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Crosby: Ted isn’t in the HOF because he sucks . . . David Crosby says lack of talent, not politics, is keeping Ted Nugent out of Hall of Fame

David Crosby has no time for Ted Nugent whining that he hasn’t been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame because of his conservative politics.

After the Trump-supporting rocker told a radio station that he thinks he’s been excluded from the Hall because of his outspoken support for the National Rifle Association, Crosby offered a different explanation, the Daily News reported.

“The a–hole just isn’t good enough,” Crosby responded to a fan on Twitter.

Flaccid performance . . . Dick’s In the Crosshairs as Gun Sales Continue to Disappoint

Dick’s Sporting Goods (DKS) shares were falling double digits early Tuesday following the company’s second quarter earnings miss, which it blamed on weak results from its hunting segment.

But the truth is, while gun sales have experienced a sharp decline since President Donald Trump took office, the hunting segment has been in a downtrend since the 1980s, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Despite that, the wildlife recreation activities segment experienced a 3% growth rate from 2006 to 2011, with Americans spending a total of nearly $34 billion.

Dick’s said that weakness in its hunting segment will force the company to offer discounts in the back half of the year. Dick’s also lowered its profit expectations.

New Jersey discovers the potential benefits of Chris Collins’ SAGA . . . Bill Introduced in Congress Would Ban NJ’s Gun Control Laws

Now this is a bill we can support – The Second Amendment Guarantee Act, introduced in the House of Representatives by Rep. Chris Collins (R-NY), would ban most of NJ’s gun control laws.

Drafted for people living in states like New Jersey, the Second Amendment Guarantee Act (SAGA) would prevent states from being able to ban any weapons that are legal under Federal Law. “This legislation would protect the Second Amendment rights of New Yorkers that were unjustly taken away by Andrew Cuomo,” said Collins.

“I am a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment and have fought against all efforts to condemn these rights. I stand with the law-abiding citizens of this state that have been outraged by the SAFE Act and voice my commitment to roll back these regulations.”

Disgraced former ‘Bama governor gets his 2A rights back . . . Former Gov. Robert Bentley has gun rights restored

Former Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley has won his fight to restore his right to bear arms.

On Aug. 10, District Judge Joanne Jannik ruled that the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office “did not meet its burden of proving, by clear and convincing evidence, that the plaintiff (Bentley) having a concealed carry permit causes a justifiable concern for public safety. Therefore, the revocation of the plaintiff’s permit is reversed and the sheriff is directed to reinstate the plaintiff’s permit.”

Bentley’s permit was revoked days after the former governor resigned on April 10 and pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor campaign and ethics charges that arose during the investigation of an alleged affair with a top aide.

There’s no reason to let this continue one day longer . . . Republicans press Trump DOJ to end Obama-era program that ‘targeted’ gun dealers

Top House Republicans are asking Attorney General Jeff Sessions to end an Obama-era Justice Department program that has ensnared firearms dealers and other legitimate merchants while attempting to cut off credit to sham businesses.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte and the other GOP lawmakers said in an Aug. 10 letter that they want the department and related federal agencies to formally “repudiate” Operation Choke Point guidelines. The program attempted to discourage banks from offering financial services to “high risk” customers but was accused of unfairly going after legal businesses including firearms dealers.

Never mind that reports on the ground said the militia members did more to calm things down than the local police did . . . How Charlottesville May Change the Debate Over Armed Militias and Open Carry

As the turmoil escalated in Charlottesville, the Virginia National Guard worried that the public would confuse Guardsmen and militiamen. At 12:04 p.m. on Saturday, not long after Governor Terry McAuliffe declared a state of emergency, the National Guard tweeted a message alerting people to look for the “MP” patch distinguishing its troops, who had been deployed to try to restore order, from the camouflaged militia members patrolling the scene.

McAuliffe has suggested that the militias constrained law enforcement’s initial response. “You saw the militia walking down the street, you would have thought they were an army,” the governor said during an interview on Sunday. “They had better equipment than our State Police had.”

The king of pew, pew pew . . . Smooth Criminal: Michael Jackson statue given rifle by Rio narcos

Rio de Janeiro drug gangsters gave a famous statue of Michael Jackson a scary new prop in a photo circulating on Brazilian social media: an assault rifle.

Police said Monday that the picture, in which the military style semi-automatic is slung around the King of Pop’s neck, was taken “by criminals.”

