Downtown Los Angeles Homeless Problem
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The long-term mismanagement of America’s big cities, now exacerbated by Covid and their accommodation — if not outright encouragement of rioting and looting — has done more to create new gun owners than Barack Obama ever dreamed of. It has dawned on millions of Americans in these places that they truly are on their own and responsible for ensuring their own safety.

An hour and a half after I’d called 911, officers arrived. And it was then—noon, on Thursday, August 20th that I had an upsetting revelation: We citizens can no longer rely on the police to show up. And then the thought hit me: I need to get a gun.

You’ve got to love the irony. It’s the Democrats who push for gun control, yet it’s the Democrats in power in my city who are leaving me with no choice but to arm myself.

The truth is I shouldn’t have a gun. I’m a boob when I’m afraid. I lose all mental and physical capacity. I know, if you get a gun, you’re supposed to practice at a gun range regularly, and I would. Still, in a heated situation, I have my doubts that I could even find the “safety,” a term I know only from watching TV and movie crime dramas.

I emailed two libertarian lady friends with guns—subj: “Jenny From The Glock”—to ask for advice, and talked to some of the cops, too. The consensus: I’d do best with some Little House on the Prairie-type shotgun that sprayed buckshot, giving me the best chance, in a home invasion, of hitting someone other than myself.

Amy Alkon in L.A.’s Failed Homeless Policies Turned My Home Into a Prison

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      • And not continue to vote for the party that has put their cities into this situation and has promised to restrict/confiscation/tax out of existence the very guns they are realizing they need.

        • It’s almost like the problems in this country go much deeper than just gun ownership. Someone being a gun owner doesn’t automatically make them your brothers in arms in the fight for liberty.
          Remember, Chinese soldiers and ATF agents have guns too. Neither of them are your friends.

    • Dallas Texas had a woman raped and murdered a year or so back. SHe called 911 saying somebody was out side her house. Four and one half hours later a fire truck showed up and saw her naked body on her bed. Dallas had a sevbere police shortage every since the got a democrat mayor and city council. Every home owner in Dallas needs a weapon and trainng on how to use it because Dallas is run by demoncrats.

  1. Whether it’s LA, Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, pound on the leftist city administrations with, “This is all your fault.”

      • I’d say that’s one thing we can all agree on, but I suspect the left-wing indies are upset because City Hall wasn’t preemptively handed over to their favorite flavor of social justice warriors, and there’s too much police brutality at the nightly antifa sing-alongs.

        Regardless, if they want to get rid of the feckless fartsniffers currently in charge, I’d ally with them just long enough to make it happen — then work to elect someone they’d *really* hate.

      • Yet you will never see them truly denounce the true reasons for why the city government’s actions are causing these problems. They’re simply bickering over the details of how to “properly” do communism.

    • All democrats have to do is blame all problems on “systemic racism” and “climate change,” and those brain dead sheep will keep voting them into power.

      Where’s enuf to tell us how offended he is by Biden actually talking down to the troops? It’s funny how Biden has a very long history of talking like that to people he considers beneath him, yet the corrupt media never calls him out on it. He doesn’t speak that way to his peers. Imagine how many stories we’d get out of Trump calling a young girl a Lying Dog-faced Pony Soldier. They would still be bringing that one up.

      • Not only do they never call him on his elitist attitude they consistently push the narrative that “blue-collar Joe stands with the working man.”

        An easy claim to make as he’s done his best to make sure there are no working men left in his district.

      • All democrats have to do is blame all problems on “systemic racism” and “climate change,” and those brain dead sheep will keep voting them into power.

        It does not occur to these brain-dead sheep to blame Democrasts for systemic racism and climate change.

