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The number of deaths in the Virginia Beach shooting could have been reduced and lived might have been saved if a city employee who had been concerned about the behavior of the shooter had followed her instincts and carried a gun that day.

Kate Nixon, a city engineer who worked alongside the shooter, had talked to her husband about her fears.

The public utilities engineer was concerned about DeWayne Craddock “as well as one other person,” said Kevin Martingayle, an attorney working with Nixon’s family. So on the night of May 30, Nixon had discussed with her husband, Jason, “whether or not she should take a pistol and hide it in her handbag,” Martingayle said. She decided against it because of a city policy that prevents employees from bringing weapons to work.

Now another public employee in Virginia has been arrested for bringing a handgun into a courthouse. According to the Associated Press . . .

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — A woman who worked as a clerk in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Virginia has been charged with bringing a gun into the courthouse.

Tammy Luedecke was charged Monday with violating a law that prohibits the possession of guns or other dangerous weapons in federal facilities, including courthouses.

Luedecke is charged with bringing a Glock 9mm semi-automatic pistol into the clerk’s office in Richmond on Feb. 14.

Luedecke’s LinkedIn page says she has worked as a senior deputy clerk at the Bankruptcy Court since 1991. A woman who answered the phone in the clerk’s office Monday said Luedecke no longer works there. A message left for her supervisor was not immediately returned.

Luedecke’s lawyer, Abraham Del Rio III, did not return messages seeking comment.

She is scheduled to appear in court Wednesday.


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  1. Yet it was someone with a gun that stopped a shooting in a Texas courthouse… Why do I do I sense a great deal of stupidity coming from Virginia right now.

    • But it’s tha’ LAWL!!!!!!!! \<\

      Lawl: = unconstitutional laws passed by leftist.
      Anti bob: you cant bring guns to a gun free zone it's the LAWL!!!!!

      John: that's bogus when you disarm lawful gun owners only criminals will have guns.

      Anti bob: NPC\not responding.

  2. But, if she actually shot innocent people, we wouldn’t care. We’d be looking at her Facebook page and searching for a motive.

    Mind your own business and try to protect yourself? No, thank you. We’d rather take photos of your body.

  3. Come on now. We are supposed to cower and let someone kill us. It makes better news ratings.

  4. When an “entity”…ANY entity…be it public or private…can COMPLETELY GUARANTEE the safety of my family and myself while on the property they control, I will not feel the need to carry my own protection devices. Until that time, I will not be unarmed.
    Basically, that means I don’t go to the many places who prohibit me from being able to defend myself or my loved ones. And, they don’t see my dollars flowing through their cash registers, either. Nor will they until there is a major change of position regarding
    “…shall not be infringed.”

    • Me thinks your cash flows through your local courthouse with or without your consent, I also feel they aren’t none too worried about you not spending money there.

      • My statement also includes businesses that forbid CCW. I don’t shop in those places. Any politician who does not fully support the 2nd. does not get my endorsement in any way. The gun grabbers want a defenseless population…so do the criminals. I see them as one group…my enemy.

      • Bob, methinks you miss the whole point of his comment. He is not an idiot and you aren’t the one chosen to fucking lecture us about the obvious. Our side does not need fuckheads like you…

    • I’m the sort who carries if they don’t have armed hard and metal detectors, and avoids places that have such.

      I won’t do business with the post office in person at this point, and then last time i had to disarm was to title a vehicle.

      That said, I wonder if a case can be made for getting out of jury duty since one must surrender ones second and first amendment rights to fulfil the duty?

      I imagine there is case law on the latter, but the former might be a brave new frontier.

  5. US Bankruptcy court? That means it is Federal and she was a Federal employee. Doesn’t matter what laws Virginia had, she was dealing with Federal policies.

    • Bingo. And federal law is quite clear on the subject of ANY weapons, including knives. There is plenty of armed protection. Metal detectors at the (only) entrance, armed marshals at the door and in the courtroom. Look what happened to that idiot the other day who shot up a federal courthouse; the film suggests that the entire incident went down in a few minutes. Pretty safe place except when someone sets off a truck bomb.

      • Except for the ones in Black Robes…they can and do carry regardless of Fed vs State laws in a Courthouse.

