Black gun owners
(AP Photo/Timothy D. Easley)
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“I just feel like in my viewpoint, every Black person in America, especially Black males, needs to have some type of protection with them as often as [they] can, because I think the political climate [is] getting to the point where it’s just going to be a lot of violence coming our way,” [Bruce] Tomlin said. “I just feel safer now having a gun. And I didn’t always feel that way. I’ve never been the world’s biggest fan of guns, but I just don’t feel safe without one.”

– Christina Silva in Some Black Americans Buying Guns: ‘I’d Rather Go To Trial Than Go To The Cemetery’

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  1. First of all, if the guy in the picture has a fore grip, then he might as well have a proper stock.

    Second, I’ve seen countless articles like this in the past several months. The media is pretending that black people are arming up because of the mythical threat from the dreaded white supremacists.

    • You’re EXACTLY right….. that’s precisely what the media is doing here…. more race baiting…..
      Well how about this MR. MEDIA., Im positive your ghetto troops have no idea how to PROPERLY use those tools…. and even if some get lucky, it won’t NEARLY be enough to overwhelm LAW AND ORDER LOL….. GOOD LUCK…. IM WAITING…

      • From the tone of the people who are actually buying guns, it sounds like they are getting them for the same reason everybody else is: to convince the rabble rousers to leave them alone. They don’t sound like ghetto soldiers at all. They sound like people who just want to be left alone, which coincidentally, sounds like a lot of people here on TTAG.

        • I’d bet that a lot of the black folks arming up are decent urban people who are troubled by Antifa rioting and the fact that the police are not being allowed to do their jobs. Some might be frightened by the largely imaginary “white supremacists”, more are probably concerned about lawlessness and chaos in the cities. Makes sense

      • By George if you’re not white trash I don’t know what is…You only think you have a podium to call the media race baiters. Take a good look at your race baiting moniker and your own race baiting butt spew. The N-word wants to flow out that anus below your nose so awfully bad it’s made you constipated. Cease dancing around the mulberry bush Georgette and say what’s on that septic tank mind of yours…Come back and talk to teddy bear you gutless wonder.

      • Doesn’t need a stamp. It’s a “firearm” if the total length is over 26”. It’s the same classification as mossberg shockwave.

        • Reply is to Anonmouse, you are incorrect. Rifled barrel does not matter. No stock+vfg and overall length is over 26” it’s classified as “firearm” by batfe.

        • The 26″ length applies to the functional part of the firearm. The Ak does not require the Buffer tube to function so that doesn’t count as measurable length. So that AK is an illegal AOW. Not that I agree with the ATF opinion but thats how it worded.

    • @ Dude
      Yep, you’re right. Even though I’m well aware of the fact that I can’t put a vertical grip on my AR .300 blk out pistol as doing so creates what is defined as an AOW. Still knowing that, thanks for pointing it out because most of us would have simply not noticed it in relation to the configuration.

        • What is the barrel length? If the overall length of the weapon is more than 26 inches then it isn’t a pistol but if the barrel is less than 16″, it is then a short barrel rifle and an NFA item. If the overall length is less than 26 and is a pistol then having the vertical grip renders it an AOW and still an AOW.

    • Why? He has a brace and can then use a barrel shorter than 16” and the grip and only have to be 26” overall. Good way to have a shorter barrel and shoot like a rifle. It’s basically an SBR, without the gov permission slip. The way it should be.

      • Thanks for pointing that out.

        “The ATF’s current position is that a firearm with an overall length of 26 inches or more does not meet the definition of “capable of being concealed on the person,” unless the firearm is actually concealed on a person. As a result, a person may add a vertical fore grip to a firearm with an overall length of 26 or more inches without creating an AOW, as long as it is not actually concealed on the person. In other words, it is not considered to be a “pistol,” an AOW, or even a “firearm” under the NFA as long as it is not actually concealed on the person.”

        • “or even a “firearm””

          I think I found your source on this and – as it’s not an ATF quote – I’d say this part is an error. It *would* be a firearm.

  2. Undertones of belief that Americans didnt believe black males shouldnt have access to the 2nd ammendment. We absolutely believe ANYONE in this country who is not a danger to themselves or anyone else should have as many guns as they can afford! What we dont want is gang bangers and other assorted thugs to be carrying! Of course we have all these great stringent gun laws, so that should solve the problem, right!?

