Magpul Shelves 60-Rounder, Offers Magazine Clamp

The SHOT Show is over, but TTAG’s Truth Squad still has some catching-up to do. In this case we bring news that Magpul as much as confirmed to Nick and myself that their quad-stack 60-round AR magazine is on hold, possibly permanently. Not to worry; you’ll soon be able to use the new Magpul Magazine […]

Ask Foghorn: What is Short Stroking?

A reader writes: Could someone like CUJO please define for me the phrase “short stroking?” Does it have anything to do with shotguns? Unlike the Urban Definition version of this phrase, “short stroking” a firearm is a serious malfunction with a number of causes. Luckily, I’ve had some recent firsthand experience diagnosing and fixing this […]

Ask Foghorn: Competition Iron Sights

A reader writes: A commenter on Foghorn’s $500 1000 yd rifle linked to a rifleman’s journal post, which in turn linked to a couple sight manufacturers. I’ve seen giant, weird-looking sights on competition rifles before, but don’t konw how they work. They’re unmagnified, no? Anyway, “Dear Foghorn, tell me  bout these neat sights!” In my […]

Gear Review: Primary Arms 3-9×40 Illuminated Scope

Primary Arms has made a name for themselves producing excessively cheap knockoffs of well known optics. TTAG even reviewed their Aimpoint Micro knockoff a while back (an optic I also used on my WASR’s Ultimak tube). Cheap red dots are great fun when precision accuracy isn’t necessary, but can Primary Arms’ longer range offerings prove […]

Gun Review: LE/Mil Remington ACR

In this time of constantly accelerating innovation, any piece of equipment older than a few decades is due for replacement. This temporally-enhanced evolutionary process holds true for everything from refrigerators to battle rifles. A few years ago, Magpul designed the Magpul Masada rifle. Although the marketing department might have spent a little more time at Wikipedia […]

Scoop Video! FNH SCAR PDW In Action

FNH USA has been working on an experimental “personal defense weapon” version of the SCAR, and was showing it off at the NDIA symposium this week. With a little help from David Crane at Defense Review (who also doubled as cameraman for this video) I was able to fire off a couple shots. What did […]

NDIA: Giggle Switches EVERYWHERE

It’s all over. The conference closing ceremonies were held this morning. Two hours later we were on the range blowing shit up. The final cease fire was called around 4:30 PM, much to the dismay of the shooters. Right now I’m sitting in the Indianapolis airport (how I got through security reeking of gunpowder and […]

Ammunition Consistency Testing: Nosler Custom Varmint

Just when you thought you were safe from the boxplots, I bring you another mathematics filled post about ammunition consistency! Well, not mathematics filled, but more than you’d anticipate outside a statistics classroom. This week we’re testing Nosler’s Custom Varmint ammunition, a 40-grain treat for your .223 Remington rifle of choice.

Ask Foghorn: What Makes a Good Trigger?

Our fearless leader received an email from one of our readers. “It seems people are always complaining about this trigger or that, or talking up the smooth-as-butter qualities of some high-end revolver they’ve just acquired. I claim almost no idea of what to look for in a trigger, and what idea I can claim comes mostly from reading […]

Gun Review: ArmaLite AR-50 50 BMG Rifle

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: there’s beauty in functionality. If something fulfills a specific purpose and works flawlessly then it’s a work of art. Some might say the ArmaLite AR-50 .50 BMG Rifle is an ugly duckling because of its industrial appearance. To me, it’s a beautiful swan . . .