        • Why would they blame us, much less Joe Biden, for “systemic racism” and “climate change”? Joe’s been in government for 50 years, I’ve been in for 10 years, and for many of these cities we’ve been in charge for centuries. The system hasn’t been racist and the climate hasn’t been a problem until 3 years ago when Trump got in to government…… I mean, it was totally racist and the climate was a mess when W was president, but he stole an election too, so maybe Republicans should stop winning. Thank god we have highly educated and brave warriors on our side like Alexandria Occacio Cortez to fight these problems. People aren’t blind ya’ know…. They see problems they don’t want to deal with or think about and they see us as the solution. Our voters are students, teachers, doctors, government employees, etc. We have more college graduates than the Republicans which why we so smart and why you need to shut up and do what we tell you….. because you’re dumb er’ something.

          Eric Swalwell 2020

    • In the Twin cities ( Mpls./ St. Paul ), it’s actually due to the shit show circus clowns in both City Councils… create havoc, shit on the police force, and capitulate to BLM (Soros, Inc.) …. Intercourse them all, and their equestrian transports !!!

    • The unfortunate thing is there’s only various flavors of leftist to vote for here. You can vote for the slightly less nuts person, but no really good alternative exists.

  2. I’m glad that people are finally beginning to do the math on self preservation but the following sentence stands out in stark contrast to me:

    “I emailed two libertarian lady friends with guns—subj: “Jenny From The Glock”—to ask for advice, and talked to some of the cops, too. The consensus: I’d do best with some Little House on the Prairie-type shotgun that sprayed buckshot, giving me the best chance, in a home invasion, of hitting someone other than myself.”

    Wow. Of all the things practice and general familiarity with firearms should accomplish concerning self protection, a sense of confidence ranks very high in my opinion. The idea that some chick would be more concerned about shooting “herself” than being able to defend herself is a sad commentary on being female in America in the 21st Century.

    On the other hand, we’re all led to believe that the same gal who is scared of firearms would be just the ticket to run for Mayor, Governor, House, Senate, or POTUS, be a metropolitan police chief or put in every sort of position where she might be highly responsible for the saftey and well-being of large numbers of people whom she represents. Should we not be concerned about the same mindset here? Having the courage to deal with things from BLM riots to an attack from foreign enemies requires one to, at the appointed time, be able to “pull the trigger” and put the defensive actions in motions to end the problem.

    My wife has done some very casual shooting over our marriage since 1975 and understands safe handling and basic marksmanship. She was never able to rack the slide on a 1911 I kept loaded in the house “just in case” when we lived at the end of a 250 yard long farm lane away from the city for about 30 years. One day I came home and said .45 was sitting on the kitchen table. When asked about it she reported that a guy had come down the lane and banged on the door needing to use the phone. (Way pre-cell phone era.) After speaking through the door she allowed him entrance, he used the phone and left. Then she handed me a full round of .45 ACP. She said it “flipped out” when she racked the slide, not realizing it was already in the chamber. Amazing what one can do when one needs to…

  3. The two top gun salesmen awards go to democRats bill clintoon and b. h. obama. With both of those azzhats out of the picture democRat mayors are hard at it to surpass previous records.

    Dumbbell democRats are always f-n things up by trying to force America to go euro. Europe doesn’t have guns and hardly anybody gets shot but they do get stabbed and beaten to death, etc. All of that aside teams of democRats need murderers for study grants. That way democRats can figure out what went wrong in the murderer’s life and fix it. And later return their study patient to society to see if the fix worked.

    Defenseless murder victims can rest easy in their graves knowing their torture and slow, agonizing death was not in vain all thanks to the research led by democRats. The democRat Party is your chin up party, always on point, out front ahead of the curve, never wavering, looking out for you and yours…Like buzzards circling road kill.

    TRUMP/PENCE 2020

    • Hey, Debbie…

      This was in a recent publication of one of the local papers…I thought I would pass it on.

      ” In reference to John Farral’s Sept. 17 letter: If voting for President Trump makes my character no better than his, then voting for Joe Biden makes your intelligence no better than his. ”

      Deb McFate
      Davenport, Iowa

  4. Unfortunately its also going to cause a mass exodus from cities. Then the city folk with their “if at first you don’t succeed, try again” attitude will attempt to impose their nanny state socialist nonsense on those of us living in the country.