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  1. SAGA. Hell yeah. That’s gonna leave a mark. A big one. Imagine the utter panic in NY, MASS, NJ, CA… it’d be worse than when Trump won. Let’s keep up the pressure. Keep playing offense. Keep fighting the good fight.

    • In New York State, the only panic would be in NYC. Everywhere else in the state would have gun store lines going out the door.

      • Yep – I was in upstate not long ago and saw a car with an NRA “Stand and Fight” bumpersticker. Kinda gives one hope…

        • ” I was in upstate not long ago and saw a car with an NRA “Stand and Fight” bumpersticker.”

          Only when that car with that sticker is parked on the street for a week in New York City and doesn’t get its tires slashed (or otherwise vandalized) will I have hope…

    • I’d just like to point out that SAGA only applies to rifles and shotguns.

      “Drafted for people living in states like New Jersey, the Second Amendment Guarantee Act (SAGA) would prevent states from being able to ban any weapons that are legal under Federal Law.” That statement is false. The article even mentions that it only applies to shotguns and rifles.

  2. “which it blamed on weak results from its hunting segment.”

    That and the fact that no pro-2A person shops at that backstabbing chain unless there’s a fire sale…even then it’s unlikely they carry much that is of interest to gun guys and gals.

    • I was in Dicks earlier this year and when I asked why they now had AR15s on display, the clerk said “people stopped buy guns from us because of the company AR ban”. He also said in effect the company realized they made a big mistake.

      • When you refuse to sell a product that people want to buy, you can’t whine that no one is buying your products.

      • Some people stopped buying anything from Dick’s because they pulled the ARs from their shelves.

        As said by Mr. Spencer, Dick’s can suck it.

      • Ted’s been a hard rockin’ solo artist for decades and he’s sold millions of albums over the years.
        Crosby, when he stumbled out as a solo artist, performed his folk-pussy music and sold thousands of albums.

        Just going on talent and ability to entertain an audience, Ted wins over fat boy Crosby.

        But Ted is mainly out because he’s a CONSERVATIVE and a notorious, unapologetic hunter. The a-hole lib that sits at the top of Rolling Stone will tell you that that doesn’t matter. But we know it does.

        • Now, we are talking about talent. I have seen The Nuge twice over the years and that man can play the guitar. As far as the other items, none of us would pass the squeaky clean test if put under a microscope. Ted Nugent is one of the best 2A ambassadors patriots have. I say Rock on Ted and keep up the good work helping to defend our rights.

      • David Crosby is the fuckin pedophile, so is Bob Weir…its a known fact they both like little boys. Sickos. Lack of talent? The only talent that Crosby ever had went by the name of Neil Young. Fuck the Cock n Roll HOF.

      • Very, very many musicians and celebrities are pedophiles and rapists. The kind of person that becomes famous through the arts generally isn’t quite right in the head. Especially comedians. Comedians are often very distrubed, depraved individuals.

  3. “Never mind that reports on the ground said the militia members did more to calm things down than the local police did”

    Can I get some sources on that? I’d love to send it to my congressman.

  4. Yeah Dick’s was pretty poor the last time I was there. The main problem being NO ONE to wait on me. Pathetic…as is David Crosby. Sperm donor seems to be his greatest achievement. I can’t possibly comment on a former gov-ner losing his gun rights over poontang😜

  5. I guess I won’t be buying any of David Crosby’s albums.

    This is the same liberal, anti-military cuck who co-blamed the national guard (Four Dead in Ohio), even though those students at Kent State were throwing BRICKS at them!

    A brick is a weapon too, last time I checked, and it certainly doesn’t tickle if you get hit with it.

    • The problem at Kent State was that the national guardsmen were undisciplined fuck ups who couldn’t shoot straight. Some of the people they hit were over a hundred yards away. One of the dead belonged to ROTC. Others had no connection to the demonstrations and were just walking to their next classes. There should have been courts martial after the incident with time in Leavenworth for the most egregious failures.

    • Read James Michener’s history of the Kent State massacre. Some students had been throwing rocks the night before​ (and burning the ROTC building).

      There was little evidence that any rocks were thrown on the day of the massacre. It seems to be a manufactured excuse for bad behavior.

      I certainly don’t fault Neil Young for calling attention to the issue. It is not patriotic to stay silent when evil happens.

    • Uh, that was a Neil Young song. The rest if the band sang back up. Young is also a Canuck, so go figure.
      I think David has been busted a few times for his guns and drugs.

