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It was July 4 in Baltimore when Marine veteran Lloyd Muldrow remembered his training, leaping into action to rescue a friend and disarm an attacker.

Muldrow now faces possible jail time for possession of a gun for which he has a concealed-carry permit to carry in Virginia. He could also lose his clearance to maintain a job providing security to federal facilities.

After an Independence Day arrest, Muldrow is scheduled to have a jury trial in Baltimore Circuit Court on Oct. 31.

Muldrow, 57, a resident of Virginia Beach, didn’t use his sidearm in the rescue. But when Baltimore police arrived to arrest the attacker, they also arrested Muldrow on the charges of possession of a gun within 100 feet of a public building and carrying a concealed weapon.

“With the amount of violence going on in Baltimore, Maryland, I’ve heard mayoral comments that ‘we are getting guns off the streets,’” Muldrow told Fox News. “That’s what I’m thinking. However, the mitigating circumstances here are you are taking the wrong gun off the street.” 

— Fred Lucas in After Marine Veteran Makes Rescue, Baltimore Police File Gun Charges Against Him

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      • If I get paid by the hour to “help” you with your various phobias and insecurities why would I ever want that gravy train to end? If you should ever question the benefits of my $400/hour service I’ll just write you a prescription that takes your mind of it.

        • And now we come to the truth about our society. In the end, it is all about money. You are so right, Shire-man

        • I am reminded of a line from Woody Allen’s “Sleeper”. After being awakened, Woody asks how long it had been. When told it was 200 years, he says, “… my analyst is a strict Freudian. I MIGHT have been cured by now.”

  1. Sounds like the ideal post Bruen case to break open Baltimore and Maryland. I hope this guy is taking to SAF, GOA and others.

    • “Sounds like the ideal post Bruen case to break open Baltimore and Maryland.”

      His lawyer needs to petition the court for immediate dismissal of charges, citing ‘Bruen’. Good thing he doesn’t have to wait too long (end of October) to be heard in court.

      There is another recent case, where a permitted concealed-carrier (from another state) who stopped a mass shooting. The ‘Armed Scholar’ YouTube channel believes that case has the potential to get nation-wide concealed carry reciprocity…

  2. Maryland is behind enemy lines. Mr Muldrow is a veteran, hero and obviously not a criminal. So Baltimore will prosecute him. Only Cops and Criminals are allowed to have guns in Baltimore.

  3. I don’t know if Baltimore participates in the catch and release practices of other Dim cities, but this is bs backward priorities. They should be celebrating this man.

    • Somebody better drop the charges otherwise a guilty verdict can be appealed to who knows where, obviously the ridiculous law to arrest and prosecute a Good Samaritan has serious faults and belongs in the crapper. Semper Fi.

  4. Perfect example of why we need national reciprocy, at the very least, and nation wide constitutional carry, preferably (which we should already have via the Constitution).
    These kinds of things are exactly why I avoid travel in these anti-gun cesspool states at all costs; you’re either going to be victim of some lowlife scum or a victim of the state (but I repeat myself).

  5. He is a good black guy with a gun. So he will be prosecuted. The bad black guys with guns will be let go. Which has already been happening. The Liberals who run the city say, “We have too many people in our prisons and jails, compared to other countries”.

    • I have great sympathy for him but be aware where you are. Know the law. Some Indiana residents got that “surprise” pulling their gat in ILLANNOY before CC. One Was a black fellow who got shot after getting into a gunfight in Chiraq in 111th near Western Ave. Indiana has Constitutional Carry. I hope this guy ignites constitutional carry nationwide.

      • This makes me so angry. But you are correct. You can’t travel to a slave state with a gun. The slave masters their haven’t given permission for you to carry a gun.
        National reciprocity is the only answer to fix this terrible problem.

        • I had to go into NJ earlier this year to pick up something. I unloaded my pistol and left it in the trunk the entire time I was in the state. I’m sure it was a strange sight if anyone was watching me arming up and chamber a round in the parking lot before going into Waffle House when I got back into PA.

