Picked up the Smith & Wesson Governor shotshell revolver today. The Governor feels a lot more solid and Smith & Wesson-like than Taurus’ “I’m not a novelty gun and even if I am so what people love me” Judge. I loaded the Governor with PDX1. No, not Pancreatic and duodenal homeobox 1. Winchester’s Judge-inspired .410 shotshell. We’re talking three plated Defense Disc™ projectiles and 12 pellets of plated BB shot. Per shell. Winchester’s product description uses the words “short range” and “close range” in quick succession, just in case you didn’t get the picture. We did. We videoed a PDX1-enabled Governor firing at a man-sized target at three, five and seven yards. I’ll put the videos up on the guntruth YouTube channel tomorrow. Full review to follow. At this point all I’ll say is Glock 30. Check out our Facebook page for that comparo.


  1. To all who love to shoot-I say use what you like, but I just don’t see these as viable defense weapons.

  2. It is heavy when loaded, kicks similar to the Judge, They have shown up in shops in Pinellas County Florida now. I got to hold and observe the S+W rep showing the gun live on indoor range to the staff at Bill Jackson’s. As for a carry gun, I would say no. As to the amount of holes it makes in targets at 15, 21, and 33 feet with the 2.5 shells, impressive.
    Seems to handle quite well in the lc Ammo as well. Hunting sidearm maybe if you do not mind the anchor in your holster. Quality in hand seems better than the Taurus and I do not expect to see as many second hand available. However as with the Judge a lot of guys have to have the biggest baddest newest thing, until they cannot handle the firearm, but if you know what you are in for as to recoil and ability you might like it.
    My 2 cents. Walrus


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