  6. “The a–hole just isn’t good enough,” Crosby responded to a fan on Twitter.
    Well, that a-hole Crosby ain’t good enough, either, and he’s in.

    I’ll give him credit for being a great songwriter, but that’s about it.

  7. And the award for most double-entenderes in a TTAG post headline goes to…

    Also most unfortunate absence of an Oxford comma

  8. “Dick’s said that weakness … will force the company to offer discounts in the back”

    There. Just a touch of editing and it’s all fixed 🙂

    do their media people actually even read what they write?? this stuff is meme heaven

  9. I’m no music critic. I won’t opine on who should or shouldn’t be enshrined in Cleveland. But I agree with Crosby about one thing: the Nuge does bear a strong resemblance to an excretory orifice.

  10. I don’t recall ever seeing a reasonably priced firearm at Dick’s. Is this going to be like Gander’s “closing-sales” that ONLY brought their prices down to average levels?

      • Gander’s prices were nothing I’d pay for new. Occasionally, though, there was a jewel in the used section, if you were willing to scout it out once in a while. However, 40% off new means Ruger American .223 for 251 smackers.

        Cabela’s, not so much.

        Dick’s sells guns?

        • Actually Dicks doesn’t sell guns, thus their financial issues. Their attitude problem with guns is only slightly better than Mike “The gun guy” Weisser, and significantly precedes Sandy Hook. I discovered this when they just had to run my info through NICS for a 10-22 purchase, this despite the fact that my Carry License in my state exempted me. That was several years ago, and I haven’t been back, why go there when there are lots of good local stores with reasonable prices and a good attitude.

  11. Rock and Roll is subjective, like modern art. I know what I like, and that is what I listen to. Ted is the king of rude, how many of you actually went to any of his concerts, back in the day? While I may admire his stance on firearms, I am not exactly wowed by his music. There are many that should be in the hall of fame, before him.

    For your information, Neal Young wrote OHIO.

    Ted was right alongside the other rockers on Veit Nam. I do not blame him one bit. If they were drafting today, I would do my best to help anyone out of it that did not desire to go.
    There is a big difference between going to a foriegn land to fight wars to help multinational companies and fighting against countries that have attacked the US. Terrorists are not countries and we should go after them wherever they hide with black ops. Those guys want to be there. Our military does not want to babysit those who do not wish to be in the military.

    • Only by the grace of GOD was I not drafted as cannon fodder in Vietnam. I SALUTE Ted…nothing patriotic about THAT Asian adventure.

    • Iraq attacked us? And the Iraq war wasn’t corporate welfare? News to me. My problem with Nugent dodging Vietnam is that he literally crapped his pants to get out of it, and never really protested the war (as far as I know) and now he tugs it to every war suggested and runs around in a camo cowboy hat doing his manly man routine. It’s pretty hypocritical IMO.

  12. Let’s see, 6 platinum albums, (some multi), and 2 gold.
    And no arrest record. Don’t think ol’ David can say the same.

    • Exactly Tom! Crosby is nothing but a drugged out, no talent POC with an extensive rap sheet. The only thing that I give him credit for is lasting this long without a fatal OD. I’ve been to at least a half dozen Nugent concerts over the years. I wouldn’t go to see OD Dave if someone gave me a free ticket.

      • I think his 1 for sure (and maybe another?) liver transplant has helped his longevity quite a bit. It always pisses me off when they give a liver to someone who shot out their own with heroin while some 9 year old is still in line.

    • Well, to be fair, would you say Ted has an arrest record for those bear poaching charges a while back?

      Otherwise, maybe Dave is just jealous because he’s a fatass who hasn’t seen his own penis in 30 years and Ted isn’t.

      • Oh that’s right, Ted’s a serial poacher too. Hasn’t he been busted for much more than just the bear incident?

    • Well Ted WAS busted for some hunting mis-step up in Alaska, as I recall.

      No drugs or rock groupies in the motel at the time, though.

  13. If Dick’s would stock their stores like the one in the picture they would prob. sell some guns. My local Dick’s looks like a flea market gun table.

