Arex Delta Gen.2 M 9mm Pistol
The Arex Delta Gen.2 M 9mm Pistol
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The world of 9mm polymer-framed striker-fired guns is vast and seemingly ever-growing. Every major company has some form of that pistol. Even small, relatively unknown companies known for their metal-framed, hammer-fired guns are making polymer frame striker-fired guns.

Arex is more or less known for its metal-framed SIG P226 style clones. Recently they moved into the crowded market of striker-fired 9mms known as the Arex Delta Gen.2 series. Today we are looking at the compact variant, the Delta Gen.2 M.

M, I assume, stands for medium as it’s the medium-sized compact variant in a family incorporating an X or full-sized model and an L or longslide model. Additionally, there are optics ready versions and a tactical version.

Today’s variant is the simplest model, with no optics cut and an all-black frame. It has a Glock 19 barrel length. The Arex Delta M is fairly standard as far as modern handguns go.

Arex Delta Gen.2 M 9mm Pistol
The Arex Delta Gen.2 M is a sleek little pistol. (Travis Pike for TTAG)

The striker is partially cocked and technically a double action, but there is no re-strike capability. The Arex Delta series uses a double stack magazine, and the M comes with a 15-round magazine and a 17-rounder with a +2 extension. The guns ship with a small self-contained cleaning kit. Inside the box are the standard instructions, as well as three additional backstraps.

Arex Delta Gen.2 M 9mm Pistol
The tiny cleaning kit is a nice addition. (Travis Pike for TTAG)

In just reading that, it seems like it’s just another modern polymer handgun in a very crowded market, but I was pleasantly surprised by the Gen.2 M. These Slovenian pistols might not break the mold, but they do an excellent job of making the mold better. Heck, it even looks nicer than most of its competition.

Arex Delta Gen.2 M 9mm Pistol
Four backstraps allow you to customize the grip to fit your hand. (Travis Pike for TTAG)


The Arex Delta M really excels in the ergonomics department. GLOCK rules the market, so they’re often the gun I go to to make comparisons. When compared side-by-side with the G19, the Arex Delta series immediately stands out. The grip is much thinner and much less blocky than the GLOCK’s and is more akin to the CZ P10 series.

With that said, the Arex Delta M series is seemingly even thinner than the P10 series. It’s one of my favorite polymer frame grips. The trigger guard has a fantastic undercut, and the grip swoops upward and allows for a high grip on the pistol. The gun’s texture is fairly aggressive and wraps around the entirety of the grip.

Arex Delta Gen.2 M 9mm Pistol
It’s GLOCK 19-sized, but much more lithe. (Travis Pike for TTAG)

It’s easy to look at the design and think it’s a GLOCKish, but when it’s in your hand, the difference is night and day. Arex Delta Gen.2 M comes with ambidextrous controls. Not reversible, truly ambidextrous. There’s a slide lock and magazine release on the right side and they both work well.

Arex Delta Gen.2 M 9mm Pistol
Not reversible….it’s truly ambidextrous. (Travis Pike for TTAG)

I’m especially fond of the slide lock/release. Mostly because even though it’s placed fairly far rearward, my thumbs don’t pin it down. The slide release sits tight to the frame and avoids being inadvertently pressed by a thumbs-forward grip. Although it’s tight to the frame, it’s plenty easy to hit it when you intend to, although I’m a bigger fan of slingshotting the slide.

Arex Delta Gen.2 M 9mm Pistol
The slide lock doesn’t get pinned down by my fat thumbs. (Travis Pike for TTAG)

The magazine release is fine. It’s functional and easy enough to reach and activate. It won’t blow your mind, but it’s completely functional.

At the Range

With a pile of steel-cased Winchester Forged fresh from my local Academy store, I hit the range and started tossing ammo down range. This grimy, dry, and dirty stuff is an awesome way to test guns and also the cheapest means for me to do so.

The Delta Gen.2 M’s magazines load easily enough, and you feel the +2 extension and the tension it adds for those last two rounds.

Arex Delta Gen.2 M 9mm Pistol
Shooting this thing is a blast. (Travis Pike for TTAG)

I started at 10 yards with some basic slow fire to get a feel for the Arex Delta Gen.2 M. I don’t have a dedicated holster, but I found that the gun fit my quasi-universal Phalanx Defense Stealth Operator holster. This allowed me to mix in some very basic combative drills. I shot some failure drills from the holsters and found the sights to be easy and quick to acquire.

