Ahmaud Arbery police taser video
Courtesy The Guardian and YouTube
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By Russ Bynum, AP

A video released Monday shows police in Georgia attempting to search Ahmaud Arbery’s parked car in 2017 and when he refuses to let them and begins to walk back to the vehicle an officer tries to use a stun gun on him.

The video, first obtained by The Guardian, shows Arbery refusing Glynn County police when they ask to search his Toyota and as he walks toward his vehicle he is told “don’t reach the car” and “keep your hands out your pockets.” The officer then pulls the Taser and attempts to use it, but it malfunctions and Arbery is told to get down on the ground, which he does.

When Arbery questions why the cops are bothering him he’s told that the area is known for drugs, a suggestion that agitates Arbery who said he is not on drugs and to check his “s—-!” Officers then proceed to check him for weapons while clarifying this action was not a search, but a check.

In a police report, also obtained by The Guardian, officers said Arbery, who was parked when confronted by officers, was free to go but could not take his vehicle because his license was suspended. The report said that after he left the scene they noticed Arbery’s passenger side window was open and that they smelled what they believed to be marijuana and noticed a bag with a leafy substance inside.

Calls and emails to the Glynn County Police Department and Arbery’s family attorney Benjamin Crump have not been returned.

Arbery was killed Feb. 23 after a pursuit by a white father and son who armed themselves and gave chase after seeing the 25-year-old black man running in their subdivision. More than two months passed before Gregory McMichael, 64, and Travis McMichael, 34, were jailed on charges of felony murder and aggravated assault.

A judge from outside the coastal Georgia community where Arbery was fatally shot has been appointed to preside over trial proceedings of the two men charged with Arbery’s murder, including one defendant with close ties to law enforcement.

Court documents filed in Glynn County show that Superior Court Judge Timothy R. Walmsley was appointed to the case after all five judges in the legal circuit where Arbery was killed recused themselves. Walmsley is based in Savannah, about 70 miles (110 kilometers) north of where the slaying occurred just outside the port city of Brunswick.

Gregory McMichael, a retired investigator for the local district attorney, told police he thought Arbery was a burglar. He said Arbery attacked his son before he was shot.

Arbery’s mother, Wanda Cooper-Jones, has said she believes her son was merely out jogging.

The delay in criminal charges and a cellphone video of the shooting leaked shortly before the May 7 arrests fueled national outrage over Arbery’s death.

Last week, defense attorneys for the McMichaels cautioned against rushing to judgment. They said they soon plan to seek a preliminary hearing from a magistrate judge in Glynn County at which new details might be revealed. They also plan to ask that the McMichaels be released from jail on bond pending trial. That decision will now fall to Walmsley.

No court hearings had been scheduled as of Monday afternoon.

Gregory McMichael worked as an investigator for the local district attorney for more than two decades before he retired last year. Attorneys for Arbery’s family and others have blamed the delay in arrests in part on the elder McMichael’s ties to local law enforcement. The McMichaels weren’t charged until after the Georgia Bureau of Investigation was brought into the case in early May.

Meanwhile, three district attorneys have passed on prosecuting the case, which now resides with the district attorney of Cobb County in metro Atlanta.

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  1. Oh this guy looks like a peach… Truly a DGU waiting to happen. Pro tip… You’re not allowed to wear your underwear outside your pants unless your name is Superman.

      • More like the common sense police. You wouldn’t catch me dead in an Adidas track suit squatting on my porch with a pack of cigarettes rolled into my sleeve. At some point, you have to take responsibility for your own stupid decisions.

        • Adidas is lit.

          I forget most of the history behind why it’s popular in Russian and Slavic countries but I think it stems from getting tracksuits and other goods to Russian Olympic teams, during the cold war days, when sanctions were rampant, sanctions… sounds familiar. Adidas made the Russian Olympic uniforms, so the Russians support the brand to this day.

          The well connected could get Adidas track suits and were a status symbol for the most part, later on, the poor embraced them because they were functional clothing that was also affordable.

          • TTAG should have a new article called

            PWRSERGE! Turning people off left and right to “citizen’s arrest.”

            Do you support citizen’s arrest???? Listen to pwrserge talk for 5 minutes! You will be ready and willing to vote against it, in 5 minutes.

        • Take it from someone who grew up rather poor in the Soviet Union. Only two kinds of people wore those track suits ever. One one kind wore it for anything other than calisthenics.

        • I don’t know how anyone can get anything out of this video other than our drug laws are absurd and “I smell weed” is the most blatant pass to violate the fourth amendment.