      • I would argue that he just included this under “assorted thugs” instead of having to list out the wider varieties. Gangs can also cover Yakuza, Latin Kings, MS-13, mafia, Hell’s Angels, Mongols, etc. It shouldn’t be necessary to go into explicit details on this thread, unless YOU’RE the one focusing on skin color?

      • Gan bangers are by definition criminals. Proud Boys are definitely not criminals. KKK may or may not be, but since there are 3 or 4 of them in the whole country it should be easy to find out.

        Proud Boys were formed to defend non leftists trying to exercise their first amendment rights from leftists shouting things like “You want a red pill? How about a lead pill?” and doing the dress rehearsals for the burning, looting, and murdering we see now. Proud Boys are not racist. They have members of all races, and sexual orientations.

      • It is also worth noting those who are “concerned” about possible violence from the right completely ignore actual acts of violence (including arson, assault, robbery, and murder) from the left.

      • “Gang bangers and thugs” makes me think we are discussing the drug trade, which is illegal, and KKK and Proud Boys are not illegal. If your business is crime, there is at least some reason to wish you disarmed, although I have never seen anybody attempt to do so. Otherwise, every American should be armed. See? That’s not so hard.

    • I am pretty certain that if all business owners were armed in Chicago and New York, the gang problem would almost disappear. And, if every head of household were armed, there would be close to zero drive-by shootings. We WANT the black man and black woman to be armed, so he/she can do something about the thugs. Instead of some thug bragging to his cellmates about choking his girlfriend out, he can explain how he came to have 1 1/2 legs. “I was just choking her some, and she blew my leg off!!”

      • These morons don’t care about FACTS!….
        Are you CRAZY???? FACTS would mean they have to face reality….. and that can’t happen in a committee mouth breather utopia

      • “It’s on the internet, so it must be true.”
        -President Abraham Lincoln c.1882

        I would trust Honest Abe before I trust Wikipedia.

      • @Casey:

        Wikipedia lost credibility as a source for facts a long time ago. Too much “narrative” and not not enough objectivity.

        • Wikipedia is still a reliable and accurate source of info if you want to find out about things like, oh, broccoli. Anything that might have any kind of social or political tint to it, though, best to turn the bulshit detectors on.

    • No, they were primarily created for training. It has morphed into 2nd Amendments rights protection (see US Constitution) but never civil rights. Unless you consider an armed society to be a more civil one.

    • NRA was created after the War of Northern Aggression because damn Yankee officers noted that damn Yankee boys couldn’t shoot. It’s purpose was to train damn Yankee boys to shoot before they joined the army.

    • it was actually started by the military to get officers to teach the public marksmanship and encourage it among the civilian population so they would make better soldiers when they were conscripted/enlisted/commissioned. It evolved over time to what it is now.

  3. Considering Gun Control in America initially targeted those with Black skin they do have standing. Only pompous bigots who broad brush everyone but themselves would stoop to deny those rights today to those who happen to be born Black.
    Unfortunately what can be broad brushed about Black Americans is most belong to the democRat Party. The democRat Party is the party of their slave masters and oppressors who concocted Gun Control for Blacks.
    If anything that Blacks have done to make themselves look incredibly ignorant is belonging to the democRat Party. That makes as much sense as Jews belonging to the nazi party.
    Yesterday’s democRat slave masters used Blacks to pick cotton. Today’s democRat slave masters use Blacks to harvest votes. Bottom line…If you are Black American and you belong to the democRat Party you are stuck on stupid.

    • Sometimes you act like the typical big mouth woman…
      Sometimes it’s best that women are seen BUT NOT HEARD….. YOU ARE A PRIME EXAMPLE…

      • Is it just me or have we been getting a lot of troll rhetoric lately? Are we hitting the dems/left where it hurts or we getting a lot of traffic hence becoming a bigger target? In either case the paid-eastern-Euro-trolls have been hitting hard. Maybe its because it’s an election year? I dunno……

        • RE: “Greta van sufferin says:
          September 27, 2020 at 09:25
          Sometimes you act like the typical big mouth woman…
          Sometimes it’s best that women are seen BUT NOT HEARD….. YOU ARE A PRIME EXAMPLE.”