Arex Delta Gen.2 M 9mm Pistol
The trigger isn’t great, but it’s good enough to be accurate. (Travis Pike for TTAG)

These are metal sights and fairly basic. The front sight has a white dot, and the rear sight is blacked out and serrated.

The sight radius is an interesting development. They pushed the rear sight all the way back as far as they possibly could to extend the radius. The black serrated rear sight is non-reflective, and the front sight drops right into the rear sight for quick and easy aiming.

I scored an all-black 10-10-10 drill in a hair over seven seconds on my first try. Tracking the front sight and getting back on target between shots is very easy, which makes accurate, rapid-fire shots easy.

Backing On Up

I took the Arex Delta Gen.2 M back to 25 yards and went 10 for 10 on a ten-inch steel gong, then I went to 35 yards and repeated this process. I scooted back to 50 yards and gained a new appreciation for the front sight. It’s fairly small, and just small enough to still see the gong at that distance.

I don’t have the skill to go 10 for 10 at 50 yards with iron sights, but 6 out of 10 isn’t terrible, right? I went 10 for 10 on a full-sized steel IPSC target. I put four in the A zone, four in the C, and two in the D zone. I did so fast enough to pass the Dickens drill.

The trigger feels like plastic rubbing on plastic, and it’s not super great, but it’s functional. There’s some take-up and then a wall with a consistent break and a great reset.

Arex Delta Gen.2 M 9mm Pistol
It’s not the best ammo, but its cheap. (Travis Pike for TTAG)

Controlling the Arex Delta Gen.2 M is very easy, and the recoil from a 9mm isn’t exactly known for being punishing. The gun also ate through three of the 150-round packs of Winchester Forged without a single failure.

Arex Delta Gen.2 M 9mm Pistol
It’s a good-looking gun for a plastic fantastic. (Travis Pike for TTAG)

I approached the Arex Delta Gen.2 M without being too impressed. The Arex Delta seemed like yet another in an endless series of polymer frame, striker-fired 9mms, but it really stood out once it came time for the lead to meet steel.

Global Ordnance provided this pistol for test and review from their stocks, so give them chance if the Arex Delta Gen.2 M strikes your fancy.

Specifications: Arex Delta Gen.2 M

Barrel Length: 4 inches
Length: 7.2 inches
Width: 1.18 inches
Height: 5.1 inches
Weight: 22 ounces
MSRP: 469.99 (Street Price 449.99)

Ratings (out of five stars):

Ergonomics * * * * ½
The Ares Delta Gen.2 M is a strong contender for best striker-fired grip. It’s pretty impressive as these things go and surprised me enough that it really does stand out. It might not be a CZ-75 or 1911, but it’s solid for a polymer frame.

Accuracy * * * *
It’s not a competition-grade tack driver, but for practical accuracy, self-defense, and concealed carry, it’s perfectly capable.

Reliability * * * * *
Not a flaw to be found. The people of Slovenia make finely tuned firearms.

Overall * * * * 1/2
Prior to the Arex Delta M, I’d say the CZ P10C was my favorite striker-fired polymer frame 9mm handgun. The Arex Delta Gen.2 M might have taken over that top spot. It’s functional, accurate, reliable, and even good-looking. Plus, at less than $500, it’s a bargain.

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    Whenever you see no picture of the bench rest 25 yard accuracy it’s a dead giveaway the accuracy is bad.

    No manual safety equals an unsafe gun to handle or carry. If you accidently snag the trigger in holstering or carrying or handling the gun it goes off right now and you shoot yourself or some innocent person.

    Glock style take down where you have to pull the trigger with the slide forward to take it down is an accident waiting to happen and happen they do all the time with this type of an unsafe takedown system. If guns came under the jurisdiction of the Consumer safety Council this type of handgun would have never been allowed on the market.

    And try buying spare mags and repair parts for off brand pistols, good luck!

    Yeah I know the price is cheap but how much is your life worth??? Not much if you buy this weapon.

      • Storm Trooper you, like most of the Far Right are not very mechanically inclined.

