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In the movies, the female companion of the brave action hero never grills the hero about why he packs a pistol all the time. In real life, however, not everyone is so, well, progressive of thought. As a 27-year-old man with a CCW permit, vetting dates has become a talent. And a necessity. Making sure your potential companion is of the same mind can save a lot of time and heartbreak. 

Here are a few tips for finding firearm-friendly females:

Do Your Research

Pay attention to the woman’s background. This is where social media is a big help. 

I hate to use the word “stereotyping,” but if your lady friend is a big Bernie fan and lists her dream job as being a diplomat at the UN, it’s probably not the wisest approach to take her for a first date to the gun range.

But be careful not to fall into the trap of associating geography with anti-gun sentiment. I dated a girl from New York City who didn’t mind me owning guns at all. And I’ve met more than a few from red state America who support The House of Feinstein.

Cool Your Jets

Can the gun fanboy talk. If you’re out with Jessie Harrison’s little sister, by all means compare range notes. The average girl, though, doesn’t have the slightest idea about the differences between a GLOCK Gen3 and a Gen4 and she couldn’t care less.

Be prepared for some unfortunate, incorrect preconceptions as well. At one time, circumstances forced me to load and uncase my Smith & Wesson M&P9 when leaving the base. My date at the time said, “Nice GLOCK.”

The poor girl obviously meant well, but…ouch. I had to eat my pride, grit my teeth, and smile back, even as I felt the instinctual need to jump down her throat and ask her, “When was GLOCK ever located in Springfield, Massachusetts?!”

Know Her Past

Be on the lookout for signs of a turbulent dating history and weigh anchor of you detect signs of problems. Women shouldn’t be judged for their past mistakes, but you have to be practical about this. Many ex-boyfriends can be possessive and sometimes violent. Even well-balanced dudes have been known to lose it and resort to irrational activity in the face of rejection.

If something happens and it results in a defensive gun use with you holding a smoking pistol, every detail of the event will be open for public scrutiny.

Defending your home or person from a random attack by a total stranger is a situation anyone can understand. It can be a lot more complicated to argue self defense in court when the dead body is that of a former suitor of your current significant other.

Ideally, there will be a paper trail demonstrating the individual’s prior instability, but it’s not hard to imagine how bad your case will look if the bad guy shows up out of the blue and you’re forced to defend her and yourself.

There’s  one more complicating factor — some women are less than truthful about their current situation. This may be just an annoyance when you’re an unarmed man, but having a CCW permit means there’s zero room for impropriety here.

Don’t play the game of lovers’ geometry, where you end up a participant in a uncomfortable triangle. There’s a thin line between defending against a crazed attacker, and a plot to commit the murder of an inconvenient husband. Even if you had no idea of the association, it won’t stop a prosecutor from arguing it at your trial. Better a lonely night at home then a cuckolded boyfriend or husband with a short temper finding you with his wife. After all, you’re not the only man who carries a gun.

Finally, the best advice is to just act normally. Don’t make carrying a gun out to be a big, life-changing, epic event of monumental nature. If you’ve done a good job in pre-selecting your date to start with, she won’t care that you’re armed, and might even appreciate it as a positive attribute. Good luck out there.

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  1. There are many important facets to a person, and differing interests are fine so long as at least neutrality is present.

    My female counterpart doesn’t design integrated circuits for fun, and I can’t make dresses. We actually talk about both, however. We have things which we do together, and things we each do alone or with others. That’s healthy.

    Were I to be in the market, however, I’d look for at least comfortable with my interest in firearms. I’d also run, not walk, from someone who was:
    obsessed with snaring my soul for her religion;
    a racist;
    insisted that every moment must be shared;
    disdained my blue or khaki collar or my utility vehicle…

    If they think of me as clay from which to build a mate, that’s not my flavour of beer.

    That’s another one: O.K. with beer, Scotch and such.

    Firearms, if important to oneself (presumably that applies to you, gentle reader) should be at worst comfortably accepted by a prospective mate. Likely noone here believes them to be the only measure of a person, but this is a firearms blog. or likely offer differing, complementary advice.

    • In my crowd, it’s “don’t date anyone you haven’t been married to for over 50 years”. Trust me, you can’t go wrong.

