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You’ve been stuck at home for weeks now. If you have kids, well, that hasn’t made it any easier. They’re starting to go stir crazy and how many times can you possibly watch ‘Frozen’ or ‘Cars’ or some other “family friendly flick” again without having a cerebrovascular incident?

At some point you have to get your mind off of things. Put them to bed tonight and leave behind all of the talk of masks, ventilators, chloroquine and viral doses for a while and lose yourself in a good movie.

If you’re a guy guy (or girl…we know you’re out there, too) why not make it an entertaining, escapist shoot-em-up with some good gunny action?

Here are our picks for the 10 best movies to satisfy the gun guy in you to burn a couple of hours in quarantine.


Six billion people on the planet and he’s getting bent out of shape because of one fat guy?

Dirty Harry

Ah, the classics. Any movie that so prominently features a Smith & Wesson Model 29 is worth your time, no matter how dated it may seem now.

Enemy at the Gates

Russians and Germans killing each other. What else do you need to know?

Full Metal Jacket

Kubrick. Gunny. Mickey Mouse. ‘Nuff said.

Jack Reacher

How many wish that they were born knowing what they know now? Ask yourself how many would do things the same way over again? And how many would live their lives like him?

John Wick

OK, I skip through the part where they kill his dog. There are some things I just don’t want to see.

The Matrix

Guns. Lots of guns.

No Country for Old Men

The point is there ain’t no point.


The best Bond movie of all time. Best cast. Best story. Best director.


A very particular set of skills. Skills that involve plenty of guns.

Don’t like our list? Think we missed one? What’s on yours?

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  1. Skyfall is the best bond movie of all time??????

    in a simply one syllable world that can not be contested by any bond enthusiast….


    PS: I can only assume you put that line it to start the flames

    • Yea, I have to agree.

      The two films I’d say are neck-and-neck for the “Best Bond Film” are Goldfinger and From Russia With Love.

      • LOL I love how easy it is to tell someone’s a FOWG when they claim any of the Bond films prior to the modern era are ‘best.’ Guess the slow march of time has left you behind old-timer.

        • I love how easy it is to tell when some one is a classless asshole. You just speak right up and declare yourself.

        • The Daniel Craig bond films are by far the best of them all. They should just keep him forever.

          And I agree… pretty easy to tell someone’s age when they mention old films like that as being the best. I was a teen during the pierce brosnan era of films, which IMHO, are by far the worst. But it’s nice to see the recent films paying homage to the OG villains. I’ve watched most of them, including the old ones, and it’s just hard to watch old “action” movies now days because so many recent films do such a great job of it.

          That said, John Wick is not one of them. I loved those movies, right up until they shot suppressed weapons in the middle of a crowded train station and no one flinched. I applaud Keanu for his training, and the overall action of the movies, but they fucked up and they are getting worse.

        • Yea, I can always spot children who think they “know a lot” about guns from comments like these.

          The question was asked “best quarantine movies for gun guys.” From that perspective, the early Bond films are the best, because they have the least amount of utterly unrealistic gun BS.

          Since all you children are fawning over Skyfall, allow me to give you an education, Junior.

          In Skyfall, Bond is given a “Walther PPK/S” by Q. Here, I found the scene for you::

          “Walther PPK/S, 9mm short.”

          Pay attention here, Junior, I’m about to give you an education. The Gun Control Act of 1968 here in the US implemented a “point” system for the importation of handguns. This was done by revising Title 18 U.S.C. §925(d)(3) to include a set “sporting use” criteria, which included weight, size and number of rounds in a magazine. The BATF created Form 4590, on which an importer is supposed to evaluate handguns according to criteria of “…dimensions, material used in construction, weight, caliber, safety features, and miscellaneous equipment” and add up the points.

          Guns that didn’t have the minimum required number of points could not be imported. The Walther PPK (which was a smaller version of the original Walther PP) failed to make the import criteria by about an ounce of weight and one round of magazine capacity.