        Now I will spell it out on the 5th grade level so even you can understand it.

        If someone handed you a revolver that was loaded and they cocked the hammer back and handed it to you and said: I want you to handle and carry this revolver with the hammer cocked back. Do it without a holster or put it under your pillow at night or if you are a woman jam it into purse and of course if you use a holster simply without any caution jam it into the holster without even looking at the gun while doing it (people do this all the time with striker fired pistols without manual safeties and shoot themselves)

        Of course the TRUTHFUL answer to all those above questions is that no one in their right mind would do such a foolish thing with a revolver as it much sooner than later would result in an accidental discharge.

        Remember that “feel good” trigger safety (not even found on all striker fired guns) is a worthless piece of shit that does not prevent the gun from firing if the trigger is accidentally snagged, especially when attempting to holster the gun.

        I once had a loud mouth friend of mine spew forth the usual far right ignorant bullshit about the best safety was between his ears. Since we were together getting some parts to fix his car I suggested he remove the magazine and the round in the chamber. I told him since I was armed I would protect him if we were attacked. To my surprise he agreed. I then told him to put the gun in his waistband , no holster and keep it there until we got back to the garage after sitting down for lunch. When we arrived I told him to check the gun and see if the striker had been set off accidentally. Guess what,it had. The trigger safety failed. He now is a firm believer in manual safeties on all striker fired pistols. He sent his Glock out and paid the big bucks to have one installed on his gun.

        I could give you pages of tragedies caused by striker fired guns that have no manual safety but what would be the use? With the ignorant and arrogant wave of your hand you would scream that you were perfect in every way and had never made a mistake in your life and never would. Famous last words and of course proof of Darwinism.

        Remember the average Moron can see the danger of a weapon that has a hammer cocked back, but they think if the gun has a concealed striker that there is no danger carrying it with no manual safety.

        “What people cannot see the do not fear”

        And the Far Right die by the millions because they cannot see germs or a virus and refuse to get vaccinated or wear masks or buy a striker fired gun with a manual safety. The good news is that there is then more of us Socialists left alive to vote for turning Capitalvania into a civilized country. Over 1 million of the Far Right died in the last two years from the above mentioned causes.

    • “No manual safety equals an unsafe gun to handle or carry. ”
      “Glock style take down where you have to pull the trigger with the slide forward to take it down is an accident waiting to happen and happen they do all the time with this type of an unsafe takedown system.”
      “If guns came under the jurisdiction of the Consumer safety Council this type of handgun would have never been allowed on the market.”

      What planet are you from, Elmer Fudd?

        • What kind of idiot friends do you have who would carry a pistol in their waist band without a holster? No wonder why the trigger was depressed!
          That COVID virus you claim is killing by the millions, check out the CDC website. Divid the reported cases by the reported deaths. You’ll find the chance of death is 2.76%. A further look into those deaths show 90% had more than three other underlying diseases/sickness at the time of death and over the age of 55.
          Tell me again why we all need to get jabbed with an experimental injection with unknown long term health effects? The side effects were recently released and it’s two pages worth in size 10 font.

        • to CC

          Your post is the one of a complete Moron who denies all the Scientific evidence. The CDC has plenty of info to refute all of your outrageous and laughable lies on the subject. Getting vaccinated with the required boosters enabled many who got covid to survive that otherwise would have died. But when did the Far Right Fanatics ever believe in science, they even scream global warming does not exist because of their blind greed to go on raping the environment for profit.

        • to CC

          quote————What kind of idiot friends do you have who would carry a pistol in their waist band without a holster? No wonder why the trigger was depressed!———quote

          Just as I said the Far Right completely miss the forest for the trees. The post proved that the trigger safety does not work and so did the test.

          And the under the pillow test was actually done by a Lady Cop who came close to blowing her brains out when it went off one night as she slept with it under her pillow. Again proving that the trigger safety is a complete joke.

          And there was a young lady at a pistol competition who carelessly jammed her .40 cal Glock into a holster and it went of and completely destroyed her leg leaving her a cripple for life.

          Of course no matter how many examples I give you will ignore them all with the wave of the ignorant and arrogant hand.

          As I said before I could write pages of tragedies with pre-loaded striker fired weapons that have no manual safety.