    • Yeah like the muslims fleeing the Middle East in Europe, they’ll vote their old abusers back into power in their new lands.

      This has been somewhat of a reoccurring theme in recent history, with the exception of people fleeing for-real communism. I’ve met a few people that lives in actual communist Cuba and the Soviet Union. They all totally despised communism and loved capitalism.

      • Happening in my mostly rural county that right outside a metro area. People are moving from the city and moving to the Midwest from CA/WA/OR/NY and bringing their failed political ideas with them.

        Isn’t the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result? Sounds like voting history in blue cities/states.

        • I read this all of the time…they’re not expecting different results they are simply used to being treated like serfs. When they move out of the dilapidated ,over taxed ,alien infested cities they merely wish to continue paradise on earth (progressivism) and feel this is improving their new locale. They are more than happy to share………………

      • Communist countries have capitalism, it is the way society works at the bottom. The people all use cash and buy what they need, either legally or illegally. While it is not condoned, no society can work without the little guy or gal that can produce or fix something what others will pay them to do.

        The lady down the hall that sews, alters, mends clothes, to the person that helps with laundry, ironing, playing music at parties, even cooking. These so called “gig jobs” will always be around and are considered “neighborhood exchanges”.

  5. I love these people who after living with and supporting either directly or tangentially incrementally ever more destructive progressive policies appear to wake up one day thoroughly shocked and surprised by what they see around them.

    Like telling a toddler “don’t touch, hot” only to hear the telltale scream the moment you turn your back. The difference is the toddler will learn. The progressive will simply move to another state and begin supporting the same policies that ruined their home never connecting the dots.

  6. Get an easily operated handgun lady. I don’t recommend a shotgun you’ll never shoot. Other than that have at it! Even in Commiefornia. Oh and quit voting DIM(annoyingly in ILLinois there ain’t much difference from D to R).

  7. The rest of the article at :

    …is well-worth the read. She’s waking the fuck up. She now realizes there is a problem, and is acting proactively. Kudos to her!

    There as been some really good things coming from over the past year or so. Here’s another one well-worth the read :

    Powerful stuff…

    • Having read the story in the first link. Sometimes it takes a dose of truly Ugly reality to educate people who live in a bubble of “It will never happen to me”.

    • The article was an interesting read unfortunately I came to the conclusion that Ms. Alkon did not understand that the circumstances of here experiences were by design. They did not happen by accident but rather the decisions by politicians like Mayor Garceti (D) were done to make her situation the “new normal”. She is an expendable commodity, she needs to know that.

  8. This is an old trick by those in power who wish to remain in power.

    Invent a threat. Allow it to scare the group you wish power over. Let it continue until those being threatened come crying to you to do something about this dire threat before more people die/lose their property/both.

    Explain that you aren’t able to counter act this threat at this time because of: lack of money, lack of manpower, lack of a plan. all of the previous. (stress on money and manpower)

    Once their fear of the threat gets larger than their reluctance to give up their money, property, freedoms you then say ou will attempt to squelch this threat. Making no promises of course.

    After much money is spent, lives lost, man power diverted to schemes to counter the threat and property needed to store/house/train the manpower acquired.

    Some successes are reported. But immediately the population (taxpayers/landowners/the wealthy) is warned that more needs to be done and that means more money, manpower, property, loss of rights. But Hey We’re all in this together and we’re winning!!!! Kinda.

    Rinse, repeat, continue until the population becomes restless whereby the newly created military units can be diverted from stopping the outer threat to suppressing any revolt or refusal to pay taxes/surrender property.

    It’s a tried and true formula used for millennia by despots of all stripes.

    • How many black lives have been lost now as a direct result of BLM’s summer of love? Are black people paying attention to that? How many lives and businesses have been ruined now? How many black communities have been devastated? Why didn’t the media report that FEWER unarmed black men are being killed by police? There were more deaths under Obama. Why didn’t Biden and Obama fix this problem after the Ferguson riots? Kamala literally promoted more chaos and destruction. Biden never condemned it until the polls began to change. Even then, his effort was halfhearted so he wouldn’t offend his foot soldiers.