          So Walther created the PPK/S for the American market by adding some weight and lengthening the grip a little bit to add one round, and then.Walther added the “/S” presumably to mean “sporting” version. In the 1970’s, Walther licensed the production of the PPK/S to American companies. In 2012, Walther took control of PPK/S production here in the US, with their production facility in Arkansas.

          Here’s where Skyfall immediately failed the “gun guy” test: Why would MI-6, an agency who can use any gun they so choose without regard to regulatory, import a pistol from the US, that was a version of a pistol easily available in Europe, that was created solely for regulatory compliance with US laws?

          Immediate fail. If they had left off the “S” on the model designation, they could have gotten away with it.

          Later, in Skyfall, Bond uses a double rifle chambered in what appears to me to be .500 Nitro, and he exhibits as little recoil as if he were shooting a .223 (which has you children endlessly comparing muzzle brakes and compensators here at TTAG “to reduce recoil.”) Another huge fail. And that’s before he just tosses aside his father’s double rifle that is worth probably well north of $50K.

          By comparison, the first two or three Bond flicks contain the least amount of Hollywood “gun BS” of all of them. From a gun guy’s perspective, they’re far better films, simply because they don’t try to make guns into magic.

          There, Junior. Now you’ve learned something about guns.

          • Well said! Amen. These youngsters need them some edjamacation! Speaking as an NRA Instructor for the last 32 years, a former infantry officer and a retired high school educator, I really appreciated that answer!

        • oh, and you clearly have too much time on your hands. Even for quarantine, that is some autistic level shit that nobody gives a fuck about.

        • S Fish…

          He just gave you a very lengthy and intellectual explanation of why the newer James Bond film falls flat, and you only read his first line. DG is a very respected commenter here and when he takes the time to comment if you read it you’ll likely learn something.

        • FOWG here, born in the ’50s. I’ve seen every Bond film more than once, and, while I agree DC is a fantastic Bond – he’s brought a physicality to the role that is unmatched by all the others – Casino Royale. Period.

        • The best two Bond film in the canon are, without a doubt, Thunderball and You Only Live Twice.

          How old am I?

          • Yes!

            The underwater fight scene is great…those stunt people earned their pay.

            I wanted an autogyro like Little Nellie for years after I saw the movie.

      • remember parking right in front of the depository…..humming that tune….and waiting to see long it would take for the guard to put down his paper and coffee and actually notice me…[about ten minutes, actually…before the camera turned in my direction]……

      • Saying he was afraid of guns and “I hate handguns.” was brilliant marketing for a Bond movie. Way to give a hardy FU to the studio and the Bond fans. What an F-Wit.

        • Roger Moore would shake and cry when he had to hold a gun. He had to be sedated. And he actually served in the military. Daniel Craig is a liberal twit. Last good one was Dalton.

        • Craig literally does not know how to drive a car, either. He didn’t (and may still not, afaik) even have a license. Srsly.

      • It’s not just the technical aspects of Skyfall that make it a better Bond film. Daniel Craig is a very good actor and he works the Bond mystique well. But, Skyfall’s Bond is the most psychologically complex. He has a complete set of emotions that are lacking in prior Bonds.

        Hey, was the movie “Red” ever considered for this list?

        • Are we talking about RED, with Bruce Willis and Brian Cox, or Red, with Brian Cox and Tom Sizemore? Both excellent movies in their own way, but, well, if fictional dog murder really bothers you, maybe skip the latter.

          I’d also like to nominate Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels. The plot literally revolves around a pair of bespoke British shotguns. Snatch has the spectacular Desert Eagle monologue, and bigger stars, but I do think the earlier movie is superior (plus more gun oriented. Who cares about a stupid diamond?)

        • Being a OFWG I think “SkyFall” is outstanding.

          Not a fan of Roger Moore but did like Dalton’s take on the Bond Character

    • Casino Royal is easily the best Daniel Craig Bond film. Can’t argue with Goldfinger or From Russia with Love and that tricky AR-7.

      • Agreed. Skyfall isn’t even Daniel Craig’s best. Russia with Love is my favorite (and yes, gotta love the AR-7).
        That said Dalton played my favorite Bond =/ wish he made more.

