now. That mall in Tyson’s? It’s like Mecca in there.

    Trump: keep your promise and shutdown Muslim immigration. And build the wall. I want to keep my guns.

    • Wow, I have a fan club now. Impressive
      I tossed my fans a few crumbs in todays TTAG topics.
      Read them, then have a meeting of the fan club members and toss each others salads.
      JC out.

        • ????
          No reply? What’s up fan club?
          Did someone confuse the bunghole flavoring bottles with the Crazy Glue bottles again?
          Don’t tell me you idiots are stuck in a human centpeide circle again!
          Just let me know where the Fan Club meeting was held, I’ll come our with the crowbar to get you all unstuck.
          I’ve told all you half-witted salad tossers before, OSHA requires you clearly mark all bottles at the meeting with MSDS ident stickers. If OSHA issue a fine, it’s coming out of the New Years party fund.
          JC out.

  16. The democrats are in up to the balls on gun bans in VA. Registration will lead to confiscation eventually. In the interim you have oppression and harassment. Normally these jerks would be defeated and thrown out but demographics and other issues prop them up. Thus will come to a head when they move on people too quickly since one at a time makes no headlines. They are very impatient and Mike Bloomberg is tapping his nails on the table waiting for results.

    They can’t walk it all back and everyone knows concessions are sneaky work around until they get a chance to make a move.

  17. Just think of what would have happened if they would have gotten off of their butt and gotten to the polls a few weeks ago?

  18. YO! Gov are you paying attention? You are shaming people such as Patrick Henry and Light horse Harry and some of the other Revolutionary Henrys! And worst of all, George Washington!!

  19. What exactly does sanctuary entail?

    If the leftists succeed in passing a ban on sales of “Assault Rifles”, does that mean FFL’s in sanctuary areas will continue to sell those weapons?

    I’ve wondered that about local 2A “sanctuary” cities and counties. Will the FFL’s sell in violation of state law, but not federal law?

    I’d go out of my way to purchase in those areas if so, just to send a message, but something tells me the FFL’s aren’t going to risk their livelihood for this.

    • Per the ATF the FFLs must follow state laws. So no. What will likely be the case is private sales.

      • Selling illegal guns privately would likely get the FBI and ATF involved. The FBI’s local office will team up with local law enforcement to help them do raids. The ATF will want to jump in too because Trump wants more convictions to get more Republican votes.

    • At most it means that local county sheriffs might not enforce firearms possession regulations. They can be summarily removed from office and replaced with an acting sheriff if they refuse to enforce state laws.
      State Police? Their prisoners go to the magistrate’s court and jail in the county where the alleged offense occurred.

  20. Confiscation of property that was legal at the time of purchase would be an unconstitutional ex post facto violation.

    • Go tell that nonsense to the bump stock former owners or all the other weapons in the past the ATF has confiscated that were purchased legally. There have been quite a few.

      History has proven the Power Elite totally ignore the Constitution whenever it suites their needs.

      • We will see how the bump stock ban arguments turn out in court. I have not yet seen anyone refernce the ex post facto argument.

  21. If you look at the red/blue map of the most recent election , it would be easy to make a case for and Electoral College in Virginia. That and we should pass a law that only native born Virginians can serve in local , state or National office. Now I know “Coonman” Northam is a native but neither of our sorry ass Senators are. It;s time we take our great Commonwealth back!

    • Somehow I doubt you would be able to pass those laws because those who lean left and live in heavily populated cities would have to be electoral morons to let it pass. And they aren’t.

  22. Komarades we Socialists now are in control in Virginia. You will on command throw your weapons out of windows onto the streets. Front end loaders will be at your neighborhood at the appointed time. Resistance is futile. Our helicopter gun ships are loaded and fueled. Lt. William Calley has been recalled to active service as he is an expert at mass murdering women and children. General Ewell is not dead and has been recalled to coordinate the mass murder of civilians he was so famous for in Vietnam.

    After a few David Koresh style barbecues the resistance will be crushed. Civilization will finally now come to the Peoples Republic Of Virginia under command of Komarade Northam our Dear Leader.