  9. Amy Alkon (budding cat-lady) is notoriously lacking in genuine self-awareness. She writes these l-o-n-g, sad narratives, which serve principally to display how thoughtful (and blameless) she considers herself to be, then tells you to go vote for the ‘green party’, or some such nonsense.

    She is the author of her dumb situation, in a dumb state, with idiotic governance. All I ask, Amy, is that you stay exactly where you are.

    • And please Ms Alkon, for the love of the Republic, don’t reproduce! Let your silly, elitist, leftist, “cosmopolitan” feelings fade away when you do .

  10. “I have my doubts that I could even find the “safety,” 🙂

    Where’s the safety?


    (HT to Edge of Tomorrow)

    • The “Safety” on every weapon is between YOUR EARS. If you trust that mechanical poc you may be sorely disappointed in many ways when you “accidentally” shoot yourself, someone else, or go to jail for NGD. Worse if it WON’T FIRE when lives depend upon it. Practice, practice, practice…. and as long as it’s NOT RIMFIRE you can safely dry-fire AFTER ensuring that the chamber is empty and the mag is removed. By safe AND accurate!

  11. I read the whole article. The woman who wrote it calls herself a “libertarian,” but she’s really a lefty schmuck. She’s getting what she absolutely deserves.

    • Exactly.. A True Libertarian believes people should be able to live as they please without the obstacle of Rules or Laws. Even to point of being obnoxious to others. This person is nothing more than a Liberal who had to eat a large plate of Liberal Ideology for the first time and realized she didn’t like the taste. Something that a lot of people in Liberal Towns, Cities and States are beginning to find out. The promised Utopia of the Liberal Ideology comes with a lot Ugly Reality they weren’t prepared for because they were told it didn’t exist.

  12. There is a fix for this, stop voting Democrat! If half of the Democrat voters on the West Coast gave up theire addiction to the failed BS that is the Democrat Party the entire country would be better off.

  13. So this guy had to wait for police to show up, and that was his revelation?


    You are your own first responder. Medical, tactical… You name it. Wakey wakey America.

  14. Dear Amy:

    Don’t get a shotgun because you are suffering from the delusion that it “sprays buckshot.”. It doesn’t. Even a cylinder bore barrel will produce a pattern that spreads out about one inch for every yard of travel. Shoot at someone across the room and that pattern of buckshot will be only 3″ to 5″ in diameter. A spreader choke which is difficult to find will about double that pattern width. A rifled choke tube will yield a somewhat wider pattern. The bottom line is that you still have to aim a shotgun to have any hope of hitting your assailants.

    Of course if your concern is about riots and you have finally resigned yourself to liberal anarchy, a 12 gauge shotgun is absolutely wonderful. Get yourself one of the magnum shotguns with a 3&1/2″ chamber. Load it up with 3&1/2 shells loaded with 54 pellets of #4 buckshot each. That will be the equivalent of almost two full magazines from an AR-15 going down range with every shot. At 50 yards, the shot pattern will be about four feet in diameter and 8 feet in diameter at 100 yards. Shoot that at a tightly packed, ANTIFA/BLM riot and you should be able to bag about three or four of the onnerry varmints with every pull off the trigger. You might not incapacitate them instantly, but I guarantee you that the people you shoot will cease and desist as will all of their rioter friends. For an even more profound effect, aim at the pavement between yourself and the rioters. The buckshot will be scattered even wider allowing you to shoot even more people with every round.

    Of course a major drawback of a 12 gauge shotgun is the recoil. The 3&1/2 chambering will be the worst. Not every woman is Governor Sarah Palin who can handle it. Even Sarah has to contend with spectacular, undamped, harmonic oscillations.