          Did Ahmaud react poorly when confronted by the police? Yes.
          Should the police have been messing with him in the first place? No.
          Did this incident reveal anything noteworthy regarding the incident when Ahmaud was chased down and gunned down in the street? No.

        • No, but also don’t support a citizen’s fashion choice being used as a basis for the police to hassle them.

    • I thought a black man in America is supposed to have his human rights respected by police? Why are you not talking about Arbery’s rights being violated and the police attempting to assault him with a less lethal weapon illegally?

      Watch the entire body cam. You will see a violation of Arbery: an attempt to lock him up and take his property when he was simply minding his business. He followed orders, he gave them his ID, he allowed them to search his person, he even got on his knees for them. Sure, he was being a tough young man trying to stand up to the police, that’s not a shocker. People whom grow up with white privilege didn’t have to experience the non whites or poor peoples’ life; they wouldn’t understand.

      Growing up in a similar way Arbery did, with similar people, I know exactly how he feels. I have my own experiences with people treating me a certain way just because of the way I look. I explained in previous comments how Arbery was likely fed up with white people violating him because he is considered suspicious simply due to his appearance, gender or skin tone.

      Go watch how people treat police during their first amendment audits and protests, Look how white men are treating the cops because Trump told them to liberate themselves from house arrest.

      • You know Censor, if non whites were so scared of the cops they wouldn’t be so fookin aggressive toward them. That’s not fear. When your afraid you defer, demur, look down, have deferential body language. What we see in videos of this guy is anger, hatred, aggression. As serge said he was a DGU waiting to happen and he finally accomplished it.

        • You did a great job ignoring what I said.

          Have you ever been a young testosterone filled man? Have you ever grew up in the hood? Have you ever had cops beat, tase or threaten to kill you with their guns? Have you been harassed many times because of your race? Have people treated you like a criminal every time they see you? Have you ever had a man help convict you that has no legal authority to work on your case? Has that illegal investigator who worked on your case assumed you’re a fleeing felon and chased you with guns? Have you ever had to run away for over 4 minutes and have a shotgun pointed at you? Have you ever been shot three times with a shotgun by the same people that have been fucking with you for years?

          I would be angry too when my human rights are violated by people that swore to protect them. I would be angry if I was constantly harassed and treated like everything I do is a crime when the same officers are corrupt. If I was in the same situation as Arbery, I too would be angry with the system created by white men for white men.

          I will not be surprised if they use this body cam to show why Arbery would attack after being chased for 4 minutes and accused of a felony without evidence. This video actually helps Arbery’s case. It shows he wasn’t crazy like the DA said. It’s very understandable when a black man snaps after years of abuse from white people. If he was really jogging through a white neighborhood, it would make total sense why he would attack after a gun was pointed at him by a white man that assumed he was committing crimes.

          Stop blaming the victim for standing his ground and protecting the Bill of Rights. He rather die on his feet than live on his knees. They tried to tase him when he was getting on his knees, they had to shoot him three times point black to kill him while he was on his feet.

          If Arbery turns out to be completely innocent, he would have done more for human rights and the justice system than most white men who talk shit about him have ever done.

        • Some people demure and cower as you suggest. We refer to those as pussies. Others not so much. We call them free.

        • “you defer, demur, look down”

          Yeah, that’s it, this uppity boy wouldn’t mind his betters, he deserved a butt whipping!

          When he asserted his rights and refused to have his car searched, they tased him.

          And everybody on this list maintains he’s the bad guy? He was non-violent, provided his ID when I asked and complied with her instructions, everything a citizen is required to do.

          Will these officers ever be held accountable for their unlawful attempted assault with the Taser?
          Not likely, they are members of the right… class.

          No wonder the young man had an attitude, he’s been unlawfully harassed by LEOs in the past, of course he didn’t trust them to do the right thing.

          Notice this article doesn’t mention a word about the elder McMichaels‘ multiple years of unlawful practice of law enforcement in that county, without proper certification.

          Also, there’s no mention of DA Barnhill’s commission of prosecutorial misconduct by not disclosing his conflict of interest regarding McMichaels and issuing an opinion declining to prosecute the case.

          Isn’t white privilege a great thing… for white people.

        • Don’t forget the video was spliced and edited. Greg got the video from Roddy and gave it to Alan. The video is much longer. They only released the end where Arbery stood his ground after Travis committed aggravated assault.

          Travis was charged with aggravated assault and felony murder. The felony murder charge is based on him pointing the gun at Arbery before he was attacked for doing so.

          Gun owners know you can’t grab a gun and point it at people whenever you feel like it. That is a crime.