        • to dude
          This is what I’m most afraid of for these millions of new gun owners. Most of them don’t understand the laws are different between states. And they will probably get caught up in these slave states anti-civil rights laws. Which is what use to happen decades ago.
          When people travelled to visit friends and relatives in the south.

          Now the south is free and the north is slave.
          Years ago I flew to Maryland to attend my daughter’s HS graduation. My gun was in the luggage. That was the last time I travelled to Maryland. I will no longer travel to a slave state without my gun.

  6. ‘Everytown’ will count this as another ‘evil gun’ taken off the streets, along with a successful criminal prosecution. 🤪
    If this veteran was unsuccessful and killed, Everyclown would count it as a death of someone with a firearm in their home.

    Figures don’t lie, but liers can figure. 🤔
    Right lil’dtard?

  7. I read about this a while ago on a different site. it had video of the police complaining that they would have to arrest the hero. Lloyd or his attorney were quoted claiming that they were going to fight this and not take a plea. He’s going to either win at some point, or the government is going to drop the charges. They can’t risk it getting appealed too high. He’s the ideal defendant for a post-Bruen ruling that would grant national reciprocity or overturn the need for concealed carry licenses.

  8. Take it to the supreme court and they will lose, they cannot stand with the new rulings. Your constitutional rights do not end when you cross a state border. Lets put these stinking democrat laws down once and for all.

  9. There is a GiveSendGo fund set up for Mr. Muldrow if you would like to help him with his defense costs. Hopefully in light of Bruen, Mr. Muldrow will be exonerated and the Progressive Idiots in Baltimore are held accountable for their draconian unconstitutional laws (unfortunately, the MD taxpayers will be the ones to pay expenses and restitution not the responsible ho’s possessing immunity).

    The donation site has a good synopsis of the facts surrounding Mr. Muldrow’s arrest

  10. This one kinda brings a slight chuckle.

    Clerk Draws Own Gun Against Armed Robbery Suspect [VIDEO] > https://concealednation.org/2022/09/clerk-draws-own-gun-against-armed-robbery-suspect-video/ (video at link)

    A man armed with a Benelli shotgun at his side entered a Florida convenience store. The clerk had retrieved his firearm and was ready for him, having seen him on surveillance camera arming up outside.

    “Once the suspect realizes he has a gun pointed at him, he starts babbling nonsense about being from Chicago and “not being from around here.” After a brief exchange with the clerk, the suspect decided it wasn’t the best time for a robbery and slowly walked out of the store.

    The police located the suspect a few days later and arrested him. He was charged with openly carrying a prohibited weapon and attempted robbery with a firearm. They also recovered the shotgun.”

    “The Escambia County Sheriff’s Office said it best: ‘Words seem to fail you when your felony attempt is thwarted by lawful and righteous force. … The Sheriff’s Office ended their statement with: ‘You’re not in Chicago anymore; you’re under arrest.’ “

    • “You’re not in Chicago anymore; you’re under arrest.”

      That’s a great line. Oughta make it part of the Miranda warning.

    • “He was charged with openly carrying a prohibited weapon and attempted robbery with a firearm.”


      A shotgun is a ‘prohibited weapon’ in freaking *Florida*?

      Since exactly when? ? ?

      • Apparently open carry of a shot gun is prohibited in general public, not that a shotgun is a prohibited firearm.

        • Open transport of Rifles and Shotguns Florida Statute § 790.25 (5), allows for the open carry of a rifle or shotgun inside a private vehicle, by a person who is at least 18 years of age.

    • This is how violent crime will be reduced. When a sufficient number of would-be perpetrators are confronted with “Lawful and righteous force”. I am too cynical to think that every violent criminal would be so confronted.

  11. Former Marine? Good guy with a gun? Of course they will prosecute him! The only box he doesn’t check in the list of ideal government victims is white. Am I calling them racist? That and tyrants. Hope he had self defense/carry insurance, because otherwise the tyrants will do their worst to destroy him.