    • You are right. Craig is perfect to act in a Bond movie. If he portrayed a Russian villain. He kills all new Bond flicks for me. I know he is closer to the book’s scarred, rough around the edges character, but the movie Bond was forever changed by Connery.

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    • ‘Cept the fifth one that takes place in Russia. That was a major facepalm to the franchise.

  2. Die Hard. Just because it’s a Christmas movie doesn’t mean you can’t watch it year round.

      • The original Taken is definitely a good movie and deserves a spot on a list somewhere. Just not my personal Top Ten list.

      • Yeah, like Liam Neeson being hard core anti-gun and Bruce being pro 2A. That’s all the reason I need.

      • Taken (spoiler alert) belongs on the list just for the scene where he finally reaches his daughter in the clutches of the bad guy. That scene is a cliche that has appeared in hundreds of movies and tv episodes. Over and over again you are presented with a hero who can shoot the wings off a fly, but when the bad guy says drop the gun, he gives up. In Taken, he blows the guy’s brains out. People in the theater practically stood up and cheered.

    • “Die Hard”?…good gun movie…stupid radio movie…CB’s?….give me a break!….at least they got it right in the second one….

    • Oh wow. I can’t believe I forgot Quigley and Open Range. Yes, good additions to the list. Open Range is my #1 favorite “western”, with Pale Rider being a very close second.

      Now that you’ve brought up the westerns, 3:10 to Yuma is good, too.

        • Tom Selleck BEST Rifle movie EVER, BEST Irony Quote . Had to be an Early USMC Sniper.

          ” Never said I couln’t use one. Just didn’t have any use for one”

        • Jake originally came from the USS Pittsburgh…[flagship]…not a very desirable posting at the time if the book was to be believed…..”I’d rather have my sister in a whorehouse than be on the Pittsburgh”…that line didn’t make it into the movie…..

    • The only bad thing about Open Range was you never got a close look at that 16 chamber Peacemaker Kevin Costner had.

    • Magnificent Seven as well as The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly also have to be on the list to represent the Western genre.

  3. What about the best Christmas movie series Die Hard,. It also introduced the Leftards to the ceramic Glock 7,that costs more than Carmine makes in a month.

      • Thanks,some Leftard may read it and have not Benn around at the time for the Goof and believe it, and we don’t want to go thru that again.
        A perfect example would be Hank Tippy Johnson,Guam will tip over,they are so gullible.

        • “.Treasure of Pancho Villa”….and that Lewis gun…which later turned-up in “Star Wars”!…

        • ….and that scene in “Viva Zapata”….where Brando explains to the president of Mexico that the only way to keep his watch is to keep his gun as well…is one every gun owner should see…kind of sums it up nicely….

      • scary and unnerving…especially that scene where they dug them up out of the graves…so much for carrying blanks….

  4. Lord of the Rings. Swords are arms too, but not necessarily guns.

    John Wick is a great pick. Im probably going to watch Gran Torino and Tombstone this weekend. Proabably Kill Bill.

    If anyone hasn’t seen it 6 Underground has some really good gun play.

  5. Sadly, I watched “Collateral” because of commentary on the robbery scene. That was the only scene that I liked (and the best part is less than 1 minute).

    • Heat and Sicario need to be on this list. Taken and Skyfall should be dumped.

    • While I wouldn’t go so far as to throw the term dumbass I to the mix… With that out of the way. Heat should be on the list and in the top 3. It’s pretty awesome and the shootout after the bank robbery is epic. I will also echo what others have stated about Quigley down under. That’s a pretty good movie if you like sharps rifles and the like.

  6. Some others, not all great, but decent for fellow gun guys:

    – Aliens
    – Deep Rising
    – Triple Frontier
    – Sicario (and the sequel)
    – Hardcore Henry
    – Raid Redemption

    • Not the movie Aliens, instead the movie Predator.

      The sequence where they first start shooting at the predator is one of my all time favorite movie sequences. They dumped so much ammunition that they effectively cleared a huge path through the jungle.

