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From Versacarry . . .

Versacarry is known for producing a very popular line of quality leather handgun holsters, belts and other firearm related products. In an effort to help with the fight against the COVID-19 virus that continues to affect thousands of people across the United States, Versacarry is in the process of converting their production facility from building holsters to producing face shields and face masks.

“When I saw and heard numerous reports that there was a critical shortage of face shields and face masks for medical and emergency workers, I knew that was something we could help with. “says Justin Sitz CEO/Owner of Versacarry. “I redirected our development engineers from working on new products for the gun industry to develop products and production methods to produce these items critical for the health care and emergency response workers.”

In less than a week, Versacarry has switched their focus and production and will be shipping face masks and face shields shortly. With weekly output expected at 20,000+ of each item, these will be sent to the front line of this pandemic war and into the hands of hospital personnel, EMT, police officers, firefighters and others facing the COVID-19 virus on a daily basis.

For more information on the face masks and face shields, check out the following link. If you work for an organization that need these items, there is a place to contact Versacarry on the webpage link and they will respond to you.

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    • Good on ’em, but made of *leather*?

      Might be comfortable, but a bitch to sterilize…

  1. Very good. At this point in time we need more companies jumping in on manufacturing relevant equipment. Not only for those on the front lines of this pandemic but also for company longevity and profits for the next few months.

    • Yeah and if it does NOT seal to the face the path to enter thru the ole eyeball is open. So the POS is “faceshield” worthless.

      The chicom flu is know (except the US apparently) to attack thru mouth/nose/ocular area. The idiots at CDC can’t even spell wheel. But they have to reinvent it (after the chicoms tell them it’s ok to do so).

      • They’ve been misleading the public for months. Not China, “our” guys have been misleading the public for months. We’ve known it can be contracted by asymptomatic carriers since January. We’ve known it is (essentially, not technically) airborne since then as well. And we’ve known that masks work for decades.

        The charitable answer for why they would do that is to stop people from hoarding masks needed for medical personnel. The less charitable explanation is that they wanted employers to be able to tell their employees to show up for work at the movie theater without providing any PPE or allowing workers to use their own and say “we’re following CDC guidelines!”

        Oh, and yeah… wear eye protection with a respirator if you have one. People laugh at swim goggles but they would work fine. Just gotta keep those nasties from getting in your eyeballs. But it’s better to get it in your eye than your lungs.

        • “People laugh at swim goggles but they would work fine.”

          Preach it, that’s the route I’m going when out-and-about.

          They even make tinted and polarized ones for bright sunlight:

 Swim Goggles&i=sporting&ref=nb_sb_noss

  2. I hope everything they make has the Versacarry logo printed where it can’t be missed so that the people who use them learn who their friends are.

    I wonder if their masks will meet the N95 standard. My wife found a couple of masks that I must have bought months or years ago. They were made by 3M and are labeled N95. Construction is simple, with no trick vents, so the critical component must be the material itself. Even if Versacarry’s masks aren’t N95, they will be better than reusing contaminated masks or going without. Now that the government has acknowledged that it’s worth wearing a mask in public, store shelves are bare. Every bit of production will help.

    • The “trick” compared to a near worthless surgical mask is that the N95 has 3D shape so it 1/2ass “seals” to your face. The metal nose bridge is the keep feature that allows you to shape it to create the essential seal around your honker. The vented model N95 allow easier breathing but at the chicom molecules you exhale go into the atmosphere.

      ANY N95 is rated as 95% effective. Would your 9mm round going off 95% of the time be good to satisfy the reason you bought it?

      Get a P100 facepiece. Full face if you can find on. Otherwise with unvented safety goggles.

    • The thing that wears out on these masks when unworn is usually the elastic bands that help get a seal. If it’s good to go, you’re good… there are youtube videos about how to check that your seal is good.

      It’s not nearly as hard as the CDC was trying to pretend it was two weeks ago.

      • Best fitting mask I’ve seen are the full face for CPAP. Odd haven’t heard anything about dual purpose use of them for novel virus. They’re designed to seal under pressure with great, long lasting elastic supports. Slap the right filter on it, good to go. Just ordered one of those medieval plague doctor ‘beak’ masks though. If it worked for the Black Death, good enough for me. Only available from China though. Not enough holster manufacturers seem to have converted to their production yet.

  3. “… Effective immediately, the plant will begin switching part of its manufacturing capacity from making firearm accessories, to widely needed medical items, such as face shields and masks. …”

    So they are not stopping making gun stuff.

