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UPDATE: Latest information indicates that four officers were shot and a fifth sustained a non-gunshot injury.

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UPDATE: KHOU reports that the officers were serving a warrant this afternoon when a shootout broke out. Two suspects are reported dead and two officers are in critical condition. Police are reportedly searching for a third suspect.

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Very little information is available at this point, but Houston police officers responded to a call in the 7800 block of Harding and were apparently involved in a shootout with a suspect. Five officers have been transported to a local hospital.

More as it becomes available.

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    • First, if I’m not wrong Oregon was a while back. Video just released. Second, do you realize there are family, friends and colleagues at the hospital praying for those officers tonight? You’re glib remark is disrespectful. Shame on you! What if it were your loved one?

      • Yeah shame on me. What exactly is so disrespectful about postulating about a motive or the perpetrator? Hell on 9/11 just about everyone was doing exactly that while the attack was on going. I guess you believe that when attacks take place we should all simply ignore it and not spread the word of the attack. How do you know this is an isolated incident?

        • How do you know it isn’t. Why don’t you wait on the facts and in the meantime say a prayer. I already have. I didn’t say his remark was offensive. I said it was glib and disrespectful. The cousin of offensive. Real fucking close. If we’re going to guess on suspect/motive? My money is on domestic. Oh, I did speculate on 9/11. And said what I thought to several Mid-Easterners face. Turns out I was right. One of them, according to his brother, was subsequently deported.

        • So… on 9/11 you supposedly did the exact same thing I just did, but to some muslims in person… and I’m somehow an asshole now for randomly speculating on an anonymous blog? You don’t see anything contradictory about what you just said?

        • You sound like obummer. Open mouth, insert foot before any facts are known. How about waiting for the facts before making stupid remarks.

      • Oh, no… A random guy was “disrespectful” on teh intertubes! Grab the whamen and chillins everyone, we’ve got us a national emergency.

        • Pwrsrge, I’m not worried about him being disrespectful to me. If I had a hundred dollar bill for every time I have been called a “White cracker motherfucker.” I’d be on safari on the African continent now. Isn’t that ironic? No, I didn’t like Gadsden being disrespectful to the officers and their loved ones. In fact, if we want to know if Gadsden was offensive, let’s ask those families what they think of what he said.

        • When you are the second post of an important event, and are spouting off half-cocked about motives, you deserve to be put in your place.

          We are living in a GD poweder keg; anyone remember the Texas massacre following the furor following Anton Sterling’s shooting? Enough said…

    • Gee, calm down everybody. So what if Gadsden said somethin’ that rustled your jimmies.

      Heck, it may have been insensitive but was it really that bad? What he said was true, anyways.

      A house divided will not stand.

  1. This is what the gun grabbers don’t get.

    If scumbags will shoot cops they’ll shoot anybody…including them.

    And exactly why we need more 2A, not less!

  2. I hope your on line name has nothing to do with the Gadsden Flag. The founders would be ashamed of you.

    • I’m glad I made you so upset. I hope you are crying. I’m sure when the Boston massacre happened the colonials at the time didn’t get outraged or wonder about the why or who about what happened. I’m sure they just ignored it and thought it would be innapropreit to speculate on the British motives. You are indeed special.

      • I don’t want to get into a shouting contest with you, but don’t question my patriotism. I have spent most of my adult life in the service of this nation. I have told my family I would like to be buried in a military cemetery. Amazing Grace in the church (law enforcement career). Taps graveside. No 21 gun salute. I’ll pay for my own stone. Sheriff’s badge and airborne wings inlayed into the rock. I had an ancestor at Williamsburg, VA. In the war of Northern Aggression. Uncle at Pearl Harbor. Another under Patton. One at Oak Ridge, TN. Look it up. Two Viet Nam erea, though neither went boots on the ground. Cousin 101st and Honor Guard. We skipped 1812, Spanish American, WWI and Korea. Only because everyone was too old, or too young. Except my dad. He was disabled by polio. She’d tears over? No, sir. You don’t deserve mine, or anyone else’s. By the way. You never answered my question of the significance of your screen name. Please tell me it’s not tied to the Gadsden Flag. The name Gadsden has a great deal of history where I live.

        • Your not getting into a shouting contest, you do seem to be getting into a typing contest though, 😉

        • @Pmac
          Get a grip… For a guy that carries a gun you get pretty rattled over interweb comments….😢

        • You are taking this WAY too personally. I don’t really care how offended you are. And I’ll use whatever screen name I damn well please.

        • Erick, I’m single. Finished raising my children by myself. Retired. Spend most days in a deer stand with a book. Take a rifle so I can call it hunting. This site cranks up at night. Turns out I know a little about what a few of the people are talking about. I call it entertainment. Beats TV. Don’t like a long post. Don’t read it. It’s still kind of a free country.