  12. His GiveSendGo fund site is at > https://www.givesendgo.com/G6FRD – this man needs to be supported.

    From his GiveSendGo page …

    “On July 4, 2022, Lloyd Muldrow, Marine veteran and member of the Marine Corps. Security Force (presidential security detail), …”

    He may qualify for an exemption under the ‘Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act’ (LEOSA) due to his service and ‘Security Force (presidential security detail)’. Its been done before, and its valid in all 50 states and veteran military with at least 15 years service and having served in a ‘law enforcement’ capacity in the military (for at least a period of time – the LEOSA classifies these as federal law enforcement) can legally conceal carry in all 50 states (within that states rules for concealed carry) without a state permit but there is a requirement for an ‘agency ID’ designating them as having been ‘law enforcement’. However, the requirement for the ID has been waived before in some states courts as long as the service can be verified. Although, some states don’t recognize it until you get into court and point out its a federal law.

    • LEOSA is a possibility.

      His lawyer says he’s going to try a motion to dismiss. Regardless of which way that goes, the losing side will appeal it up the food chain before this ever gets to a jury. That’s where the financial support will be important.

      I think this is a hill we should die on type of case. *He stopped a mass public shooting.* We’re not ever going to get a better reciprocity test case.

      See my longer post for other possible defenses.

  13. In the Bruen decision at footnote 9 there’s a series of warnings about abusive permit policies that might exist even if the process is “shall issue”.

    One warning is that when a permit process is needed to access a constitutional right, there can be NO “subjective elements” in the process. This isn’t by way of Bruen exactly, it’s by way of a 1969 US Supreme Court decision, Shuttlesworth v Birmingham. In that case a major civil rights activist (the Rev Fred Shuttlesworth, one of King’s top lieutenants) did not apply for a protest permit that was handled with subjective elements. Key point is, The Supremes ordered all of Rev. Shuttlesworth’s charges dropped.

    Are there subjective elements in the MD CCW application process? Yes! The letters of reference are bad enough but having to note down who your employer is means they can threaten your employment for even trying for a permit. That’s *bullshit*.

    Lloyd’s other major defense involves the other warnings in Bruen footnote 9: the warning against excessive fees and delays in permit access.

    In order for Lloyd to obtain 50-states-plus-DC carry rights, he would need about 17 or 18 more permits on top of what he already has. Four states (CA/OR/IL/NY) won’t even allow Lloyd to apply for their permits which leads to extra problems for those states but let’s ignore that for now.

    To get those 17+ permits would take training in most of those jurisdictions. At an average cost of $250 per permit with training (admittedly not always needed, but mostly is in these states plus DC), costs are gonna cross $4k. That’s not counting travel and time off of work – at least $10k and likely more. No telling how long it would take. Years. If no one state can violate our civil rights, neither can a collection of 17+.

    That’s got to blow up the ban on excessive fees and delays in Bruen footnote 9.

    Upshot: it’s true that Lloyd’s VA permit didn’t need training. If states like MD, NJ, CA, NY and the like want a training mandate, they’re going to have to do a federal law creating a “traveler’s permit” with ONE reasonable training session for national carry. Until then, they’re going to have to do universal permit recognition to avoid falling afoul of the ban on excessive fees and delays.

    This was found to be necessary for driver’s licenses and vehicle registrations generations ago, and that’s not a basic civil right.

  14. This isn’t the whole story. He was also a convicted felon (twice). Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

  15. The problem is that the jury will be told they have to rule according to the law. In reality they do not have to rule according to the law if they feel the law is unjust but jury’s are seldom if ever told that.

    • Aren’t you proud? Another POC goes to jail and has his life ruined by violating an unconstitutional law.

      Gun control is what you support. without people like you there would be no question of wrongdoing for simply having a gun.

      Be proud of the results of your work.