  7. How about the “Death Wish” series with Charles Bronson. I believe their were five of them. Plus, the newer one that has Bruce Willis in it.

    • Definitely Death Wish with Willis. Great action and gun play, plus a pro gun message. Big time winner.

    • I think the original Death Wish is best and most important. The issues it delves into are still relevant today. The series gets 80s action cartoony afterwards. The remake is ok. Doesn’t have the power as the original in my opinion. Plus, too many flights from reality to overlook like being able to walk into a gun store and buy a full auto. WTF? The original revolves around a .32 revolver. That’s it.
      An aside, Dirty Harry is one of my all time fav movies, but since my lifetime hero Clint endorsed Bloomberg. I’ve been avoiding his.movies.

      • Yes, I’m with you as far as Eastwood goes. Plus, buying a full auto in an Illinois gun store. Ain’t going to happen.

  8. Try “Wrong Turn At Tahoe.” “Kiss Of The Dragon.” “Assassination Games.” “The Brave One.” “Once Upon A Time In The West.” “The Matrix.” etc.

    • they deliberately set those depth charges off too close to the ship just for effect…very dangerous…

  9. Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man- not a great movie, but some great imagery and dialog.

    -You know, that gun costs about two dollars every time you fire it. That’s two bucks a bullet.
    -Well how many’d I hit?
    -You spent twelve dollars and didn’t hit a g-dd@mn thing. I nailed one and it cost about four and a quarter.

    • I love that movie. It’s a great commedy and the bulletproof AUG squad is so cool. And it had a helicopter shooting up high rise building with a minigun before Matrix!

      • The best part of Lone Survivor was the initial fire fight, watching the ACOG reticle settle on a target, hearing the quiet CHUFF as the suppressed M4 goes off and watching the blood splatter, then move to the next target…

  10. Is a “a guy guy” a dude who likes other dudes, and a “guy guy (or girl…we know you’re out there, too)” a guy who likes girls?

  11. Heat

    The Long Riders


    And for pure fantasy entertainment, The Quick and the Dead.

    • “The Long Riders”…for all of the real brothers in the cast…and how many times was Cole Younger hit?…and survived!…tough son of a gun…shows you what can happen when a town full of gun owners gets pissed-off…..

    • The Quick and the Dead..
      There’s two of them.
      The one with Sam Elliot is definitely the better of the two. Not quite as much gun play, but a much more realistic scenario from the get-go.
      “Why is it that the man who begs for mercy never gives it?”

  12. Henry Fonda is awesome as a bad man in “Once upon a time in the West”. Notice how they even darken his eyebrows to give him a meaner look? I have a large western movie collection that’s still building. If they arent wearing cowboy hats and riding horses or mountain men pulling mules? Then I struggle with modern action movies, but can tolerate some.
    I’m always looking for that Henry or Yellow Boy rifle, Sharps, pistols and what have you to see if they got the movie guns period correct. I’m a stickler for details. I can handle some old war movies, if they are accurate and the acting is solid, a good story line. No pretty boys for me. Love documentaries and quality martial arts films that are reality based, no floating in the clouds BS for me unless its Chris Farley, lmao. Any new stuff that’s computer generated BS I just have a hard time swallowing. I did enjoy Leonardo DiCaprio in the Revenant was alright. The bear won the “Oscar” though.. lol
    I’m going to do some trivia games too. If we could congregate? We would sip some Wild Turkey and play poker for “coins” like we used to. Ph, a great rodeo movie on an actual true story title “Lane Frost” starring Luke Perry is really good, he really impressed me on that movie, RIP Lane and Luke.
    Have fun fellas!

    • “How can you trust a man who wears both belt and suspenders? The man can’t even trust his own pants!”

      Great movie!

    • Mojo if you don’t mind subtitles ”The Dawns here are Quiet might be right up tour alley.” My ex was Russian and introduced me to this. Russian filming tends to use less hollywood pretty boy and more.”real” looking actors and actresses.