          GreataVanpencildick…Not to short change an illiterate pos like you but you using CAPS is considered SHOUTING so stfu Big Mouth and gfy.

        • yuck you…Smelly yuck like you would like very much to put me in my place but you cannot do it with words spewing from your perverted imagination. In your pea size mind that only elevates you briefly to gutter level until I come along and pee on you and your parade of unrivaled ignorance.
          The only way to get at me is to debunk what I say and you are light years away from that little man.

        • Debby W, perhaps Yuck! was talking about Greta van sufferin and not you. I really wish some folks would spend a little more time typing and have a concise statement with no ambiguities.

    • Pretty good! Gun control was introduced to go along with selective prosecution to preclude blacks from possessing firearms. Worked pretty good for a long time, then backfired when nutbars decided it would be fun to jail the white folk, as well, since the laws were already there for 75 years by that time.

  4. The violence coming their way is not from Caucasians or Asians. Nor from the police. If blacks start defending themselves from criminals maybe the situation will change.

    All based on facts and statistics.

  5. Thank God …. cause the way I see the majority of blacks acting, I wouldn’t want to know ANY part if THAT….

    • The majority of black people?

      Do you mean the majority of the ones you see on TV news? Because that’s like saying the majority of white people act like methed out trash…. after turning off the COPS marathon on TV.

      That or you’re racist.

      I’d guess it’s about 50/50.

  6. I think we need to pump the brakes on our enthusiasm.

    Most articles I’ve seen on these things would seem to be a reaction to the belief that they are the victims of systemic oppression and that people are out to get them.

    They are being led to militancy against the system, don’t think the results of that will end up well for them or us.

  7. These ghetto troops are only a threat to themselves (see NFAC)….
    And if they carry this attitude around the world that whitey is out to get them, it won’t end well for ghetto Americans…..js
    Trust me, I’m speaking to you from beyond the grave, so I would knows the truef..

  8. I’m fine with black folks being armed…my wife anyway. When I go shooting/to a gunshop I usually see brown faces(especially Westforth near Gary,IN). If you vote Dim stay unarmed!

  9. “…coming our way.”

    From the looks of all the white meth head pedophile lefties coming in and burning down their neighborhoods Id say it’s already here.

    • I think his point is that the troublemakers at BLM rallies and ANTIFA thugs tend to be white. They gleefully ransack the black neighborhoods, destroying their businesses and service infrastructure. The rioters go back to their suburbs and dorms, but the residents are stuck with the ruins.

  10. You sound confused. The 2nd Amendment applies to ALL American citizens. Being black is irrelevant. Surely the gun will never know the difference.

    • Prndll says: “the gun will never know the difference.”

      In all of history and prehistory, the world hasn’t cared in the least. Tigers and wolves ate the hominids who spawned Home Sapiens without a care for color. Equal opportunity snakes bite us all. Gravity doesn’t care about color when you fall off a cliff, or fall out of a tree. And, the firearm shows no preference whatsoever.

  11. Can we please refocus the comments to 1. How poorly that PC is rigged and being worn. 2. The fact that he is clearly carrying an illegal firearm that would net him both jail time and the loss of his gun rights.

    • Seems like most amateurs tend to wear their armor low.

      That AK pistol may have an OAL greater than 26″ – if that’s the case, I believe he can legally have a VFG… But I’m not a lawyer.

      • It’s not just amateurs that do this. Cops and even legit paramilitary police do it too. Foreign, non-Western special police units do this a lot.

        A great many people don’t know any physiology and also don’t really know what the plates are supposed to cover.

        PCs are one of those things that loads of people buy online without really understanding or ever trying on. Both are a bad idea. Like deciding to switch shoes right before a race and buying a new brand you don’t knoq the sizing for.

        Cops often seem to get them issued with a “one size fits all” mentality. In this case it’s not really the officer’s fault but it still obnoxious.

        All around people tend to stick way too much unnecessary shit on a carrier. As if they think it’s not right unless every MOLLE loop is working hard.

  12. It would seem that African Americans have finally read Chief Justice Tanney’s opinion in the infamous Dredd Scott case. Blacks allegedly should not have been recognized as citizens because doing so would empower then to bear arms.