        • I’ve been married for 20 years and we’ve been together since we were 16. We both had the philosophy that we wouldn’t date/marry somebody we didn’t see a future with. Seems to have worked out okay. Three daughters and decades of shooting later, the women in my life thinks it’s weird that any men wouldn’t be carrying a gun… granted we live in the SF Bay Area so there are plenty, but they see a lot of THOSE men as weirdoes anyway.

      • Well past my Silver Anniversary with my high school sweetheart, and a better man for her in my life. She’s not a super pro-2A gun type of girl, but she tolerates me and always asks to come along when I say I’m going to the range.

        I’d insert a quip here along the lines of “I’ll keep her”, but since she’s the better half of our marriage, I’m fortunate she chooses to keep me. 🙂

      • I would drop the specific time, but yeah.

        For you single guys dating an essentially unknown woman, talk at least casually about guns early. If she has a problem better it comes out sooner than later.

        The lady who became my wife decided that, while she was not a fan of guns, I was worth putting up with them for. 21 years later she has a small but growing collection of her own, a gun wish list, and has bought me guns as gifts.

    • By the trash minded incompetent replies I have received chances are good some people on this forum have a collection of restraining orders that outnumber their anthony weiner photos. You know who you are.

    • Make the first date a trip to the range. If she hates firearms you know she’s not a keeper and you’ve kept both your emotional and financial investment to a minimum. If she goes along and has a good time, maybe a second date will be in order. If she out-shoots you she’s a keeper.

  2. Online profiles I have read:

    “My dog is named Ruth Bader Ginsberg.” Me -Hard pass.

    “If you are a Trumper, swipe left.” Me – Thank you for not wasting my time.

    “I’m Saposexual.” Me – What’s that mean weirdo?

    • “Saposexual”?

      So I had to look that one up too.

      I’d say it was certainly a factor for me when I was of dating age, before marriage. Airheads never did appeal to me, women who could keep up or, better still, surpass me in history, science, etc were more satisfying to know. That is not merely an erotic turn-on, it is an element of compatibility and therefore lasting friendship.

      The woman I did eventually marry had been on competitive rifle teams. Beginning with air rifles in her teen years and continuing into adulthood in the USAF. Other gun sports did not interest her but did for me. So it was a happy intersection of similar interests on that particular topic.

      I’m not knocking anyone who’s preference in a wife is about her sex appeal, her devotion to being a housewife, raiser of children and and all that people may see as a “Traditional Female Role”. That’s your business.

      For me tho, I’ve just always appreciated a woman who brings a nimble mind to the relationship.

      But that’s just us. Ya’ll do you, what all make’s you happy.

  3. Second or third date to gun range when I was single.
    Definitely avoid crazy if you are planning anything long term.
    These days it’s my wife asking if she can have some more space in the safe for her stuff as she has just seen this “cute” gun.

  4. I’m pretty much SoL for women since there are very few furry women and even fewer that like guns. The very few that exist are taken in a hurry, like pure gold.

    Definitely find out her general political leanings up front because you don’t need much more than that to know how the story goes. Social media is a gold mine for looking people up. If politics differ, it’s not going to work.

    • There’s plenty of furry women in hippie communes, or France. Of course they’re not likely to like guns either. You could try women that are into that off the grid life style, they seem like they probably don’t shave too often. No criticism here, I don’t shave either.

  5. I’m with RCC. I ALWAYS took my dates to the range or out to the country to shoot on the second or third date. If no spark then there was no third or fourth one.

    I met my wife at a USPSA match. She has shot all over the country with me including the US Nationals and she shot the S&W National Invitational in Berry one year. The guys/husbands set the steel and taped targets!! LOL


  6. Don’t let the Pu$$y pull you around by the nose! Any one I know or even interested in knows right off the bat I’m for Trump if that a problem Bye…..If I plan on asking her our I let her know I carry all the time if that’s a problem Bye. I’m past the age of compromising, if her doesn’t meet my minimum reqts then see ya!

  7. The way I did it, on the first date, me, “do you like guns?” Her, “no”. Me, “ok then, I’d get more pleasure spitting in your face than I would fucking you, goodbye” gets up and leaves restaurant.