        No I don’t have direct evidence of this, but if you were a Federal Judge wouldn’t you?

        just sayin

        • I provided millwork for local, state and federal courtrooms. Interesting note that the judges banc was protected by ballistic armor, jury box wasn’t. Guess that tells you who is important and who’s lives we don’t care about.

        • There was a Judge in Illinois that was recently caught on camera in the Court House foyer dropping his SHINY semi and watching it skitter across the floor. Picks it up and keeps on walking. Never did hear if HE was charged, he should have been! That was Reckless Endangerment if I ever saw any!

      • The reality is that shootings don’t happen inside the security areas of federal court houses.

        • The reality is that federal buildings have all sorts of dumbshits in them, including federal marshals.

      • For starters it’s a totally different governmental authority. The feds insist you serve at least 85% of your time even if you behave yourself. There’s no shortage of federal prison space – if they need more they’ll just print the money and build it. As Mark said there’s actual security in federal buildings as opposed to the Virginia Beach municipal building which probably didn’t have a single armed person on the premises. And unless you live in Virginia you have no say in shaping Virginia law, however everyone in the USA gets a say on federal law.


        • “everyone in the USA gets a say on federal law.”

          Any other fairytales you want to tell?

      • Oh-ho-ho, don’t let a judge or prosecutor hear you say that, lol. Defying practical reality is pretty much all they do.

      • Federal courthouses are at least secured. It’s worse when someone is told that they’ll be arrested, say, if they bring a gun to protect themselves into a post office where the only thing stopping someone from coming in and shooting the place is hope and a sign.

      • The way the headline is written it makes this sound like the woman was subject to Virginia law. Sloppy headline.

    • Big words on the internet. What will you be saying as her cellmate? I’m kidding, it’s no co-ed.

  6. Carry a gun just in case and harm no one…….go directly to jail.
    Bring in a gun or two to indiscriminately murder in your suicide-by-cop scheme……get exactly what you want.

  7. A federal employee is not allowed to defend themselves in the workplace unless they are a sworn Peace Officer. It’s sad though. More “victim hunting grounds” for crazies who don’t care to roam. When I worked in the Pentagon, they instituted random checks of incoming people after 9/11. Pocket knives had to be small blades, I think 2.25 inches or less. One of the folks who working in my office, a young female who went to college after work was stopped and had her larger pepper spray can confiscated and held until her supervisor came and got her.

    I believe after our Security Chief, who was a reserve OSI agent, had a long talk with the “Pentagon Police” chief, it was agreed a small can, like you carry on your key ring, was acceptable.

    Now here is a young lady with a Top Secret/SCI/Special Access Program/Codeword clearance who was considered a threat because she carried Pepper Spray for the Metro system and “safe streets” of DC after dark.

    Sometimes, Morons will just be Morons.

    • I’m DoD Civilian and go TDY to bases. The best I and do is carry a ballistic insert in my backpack/sling-bag. It will help with against pistol rounds but not rifle rounds.

  8. Carrying firearms in a federal facility, such as a courthouse, is definitely verboten in Virginia. The Virginia Citizens Defense League passes out an informative little card which lists places where guns are forbidden, and courthouses (federal or state) are on the list. As are all federal installations, such as military bases (unless you jump through some hoops). It’s kind of funny, because as a concealed handgun permit holder, I can legally conceal carry my handgun into the state capitol building in Richmond to talk to my delegate or senator. I am also a federal worker, and I can’t take my firearm to the military facility (I refuse to register it at the base provost marshal) where my workplace is located or into the building where I work. We’ve been told that it’s illegal to even leave our guns in our cars in the parking lot. So the trips to and from work must be unarmed. Once I bought a pistol at the PX on this base and immediately upon closing the sale, one of the workers had to escort me and my new, unregistered piece out to my car, where I had to put it in the trunk and received advice to immediately drive off base with the firearm. Military commanders have a lot of authority granted to them by DoD to circumvent the 2nd Amendment, and I suspect that’s not limited to bases in Virginia.

    • You suspect right. The exception to firearms on military installations is if you are an officer or senior enlisted residing in on-base housing you are normally permitted to keep your firearms in your residence. This does not include barracks or BOQ’s, which are not considered a residence.

      See DoD Directive 5210.56, Nov. 2016 for details.