    I would point out the FBI crime statistics that document that Blacks are only 1/8 of the US population yet Blacks commit over half of the homicides and nearly 2/3s of the gun homicides. However; the same FBI crime statistics also document the fact that the overwhelming majority of Blacks will never commit a homicide or a rape or an armed robbery.

    I would also point out that almost all of the people who have been toooting in Portland for for months are Lilly White.

    Maybe all that is needed is for the Democrats who have crippled the criminal justice system then incited the violence to shut up

  13. Race baiting, and have this comment section fell for it.

    The second amendment is for everybody. But the second you say “insert race here are starting to learn the value of the second amendment” it’s the second you lose me.

    People. All people, need to learn the value of the second amendment. Leave race out of it.

  14. I wish I did. I could have applied to universities well outside my weight, wrote an admission letter about how I grew up with a raw deal on the low end of the socio-economic scale, got accepted due to weighted standards, and then had it subsidized by the UNCF and numerous race-based grants. Also would get more hiring opportunities thanks to AA. If only.

  15. I dunno.

    I agree 100% with Montana Actual on this.

    Also, I note that recently many of the people I would say are “questionable” are tending to rock a PC with a flag patch upside down. And I would note that in the picture for this story, homeslice is not.

    While that’s not a surefire tell it is somewhat common at this point for the Lefties to roll that way.

  16. Klamath Falls Herald and News: Tuesday, January 27th, 2009/Letters To The Editor
    Gun rights protect all races, not just a few

    I viewed online the Monday, Jan. 19, Herald and News report of the Martin Luther King Jr. observance courtesy of the Klamath Falls Congregational United Church of Christ.

    I was in fourth grade when MLK was assassinated in April 1968. It seems for the sake of both political and religious correctness the role armed citizen defense played during the turbulent 1960s civil rights struggles is ignored. However, a timely article titled, “Remember MLK? Better yet, remember the Deacons at via “News links” for Jan. 20 defies this feely good denial expediency and extols the Deacons for Defense and Justice formed in November 1964 by black war veterans in Jonesboro, La. Their purpose: To protect civil rights activists and workers from the Ku Klux Klan.

    Remember: The Second Amendment remains the original equal rights amendment and thus extends equal protection under the law to all ethnic races: blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans, etc.

    The old 19th century Western frontier saying: “God made man and woman; Colonel Sam Colt made them equal,” is predicated upon the historical Colt Model 1851 .36 Navy “cap and ball” revolver (1850-1873).

    This famous six shooter, the *.38 Special of its day, defined equality among free citizens and former slaves long before the term “racial equality” was ever coined.

    Perhaps the uppity in society, including some smug apathetic religious people (the churches have both the best and worst of people), socialist legislators and members of Congress, and educators alike, should ponder this.

    James A. Farmer, Ashland
    Today a resident of Merrill, Oregon (Klamath County). I formerly resided in Ashland, Oregon for 30 years (1986-2016). Long Live The State of Jefferson! Note: Perhaps I’m a simpleton and traditionalist when it comes to firearms. Despite the popularity of Colt AR-15 style rifles, Glock semi-automatic pistols, and so called “tactical” firearms, there is still a place for the revolver in the 21st century. Not that there is anything wrong with Colt AR-15’s in civilian ownership, because there isn’t. Yet for the triple purpose of “self defense/house protection/concealed carry”, including as a companion sidearm for camping, fishing, hunting: small game for instance, dispatching vermin such as raccoon, skunk, possum, etc. and for killing rattlesnakes, and even for butchering livestock such as cattle (with a head shot), the .*38 Special 148 grain lead target wad-cutter, next to a .22 or .32, remains highly effective. Actually, CCI’s classic .38 Special shot or “snake load”: No. 9 shot is also effective against a venomous snake such as a rattler with a head shot.

  17. My family discovered the 2nd Amendment in 1919 when Richard J. Daley and co. tried to burn Chicago’s Black community to the ground. I imagine he and his pals weren’t counting on ex-doughboys with plenty of combat experience with the French Army raiding the National Guard armories and shooting back.

    White supremacist Democrats in Chicago and elsewhere have been trying to disarm us ever since.

  18. Every citizen who is of a mind to own firearms should seek the training to do so safely and responsibly. As the Constitution states, “A WELL REGULATED MILITIA…”, there should be training available in schools from a young age. Beginning with the youngest and the NRA “Eddie Eagle” approach.