    • Somehow I have difficulty believing this story, but it’s true, I’d be surprised if the woman in question was anything other than relieved when you left.

    • Guns are important, as anyone here perusing a site such as TTAG knows. But if you’re that kind of person who rates it as a make-or-break topic for first date conversation, maybe you should reconsider dating altogether. Instead of wondering if you should “spit in her face”, maybe think of her as someone you could invite to the range with you? How many newbies have been born into the World Of The Gun because of invitations?

    • Hey now, when I was young, I purposely acted like a liberal just to get laid. That was actually kind of trend at one point among men. We’d purposely go to left wing political rallies and act like total SJW losers to get a piece. And it worked. Of course then I grew up. It’s certainly not a way to start an actual relationship.

    • Pretty much…..I would never ask someone out who supported Bernie or his ilk.

      Back in the day it was Mike Dukakis……same thing.

  8. If/when you take your significant other to the range the first time… leave the macho 8.5” ar15 pistol, .45 1911 and 50cal desert eagle and the like at home.
    Bring a 22lr pistol and rifle. Maybe a 9mm pistol. Now is not the time to be “macho”.

    Beware, though. They may enjoy it to the point of wanting to continue to learn to shoot, including getting their own firearms.

    At that point… you’re getting ammo for 2, not 1….

    However, date nights become a lot of fun!

    • 1911s are fine as long as they are all steel. I had new shooters like it better because of the single stack. Still start them with the .22.

      • My wife, my daughter, and my oldest grand-daughter all started with a 1911 in .45ACP

        My wife’s eventual favorite was a Bersa 380 with a large grip that fit her hand and didn’t hurt her wrist

        My daugher’s favorite gun is a Mossberg 590 and her idea of fun is a rapid fire mag dump, then reload and repeat

        My grand-daughter settled on an Taurus 85 UltraLight and doesn’t mind shooting CorBon +P loads.

  9. One self-defense guide quipped: What is the best way to avoid getting stabbed? Don’t sleep with anyone you are not currently married to! That was touched on in this article and holds true for anyone whether they own a gun or not. Having a gun also helps keep from getting stabbed (or shot), but being smart enough to keep from deserving it (accidental or otherwise) is important.

    I dated a gal 4-5 times and things were going well. Then she found out that I was a gun owner. She didn’t say anything, but then I got an e-mail from her saying she supports the 2nd amendment, but cannot be with anyone who has or wants a gun and to never contact her again. So, I gave her a call just to have a polite discussion and we politely agreed to part ways. Guns freak her out and there is no getting past it. I let her go.

    Later on, I was getting serious with another gal and I thought, before things go to far, I should add a gun conversation to the discussion of values. We already had similar likes and dislikes, were already of the same religion and religious background, but guns are a side topic. She had said that she had some experience with firearms as a girl scout (22LR rifle, prone position, highly supervised), but that was it and she was OK if I had a gun as long as she never saw it and didn’t dwell on the topic.

    After another year we were engaged. I let her downstairs into the “bat cave” where I had an indoor air gun range and we shot targets together for the very first time. From 21ft (my basement is only so big) she aimed at an old CD and missed. Then I took a shot. She said that I missed, but I pointed out how my shot went right through the center hole of the CD exactly as I expected. She got bored shortly thereafter and asked how much time I normally put into this. It was best not to say, so I simply said I take marksmanship seriously and this is an excellent way to practice drawing, moving, and firing into a vast backstop of mere cardboard. She said this it was good that I hadn’t shown her any of this in our first months of dating, but she was OK with this because she knew me well enough now, trusted me, and loved me.

    A year later we were married and year after that our first child was born and then a second child after that. We needed the room and so the indoor range had to go. That was OK, because family responsibilities were taking more and more time anyway (plus I had a membership at an actual range now).

    It is now fourteen years later. I married well. She still wants neither to see nor touch any gun herself, but always asks when we are out hiking if I “brought my gun” and is very glad when I smile and say yes. It’s properly concealed and available in the rare case (which has not yet ever come) where they depend on me to protect them. It is a comfort to her as it should be. My smile is more about “gun” (singular). She hasn’t really grasped that there is more than one, depending on the weather and where we’re going. If I want to buy a new gun, there is still that rule of “never saw it and didn’t dwell on the topic”. I just do. This is my thing and purses and shoes are hers. (That’s not a sexist comment; that really is a passion of hers.)