    • My local Dick’s has pretty much only bolt guns ans shotguns, no semiautos unless they are shotties. No handguns, usually high prices on ammo, though I did get a reasonably good deal on 1000 rounds of Remington Goldens for my .22 recently. The last good deal I saw in there was a manufacturers sale on Savage rifles–back in 2013. The stock is usually not very large–my LGSs always have more stock on the shelves. One thing I have noticed though, is that after Goosey goosey Gander went down that the prices at my Sportsman’s Warehouse seem to have risen–and we didn’t have a Gander in town with which it had to compete.

    • That’s interesting. I would have thought the inventory would be centrally controlled. The Wesley Chapel store is pretty well stocked and the prices are not terrible.

  14. Forgotten Weapons videos. A good nights viewing. Lots of interesting stuff. Actually better than most TV these days.

  15. When it comes to guns and ammo Dicks is the last place I think of going.

    Limited selection and I just hate the setup they use with having to get a rep involved just to peruse the ammo selection/pricing. I can go to Field & Stream or Cabela’s and walk right up the the ammo displays, figure out what I want on my own, and go checkout with it. Obviously online is the way to get ammo at good prices, but sometime I need a box of this or that in a hurry and Dicks is the last place I’m going to get it.

    IMHO none of them are worth buying a gun from as their sale prices are often still a tad high for normal pricing. I can often order dang near anything online (Bud’s for example) and come out ahead even with S/H and transfer fee to my local FFL. Where I live our carry permits are NICS exempt so the transfer is as easy as my FFL receiving it, logging it, calling me, fill out the 4473, show ID, pay my FFL an easy profit for his time (transfer fee), and out the door in probably less than 5 minutes.

    Bottom line? Dick’s model, approach, and pricing just doesn’t cut it in today’s world.

    Decline in hunting is understandable. Many that would hunt just don’t have the time to do it right so don’t bother. After everything else in daily life is paid for many don’t have the extra money for hunting licenses, tags/permits, etc which are not exactly cheap for residents. Many states flat out rape the wallet of a non-resident hunter. While I suspect there would be some decline regardless, many states are their own worst enemy by feeing and regulating things into further decline.

    Good eye opener project? Go research what a new hunter has to go through and pay just to go on that first hunt in your state. Not hard to see why we’re struggling to get the younger generations interested in hunting versus all the other things they can pursue. Make it cheaper, make it easier, and more existing hunters will get back into hunting and new hunters might consider getting started.

    • Loss of places to hunt hurt too. Many, many farms where we used to hunt rabbit and deer have become sub-divisions in my area.

    • Um “Field & Stream” IS Dickless. You might know note the “Field & Stream” branded chicom crap all over the DIckless outgoods aisle.

      “Field & Stream” once was a pretty good magazine. How did Dickless get their hooks on the brand?

  16. My local Dick’s gun department:
    1. Wait for the fat bastard in the gun department to get out of his chair or quit bullshitting and you’ll die of old age.
    2. If he does wait on you he doesn’t know jack anyway.

  17. The real news here is that David Crosby is actually still alive!

    …took a few minutes but I eventually figured out I was confusing him with Jerry Garcia.

  18. I remember in 1967 that Ted Nugent played with the Amboy Dukes. They had one hit , Journey to The Center of Your Mind. Ted played a wicked guitar solo in that one.

  19. I’d like to see Dick’s in bankruptcy, followed by Springfield Armory and Rock River Arms. All for the same reasons. Gun sales may be down, but 2017 will see more NICS checks than any other year, EVER, excluding 2016’s record setting year. Dick’s is suffering because, well, they’re dicks. I’m not going to chime in on Nugent’s or Crosby’s talent. But I will say that the Rock and Roll HOF is no longer the prestigious hall of enshrinement it once was. Their “there goes the neighborhood” moment came when they expanded their inductees to include rappers. Say what you want about that specific genre, but don’t tell me that it’s Rock n Roll.

    • Their “there goes the neighborhood” moment came when they expanded their inductees to include rappers.

      It was the only way they could prevent drive-bys at the Hall of Fame entrance.

  20. I just bought a 20 gauge Mossberg Super Bantam from Dicks. They were the only place in town that had one and the sale price was cheaper than Bud’s.

    My daughter has decided that she wants to go squirrel hunting.

    • Crosby, Stills, and Nash ring a bell?
      Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young?

      Wooden Ships, on the Water…

      I’m trying to remember, was it Crosby or Steve Stills who tried out for the Monkees and was rejected?

      Now, if we want to compare the two as individual artists, Crosby was a member of a huge group who couldn’t sell a solo album to save his life, and he tried. Nugent is a huge solo artist who can’t match his solo success by joining a ‘Supergroup’ of established artists (Damn Yankees).