    • “…Shoot that at a tightly packed, ANTIFA/BLM riot and you should be able to bag about three or four of the onnerry varmints with every pull off the trigger. ”

      And then enjoy three meals a day provided by the state for 15-20. Anarchy up until the point when someone defends themselves.

  15. Sadly, it seems there will be one less gun owner in the republican party soon…

    “Brad Parscale, who served as President Trump’s 2020 campaign manager until July, was taken to a mental health facility Sunday night after barricading himself in his home with weapons and threatening to harm himself, police said. Parscale was detained without injury and transported to a local hospital.
    Fort Lauderdale police said they responded to a call of an armed man attempting suicide around 4 p.m. Parscale’s wife, who made the call, told police he was armed and there were several firearms in the residence, police said. Officers determined he was the only person inside the residence.
    Police said officers made contact with Parscale and developed a rapport, and then safely negotiated for him to exit the home. He is being held under the Baker Act, a Florida law that allows for involuntary institutionalization for up to 72 hours for a person who is believed to be a risk to themselves.”

    Let’s see, for Trump that is one campaign manager and assistant campaign manager in prison and now another campaign manager locked up on a section 8.

    None of trumps ex campaign managers will be able to own guns once they are released, how ironic.

    And I thought you guys are going to lock up Hillary, I understand she’s having pizza and enjoying a nice Chardonnay at this very moment.

    • The totalitarian corruptocrats behind this country’s bloated government leviathan are very good at destroying those who run afoul of their system, that much is true.

    • When you say she’s “having pizza”, do you mean that in the Li’l Ceasers kind of way or a John Podesta, Comet Ping Pong kind of way?

      • “………she’s having pizza and enjoying a nice Chardonnay……… ”

        Pizza and Chardonnay!?!?!?
        That the biggest crime in 49ers post.

        Pizza demands a full body, dry red wine. Or a Stella A.

  16. You know who’s challenging the failure that is Ted Wheeler in Portland, and has a good chance to win? Sarah Iannone, a “progressive” who thinks antifa has the right idea.

    She has a lot of support from residents who are angry about tear gas being deployed in residential neighborhoods, where it drifted into people’s homes. It tells you a lot about Portland when you realize that the residents are blaming *police*, not the people who ran riot in their neighborhoods and threatened them in their homes and attacked their neighbors on their own front doorsteps.

    Not very long ago, I’d have said cities like Portland should get what they voted for good and hard, so as to wake them up to the consequences, but they’re already getting it…and they’re voting for MORE. I don’t know if there’s any level of chaos, crime, or collapse that will penetrate the social-justice addled minds of “liberals” anymore.

    • But who is ‘they’? Local council elections are an absolute nightmare because they get decided by such a tiny minority of voters. You could hold a cookie giveaway and win an election with the votes you get from people who remember your name from it.

  17. Guns speak the universal language, don’t 🖕with me! They all say pew,pew,pew!

  18. “We citizens can no longer rely on the police to show up.”
    We citizens COULD NEVER rely on the police to show up, at least within a time frame that they could stop an attack. That fact is only now dawning on her. Unfortunately, she was also fed a bunch of gun myths, like shotguns appreciably spreading out at home invader distances

  19. Memorize:
    * Police have no legal duty to protect individuals.
    * Police have no legal liability when they fail to protect individuals.
    * Police not specifically assigned as bodyguards have virtually no ability to protect individuals.

    The police don’t protect individuals. They draw chalk outlines around individuals unable or unwilling to protect themselves.

    If you’re not able and willing to protect YOURSELF, you’re just not going to get protected AT ALL.

    Anybody who tells you different is a LIAR.

    • And when in doubt, reference:

      1. Warren v. District of Columbia (444 A.2d. 1, D.C. Ct. of Ap. 1981)

      2. Castle Rock v. Gonzales, 545 U.S. 748.

      3. Lozito v. New York City

  20. Vehicles kill more possums then gunms. Strange the way the human mind accepts a vehicle death as tragic, yet gets all giggidy over gunm deaths.

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