    • Yep. That sounds pretty familiar to me. My wife’s dad was a cop all his life, she’s just not interested. She has never commented when she hears me talking to someone about my latest purchase. Every now and then I try to get her to go shooting with me, that she’ll like her gun when she tries it. ” My gun ?”. Thats about all she’ll say. Lately I’ve said to her, maybe twice now, that she NEEDS to know how to shoot . She agreed last time I said that. Everyone is concerned about what’s next here. Everyone.

    • I dont know if I could stand a woman that couldn’t even see a gun. Not fire it, fine, but not have to see it, my attitude is what the heck is wrong with her? So I then have to be conspicuous about where my guns are, give me a break.

  10. I’ve taken two dates… yes, first dates.. to the range, they were first timers. Stuff didn’t work out, but it wasn’t the guns. Brought a range of guns for them to try, started them on a 22 and worked up to 9mm then 380 (pocket pistols kick harder than they look like they will), and amazed them that the 1911 45 worked so well for them. The ladies were appreciative, but two comments stand out.

    One – was shocked when she saw purses in the show room… “What the heck?”
    “Oh, those are concealed carry purses.”
    “They make THOSE?”

    I showed the other the case full of rentals, probably about 50 handguns of all different makes and calibers, most were semi-auto, and she said. “But… they’re all the same!”

    I’ve taken others to the range on a date, but not first dates.

    Another comment… “Why do you have so many different guns?”
    “Why do you have so many pairs of shoes?”

  11. LOL , I had a gal from NJ, as we were taking off garments I laid the pistol on the night stand, she said” Are you a gangster?” ,,Why no, why you think that. ” Because only gangsters have gunms in NJ” ,,,, Nah everybodys got em here.

  12. Me-Those? Those are safes.
    Why they’re full of guns of course.

    Her- why do you need those?

    Me- have a nice night.

    Her-why do you like to go shooting guns?

    Me-have a nice night.


    Her-Is that a Nyala over the fireplace?

    Me- What are you doing next May?

  13. POSSUM the gun on the table is a god one. I went to my MD and sat my belly pack down, every old guy in Arizona has one, on a chair. The female Doc picked it up to move it and commented it sure was heavy. I told her it had a whole lot of coins in it. 29 ounces of coins to be exact.


  14. When I went to meet my wife’s parents in western Pennsylvania 32 years ago I noticed a shotgun or a rifle behind every door. Her dad and I went outback to shoot 45s and a semi auto Thompson.

  15. John that’s a great family to marry in to. I went to a party with my ex one night with all the relatives there. There were five or six guys my age or older and someone asked about carry guns, we were in Oklahoma, every man jack in the place was carrying. From derringers to Model 36’s to small 45’s we were well healed that night!!


    • My in laws have extra safes they haven’t filled yet. “Oh that’s a great price, get two of them, we’ll fill ’em up soon enough”

  16. “Women shouldn’t be judged for their past mistakes”

    This statement is patently false. This is the clearest indication of a woman’s potential for a long term relationship and further.

  17. It was love in the dash board lights, I said do you want to see my gun? She said “Why yes, yes.” So I unzipped my pants and she said ” Oh 😞 a .9 mm Micro single shot, my last boyfriend had a 69.5 Creamoore.”

  18. Don’t even worry about it. If her excuse for kicking you to the curb is guns I guarantee you that is just one of the countless items on her list. p.s. True story. When I asked my then girlfriend’s dad his daughter’s hand in marriage he said 2 things: the first was ,”Carl, get my pistol “.The second was, ” Why do you want to marry her? She’s half rabid.” He was right.

  19. Happy I found the right one. No we never had any firearm talk while dating. 33 years later she has her own gun. And my exes were not actively anti-gun that I know of(ex-wife had a gat in her purse quite illegally-glad she didn’t shoot me😏).Now I’m old and God Forbid my wife passed away. She’s one in a billion!

  20. Well, we are at an extreme disadvantage since your mom’s mouth is as dry as cotton. How can you expect us to overcome that?