  21. Sorry Ted. They just inducted Yes & Rush. Bill Withers a year before.
    Ted you’re no victim. You may have to be patient.
    Crosby’s work in the Byrds was enough to demonstrate his harmonies and musical ear.
    Ted, what you said is the equivalent of saying you’re not on the Lakers because your not Black. 🙂

    I listened to your stuff when you entered the scene. It was loud, energetic and fun. While music is subjective, how much of an effect have you had on R&R?
    I am sorry you mentioned the NRA.
    Perhaps petitioning the Hall would have been more effective. I can’t see how using victimhood gets you there.

    • Good point, Yes trumps Nugent+Amboy Dukes together.

      Rush should probably be in before Nugent.
      Yes should have been in there 20 years ago. WTF is wrong with these people?

      In light of new information, I’d say Nugent’s getting screwed, but it’s not discrimination, it’s an equal opportunity screwing.

  22. There are a shitload of musicians in the rock and roll Hall of Fame with less talent than Ted Nugent. I fully agree that the voting members come from the same pool of lame celebrities (for the most part) as the movie crowd.

  23. IMO, Sweaty Teddy should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He rocks hard, sells albums, and is an inspiration to a generation of rock artists. He rocked with Jimi Hendrix, and he’s still rocking today. He’s bold, brash, rude and loud. This is the personification of Rock and Roll. It’s kind of counter-culture for a rock star to NOT be a drug addict, but refreshing to find that Nuge can find the energy and the creativity to power on in spite of that.

    Additionally, when I’m in the garage, and a CSN song comes on, I skip it, but a Ted Nugent song comes on, I turn it up. To me, this is the spirit of Rock, what moves you, what enables you, what energizes you. Stranglehold YES, southern cross, not so much.

    While politics frequently are subjects of rock and roll songs, I think political views shouldn’t be a qualification for entry into the hall of fame. Groups and individuals that influence the genre by technical prowess, ingenuity, and/or huge sales should be hall of fame inductees. Similarly, I feel that Pete Rose’s ban from the hall of fame is similarly wrong, but that’s off topic. While I believe that draft dodgers are not citizens of the country they live in, Rock and Roll is a rebellious lifestyle, and I think it’s understandable that rockers don’t work for the man, that they fight the man, and what the man stands for. I still feel that draft dodgers spit on the graves of the men and women who died protecting their rights, but that’s just me. Others ( myself included ) served in their stead. I don’t know if Ted Nugent is a draft dodger, and frankly, I don’t care. He makes music that moves me.

  24. When I saw the headline “Ted Just Sucks,” I thought of the Jane’s Addiction song, “Ted Just Admit It.”
    I have nothing further.

  25. I dont know how Dick’s or any other big box mega bucks 1st cost store stays in business in the age of the internet. I can buy absolutely everything there on line cheaper and not have to put up with $8 an hour dumbasses. And that goes for Cabelas too. I was in my local Cabelas the other day due to one of the at least twice a month sales and they had (pardon the pun) DICK for inventory. And I have never seen people other than postal employees try so hard to keep from doing any work and actually helping a customer. There is a door behind the gun counter and employees open that door from the other side, poke their heads out like a prairie dog, look around to see if there is a manager coming, and then pull their head back in and remain on permanent coffee break. I hope they all go out of business and the only places selling guns and ammo are the LGS.

    • I usually go to Cabela’s to look at guns I’m interested in, Then I go to my LGS to buy, and usually for 20% less!

  26. LOL, David Crosby criticising Ted Nugent – what a joke. It’s nothing but politics. As for draft dodging, how is it so many other bands and band members in the 60’s and 70’s were never drafted? I’ve always been a Ted Nugent fan and always will be. Personally I think the Rock HOF is overrated and again, if your politics aren’t right you’ll never be inducted. Here’s a short list of those from that era or genre who surprisingly haven’t made the cut either: Jethro Tull, The Moody Blues, Judas Priest, The Cure, Todd Rundgren, Iron Maiden, The Cars, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, The Doobie Brothers, Soundgarden, Def Leppard, Bad Company and War. Kinda hard to believe.

    As for Dick’s, I walked in once, looked at their selection and prices and never went back.

  27. My local Northern Virginia Dicks store won’t sell handguns or ARs. Asked why and I was told because they are trying to comply with DCs stand on guns.


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