      • Kept all kinds of shit in my barracks room. Rifles are stored in the armory but machetes, knifes, axes, batchettes, etc, barracks room. Probably even a few tazers and cattle prods in there. I wouldn’t put it passed my Vietnamese bondage midget to have a few tazers lyin around.

      • As far as bases go, I thought it was ultimately up to the CO? A few bases, that i know of here in SoCal, have armorys were active duty can check-in and store their privately owned guns, they have to be escorted, by the base cops, from gate to armory. I have heard of some contractors (some former military) that will come on base with their CCW gun just because they can, gate guards rarely random check incoming cars.

      • That DoDI directs the Services to establish policies and procedures that would allow installation commanders to grant approval for military members to carry personally owned firearms for personal protection while on duty. However, none of the Services have followed it yet. I know that the Air Force, for example, has issued two iterations of its “Arming and Use of Force” instruction since Nov 2016, and both versions continue to prohibit all carry of personally owned firearms on installations.

        The DoDI was issued shortly after President Trump was elected to mitigate the demands that military members be able to carry, in the aftermath of the Marine recruiting center shooting. People were worried that Trump would issue some sweeping executive order on the issue, and this was a way of cutting it off. The instruction was issued, people seemed placated, and then it was ignored.

  9. I’m always nervous about trips to the post office of (A) being hassled for leaving the gun in my car in the parking lot and (B) being w/o it when I walk into the PO, my home PO has non federal adjacent parking areas I use and I scan the crowd before I enter the building but that doesn’t leave me much comfort

    • Many grocery stores have full service Post Offices. I use my local grocery instead of the regular Post Office.

    • Got a little three room post office here. probably less than 200Sqft total. I don’t use the “federal” parking lot and rather just park on the side of the street.

  10. I work for a Federal Agency. I don’t carry at work because I work in the Federal courthouse. I am fine not carrying in the courthouse because we have armed security, I just wish we had lockers that we could secure our firearms in when we arrived and then I could arm myself for when I leave the building.

    • I also work in a very secure facility. Men with rifles, shotguns and handguns all over the place. But others are not so protected.

    • Don’t bet on it. Most likely she will cop a plea. Hoping for jury nullification on federal charges is… unwise. Especially since they’ll probably offer a reasonably light deal if she cops to it. And the legal fees…

  11. Sucks that she lost her job & pension, but that’s the choice she made. Freedom of choice doesn’t mean freedom from repercussion.

      • Same choice George and the Boys got. King George’s goons were after them most riki-tiki…. Not that they did all that well after all was said and done… as I recall they were tossed out of The States and civility was restored, after a fashion. Mayhaps that time has come again, just look at what’s running for office and you can plot the course plain as day. Then you KNOW what’s coming and how long it will be before it arrives.

    • Maybe, but that means going to verdict. If it were me or someone I cared about I would not take that bet, even in Richmond, unless they weren’t offering anything better. They probably will.

  12. Since like forever a gun stops bad people and beast……why are liberal head’s so dense and dim plus 1000 steps below retarded???

  13. Had to go to the Courthouse recently to renew my GCL. Had to put my wallet, watch, keys, flashlight, cell, and belt through the x-ray machine. At least my gun and knife weren’t stolen out of my car while I was gone.

  14. Some states its pretty cut and dry. Court House or LE building no gun period.
    Florida any other county building maybe?? CWP and notify before screening. Maybe.
    City of Town as in Delray where I live.
    Other then a court house or Police Station. Carry away.
    Going to City Hall to pay your water bill carry away.
    If Virginia is anything like Florida. It might be illegal depending on whos parking lot your in. But Id leave my gun in the car. And hope it isn’t stolen.
    Truthfully I believe there are enough cops in the court house. My gun wont make much of a difference………………….maybe????

  15. Piece of shit state thugs that bound a woman’s hands for carrying something that they have on their donut float hips every day.

  16. Shoot the SOB ‘s fxkn with yah, an spend the rest of your life in an aquarium. Fck them dead SOB’ss, I’m not locked up with them , they’re locked in here with me, and I ain’t happy

  17. “Funny” how lowly ordinary citizens are prohibited in such circumstances but in Orwellian terms, those more equal, eg., judges, are not prohibited likewise. PS, welcome back edit button!)

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