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  1. Did Dude in the very rear take 2 steps back at :40 (when the shooting starts), only to draw, run to the door way and unload what looks to be blindly into the house?!?!?!?!??!
    Nobody looked at the window once and all bunched up like they’re waiting in line to the head.


    • I noticed the same thing Jake, it looked like he just opened fire “willy nilly stlye” as someone mentioned the other day. These SWAT guys got some itchy trigger fingers.

  2. That looked sadly amateurish. I would think that if they were calling in SWAT, they would have been more disciplined and used better tactics than just milling about. And did they really set off the guy’s car alarm before going in? A group of 9 year olds who played Call of Duty for a week would be able to come up with better “special tactics” than these guys.

    The guy jumping back, then emptying his pistol into the home scares me. Its like he just wanted to get in on killing someone.


  3. On CNN they reported that nothing illegal was found in the home, “though weapons and body armor were found”. As if that automatically makes him worthy of suspicion. This whole thing stinks to high heaven.

    • That is the same thing that the so-called left-wing media does to everyone. Randy Weaver was the classic example, though I am sure this poor (Hispanic and Marine) SOB and his family would pale at the analogy. Weaver may have been a racist, but his particular brand of racism was to move to f’ing Idaho so there weren’t minorities nearby, as opposed to going out and oppressing anyone.

      Nonetheless, despite the fact that the FBI straight up murdered his dog, his son, and his wife (and shot a fucking baby in the process), the media invariably prefaces his name with “white supremacist” as if that somehow justifies the BATFE&RBF’s&GH’s, Marshall’s Service, and FBI murdering his wife and 14 year-old son and shooting his baby.

      Similarly, CNN, a bastion of the supposedly liberal media, will report on this guy owning weapons and body armor as though that was a crime.

      Maybe he was getting ready to rob a bank, I don’t know, but we don’t live in “Minority Report” yet, and those dudes (and the probably hot blonde) straight up murdered a fucking Marine.

  4. First-degree murder for the perpetrators. Execution by firing squad. Fucking animals. I’m an atheist, but if there was a hell, it would exist for people like this.

  5. I’ve said before, we need to halt and reverse the militarization of the police force. No cammo, no tactical, nothing. No special weapons, no automatics, everything goes. Stick them with S&W revolvers and .38 special +p ammo only. I can allow body armor, only under the standard blue uniform. Shit like this would come to a screaming halt.

    • Absolutely. Sadly most cop unions view themselves as the best thing since sliced bread and you want to know the saddest part of all this? Your wasted tax dollars.

      On average 60%, yes 60%, of the total revenue of a city goes towards ONLY police and fire. You wonder why so many cities and states are going bankrupt look at police and fire and the laziness of the human race in America. We have come to love the fact that we should leave all police work to “professionals”. I grew up in a “country” setting where you relied on no one but yourself. I still carry a weapon everywhere I can today and am willing to defend myself and my family if need be, although I hope it never comes to that.

      People need to stop being lazy and resist the “cool-aid” the government is peddling more and more.

  6. Seems legit to me. The whole thing we have been fed by his wife is they thought they were home invaders and they never knocked and said anything about the warrant and there was no sirens, which the video clearly shows evidence of both.

    I also find it amazing you guys think them stepping out is some sort of amateurish move, all I have to say that if you believe that, you sure tacticool! Yes lets stand right in the same spot and get shot!

  7. They never announced that they were the police. This was a “no-knock” raid.

    How is anyone supposed to defend their home not knowing if the midnight invaders could be cops at the wrong address doing a no-knock raid?

  8. Listen closely at the 29 second mark. “Police! (unintelligible) Open the door!”
    They announced who they were. Once the man inside started firing shots, he put his entire family in danger. Looks to me like the cops did as they should have.


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