      • Notice how the lil’loser avoided my comment about how if this veteran was tragically shot and killed on the streets of Baltimore, ‘everytown’ would have counted this as a ‘person who lives in a home with a firearm getting killed by a firearm’. 🤪

        He could have ended up DEAD on the streets of Baltimore if he HADN’T had a firearm in his home to carry out of his state.
        Everyclown doesn’t want to acknowledge that fact, I wonder why? 🤔

        Everyclown plays loose with the numbers, all to advance their agenda.

      • to Campbell the soup brain.

        quote——–Notice how the lil’loser avoided my comment about how if this veteran was tragically shot and killed on the streets of Baltimore, ‘everytown’ would have counted this as a ‘person who lives in a home with a firearm getting killed by a firearm’ 🤪———-quote

        No you retarded dingbat Everytown would have counted it as a homicide because according to your fantasy story he was shot on the streets not inside the home. Is this getting to complicated for your feeble mind???

        • Calling your BS lil’d.

          September 27, 2022 At 22:30
          Campbell Soup Brain you proved your own rhetoric wrong. Once again when there is a firearm in the home you are 800% more likely to see a family member killed by homicide, accident or suicide.”

          If the veteran had left his gun at home in VA and traveled to Baltimore, then been killed by a person with a firearm,
          Everytown would count that death as a firearm homicide of someone who lives with a firearm in the home.

          Everytown doesn’t only count deaths that occur in the home that has the firearm in it you f’ in retard.
          Everytown count the deaths of the people who reside with a firearm in the home REGARDLESS OF WHERE THEY’RE KILLED.

          A Texas gun owner leaves his gun in Texas, goes to Baltimore and gets killed by a person with a firearm.
          Everytown counts that death as a person who resided with a firearm in the home being killed by homicide, accident or suicide.

          Are you too stupid to understand that? 🤪

    • There’s a bunch of reasons to think this law as applied to Lloyd is unconstitutional.

      Floyd’s attorney is going to try to get this kicked out of court on a motion to dismiss before it ever gets to a jury.

    • any jury member, and the collective jury seated, must be finders of fact and to judge on both law and facts. They CAN and DO decide on the validity of the law alledgedly being violated. That’s what juries DO
      Any judge who fails/refuses to so inform the jury should be debenched and disbarred.

    • The far radical left in this Country is the blame for this man’s arrest.

      The BoR has a preamble. That preamble establishes limits on government. It even states that fact. You leftists don’t like restrictions of government powers. You prefer dictatorships or small counsels making decisions for the People instead.

  16. And in the area of ‘great timing’ > Woman Shoots Intruder in Self-Defense the Day After Buying a Revolver > https://www.usacarry.com/woman-shoots-intruder-day-after-buying-revolver/

    “The husband and wife homeowners were home during the invasion, and the husband got into a fight with the intruder near the front door while trying to restrain him. The wife ran upstairs to get the revolver she had purchased just one day earlier.

    She fired all of the rounds in the revolver into the intruder in what the police call ‘an example of strictly self-defense.’ “

  17. Baltimore police arrest ‘good guy with the gun’ who stopped armed attacker > https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2022/sep/2/good-samaritan-faces-charges-after-stopping-armed-/

    “Mr. Muldrow, a North Carolina security specialist, holds a concealed weapons permit, but it was issued in Virginia, not Maryland. Even so, he has no intention of accepting a plea deal when he appears at his Oct. 31 hearing in Baltimore Circuit Court.

    ‘I’m not going to settle with probation or anything like that. I don’t think it’s fair,’ he told The Washington Times. ‘I’ve carried overseas in different countries, and you’re telling me I can’t carry my weapon from one state to another? I’ve trained more than the average police officer, and I can’t carry from Virginia to Maryland? I have a real big problem with that.’

    Mr. Henderson allegedly shoved Mr. Cullens and then brandished a handgun, striking him in the head. He also shouted threats like ‘I’ll kill everyone,’ Mr. Muldrow said.”

    Muldrow was carrying a .22 caliber Beretta M9.

