RUAG Copper-Matrix SX: Safe Short Distance Steel Shooting

RUAG, which sells civilian ammunition under the brand name “RWS,” has a new and interesting ammunition they were showing off at NDIA. Their ammunition uses a solid copper bullet designed to shatter upon impact with a solid object such as a steel plate. RUAG claims that the minimum safe distance to target for this ammunition […]

Scoop Video! FNH SCAR PDW In Action

FNH USA has been working on an experimental “personal defense weapon” version of the SCAR, and was showing it off at the NDIA symposium this week. With a little help from David Crane at Defense Review (who also doubled as cameraman for this video) I was able to fire off a couple shots. What did […]

TTAG at the NDIA Small Arms Symposium

The National Defense Industrial Association is holding their annual symposium on small arms systems this week in Indianapolis, Indiana. I’m flying out tomorrow morning to cover it. There’s going to be all sorts of interesting talks and events and a live fire demonstration at the nearby military base. Needless to say, there will be many pictures, […]