  21. While many of these have some humor, a gun is just a tool. Finding a woman who accepts that, will learn how to use it, and you being a man who realizes the same, will make the relationship so much better.
    A gun is not a magic talisman, it doesn’t make you more of a man. It does show that you are somewhat ready to protect yourself, friends and family, and maybe bring home some meat.
    Meeting a potential partner who accepts the fact that you shoot or carry on a regular basis is a good thing. Making a big deal out of it is a deal breaker from either party.

  22. Here are a few tips for finding firearm-friendly females:

    At the top of the list I would recommend that men NOT live nor date women in New York City, Washington, D.C., San Francisco, or Los Angeles (including the surrounding areas). Is it possible that a few women in those places will be neutral or even support firearm ownership? Of course. And women who oppose firearm ownership (much less concealed carry) would vastly outnumber them and make finding them an incredibly frustrating endeavor.

      • Well, if we had some awesome technologies which would enable people to match-up with other people who share similar values, then you might be able to find a few gems in those metropolitan areas.

        I wonder what those awesome technologies would be? Perhaps sophisticated devices which use electricity, have memory, connect to each other over vast distances, have easy human interfaces, and are everywhere. Oh, wait …

        On a more serious note: my condolences to you for living in one of those metropolitan areas.

  23. I would consider 2020 to be the single worst time for dating.

    With that said, we have just lost a rather large number of people. Repopulation is a concern. If we can manage to do it and not teach them to hate themselves.

  24. I can’t recall that I ever dated a girl who objected to guns. I never dreamed that such a thing existed. I suppose that if any women had ever acted shocked or upset when she saw the shotgun in the Jeep, or the pistol in the Ford, that would likely have been the last date. Guns simply weren’t an issue when I was a kid. Maybe a Ma Deuce would have led to some kind of debate about guns?

  25. If they talk a lot about their ex: Time to bail

    If they have children under 5: Time to bail

    Best start saving for that life like sex doll.

  26. I never dated a woman that was anti 2A. Most owned their own firearms and/or wanted to shoot mine. Some even hunted. Maybe you guys ought to stay off the laptop and meet women in a country and western bar.

  27. Thanks to red flag laws the person you date needs to be vetted carefully. I would not mention guns even if it comes up in conversation on a first or even fourth date. Crazy can be hard to detect just remember some people are single for a reason.

    • Been married 35 years…… to the same woman.

      If I had to find a wife nowadays, I would lead with questions about what she carried and why.

      No need waiting to find out she’s a hoplophobe or communist.

  28. “Be on the lookout for signs of a turbulent dating history and weigh anchor of you detect signs of problems.”

    Unless, she’s amazingly impressive, just move on. Life’s too short to deal with that nonsense.

    Also, they don’t have to love guns or even like guns. Some girls don’t like them personally, but don’t have a problem with you being armed. Also, it isn’t always political.

    • I humbly question your last paragraph. What seems like indifference can quickly become intolerance.

      …..and it’s always political…..just may not be apparent

  29. Gas, grass or ass, no one rides for free, unless you are riding another man’s wife. It is up to the discretion of the individual to decide if the ride is worth the risk.

  30. My last ex liked guns, owned a gun, was supportive of my gun ownership, her mom always slept with a revolver under her pillow, and her dad was ex-mil.

    Guess what? She screwed me over anyway — and I don’t mean that in a good way.

    So vet away, but the truth is that you never know.

  31. “Do Your Research”

    “Pay attention to the woman’s background. This is where social media is a big help.”

    That’s not always a hard-and-fast indicator.

    She could personally have no problem with guns, but is fearful of being ostracized socially…

  32. I got a quick question. I acquired a new firearm yesterday and while doing the background check. It had a new box
    Has anyone else noticed this recently?
    I don’t think it was on the last one I done a few months ago

  33. A girl I started dating grew up in CA, but her dad was in the Navy and her brother is definitely not a libbylib. She was living alone in the middle of Detroit when I met her, and her family has a few generations of history there. On date 2 or 3, she found the gun in my waistband. When she told her dad & bro about she was dating a guy who seemed nice, but always carried a gun, they said “GOOD”. And then we got married.
    She’s still not a fan of guns, but likes to have one or two loaded ones around.