    Beyond that, into adulthood, race should not be an issue. If you are of mind to own firearms in the most basic intent of the Second Amendment you should seek out a civilian group to train with.

    Beyond that, well hell of course the Second amendment is for black people too. A natural human right is not about minor genetic coding regulating physical appearance, nor about ancestry.

  19. Posted article would make more sense and not be racist if you just deleted every place the word “black” appears. As it is, it is clearly and offensively racist.

  20. The education process in the United States about the 2A sometimes is not pretty to watch. However most of our country sadly doesn’t know they have a Second Amendment right to Arms.

    For the blacks it was illegal for them to have guns and was for hundreds of years. For the rest of the population older family members didn’t pass on whatever Firearms knowledge and weapons, they had to the Next Generation. For many different reasons.

    And there has been a systematic effort to destroy 2A education in the public school systems.

    It’s considered very strange to White liberals, to the white Progressive socialists, that blacks would want to have guns. To these white people they see no reason for black people to have guns.

    It would be good for New Black Gun Owners to remember that it was a white tranny, socialist Progressive in their political orientation, who wrote a book saying that it was a good thing to loot and burn. That this Behavior was acceptable. And the end result is its good black people, who have started businesses. And it’s been mobs a white Communists who burned their hard work to the ground.

    NPR is working really hard to keep conservatives as the boogeyman. They are protecting the white Communists who are responsible for the riots in the United States. Destroying black private property.

    Maj Toure of Black Guns Matter guns has been asking why are there only or mostly white people at black lives matter rallies?

    Answer, because we know that BLM was created by Outsiders. And it’s funded and controlled by Outsiders, who don’t have the best interests of black people in their minds.

    It was the out of the closet, Christian Governor Matt Bevin of Kentucky. Who signed the legislation making constitutional carry the law in Kentucky. But guess who was glad to see him not getting re-elected? The white atheists.
    Who are socialist Progressive in their political orientation.

    • “why are there only or mostly white people at black lives matter rallies?”

      Speaking of the useful idiots here…They’re seeking to fill a void. They despise traditional religion, but they still have a desire to feel virtuous. Political activism is their new religion that accomplishes this. Their activist leaders tell them they have the power to save black people, so the white saviors do as they’re told. Of course, the leaders pulling the strings have more nefarious goals. It’s all about gaining power.

      • I call them Left wing racists or Liberal racists. They burn down black businesses just like the KKK has done in the past. I’ve been saying since this crap started the rioters should be shot dead in the street.

  21. Crazy how many people actively discourage Black Americans from exercising their rights, while simultaneously claiming to stand against racism.

    The 2A is for all of us– don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

    • I once had an elderly cleaner in a Lakewood, Ohio McDonald’s berate me for my NRA ballcap. He opined that the NRA should be “banned”. When I replied that the last time organizations started getting banned, we somehow misplaced 6,000,000 Jews. His replay? He “wasn’t so sure that was such a BAD thing”.

      Scratch an anti-gunner, find a Klansman… or a Nazi.

  22. My Dad survived several attacks by White supremacists over the decades of his life. They came at him typically with knives, saying stuff like, “looks like we’re gonna cut ourselves up a n****r, boys!” Yeah…right up until he pulled that blue (later stainless) steel of his and pointed it right at ’em. It’s amazing what the business end of a gun can do to change one’s mind, as he told me that they generally ran off pretty fast. Fortunately, I was not present during those encounters…fortunately.

    My Dad lived 83 1/2 years as a result, and it was a full life, too. The only reason he isn’t still alive today is that due to bad knees and a bad back, he could no longer get to his gun as quickly as he had when he was, say, in his mid-70’s. That’s how the home invaders (in this case, younger White guys) got him that last time. He had two guns, one on one side of the house, and another on the other side of the house. Had he had one in the middle of the house as well…then instead of his obituary, we would’ve been reading about theirs.

    For that reason, it’s advised to have a gun in each room, especially if your mobility is or has become limited.

    When I was a teenager, he repeatedly encouraged me to get “a permit to carry” when I came of legal age. Eventually, I realized that he was right. He was a wise man.

    The 2A is indeed for everyone, Black or otherwise.


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