        • “Isn’t white privilege a great thing… for white people.”

          Imagine Stacey Abrams and Al Sharpton being white and still being relevant. I’d say it’s worked pretty well for them.

        • Slaves did not always show submission to the masters or overseers, but there was a lot of hate showing. When you are constantly belittled and made to jump through hoops, sooner or later the person thought of as a circus animal will show his teeth.

          I, for one, would rather see underwear than see the skin it is hiding.

        • When you are a black man in Georgia dealing with all white cops, nothing more need to be said. They are there to mess with him. I wouldn’t put it past these clowns to put marijuana in his car window. These kinds of low-life cops wouldn’t think twice about it.

          I am white and Georgia would be one of the last states I would ever consider moving to.

        • That is because no matter what black males do, if the cops want to nail them, they’ll always start something. Can anyone blame them for being mad? What’s the point of being deferential? So you can get hauled away quietly? How is that a great plan? Black males know white Georgia cops make a sport of seeing how many they can harass for no good reason. It’s obvious. How many blacks are on the police force? Probably absolute zero. Because he might not take kindly to making a sport of harassing young black guys. Screw Georgia. I wish I-95 didn’t go through Georgia. I’m tempted to go around it.

      • I agree 100% the fact that gorgia and so many other are so unsupportive of these facts. Stop looking at his skin color and think of that was your son. Is that okay!? Really!? No!!!!!!!! It is fucking wrong!!

        • If it was my son, his ass would have been in the ER on life support after the beating I would give him for bringing a gun to school.

        • @pwrserge

          You would beat your adult son for carrying a handgun for self defense because he carried it in a gun free zone? I thought you respected the Bill of Rights? I thought you fought for the Bill of Rights?

        • Chief, Sergei is clearly a hypocrite and probably a racist.

          He clearly supports the right to keep and bear arms, unless it’s a young black male and he should be prosecuted!

        • Bite me, Al Sharpton is black trash. These two idiots who shot this man for no true reason are white trash. Trash is trash so quit calling it something it is not.

      • If you hadn’t lost all credibility before your use of the white privilege lie would take care of that.

        • I am the only one here putting out the facts with evidence. I put more out than your favorite news site.

          Stop ignoring history. There is hundreds of years of evidence. There was genocide and slavery. You can’t ignore those facts. America’s society was shaped by it.

          This isn’t normal for other multicultural societies. Americans refuses to learn from their past, therefore, they are doomed to repeat it.

        • Lol… “genocide” lol… ok commie… Slavery existed for thousands of years, then a bunch of white guys decided that it was a bad thing and died by the hundreds of thousands to end it. You’re welcome.

        • @pwrserge

          Did Europe have to have a civil war to stop slavery? Did millions of Europeans have to die to stop other Europeans from treating non whites as property?

          Who populated all of the Americas and surrounding islands? Where did those people go and how did they go?

          The civil war wasn’t about slavery, by the way. It was about economics and politics. The slavery excuse was like “weapons of mass destruction.”

        • Yeah… Go look up the Napoleonic wars. One of the conditions that England imposed on other countries was the abolition of slavery.

        • “a bunch of white guys decided that it was a bad thing and died by the hundreds of thousands to end it.“

          Yes, and more hundreds of thousands of white guys died to protect the practice of slavery and the denial of rights to Americans.

        • Miner you need to study more history in particular how the slave trade worked in relation to Europe.

          Europe didn’t have to have civil wars over slavery because by in large, slaves weren’t brought to Europe. They were brought to the colonies. The European powers certainly weren’t going to sully up Europe with “inferior people”. It was a colonial problem, and ending slavery was easy for the European elite, so distant from the reality on the ground that they created.

          You miner, and your liberal ilk, aught to learn a bit more about Europe before you worship it so much. You hold Europe in such god like status yet it is the home of more imperialism, genocide, war, and tyranny then the US ever has committed.

          But you don’t care about that, do you? Because only the US is capable of evil.

          Let’s just clarify things… you don’t really even care about slavery, either…

          They only thing you care about is destroying the US. Every fiber in your being must exist to trash and spew hate against America. Your true goal on this board is simply to spit on the American flag and the brave souls who’ve fought for it.

      • I’m actually surprised the first officer let him get that close without reprisal. Listen a black man with his pants around his ankle looking to emulate gangsters will be looked at carefully and for good reason.that whole I’m black and poor and whitey wants to bring me down is horseshit. If you make yourself look the part, as an officer I would judge you all day if you show your ass that’s what you get

        • Gangs are killing gangs. Chicago is an evil town from further back than you can remember. Remember Al Capon and the Saint Valintines Massacre? This is but one example of what Chicago stands for. It was born on evil ground and it will be evil till the end of times.