        • There is no such “explanation.” There is only drivel countered by firearms technology and practice since the 1980’s. Go elsewhere with this crap while you yell at clouds and exhort passing children to “stay off your lawn.”


      For the AREX not Dacian. He apparently has no clue how to keep a striker fired pistol totally safe from any sort of ND. I own 4 Steyr plastic fantastic striker fired tupperware models designed by Wilhelm Bubits and not a single one of them is at risk for being discharged unless intended.

      And no Dacian, I’m not going to tell you how, not on a bet.

  2. Good review. While I personally would not buy one of these over a Glock it looks to be a good option for those looking to spend less money for a poly frame SF pistol. I have seen these as low as $399 and would certainly take one over any Taurus.

    Of course it is hard to determine what customer service and parts availability will be in the future with a lesser known foreign manufacturer. Magazine costs may be another issue especially if one is looking to buy a lot of them.

    Sure is a crowded market in that price catagory these days. The new Beretta APX-1 is a strong contender with all that it offers for the price point too.

    I would caution anyone about using a holster for a striker fired pistol other than a holster specifically designed for that specific model. At least one P320 that discharged “on it’s own” was traced back to a user who was using it in a holster designed for a P226.

    • Fugly is good. Fugly is intimidating. If it doesn’t work, you can always hit him with it.

      O w8…

  3. Haven’t tried The striker fire version…But the REX zero1 is a super pistol…It may be even better, in most categories , than my beloved Mk25 sigsauer 226…

  4. I will gladly spend a little more money to avoid “The trigger feels like plastic rubbing on plastic”. Buy once, cry once.

  5. Have a Gen 1. It’s a tack-driver. Once the trigger breaks in (around 500) rounds it’s friggin’ sweet.

    My only complaint is a lack of holsters. Yes, some G19 holsters will fit but only ANR Designs makes holsters specifically for this firearm.

  6. This looks like aj a very good pistol at a very good price. It is good also that it accepts CZ P10 magazines which are available in 10 round versions. The CZ P10F magazines are available online for about $45. Do they fit the Arex Delta Gen.2?

  7. I bought an Arex Delta Gen 2 M last month and I have to say, it’s by far the best rifle out there. The trigger is smooth, the grip is sturdy, and the sound is so satisfying. It has a quick spin on the muzzle and the battery lasts for a long time. If you’re looking for a good rifle to invest in, this is it.

  8. I bought an Arex Delta Gen 2 M last month and I can’t say enough great things about it. The trigger is comfortable, the grip allows for steady shot precision, and even the sound of a silenced headshot is satisfying to hear.

  9. Mom said if can say any thing nice about person or there firearm better say nothing at all so gone take advice on this pistol.

  10. I find a certain persons comments to be…. well.. you know.. full of….HOT AIR! Full of… himself. I own one of these pistols. i am 74 years old, a gunsmith for many, many years. I started in the 60’s with a 1911 and that has been my go to for years and years. plastic guns? NO WAY. but things DO change! You get old, you lose your hips so a heavy metal gun in a holster just pulls your pants down. Your eyes get old so a RDS? NOT A BAD IDEA! SO, I have been carrying, using and learning to LOVE this weapon. The magazine release? Yes, as is… the button is a bit hard. Get an xacto knife and trim down the “dam” around the button. Both sides. VOILIA! Just like and extended button and it didn’t cost you a dime!! And it works great! The texture on the grips? I did my own stippling and i LOVE IT! Accurate? If you aren’t a police officer or sky Marshall.. this firearm is PLENTY accurate for you. Civilians should not be shooting (under normal conditions) beyond 20 yds. Trust me.. You go to court over a shot longer than that? You are in deep poo! The weapon is plenty thin enough to hide away easily. Easy take down, quick to clean and maintain, Grip Angle? I love it! That’s my 2 cents worth.

  11. I own one and as retired military with enough gun play in my career as an Airborne Scout this weapon is my CCW and that’s all that needs to be said

  12. Once again Travis has to mention the size of his hand/thumb. Dr Freud would easily explain this as a deep seated sexual inferiority complex. And Travis, is it not past time to say goodbye to that Marines haircut? Just can’t get away from those close cropped sides!

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