      • Yeah well, the older I get the less bullshit I tolerate. And yeah, I have a well documented family history. Most done before it was done on line. The documents hand examined. More recently done on line, but not through anything with a green leaf attached. Trimmed it down a little though. Possum, I like you. Even if you do misspell your name. You don’t need to duck. You’re not even in range.

      • Gadsden, who’s weeping now? Yeah, I take it personally. Even though I have never met those officers I consider them brothers and sisters in arms. Even though I haven’t pinned on a badge in almost five years there’s not a uniform out there I wouldn’t risk my life for if what they’re doing is within the law. You have to have been there to really understand. I was especially insulted when you began to lecture me about the Boston Massacre. Most of those books I mentioned. U.S. and military history.

        • Then be insulted. You don’t know a damn thing about me and I don’t know a damn thing about you. For all I know your an Antifa agitator. For someone with some huge resume such as yours you get real upset about what some random dude you don’t know says online. I don’t bother listing any resume of mine or my personal history online because no body gives a shit.

        • Well, you certainly seem to be agitated about mine. Maybe it’s you that’s not all that. Read about it did you? Tell you what. Book a flight to Tallahassee. Post date time of arrival. I’ll pick you up, promise. I’ll even book you a room in a friend’s Hampton Inn. Give you the confirmation number. Take you out to dinner. You don’t have to give me your name. I’ll just hold a sign that says Gadsden. Give you a tour of the N. FL Public Safety Institute. Impressive facility. Google it. Tour of my former agency. Take you to the Civil War battlefield where my great-grandfather fought. If you get here quick, and like to hunt, I’ll throw you in a deer stand, or maybe we can shoot quail. A fine southern tradition. One last thing. If you don’t like your opinions challenged it’s best to keep them to yourself. Mine have been challenged often. Of course the challenger was always wrong. Kidding. Everyone is wrong sometime.

        • And besides there are too many people who post things that they think they will never have to answer for. Like I told Possum last night. I’m not tech savvy. This thing about people just spewing words out of there mouth on the internet without an answer is ridiculous. When this country was founded there was face to face debate with your neighbor in the town hall. If this is the new town hall everyone should get used to the new debate forum.

          • PMAC, call me a little slow but I just realized who you are. I’ll chalk it up to aging. Wondered why I hadn’t see your comments lately. Good to hear from you again.

        • Something occurred to me Gadsden. If you don’t care about my resume’. And you won’t even post any qualifications on defensive tactics, law enforcement shooting, or well, anything else except, “Well. Maybe ANTIFA is trying to throw down today.” Really, why should anyone give a damn what YOU have to say? I can provide plenty of bona fides. You won’t have to worry about me wasting my time with you again. Drop Gadsden, you and I both know it has to do with the flag. You don’t deserve it.

        • Oh no some random intrnet tough guy told me to drop my handle. Yeah… that’s not gonna happen. You’re flat out retarded.

  3. this is exactly the type of fun we will have on an hourly basis when Acstasio Ocstasi Cornazzi decides to ban guns along with her 70% income tax on the middle class

  4. HPD ARE Professionals that aren’t afraid to dust those that NEED it. MY prayers and thoughts are with you and your families and friends.

    With ALL of the WELFARE ghetto baboons, illegal aliens (on welfare, of course), and various Muzzie refugees (ALL on welfare ) we have serious problems with ghetto style crime and gang and Cartel related home invasion and murder.


    • “HPD ARE Professionals that aren’t afraid to dust those that NEED it. MY prayers and thoughts are with you and your families and friends.

      With ALL of the WELFARE ghetto baboons, illegal aliens (on welfare, of course), and various Muzzie refugees (ALL on welfare ) we have serious problems with ghetto style crime and gang and Cartel related home invasion and murder.”

      Hey, ‘Yarbles’?

      They released the photos of the two killed in that drug raid by the Houston PD that got those officers shot.

      And guess what?

      They weren’t black.
      They weren’t illegal aliens.
      They weren’t Muslim.
      They weren’t MS 13 cartel thugs.

      Suspect # 1 was a US military veteran.
      Suspect # 2 was his wife of 20 years.

      Both were as white-bread Caucasian as it gets:

      What do you have to say now, ‘Yarbles’? 🙂

  5. Narcotics warrant.
    Scum bag decided to resist.
    This result is unexpected but unfortunately will become more common.

    • I had guessed domestic. The most common, but dope makes sense too. Sure it wasn’t ANTIFA? Gadsden seems pretty adamant.

    • Sounds like the crap in Mexico is spilling over.