      For everyone else I wouldnt say these are better than anything else on this list but
      Flags of our Fathers
      The assination of Jesse james………
      and ill not defend them as great movies but because they came out when I was teen I’ll always be fond of
      young guns
      point break

      • Just caught this, thanks.
        Actually, I have have subtitles on any movie that has them due to my loss of hearing. So, subtitles are A O K with me. I like some French films too. Have you heard of the series Red, White and Blue? All by the same director. Great movies and I have other foreign films too. Thanks for the recommendations my friend!

          • Just so you know, they came out in order of, and should be viewed as, Red Blue and White.

            The Real Kurt

        • Thanks Kurt.
          That’s right, it’s been so long since I watched them that I forgot, old man, lol. My favorite is the female violinist.
          Blue is more sad though..
          Both female actresses made movies in the USA too, later on. Both are Julie and Julia, if I remember correctly?

  13. Big Jake – okay the “Bergman” was a little much but the rest of the guns were pretty good. “Martha, you brought my Greeners!”
    The Outlaw Josie Wales – carry enough cap and ball Colts and you never need to reload.
    The Rough Riders – “The Spanish Hornet in 7mm Mauser. Those Germans make a fine weapon.” However the left hand Krags were hard to believe.
    The Wind and the Lion – great adventure story that has no relationship to reality. Watch the first scene where the Englishman goes five for five with his snubby.

  14. Tombstone should be there and maybe even Tremors before Collateral, in MHO that movie was not good, and I’m being nice…

        • I like BOTH the Red Dawn movies. For different reasons. I forgot Saving Private Ryan on my own list, but definitely belongs. I also liked The Meg. Not so much for the gun stuff.

      • when you realize you’ve run out of ash films, run through all the ash versus evil dead stuff.
        and see bruce in bubba ho- tep.

        • Bubba ho rep and Army of darkness made me an instant fan of Campbell. If it’s not far out? He turns it down.. That Tommy Lee Jones has been in some goods films too. He’s a balls to the wall actor. He gives his best and demands that from his co stars as well.

  15. Tears of the Sun with Bruce Willis has great action. And The Patriot with Mel Gibson is one of the best movies ever made. Jason Isaacs was a fantastic bad guy. At the time my youngest daughter who was 8 loved it.

  16. I was lucky enough to record all of the Toshiro Mufumi samurai moves from TCM.

    All of the Clint Eastwood spahetti westerns.

    Quigley Down under. The rifle shooting was almost as fun to watch as Crazy Cora’s Cleavage.

    When the wife is away:

    The Wicked Lady with the I’m famous whip fight between Faye Dunniwa and Marina Sirtis.

    All of the Pam Grier and Sybil Danning movies.

    • Thumbs up!
      I forgot about those.
      I like that “Hell on Wheels” railroad movie series too. Also, “The dead mans Gun” That’s some good stuff there Maynard! John Ritter even got in on one of those. I miss that man. Him and Johnny Cash died within just a few days of each other and I got the news one early before sun up one morning while milking cows over the radio and I walked of the line and went out in the freezing cold and let a few years roll down and then went back to work.. A hard day for me.

  17. Frozen 2. Ohhh, you mean movies that WE get to pick… Hmmm, haven’t thought about that in a while… ummmm… Frozen 1?

    • I feel your pain. I musta watched Finding Nemo a hundred times back in the day…not by choice, of course.

      • Enjoy the days with your kiddos, guys. When they grow up and leave the nest, those days are gone forever and you’ll find yourself missing them. 🙂

        • You are so right I Has A Question. That time is so precious, they grow up so fast and time goes by even faster.

          Back to the matter at hand, I have Jeremiah Johnson in the DVD player and watch it at least once a month.

        • Oh yeah. Mine are teenagers. They don’t need me much anymore.

          One of the best things I ever did was get Looney Tunes in DVD when they were little. Now that’s done real violence. Anvil and all.

        • Bob,

          All mine are at least ten years older than yours, and I can tell you that it’s indeed true that they will come around and need you again when they reach their mid-20s, after the real world slaps them around a bit and they learn that you’re a bit wiser than they thought you were.

          Hang in there. They’re worth it. 🙂

        • a lot of that going around these days…we’re here… they’re there…..and contact is minimal..