  34. Given the large percentage of women being crazy the even larger percentage of women who believe in hypergamy, and with all the laws written to assume men being the evil scum that they are. I had long decided that dating women was dangerous until such laws at least were changed. Then they added these Red Flag laws. Count me out.

  35. So, I was at the store the other day and the woman was carrying the gun and the man was carrying the baby.

    This article is sexist- I know plenty of women who are fine with guns and (dating or married to) Bernie bro men who cant stand them.

  36. I made dating easy, I did online dating. I listed I was a history loving gun nut conservative who is divorced with three kids. My first date I met my wife (who was concealed carrying at the time)

  37. How does she (or he now that I think about it) argue. Gets real mad and angry, kinda spiteful, ….watch out. She may not be a gun gal but I’ll bet she knows where yours is and just might go get it to make a (final) point.
    One more: once had a longtime gf and we hit a phase where we i.e. she, dated other guys. One was a LEO. She once told me he said, if I didnt watch out I’d be “sucking on Roscoe” (his pet name for his service revolver). I paid it no mind except what stuck with me was…she seemed excited by that prospect. Now I never abused or hit her in any way, so it wasn’t the thought of revenge for her. So it must have been the thought of two guys in a gun fight over her (I didnt own a hand gun at the time, though). Here’s the point, women (men too) who don’t understand guns (unlike my wife of 30+years who carries) can misuse a firearm to satisfy thier emotional needs. This is probably the fourth rule of gun safety.

  38. I fear that any advice offered by anyone not currently in the Game is useless as things have changed so much since we were dating.

    The only thing I could add, from personal experience that still seems to remain relevant, is that she will make rules for betas, and break them for alphas. Guns fall under that, I think. Adjust accordingly.

    • Right up until the point where the alpha dumps her, and she gets angry and seeks retribution.

      In a state with a red flag law, that’s as easy as dialing 911.

  39. There’s really no reason to worry about a women’s opinion on any issue. If she’s attracted to you she will follow your lead anyways. The best a woman can be, with a strong husband to guide here, is the most mature teenager in the room. Make it be known that her opinion does not matter. Mock her liberal ways in a flirting manner. Seriously. It’s a man’s job to protect a family, not a woman’s. The best your anti-gun woman will do if three guys kick in your door is she will beg, cry, submit, and watch you get beaten up. If she had a gun, she would still probably still scream in terror and submit. Women don’t get in bar fights with 4 men at a time. They don’t understand violence. Most men today are soft, they don’t have what it takes either. So stop asking for permission.

    All women are liberal by default due to being the weaker sex and having the biological need to look after their own interests. They only become conservative with a masculine leader, and children. Children is key, you have to give them something to conserve.

    • Clearly you seek or “attract” the women (actually your description is of a 5 yr old child) you deserve. Truly a very strange perspective. That’s cool but make sure you tell those women exactly what thier role is, that’s gonna make less drama in your life: lonely but less drama.
      Note to the women our there: Beware of guys who think you are a helpless child.

  40. When I listen to young men talk about interaction with women in this day and age, I’m constantly observing that “social media” is a toxic influence on American culture. I’ve also reached a conclusion that American academia is now irretrievably corrupted with and by marxism, and as such, young women who marinate in a stew of social media and academic marxist brainwashing in “intersectional degree programs” are probably a lost cause. Dating such women means you are dating a cult member, who will pillory you for not being a member of the cult.

    Avoid these women as much as you can, in all aspects of life: personal, business, political, etc.

  41. avatar Take her to some shithole democrapic city and when she says I’m scared for my life! Pull out your... Gun and say it’s ok I’ll protect you!

    Who you going to call when they, the criminals come for you??? 911! Hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha

  42. First date with my now wife, practically the first think I said to her was “I like smoking, drinking, and guns, and none of that is changing for you.”

    Ahhhh the follies of youth, I’d never start out so strongly today, but I think it is a topic better broached sooner rather than later in some similar, perhaps more diplomatic manner. You don’t want to get year(s) in and find out all the time you invested is worthless because of the guns.

  43. Education is key!

    If a woman is against self defense she has severe mental disability cuz sane people want to live & not be raped…tortured… then beat to death….

  44. 38 years later my wife still dislikes that I hunt. I know this because I know her but others would not know because she celebrates my harvests with me. Even taking pictures of/for me.