      It’s not going to get better here until it gets better there.

  6. Sounds like when the cops banged on the door with that macho command authority sound, yelling SEARCH WARRANT, the bad guys said “say hello to my little friend”
    Of course, we’ll find out the details later and things like…..friendly fire could surface.

    • Thank the courts for us having to knock and announce so they can get ready before we come in drag them away for child molestation, rape, murder, slinging dope, robbery, burglary…you get the picture. I always enjoyed the anticipation of running into a muzzle. After all, with the life insurance I had I was worth more dead than alive. I’m sure Mary, Katherine and John would have rather had the money anyway. Just think, they wouldn’t have had to explain why I had to work instead of being there for holidays, birthdays anniversaries. I’m dead. Problem solved.

      • The alternative is to break into the home like a thug and shoot the wrong people. Sometimes government gets the wrong house or are going after an innocent person because of bad info.

        What’s more important: the government worker that chose the job and to raid the home or an innocent resident who grabbed their gun thinking it was a home invasion?

        • Obviously the cop prefers to barge in unannounced (right house or not) and start barking orders. Civilian lives don’t matter to him, which is why normal people are beginning to have disdain for police.

          How about this: instead of entering homes as the first plan you try to make an arrest while the perpetrator is traveling somewhere so you don’t have to guess about what you’re walking into. You know, get him while he’s driving or walking somewhere. Safer for the cops, safer for the innocent bystanders.

        • Brute Squad, let’s get them out there in a car so we can have a high speed pursuit. That’s safer for the innocent bystanders. On foot on a city street full of pedestrians. Just the place for a one sided running gunfight. The bad guy will be shooting, but the cops will be worried about background. I always hated knock and announce. Then ramming the door and getting him drunk and passed out in his boxers before he could flush the dope, grab a gun, dive through a closed window (Yeah, I’ve seen it, 2nd floor), etc.

        • Or getting our hands on the murder rapist that took your child away from you. Tell me the difference between a cop going through a wrong door and another nobody trying to beat a high yellow and killing the same child. My apologies to anyone who has suffered either. I’ve seen both. Your suffering is beyond measure.

      • a no knock warrant was how a girl’s family in my HS class WON the LOTTERY!

        the cops ripped the security door off with a tow truck with most of the homes front wall, then wrecked the house searching for drugs, her dad nearly shot the Swat team…but luckily dropped the gun when his brain caught up with reality at 3AM!
        the morons tossed all of her gram-ma’s drugs on the floor, sent her to the hospital with heart issues raging right there. then terrorized the family for 4 more hours in there bed clothes…

        then found out…………they should be at 200 north something street and not 200 SOUTH! where they just F-ed up at!
        the short part…none of the UC cops that did the buy or signed for the warrant were ON the raid…they slept in!

        Whoops for 7 figs!

      • Barging into a house unannounced is a good way to get shot. Regardless if your wearing a uniform or gang colors.

        • Let’s see, All evidence up in smoke and down the drain. Suspects up arm themselves making an arrest much more dangerous for both law enforcement and any one else in the residence. Yup, we could have the power, water and gas turned off. Now we just have to wait, and wait and wait. How long should we wait? Whatever it takes, you say. Your taxes will love it. Now we need personnel probably at least 5-6 round the clock for how long? Now you say if it saves one life, it’s worth it, right? Hey, when I was doing this I always looked forward to the overtime. How many cases like this occur in a larger city? A lot more than you obviously think. Now. to meet the needed additional manpower, we need to bring in more from our own department, or maybe we don’t have that needed manpower, so we have to ask the County S.O for support. You’re gonna love your new tax bill.

        • Still cheaper than the 7 figure settlement the city has to pay out when you go in guns blazing and toss a flash grenade in the baby’s crib.

      • A neighbor accused the 50 something year old couple of selling “black tar heroin” from their home. A bunch of “undercover” cops breached the door and shot the couple’s dog. Once the dog was killed the husband used his revolver to shoot the cop that shot his dog. The cops then opened fire on the wife killing her. Then it seems the husband decided to get in a shootout to the death after the cops killed his dog and his wife.

        The police claim they have no body camera footage because undercover cops don’t wear them. That sounds very odd. Since when does 9 “undercover” drug cops breach doors and raid homes for dangerous drug dealers? Isn’t that the job of a properly equipped tactical unit? Why would plain clothes be doing no knock drug raids? Sounds very suspect.

        Doesn’t sound like some horrible black/brown gangster drug dealers. It was an old white couple being raided because of a neighbor claiming they sell “black tar heroin” out their house. I don’t think they ever found that heroin, but they did find some pot.