        • was re- realizing that yesterday, as always. at first they seem to halt time. they grow to legal in twenty years. not surprisingly they are ten after the first decade and twenty after the second. that’s not alot of time.
          film, photos, audio recordings and journals/ scrapbooks help some.

  18. Lord of War. A great look at a grey market importer in the international arms industry. It doesn’t demonize guns, more the politics surrounding how arms make it from developed countries to third world nations.

    • War Dogs…”I got a class three license”…..or Dogs of War, for that matter…..

    • It kinda does demonize guns. It suggests that without firearms the warring groups would just talk about their differences and then sit around and sing kumbaya.
      Rwandan genocide teaches us that where there is a will, there is a way, even if it means killing hundreds of thousands of people with farm tools.

    • I hope I never open my front door and see someone wearing an ATF hat standing on my front porch. But I really want the opportunity to say “I’m guessing this isn’t about the alcohol and tobacco.”

      • regulatory guys are ok…been in my house a couple of times…enforcement branch?…you never want to see those pricks….

        • The Wild Geese and Dogs of War. I always thought that the crazy pre-Street Sweeper weapon in Dogs of War was phony but IMDBPRO says it’s based on an actual weapon.

        • I remember what I wanted to post in response to that: with a name like Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives it really should be a convenience store rather than a police agency.

          I forgot before and just posted the names of movies. LOL My bad. Getting old and foggy.

  19. Taken, really, not after Liam Neeson came out so anti-gun, despite making millions off of breaking every gun law ever written!

    • “punchy” De Niro in Jackie Brown…”Shut up…I told you to shut up”….[probably every guys fantasy at one time or another]….

  20. I’d have to dump “Taken” simply because of vehemently anti-2A Liam Neeson starring in it. Making a ton of money shooting guns.

    Don’t know if I’d call “Skyfall” the best Bond movie ever but I do appreciate the different type of Bond that Craig has shown. Solid movie, for sure.

    And another shout-out for “The Enemy Below.” Great sub flick. Up there with “In Harm’s Way” on my list of favorite Navy movies.

    • Navy flicks?….try, “Away All Boats”…great action sequences as the kamikazies move in…and be sure to look for Clint Eastwood’s one-liner….almost as good as Jack Nicholson telling us why they dip the bullets in garlic in “The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre”…..

  21. I always enjoy “Ronin” even though Robert De Nero is an ass. A good variety in the arsenal.

  22. The Outlaw Josey Wales – taking the Missouri boat ride. If only we could put a bunch of demotaters on that barge and set them adrift.

  23. Heat. The Wild Bunch. Quigly. Last stand at Sabre River. All 3 John Wick movies if for no other reason than sheer numbers and types of guns. Way of the Gun. Kelly’s Hero’s. band of Brothers.

    Star Wars gets an honorable mention. The first one. I liked picking the real guns out that were posing as space guns.

  24. Take all “Taken” movies and flush them please.

    Originally I liked Liam Neesson as an actor. But he came out as anti-gun and PARA USA had supplied his guns for Taken, so PARA announced they would no longer provide hardware to his films.

    I haven’t bothered with the guy since.

    Hard to beat Neo in The Matrix for “Guns, lots of guns”!!!

  25. The problem with this list is that 30% of it should be John Wick 1, 2 and 3,

    Bond movies were never gun guy movies. Moreover, Skyfall is to a real Bond movie what Rustler’s Rhapsody is to a real Western movie — a joke.

    • Connery was slick, smooth and suave…this latest Bond looks like a street punk…very believable in the action sequences, though…

  26. Last Man Standing is a 1911 fanboy’s dream. Stars Bruce Willis and perfectly directed by Walter Hill who has written and produced a ton of great action movies.

  27. One of my favorite old Western shoot-’em-ups is Valdez is Coming with Burt Lancaster. The long range shots with the Sharps are great.

    Vaquero – “What you got in that thing”.

    Valdez – “Something for rabbits”.

    Ooops, almost forgot the Outlaw Josey Wales!