    The Second Amendment is now officially deader than a door nail in the Peoples Republic of Virginia along with its sister country the Peoples Republic of Commiefornia.

    Dos ve donya Comrades. From Trumps Russia with love.

  23. It’s not a victory to get a socialist to say they won’t confiscate guns from the current possessor because they always set the price very high knowing they won’t get that. But they will get what they want in the end as the people “negotiate” their losses, thus victory to the government. So of course the politicians are going to say they want to ban all semi autos and confiscate them to cause panic/stress before they pacify the resistors by “grandfathering” them the privilege of retaining their toys (and stopping future sales to those not gifted such a privilege).

    Most gun owners want to keep their guns. They will not die for other people’s opportunity to own guns. Evidence of this is gun owners asking about or calling for “grandfathering.” Also the fact that most “non compilers” won’t fight the government physically unless they are the ones attacked personally. Evidence of that being “red flag” laws passing in over 16 states and being executed daily.

    The reality is most gun owners are like most socialists. They want government and they want to live underneath it as long as possible. They do not want to die early like their ancestors did to take the land and setup their government. I see many of those loud mouths saying all kinds of things then they don’t show up in person for some action, not even a rally or an election. Those that I have seen “get some” were killed and labeled as terrorists…

    You will comply with law enforcement. If you are a person who isn’t at arms length of a loaded rifle, hard body armor and dozens of loaded mags, you are going to comply with “lawful” orders when the time comes. That’s why most of the loud mouths are stalling rather than fighting. They will wait it out hoping to die of natural causes or old age.

    Americans are not like a Muslim fundamentalist willing to sacrifice everything just to take one of the enemy out. We just saw what one of them did at a military facility while his friends recorded the attack on their cellphones to show their people their commitment.

    Again, you will comply because you do not want to die and you do not want your family killed along side you. You will not get into a shootout with law enforcement and barricade yourself inside your castle with your family because the government will burn it down with everyone inside. You won”t want to be labeled as an anti government, white nationalist, terrorist cult member, who belongs to a hate group.

    If you really want to do something copy the Democrats’ tactics but have different goals. Some of you will get arrested and lose your rights to vote and own guns. If you are not willing to push politically and sacrifice your legal rights in the process, you are not willing to fight physically and die for human rights.

  24. Twas the night before Xmas and I awoke with a start
    Up on the roof landed a fat man in a cart.

    To the front room I tripped, to the front room I ran
    And down through the chimney out popped the orange faced fat man

    Much to my horror it wasn’t saint Nick
    but our Right Wing President Uncle Slick

    He said abbra cadabra, abbra cadee
    Now your a Right Wing Nazi just like me

    He raised my taxes until they went out of sight
    And banned my bump stocks that gave me a fright.

    He raised my drug prices until it all stank
    And grabbed the cash and went to the bank

    He took all my health care money with a laugh
    And spent it on prostitutes at the local bath.

    With sacks full of tax dollars he ran through the streets
    Throwing hand fulls of cash at the Proud Boys feet

    And I heard him exclaim as he rode out of sight
    Merry Xmass all you suckers and to all a good night.

      • Vlad “more adventures” Tepes is actually 30, but has the mental capacity of a 13-yr-old. For side money he makes popsicle stick crafts for his mom to sell from their front porch. Glues them together with his drool.

  25. Come on, our country is divided morally – urban/suburban vs. rural. More voters live in the urban/suburban area, thus more votes! Why do you think they pushed one person – one vote in the past and why do you think they want to do away with the Electoral College?

    The more you compromise the more they will take. I am not the frog in the pot, full of water, being heated slowly. Get out and turn the heat off!

  26. This is how the Second Amendment is supposed to deter the government from violate the rights of the people. With most of the State defying the Democrats gun grab there will be no way to enforce it. The system as designed has made gun confiscation too costly to enforce. I doubt even “Governor Coonman” will try to use the Guard to enforce it. The Adjutant General has probably already informed him that too may Guardsman will not participate. Once it is seen to work Virginia then other States will go down the same route.