    Good for them, a way to help out. Web page does not say if this is a profit making part of the business or something else. I’d be surprised if it becomes a permanent thing. Once the apocalypse passes and things return to normal, the big manufacturers will easily overwhelm the little operations.

    • “Once the apocalypse passes and things return to normal, the big manufacturers will easily overwhelm the little operations.”

      After the apocalypse, the orders will still be there, as I can easily see FEMA filling warehouses with a few billion of them…

  4. …now if only Cuomo will respond to Remington’s offer to use their production space for medical equipment NYC desperately needs. If I were a family member of someone stricken with COVID-19 and in a hospital waiting for such equipment, I’d be calling every news station I could find to offer statements and publicly ask why Cuomo isn’t acting.

    • He is acting. By confiscating property without consent and you’ll get paid eventually. First Med supplies and ventilators. What will be next? Once this door is allowed to be opened. It will Never be allowed to close. Regardless of Need. Which the Government can decide. The 5th Amendment addresses such action in the last part:
      No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.
      Gov. Cuomo claims to have the Power under Executive Order. To deprive Companies and Individuals of Their 5th Amendment Rights. He is ordering the National Guard to begin confiscations on Saturday 4/4/2020. Keep Your Powder Dry.

        • Don’t need to reread what is plainly there. Try reading the clause under Due Process. While you’re at It check the New York Constitution. It does not give anyone the authority. He claims to have. I can show you the facts…I can’t make you understand them. If you are willing to give up your 5th Amendment Rights so easily. Why would anyone believe you wouldn’t do the same with your 2nd. Or any other Right.
          Watch the video of his statement/declaration. Even he is unsure what he is trying to is legal.

  5. Meanwhile, the folks at are #74 on the Folding@Home Team Competition list, donating CPU cycles to simulate proteins related to various diseases, including COVID-19.

    This is an extremely impressive accomplishment.

  6. …now if only Cuomo will respond to Remington’s offer to use their production space for medical equipment NYC desperately needs. If I were a family member of someone stricken with COVID-19 and in a hospital waiting for such equipment, I’d be calling every news station I could find to offer statements and publicly ask why Cuomo isn’t

  7. level 1 protection
    better than scarf
    worse than the surgical mask

    stay isolated
    stay away faaaaaaaar from each other

    seeing reports from states, people keep gathering without masks

    the so called distancing is absolutely a fking joke

    otherwise only the fullbody hazsuite can defend the virus, when used in the right manner

    good luck dudes

    • You don’t need a full-body hazard suit. You do need a respirator mask, goggles, and gloves or a lot of handwashing and no cuts.

      • you probably right

        better stay home watching movies

        otherwise even those well trained medics all geared up got infected
        not just a few of them but thousands bc thier high dense virus working environment

        • To be honest, PPE is so stretched that I doubt those infected had the proper gear on during all contact; I’ve seen lots of EMS and medical personnel in surgical masks which are not sufficient in a medical environment- but even so, infection is always possible unless you’re in an positive pressure suit.

          Staying home or otherwise alone is absolutely the best protection. Just remember that the virus can stick around on cardboard and mail for awhile. I leave packages in the garage for a day and wash my hands right after opening anything.

      • they usually wear 2 layers ppe suit
        2 layers surgical mask and the 3 layer n95 level mask,total 3 layers
        goggle rubber gloves rubber boots

        NO bare skin exposure

        thats the standard practice
        learned from the last breakout 2003 sars

        postive pressure suit is way expensive
        not too many of them

        with very strict quarantine measures
        we are walking out this on the fitst wave
        in 2 months

        for America, frankly speaking,
        instead facing the real problem the virus,
        officials blame trump, and trump blame china
        with that kind of attitude

        as dr fucci said, not even half the way
        it just started
        like wuhan 2 months ago
        but with several wuhan like hotspots and much worse handling

        time gnna flow slow

        good lucks
        to you all

  8. chicom managed make 200 billion masks per day in one month early last month

    there are plenty of them on market now
    the price has falled dirt cheap

    n95 level mask is about 2 dollar a piece
    given the situation here, thats quite reasonable

  9. funny to say
    who are those people
    still use the cold war item _ chicom_

    are they still living in some backcountry bucker

    those cheap dispose glove used in kitchen are useful
    wear two layer of them outdoor
    when get dirty , just throw the outer one away

    in chicom china 100 pcs a pack of them cost only 2 dollars include shipment

  10. Importing healthcare goods from China??? How to spread the virus more???
    BOYCOTT everything from china!!! They are the worlds enemy!!!
    We are just an inconvenience to them! Wake up people!


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