    Muldrow has been charged with a misdemeanor. Right now the plan is to take the case to trial.

  18. ‘we are getting guns off the streets,’” Muldrow told Fox News.

    Lol. No. This makes the problems worse.

  19. Maybe the next time Republicans have both houses and the presidency they can get a nation-wide reciprocity bill going.

    Yes – that’s sarcasm for those that can’t tell.

    • Yeah I won’t be holding my breath. If past performance tells us anything, they’ll lower taxes, give each other high fives, tell us to let the latest Dem witch hunt play out, and announce their retirement.

  20. Robert Heinlein, in his “Future History” series, listed a period called “The Crazy Years” where government and people both just went wacko.

    Look like we’re having a set of actual “Crazy Years”.

    Time for some legislation to whittle away at the crazy: a federal law authorizing all military veterans except for those with dishonorable discharges to be authorized to carry as they please, where they please, and when they please regardless of any other laws or restrictions.

    • Not needed. The Bruen decision goes further.

      Read my longer top-level post in this thread for details on some of his defenses.

      • True, but every layer of protection that can be slapped on is IMO a good idea.

        First, veterans. Then cops and former cops. Then college students. Then social workers. Then truckers and delivery drivers. Then stay-at-home housewives. Just lay it on until everyone is covered at least twice.

        Because at some point the antis will fight back — make them WORK for it!

    • why only military? How about “citizens”?

      The question was asked, back about 1778 or so, who are the militia? EVERY able bodied male able to train and bear arms in the defense of his family and community.
      Abd the term “man” used here is identical to the term “man” used in the bible when God says “let Us make MAN in our image, male and female created He them”.

  21. He needs good lawyers who are willing to fight all the way to the Supreme Court because the plain language of the US Constitution and the Maryland Constitution support him. Maryland’s Constitution states that the federal constitution is the supreme law of the land and is incorporated into Maryland’s Constitution. The federal Constitution states that “No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States…” If Virginia granted him a license, Maryland cannot ignore it. Moreover, as we all know, the Second Amendment has been interpreted in Bruen to indicate that a citizen has the personal right to keep and bear arms for their own defense. This is the time and this is the case. Let’s get GOA and SAF to hit it hard, gather support and funding.

  22. The Police do NOT make the law. That’s the job of the ELECTED legislature. The Police only administer it by ‘consent’ of the Community in which they serve . The guy WAS breaking the law so the police had no choice in the matter. However the police do not decide guilt or punishment either and if there are mitigating circumstance that is for the Jury to decide not the Police. If he had been routinely stopped and seached for whatever reason the Police no doubt would have taken the same action.
    That he was ”protecting a friend’ is neither here nor there and neither is the fact that he was ex-USMC -simply put he WAS breaking the law and that he had a ‘license for a concealed carry’ from another jurisdiction is irrelevant.
    I cannot see the problem here. Being a gun owner does NOT mean you can ignore the law across all jurisdictions.
    It amazes me that on SOCIAL MEDIA Americans still ask if they can take ASSAULT RIFLES or HAND GUN when they visit the UK CANADA or EUROPE and if not why not? AS if US LAW overides all other laws on the bloody planet. They seem quite put out when it’pointed out to them that the very least they can expect is CONFISCATION and the next plane, train or automobile home and if there was an atempt to smuggle some serious jail time

  23. Wait a minute. We are told we all are racists, fascists’, storm trooper, far right radicals.

    Yet, everyone here is defending this man. I think I saw a troll make a comment, but that is probably a low level trainee troll trying things out.

    Ever think we actually live up to the promise Jefferson presented when he wrote ” All men are created equal…” while the our leftists here know what is best for “them”. They don’t recognize people as equals because they know what is best for “them”.

    We need more good Americans, people that want to aspire to the promises and strive to meet them, regardless of where they are from.

  24. Hear, hear!

    The guy should get a medal, not prosecution. Today’s “law enforcement” is so warped by ideology-driven prosecutors I often think we should bring back tarring and feathering.

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