      • “I have my own experiences with people treating me a certain way just because of the way I look. . .”

        That’s called “social status”. In a class based society it is gained or lost through human endeavor. As one changes so can the other. That’s called “upward and downward mobility”.

        • Does that mean when my skin gets lighter I get wealthier? If so, no more sun for me.

        • The Civil War wasn’t about slavery. Enough said, Georgia Boy. Didn’t need to say anything else. No slavery; no Civil War. Simple as that. Anyone not brainwashed into the Lost Cause garbage knows that.

      • The north wanted to tax the living crap out of the south. The south was plantations, large fields making a substainable living. When the taxes broke the backs of the south they rose up and opposd the north. Hense the civil war. When it happens this time the south will have the advantage and the north will get their tails whipped, if they push it that far. Antone who thinks it is all right to take over half what a person makes to make themselves richer needs to be shot, plain and simple. Right now they are taking more like 70 or 80% from the Chineese but they don;t know they are being screrwed. Of course there are some of us getting a lot more by making agreements with members of the enemy for special business deals while they sell our country down the drain, Elizabeth Warren and her husbands company that got exclusive deals from China while a communist Chineese spy acting as her chauffer drove her all around Washington DC., what the hell Pelosi!. are you an American citizen or a communist plant. Plerase pull your head out of your ass and act in the interest of your country.

    • By the way, a huge thing that is very important in this case that no one has mentioned yet: Gregory McMichael worked on Arbery’s shoplifting case in 2017 while he was not qualified to be a police officer. Then he tries to illegally work a case (with his 4 man lynch mob) against Arbery for “burglary” the day he was killed by Travis.

      Greg called Rash to tell Larry to give him direct access to the info going on at his property so he could catch Arbery or others. Officer Rash is the responding officer who wrote the report for Arbery’s homicide. Hmm…

      Three officers and the police chief were arrested — days around Arbery’s killing — for corruption regarding many felonies committed by their drug task force. The same type of officers who messed with Arbery in this taser incident.

      • DA investigators don’t have to have that certification. Do you keep up with every certification you’ve ever gotten even if it’s not relevant to your current job?

        You have no idea what DA investigators actually do, do you?

        • “DA investigators don’t have to have that certification.”

          Yes, I’m sure you know Georgia law much better than I do, I’m hoping you can explain something to me.

          I think below are the pertinent points of Georgia statute concerning investigators for the prosecutor’s office, it seems to indicate that ‘Peace Officer’ certification is necessary.

          Sergei, would you look it over and see what you think?

          (c) Any investigator employed by the district attorney’s office and authorized by the district attorney to carry weapons or to exercise any of the powers of a peace officer of this state shall meet the requirements of Chapter 8 of Title 35 and shall serve at the pleasure of the district attorney.

          2010 Georgia Code
          § 35-8-10 – Applicability and effect of certification requirements generally; requirements as to exempt persons

          (a) No person required to comply with the certification provisions of this chapter shall be employed or appointed by any law enforcement unit without certification from the council that the applicant has met the preemployment requirements established in this chapter, and no candidate shall perform any of the duties of a peace officer involving the power of arrest until such training shall have been successfully completed.

          (b) Peace officers commencing any employment or service on any terms with the Department of Public Safety, counties, municipalities, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, the Department of Natural Resources, the Department of Revenue, Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Unit, the Secretary of State’s investigative section, the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner, or a railroad after July 1, 1975, are required to comply with the certification provisions of this chapter.“

        • Good job Nazi 69er… You proved my point by citing the relevant statutes. Your obvious lack of reading comprehension is astounding, even for a Chi-com KungPowTroll.

      • Yes, admit you were wrong when you said certification is not required to be an investigator for the prosecutors office.

        “Any investigator employed by the district attorney’s office and authorized by the district attorney to carry weapons or to exercise any of the powers of a peace officer of this state shall meet the requirements of Chapter 8 of Title 35”

        To ignore your error is just juvenile.

        So go ahead, check with your handlers to see what your response will be. I’m very interesting in what your controller offers as a response to the actual statute proving your post wrong.

        • Once again, read section a again… SLOWLY.

          Here’s the key part…

          “perform any of the duties of a peace officer involving the power of arrest”

          Here’s the hint for you… DA’s investigators don’t arrest people.

        • Really? Do you believe investigators for the DAs office don’t carry guns and don’t arrest people?

          Have you actually ever been in a county courthouse in the US and interacted with any officers of the court?