    • As in some other countries gun possessors can be picked off one at a time.
      Traffic stop for “no license plate light?” Search the car. Gun? Got it. Judge dismisses the case for illegal search.
      You ain’t gonna get yo gun back, boy. Spend $20,000 suing to get a $500 gun back? Even if you win the suit, as soon as the gun touches your hands, you’re under arrest for possessing an illegal gun.
      Domestic violence call? Your crank neighbor called 911 on you. Nothing going on? Search the house. Gun? Got it. Judge dismisses the case for illegal search.
      You ain’t gonna get yo gun back, boy.

  27. It seems that the Dems do not realize or do not care that the majority of the residents have spoken and might tar and feather them and run them out of the state

    • I would like to see most politicians tarred and feathered and sent into exile, but Americans are not violent like that any longer. And the police will shoot you dead if you attempt to humiliate their leaders. America is supposed to be a civilized first world society where everyone’s opinion has value and should be respected fully. Therefore, tar and feathering is now only for third world savages and Muslims.

      • I disagree. Asphalt equipment can be rented and returned the next day. It is easier today than yesteryear if you just have the will.

  28. Seems like the book “Unintended Consequences” is becoming less and less a work of fiction every day.

  29. I am sure the people of Virginia also have a back up plan. And a back up plan for the back up plan. How about a few days in Richmond. It could be a little crowded.

  30. The bigger problem with Virginia now is the Democrats will be able to redistrict the state and federal election maps now that the 2020 Census is near to being done. It is a major victory for the Democrats and not for us 2nd Amendment supporters. Being able to redraw the election district maps at the state and federal levels will make it harder for 2nd Amendment Supporters to take back control of Virginia.

    • That might be true, but Grassroots Activism in the Culture Wars can defeat that in the end.

      Statewide Gun Rights Groups in Virginia are going to have to start converting new people into 2nd Amendment Advocates, especially Immigrants.

      Most Immigrants are indifferent and don’t care for Gun Rights, but they can be flipped over.

  31. Virginians just told Gov KKK Blackface, Post Birth Abortion, Gungrabbing Faggot to GO FUCK HIMSELF! I say Shoot the Motherfucker what a Demon!

  32. Quote: “…what I see in the a Democrat looks a lot more like the last days of Nazi Germany, being lead by panicking, mindless, drug fueled leadership resorting to desperate and stupid strategies.” I would remind everyone that those ‘panicking, mindless, drug fueled, desperate and stupid strategies’ kept Germany under control of the Nazis right up to the end. It was only the carpet bombings and the superior forces of the Allies that put an end to the Nazi control. So who is going to furnish that help from the outside to Virginia? Counting on the police, National Guard or military to live up to their oath to “protect the constitution” is a coin toss at best. Too many examples of “just following orders” to count on their help.

  33. Add Franklin County and the Town of Vinton to the list. Also Stafford and Montgomery Counties. I was at the Franklin County vote yesterday, which was unanimous and no surprise. (I was the only person in there not wearing Carhartt or camo!) Sheriff Overton openly declared his support for the Second Amendment.

    It’s not a map, but this is a complete rundown of all the localities in Virginia and their statuses:

  34. I suspect the former Confederate states will resist not only the Federal government. But also the traitors in their mists. Like the klansman gov Northam.
    Interesting To see voters being loyal to their county. Not the state. Not the federal government.
    The military has traditionally drawn its men from the rural population. Not the urban centers. That is why involving the National Guard will be a very serious problem for any state government. Can you say “Mutiny” ???

  35. Ho Hum, call me when the shooting starts. Chris T take notes , the democraps are going to try this in Kentucky. Don’t let it happen in another DOMINION.

    • It looks like I will be training again for 400 to 600 yard rifle shots. Just as I did when I was on active duty. And I was very good at long range shooting.

      I suggest everyone read about the unarmed civilian resistance to the FBI in rural North Carolina. The Feds did not conduct themselves very well. So the civilian population refused to cooperate for the search of Eric Rudolph. The Atlanta olympic park bomber. NO AGENTS WERE HARMED. But they were scared to death by civilians using laser pointers to simulate a possible sniper shot.

      After a year and a half the FBI pulled out of the area. They failed to capture Rudolph. He was taken into custody several months later from an anonymous tip.

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