        • The article I read today says narcotics officers purchased tar heroin from inside the residence, which led to the search warrant. Yes, it also said the first officer in was attacked by the pit bull and after shooting the pit bull with his shotgun, was shot in the shoulder with a 357 mag, knocking him onto a couch. One of the bad guys tried to grab the dropped shotgun, and was subsequently shot by the next officer into the room. And, yes, undercover officers very often serve their own search warrants. I don’t know how it’s done here, but when I was serving search warrants, I tried to have at least 1 patrol officer with us. Also we had bright yellow ballistic raid jackets with the word “POLICE’ in 4 inch high letters across the front. My department mandated we wear these on all warrants. I never worked Narcotics, but worked the Fugitive Apprehension Unit for 15 years, and as you can imagine came across a lot of drugs.

  7. why don,t we leave all the other guesswork and everything else along and just Pray for these Officers and their Families and leave it at that That’s what I am doing

    • Ill wait on all the information to come in. Was it a red flag law confiscation? Were they dirty cops trying to resell drugs and the deal went south? Initial story is short on details.

    • The officers do not need our prayers, they have arrived at the place we all shall. Their families are the ones needing prayers…. My wife died at 36 , nothing quite like hearing your children wail for mommy . PEACE and may time heal their wounds.

      • Possum, I am sorry. My condolences. I’m sure she’s waiting for and your children. In the meantime, watching over all of you.

        • Is this a gun blog or a support group???
          Good lord fellas….. You guys are getting weepy in your old age…. Never ceases to amaze me what people post online…..

        • @Slim
          The mass majority of the comments are gun related, but some go off topic and that’s ok, welcome to the internet.

        • @SocalJack,

          Given PMac’s illustrious career and future burial procession plans it’s evident that he doesn’t need anonymous moral support and forum guard dog assistance.

          As I stated before, for a bunch of tough guys with guns some posters sure get rattled by anonymous comments.

          Btw… Thanks for catching me up on the inter-workings of the site and the internet…

      • Possum, slow down! The bad guys are dead (2 of 3 anyhow), the cops should all make it, we can get back to making fun of them..

  8. I Question Everything about this !!!

    First, Prayers to the Family, Friends and Loved ones of the police officers shot, if this was a “Real” and not Staged “shooting”, to Try and take away more of Our God Given Liberty’s.

    This “Shooting”, more than conveniently “Checks off” many of the Anti-Gun and Pro-Tyranny Left’s talking points:

    1. Two perp’s White, ( which continues to allow the media to Demonize Whites as “Evil” and help’s “Grease the Skids” for passage of, ‘HR 4918 Domestic Terror Prevention Act’, which allows the FBI and Radical Left SPLC, to target: White, Conservative, Christians falsely, as “The Number One Domestic Terror Threat in the United States )

    2. Mass “Shooting”, in that 4 or more people were shot ( Help’s “Grease the skids” for more Gun Control )

    3. “Shooting” of law enforcement, ( which help’s “Grease the skids” for passage of Tyrannical “Protect and Serve” and “Blue Lives Matter” legislation, which basically allows Police to arrest American Citizens for “Looking at them the wrong way” ).

    4. Happens on Super Bowl week, ( which more than “Conveniently” allows “Moment of Silence” for this incident, prior to Super Bowl kick-Off, which will help Grease the Skids for acceptance by the American people for both more Gun Control and “Protect and Serve” legislation’ ).

    Full Disclosure: I have had nothing other than professional and courteous treatment all of my 64 years from police officers and have no “Axe to Grind” with law enforcement. I am a retired firefighter in a city in greater Boston and we were alway’s happy to have local or Mass “Staties” accompany us on call’s…That being said, these alleged “Shootings” are happening much too much and all out of stytistical prpoportion to our ast history, to not call them into question.

    • I know I’m just some random internet person but I will say it makes me shake my head when I see conspiracy theorizing like this. Particularly about sandy hook, where I know police who responded to it.

      Do you really think that the police would sit back and happily let such a charade happen? Do you think cops would be interested in faking the deaths\injuries of five of their co-workers, or in the alternative, create 5 people for the purposes of such a stunt? The amount of people who would have to be in on such a plan would be ENORMOUS. Medical personal, police, reporters, witnesses, judicial oversight… stuff like this would require not only a conspiracy of massive scale (and this is small compared to some theories out there) but everything would have to work perfect or the whole thing would be unraveled.

      Does that sound like the government to you?

  9. Democrat Party black ops; they hate policeman the Constitution and American citizens, love Illegal aliens, nanny state and pass laws where its Illegal for you to think for yourself, (PC) raise taxes and want the Pinkos too take over so the super rich can stay richer while the middle guy foots all the bills, soon all private mom and pops will be nothing more than street venders,

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