    She also had no love for guns when we met but 30 years ago we bought a home with some land and I built a range and every labor day we have a 2nd amendment party and shoot on that range. This year was the 1st year she asked for her own gun to shoot and, as much as it hurt my pride to pay COVID prices, I bought her a 10/22. She had shot before but had nothing of her own so I didn’t know that bothered her or I would have bought her something years ago.

    Anyway, the bottom line is she cares about me enough not to let her dislike of hunting and her initial dislike of guns interfere with our relationship. You don’t have to agree on everything, you just have to agree to allow each other to live and enjoy as much as possible the time allotted to us.

    So, a woman saying she’s not crazy about the idea of you carrying or owning a gun(s) but if you feel the need then “go for it” just might be a keeper.

  45. My ex: I don’t mind guns, I grew up around them and my dad takes my son hunting all the time

    Also my ex when she wants custody and tries to pass a TRO: He has guns, he carries them everyday and wore one on his hip when entering my house to argue with me, I felt threatened.

    Yea. Even if she says it, you better make sure she carries daily or she can fuck off. Priorities gentlemen. A woman not in the self defense mindset is not worth it, at all.

      • lol. I mean, I have a daughter, so…. anyways, funny thing is the judge looked at my ex like she was crazy too. He said he’s seen this too many times. She had this HUGE write up on the TRO and ZERO evidence of her claims. I had text messages for days submitted as evidence of her saying things like “you’ll never see your daughter again (insert no reason here)”. The judge knew it was all a custody grab. Thrown out first hearing. She cried and played the emotional game, and I sat there emotionless and restrained. Was hard, because I wanted to laugh and smile SO BAD. I just did it the entire drive home 😉

        I was also told by my lawyer that 50/50 was asking a lot, but the judge seemed to think it was a good plan compared to my ex’s – which was basically give me a day and a half (2 days on paper). That “trial” took a lot longer, because their lawyer kept asking for continuances (she was a femnazi) and you could tell my ex wanted me to pay for everything cuz she put in the argument that I was just countering the plan to bankrupt her. Funny how quick she had to get off her ass and earn money once she realized that support wasn’t coming cuz 50/50 means no child support, and is about as equal as it gets. When a judge see’s 50/50, they need A LOT of evidence from the “opposing side” that both can support on their own. I could have easily gone for full custody myself, but I am not that petty or selfish like my ex and I made a good attempt at professionally explaining that to the judge… still probably came off as basically calling her and her lawyer pieces of shit. I know she tries to fill my kids head with shit about how I don’t support her, but I just counter with letting my baby girl figure it out for herself. I highly doubt she will turn out like her mother at all. Especially b/c her mother already had a son when I met her, and he’s a little fucker, so once my daughter gets older I bet she will want to get as far away from that asshole as possible. /rant

        • I too have a daughter. I’ve tried but I can’t change her DNA. LOL That said, so far, when she lies it’s because she doesn’t want to disappoint me so in some ways I have to embrace it. Conundrum?

          By the way, she carries!

  46. Women do not like guns because they dont like anything mechanical or being responsible for something that kills. But natural law dictates that everyone has a right to life or self-defense. Attack a mother bears cubs and then see what happens. Guns make a loud noises and the recoil shocks their hands. They’ve been brainwashed by media & democrats guns are evil and that safety is through only the police which now they’ve defunded. Now sadly since the police are leaving or dying off they better rethink the libby gun or safety mindset. When you take a girl shooting realize that their hands dont like massive recoil. You have to build up to a 9mm or 40 S&W handgun. Some guns have more felt recoil then others. Shoot a 22LR pistol MK III or 10/22 Ruger or at the most .380 acp to start. M&P 380 EZ is a good first choice. Make shooting plinking fun with moving or knockdown targets. Read gun reviews only by women. Then go to gun stores rent, try test and test. Make sure they can rack the slide and fill magazines without breaking a fingernail. Be patient and supportive. In time the smart women will see the importance of the 2A and self-defense and will work up the hand strength needed to shoot. Make it fun by not showing off or acting like a jerk cause to them all guns look the same. Care about how they are feeling. Example, let’s go to the range and later we’ll go out to eat. You’ve got to motivate women slowly. It can lots of time.

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